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Will of Edmund Watts

of Hollingbourne, Kent

Source: Consistory Court of Canterbury PRC32/15/236
Transcribed by Mike Cozens
The last day of February in the year of our lord 1533 and in the 25th year of the reign of our sovereign lord King Henry the 8th. I Edmund Watts of the parish of Hollingbourne in the county of Kent Weaver, make & ordain this my testament and last will.
First I bequeath my soul to almighty god to the blessed lady the holy virgin and to the company of heaven and my body to be buried within the churchyard of All Hallows in Hollingbourne aforesaid.
Item I bequeath to the high alter in the said church 5s my tithes and oblations negligently forgotten 4d
Item I bequeath to any usual lighting in the said church 2d

Item I will that Johan my wife shall do for me at my burial as she shall think best for the wealth? of soul and at my ----------- in like manner to be done.
Item I give to Reynold my son one cow to be delivered immediately after my decease
Item I give to Eleanor my daughter one cow of the age of 2 years and 40s of lawful money of England and the price of the said cow to be part of payment of the aforesaid 40s

The remainder of all my moveable goods & Chattels not given nor bequeathed my debts and my legacies fulfilled and paid I give unto Johan my said wife whom I make my sole executor of this my present testament and last will.

This is the last will of me the said Edmund made the day and year above said of in and upon all my lands & tenements that I have within the parish of Hollingbourne lying within the said county of Kent.

First I will that my feoffs shall suffer Johan my said wife to take all the profits of all the aforesaid lands and tenements during her natural life and after the decease of the said Johan my wife I will that all my said lands & tenements shall remain to Henry my son to his heirs and assigns for ever paying John, William, Edward, Nicholas and Reynold my sons to any of them 40s of lawful money of England to be paid after the decease of the said Johan my wife in for and following first to the second. Reynold my son to be paid within one year next after his mothers decease his part of the said 40s and the second year next ensuing after to pay to the said Nicholas 40s and the 3rd year to pay the said Edward 40s and the 4th year to pay to the said William 40s and in the 5th year then next ensuing to pay to the aforesaid John 40s, And if it happens the aforesaid Henry my son do decease without heirs of his body lawfully begotten and his mother living, then I will that all my said lands & tenements shall remain to the aforesaid Nicholas my son paying to his brothers as is above limited to the him his heirs and assigns for ever.

Item I will that Johan my said wife shall have all the proffit of my shop and weaving croft until the feast of Saint Michael the Archangel next after my decease and then I will that the aforesaid shop with the looms? & appurtenances belonging to the same shall all to the use of the aforesaid Henry and his heirs and assigns for ever. Except I will my said wife shall have free liberty to occupy the office? and the oven in the said shop at all times when and shall require for her occupying during her life without any interruption of the said Henry or his assigns.

The Witnesses Sir Christopher Bradcock? vicar of the said parish, William Reade and Nicholas Warde

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Will of Edmund Watts
Created by Maureen Rawson