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Will of James Wood

of Teynham, Kent

Source: Prerogative Court of Canterbury, PROB11/263/98, Probate 26 March 1657
Submitted by Mary Connaughton
In the name of God Amen the sixe and twentieth day of January in the year of our Lord Christ one Thousand sixe hundred Fiftie and five,
I James Wood of Tenham in the Countie of Kent, Clarke, being sicke in bodie but of good and perfect memorie (thankes be to Almightie God) and calling to remembrance the uncertaine estate of this transitorie life and that all flesh must yield unto death when it shall please God to call, doe make, constitute, ordaine and declare this my last will and Testament in manner and forme following, Revoking and adnulling by these presents all and everie Testament and Testaments, will & wills heretofore by me made and declared either by words or by writing and this is to be taken onely for my last will and testament and none other
And first being penitent and sorrie from the bottome of my heart for my sinnes past, most humbly desiring forgivenesse for the same, I give and commit my soule unto Almighty God my Saviour and Redeemer in whome and by the merits of Jesus Christ I trust and believe assuredly to be saved and to have full remission and forgivenesse of all my sinnes, And that my soule with my bodie at the generall day of resurrection shall rise againe with ioy, and through the merits of Christs death and passion, possesse and inherit the kingdome of heaven prepared for his elect and chosen
And my bodie to be buried in such place where it shall please my executor hereafter named, to appoint.
And now for the setling of my Temporall estate and such goods and Chattells and debts as it hath pleased God far above my deserte to bestowe upon me, I doe order, give and dispose the same in manner and forme followinge, That is to say

First I will that all those debts and duties as I owe in right or conscience to any manner of person or persons whatsoever shalbe well and truely contented and paid or ordained to be paid within convenient time after my decease by my Executor hereafter named;

Item I ordayne and appoint all my lands, orchards, gardens, houses, barnes, stables, outhouses with all the appurtenances to every of these belonging in the parish of Witchling in the County of Kent and nowe or late in the tenure or occupacon of James Marshall or of his assignes, to be sold for the payment of my debts and discharge of my Legacies hereafter given;

Item I give to my sonne James, one silver spoone, one silver porringer and my gold ring that I use to weare with a seale upon it
Item I give to my sonne John one silver spoone and five and Twentie shillings in money to buy him a ring when he comes out of his apprentishipp or at the age of foure and twentie yeares which shall first happen;
Item I give to my sonne Edmund one silver spoone and five and Twentie shillings in money to buy him a ring when he comes out of his apprentishehipp or at his age of foure and Twentie yeares which shall first happen.
Item I give to my brother Edmund Wood of Charing five and Twentie shillings in money to buy him A mourning Ringe;
Item I give to my sonne James twentie shillings to be paid him the five and twentieth day of March next followinge

Item I give unto my sonne James fortie pounds to be paid him in manner and forme followinge; That is to say The first tenn pounds thereof the 24th June 1657; Tenne pounds more the 24th June 1658, Tenne pounds more the 24th June 1659; The last tenne pounds to make up the said amount of 40 to be paid the 24th June 1660.

Item I give unto my sonne John Thirtie pounds, 25 thereof is to cloth him and put him out apprentice, and the other 5 thereof to be paid him when he comes out of his apprenticeshipp, And in case the full summe of 25 be not disbursed in his clothing and putting out apprentice then that which remaines to be added to the 5 which he is to have at the expiracon of the apprenticeship;

All the rest of my goods and Chattle whatsoever and all moneys which are due to me either upon bond or otherwise, the Lease of Finners farme in Tenham where I now dwell, all my stocke and householdstuffe and all my right claime; tithe or interest which I have, may, might or ought to have to any thing in the world, my debts and Legacies being paid and my bodie decently buried, I give and bequeath unto my sonne Edmund Wood whome I make full and sole executor of this my last will and Testament

And I desire and appoint Captaine James Tassell of Lingsted and my brother Edmund Wood of Charing to be guardians to my sonne Edmund during his minoritie to doe any act of law for him, either in getting in my debts or in selling things appointed to be sold or any ghing else not here appointed for the discharge of my debts and payment of Legacies, if occasion require; And I desire the said Captaine Tassell and my brother Edmund Wood to be overseers of this my last will and testament,

Sealed, published and declared for my last will and Testament in the presence of
Edmond Wood, The mark of James Tonge; The marke of Elizabeth Tonge.

Probate: On the 26th day of March in the year of our Lord God 1657, there issued forth Letters of Administration to Edmond Wood the Uncle and Testamentarie Tutor of Edmond Wood the sonne and Executor named in the last will and testament of James Wood late of Tenham in the County of Kent, Clerke deceased To administer the goods, Chattells and debts of the said deceased according to the tenor and effect of his said will during the minoritie and to the use of the said Executor, He the said Edmond Wood being first sworne by virtue of a Commission well and truely to administer

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Will of James Wood
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