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Will of Mercye Wood

of Hollingbourne, Kent

Source: Consistory Court of Canterbury PRC32/36/154
Submitted by Mary Connaughton
Mercye Wood of Hollingborne, widow, will dated 16 Oct 1588
My bodye to be buried in the parishe churchyarde of Hollingborne
40s to the pore of the parishe of Hollingborne
6d a pece to all my godchildren who shall be at my buryall

10 to Robart Rainolde, my sisters son
10 to John Rainolde, my sisters son
10 to William Rainolde, my sisters son
10 to Mercye Rainolde, my sisters daughter

10 and one flockbed, bedstedle, bolster of fethers, one paire of blankets, one coverlet & my best --- -- six table napkins & a tableclothe to Mercye Seede, my brother Edmunde Seeds daughter

If it shall happen Mercye Rainolde or Mercye Seede for to decease without heires of ther bodyes lawfully begotten then my will is that ther portions to them geven and bequeathed shalbe equally devyded amongst my brother Richard Seedes and Nicholas Woodes children by even portions

10 to William Wood sonne of Nicholas Wood my brother in lawe
Also to the sayd William Wood, one fetherbed, bolster of fethers, coverlet, one paire of blankets, a great chest, one joined stool, two silver spones which were his grandfathers & one tableclothe & one cowe & my great brasse potte and sixe table napkins

10 to Walter Wood, sonne of the foresaid Nicholas Wood
Also to Walter Wood one flockbede, one bolster, one great chest standing in the parlor & one joynde stoole & one silver spoone which was his grandfathers, one tablecothe, one cowe

10 to Richard Wood, sonne of my foresyd brother Nicholas Wood
Also to Richard Wood one silver spoone, one tableclothe & one cowe

To Robert Rainoldes wife, my goddaughter one paire of my best shettes
10 to to Robart Seede my brother Richard Seedes sonne, and also one tableclothe & one cowe
10 to Arthur Seede, sonne of my sayd brother Richard Seede, and also one brasse potte & my greate spitte, one feetherbede & one bolster of fethers, my best coverlet, one paire of blankettes, two silver spones & one chest
10 to Nicholas Seede, sonne of my foresaid brother Richard Seede and also one flockbede, one bolster of fethers, one coverlet, one ioyned stoole, two silver spoones, one tablecothe & one cowe
10 to John Seede, son of my foresayd brother Richard Seede and also one silver spoone, one ioyned stoole, one tableclothe and one cowe
10 to George Seede, sonne of my brother Edmunde Seede, also one tableclothe & one cowe

40s to Thomasine the wife of John Willmott, my sisters daughter
10s to Gabriell, sonne of John and Thomasine Willmot
5 to Richard Seede, sonne of Robart Seede, my brother Richard Seeds eldest sonne

Other smaller legacies towels - to:
Joane (John?) Rainolde, my sisters sonne
Anne Rainolde, daughter of the sayd Robert
Anne Rainolde, daughter of John Raynolde, my sisters son
To every one of my brother Edmund Seedes daughters, one paire of sheetes not of my best
To Anne Tonge, my sisters daughter, one payre of sheetes not of the best
To Margaret Raionlde and Anne Rainolde, my sisters daughters each of them a good paire of sheettes

Rest of all my moveable goods & chattels to be devyded into fowre parts to the use of Joane Wood & Alice Wood, daughters of my brother Nicholas Wood and Mercy Seede, daughter of my brother Edmund Seede and Marcy Rainolde, daughter of my sister Rainolde

I make and ordayne for my Executor unto this my present last will & testament my faythfull and good brother in lawe, Nicholas Wood of Hollingbourne
I make and ordayne Overseer my truly and good brother & good brother Richard Seede

This is the last will and testament of me the above sayd Mercye Wood, widowe of William Wood thelder late deceased I have unto those presentes set my mark & seale
Witnesses: Nicholas Wood, Richard Seede & Robert Raynolde
Witnesses to brief Memorandum written on 6 July 1589: Nicholas Wood & Margaret Barnes

Probate 30 Jul 1589

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Will of Mercye Wood
Created by Maureen Rawson