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Will of William Woodyeare

of Northweald Bassett, Essex

Source: PCC 1624
Transcribed by John Woodger
In the name of God Amen. The one and thirtieth day of March in the yeare of our Lord God one thousand six hundred twentie foure I William Woodyeare of Northweald Bassett in the County of Essex gentleman the most unprofitable servant of God weake in body but strong in mind and of perfect memory blessed be God doe willingly and with a free harte render and give again unto the handes of my Lord god and render my spirit which he of his fatherly goodness gave unto me when he first fashioned me in my Mothers wombe making me a living and a reasonable creature nothing doubting but that for his infinite mercies set forth in the precious blood of his dearly beloved sonne Jesus Christ our only saviour and Redeemer he will receave my soule into his glory and place it in the companie of heavenly Angels and blessed Saints And concerning my bodie even with a good will and a free harte I give it over commending it to the earthe from whence it came nothing doubting but according to the article of my faith at the great daie of the generall resurrection when wee shall appeare before the Judgment seat of Christ shall receave the same again by the mighty power of god wherwith he is able to subdue all things to himself not a corruptable ? and soile bodie as it is now but an uncorruptable ? strong and perfect ? in all points like unto the glorious bodie of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ First as touching my Wife with whome I coupled my self in the fear of god refusing all other women Albeit I doubt not but that god after my departure according to his promise willes unto her a husband and will not suffer her to lack if she trust in him . Yet for as much as god hath blessed me with worldlie substance and she is myne owne trusty bone who for ? doth not for his denieth the faith and is worse than an Infidell.

I therefore give and bequeath unto her for ? of her life, all my Landes and tenements situated and lyeing in the hundred of Hoo in the Countie of Kent and now in the occupation of one Johnson Upon theis conditions following vizt First that she shall not make or suffer to be made upon any of the Landes or tenements soe bequeathed her Anie willfull wast Provided alsoe That if my wife doe make anie challenge or clayme to anie parte of the thirde of my goodes [the which I have referred for the paiement of my debts and funerall expences And shall not hold herself contented herewith and that which shalbe afterwards bequeathed unto her by name Then my will is that she shall lose the benefit of all such Legacies and all other commodities appointed and given hereby and the same to remayne to my sister Abigall Smith

Likewise my will is that Abigall my wife shall paie out of theis Landes so bequeathed her or otherwise as she shall think fitting unto my cozen Ithiell Lynch fourescore poundes of good and lawfull monie of England the which ? unto him for the which end and that she may with the more case for the same fourescore poundes satisfies according to my desire My will likewise is that Abigall my Wife shall alsoe have and receave the rents and benefitts of that Lease the which I now have of the Countesse of Kildare during the tearm therof beginning her first time of receaving at Michaelmas if I dye before.

After the death of my said wife my will is that all my Landes and tenements so bequeathed her shall remaine to the sole use of my sister Abigall Smith and the heires of her bodie Lawfully begotten upon condition that there shalbe ? nor wast made theruppon. And for want of such heires of her bodie Lawfully begotten my will is that after the decease of my sister Abigall then all the said Landes and tenements formerly mentioned and bequeathed shall remaine unto the use of the children of my loving uncles Mr Simon Linche and Mr Robert Linch equally to be devided amongst them all and soe to remaine unto them and unto their heires forever

Item whereas my uncle Robert Lynche handeth bonds unto me by a bill obligatory and is indebted unto me fourtie pounds My will is that twentie pounds therof shalbe quite remitted and forgiven him onlie paying twentie pounds and not more.
Item I give unto my Loving Aunt Elizabeth Lynche the wife of Mr Simon Lynche the somme of five pounds of Lawfull monie.
My will likewise is that both my cozin Ithiel Lynche and my cozin Simon Lynche shall each of them have twentie shillings apeece to buy them a ringe withall for a remembrance of my Soul unto them
Item I give unto my two mayde servants Mary and Anne for a satisfaction of that greate paines they have taken with me in the time of my sickness twentie shillings to each of them.
Item I likewise give unto my man Nicholas tenn shillings I give alsoe unto Laurence Searle my servant tenn shillings.

Item I likewise give unto the poore of the parish wherin I live five markes to be distributed unto them according unto the discretion of my uncle Mr Simon Lynche whome I doe make executor of this my will and testament And if it shall happen at anie time hereafter anie ambiguities doubt or question to arise or quest by reason of the imperfection or defect of or inquire of the wordes and ? ? ? ? this my present last will and testament or my true intent and meaning there that then the further and better explanation interpretation and construction of the said doubts and ambiguity I will that my said executor shall expound explaine and interpret according to his best witt and satisfaction and the penaltie for refusing to stand unto the determination of my said executor my will is that theire legacy so bequeathed shall utterlie bee voyd and frustrated, The rest of my goodes unbequeathed my will is shalbee for the satisfying of my debts and funerall expences. And hereby I utterly revoke and disannull all and ? other formes testaments wills Legacies bequeaths executors such overseers by mee in and ? before this time named willed and bequeathed

In witnes wherof I have hereunto subscribed and set my seale unto this my present Last will and testament the daie and yeare above written in the presence
Henry Bates Julius Searle Nicholas Ayetscombe William Woodyeare

Proved in London Sir William Byrd PCC 12 April 1624 Simon Lynche 14 April 1624
Abigali Woodyeare relict

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Will of William Woodyeare
Created by Maureen Rawson