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Will of Susanna Woodyer

of Wye, Kent

Source: PCC 1775 Q446, PROB 11/1013, f 235 RH - f238 LH
Transcribed by John Woodger
Susanna Woodyer of the Town and Parish of Wye in the County of Kent Spinster .... Body to be decently Interred in a neat Coffin made of Oaken Boards without any Covering thereon in the Parish church of Mundham in the County of Sussex ... ... ..

I give and and devise all my Lands Tenements and Hereditaments in Possession Reversion Remainder or Expectancy in the County of Sussex unto my dear and intirely beloved Sister Penelope Woodyer without Impeachment of or for manner of wast for and during the Term of her natural Life and from and after her decease I give and devise my Tenement and Farm in the tenure or Occupation of Thomas Halsted his under tenants or Assigns and all the .... ... in the Parish of Merston in the said County and also one other .. in the tenure or occupation of Richard Richards ... ... the Parish of North Bested in the said County of Sussex unto my nephews James Merricks and Richard Merricks and their heirs during the Life of their Sister Penelope Gilbert upon trust that they the said JM and RM and their heirs shall and will from time to time after payment of all taxes reasonable repairs and other necessary incident Charges and Deductions pay all the clear Rents and Profits thereof into the proper hands of the said Penelope Gilbert during the term of her natural Life for her Sole proper peculiar and separate use and profit apart from her present husband or any other .... and free from his or their intermedling Control or Management and from and after the decease of the said Penelope Gilbert I give and devise the said Farm{s etcetera} unto the said JM and RM and unto their heirs upon such Trusts and to and for such uses Intents and Purposes and with and under such Powers Provisors and Limitations as I shall herein after express and declare of and concerning the same that is to say to the use and behoof of all and every the Child and Children of the said Penelope Gilbert lawfully begotten whether Male or Female equally to be divided between them if more than one and to take as Tenants in Common and not as Joint Tenants and of the respective heirs of the Body or Bodies of such Child and Children and if any such Child or Children shall happen to die without issue {etecetera} to the surviving Child or Children and if no {survivors of the Body of P.G.] then to the use of the said JM and RM [ provision made to mortgage to provide a sum of 100 to set up Son or Sons of PG to any fit business or trade]

I give and devise after the decease of my said Sister Penelope Woodyer my Messuage and Farm called Crimsham in the Tenure or Occupation of {blank} Bridger widow her undertenants and Assigns and all the Lands Tenements and Hereditaments thereunto belonging or therewith used occupied or enjoyed situate and lying in the Parish of Pagham in the said County of Sussex unto my said nephews JM and RM { etc. to pay to Sister Elizabeth Stephens Merricks annual rent charge of thirty one pounds ten shillings to be paid quarterly at the feasts of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary, Saint John the Baptist, Saint Michael the Archangel and Saint Thomas during her life and if either JM or RM die their children to inherit their father's share as tenants in common}

I give and bequeath unto my said Sister ESM and to her Sons JM and RM the sum of twenty pound for mourning
I give and bequeath unto my Cousin Dame Elizabeth Peachey Daughter of my Aunt Fagg late of Glinley {?} in the said County of Sussex the Sum of One hundred pounds
unto my Cousin Dorothy Cook of London the Daughter of my Aunt Mason late of London the Sum of one hundred pounds
unto my Cousin Charles Mason Son of my said Aunt Mason the Sum of one hundred pounds unto my Cousins Susanna and Margaret Peachey of Ormond Street London the Sum of five Guineas each for a Ring
unto my Friend Mrs Elizabeth Carter now of Windsor the Sum of five Pounds for a Ring
unto my Friend Mrs Ann Noyes of Great James street near Bedford Row London the sum of Fifty Pounds
unto my Friend Miss Hester Jenkin the sum of two hundred and fifty pounds which I will and direct shall be paid to her within three months after the decease of my said Sister Penelope Woodyer but in case my said Sister Penelope Woodyer should not chuse the said Miss Hester Jenkin should continue with her - then and in that case I direct my said Sister to pay her Interest for the same after the Rate of three pounds by the hundred for a Year till the Principle is paid
unto the said Miss Hester Jenkin twenty pounds for mourning
unto Richard Sandford of the Parish of Mid Lavant in the said County of Sussex weaver whose Mother Nursed me the sum of five pounds and if he Survives my said Sister PW the further sum of twenty pounds to be paid to him within three months after her decease
unto my servants Mary Pain and Elizabeth Ship if they are living with me in my service at the time of my decease to each of them the sum of twenty pounds
unto my servant James Bartlett { etcetera} the sum of ten pounds
unto my Servant Mary Pain {etc} over and above{etc} two third parts of my wearing Apparel the same being in three parts to be divided and the other third part unto my said servant Elizabeth Ship {etc} {to be divided at Executrix discretion}

All the rest residue and remainder {etcetera} unto my said Sister PW Sole Executrix fourteenth Day of April 1775
Susanna Woodyer Witnesses Thos Plummer John Hudson Nic Brett

CODICIL I give unto Miss Rebecca Brett Daughter of my Friend the Reverend Mr Nicholas Brett of Springgrove in the Parish of Wye the sum of Fifty pounds April 15th 1775 Susanna Woodyer

(further codicil) {Any legatee obstructing the Executrix shall forfeit their legacy}
unto my Friend Mrs Ann Beale of Wye Widow five Guineas for a Ring.
nineteenth Day of August 1775 The mark of Susanna Woodyer Witnesses Eliz.Weekes Thos Weekes Nic. Brett

Will proved at London with two codicils second of November 1775 Worshipful George Harris Doctor of Laws Surrogate of Sir George Hay Knight Doctor of Laws Master Keeper or Commissary of P.C.C. Penelope Woodyer Spinster Sister of deceased Sole Executor

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Will of Susanna Woodyer
Created by Maureen Rawson