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Will of John Wade

of Hadlow, Kent

Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury, PRC16/196 W/11, Probate 20 Oct 1630
Submitted by Mary Connaughton
John Wade of Hadlow, Gent, will dated 27 Aug 1630
40 shillings to the poore of the parish of Hollingborne

40 to Mary Lake, the now wife of William Lake of Bicknor
40 to Johan Brooke, the now wife of Thomas Brooke of Maidstone
40 to Alice the now wife of Thomas Barton
40 to Margarett Wade, the daughter of my brother Nicholas Wade
3 to Thomas, the sonne of Thomas Barton
40 shillings to Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Barton
To Alice Barton my best tapestry Coverlett

All the rest of my houshouldstuffe and linnen and wollen I will to be devided between my said sisters Mary Lake, Johan Brooke and Alice Barton

I give, devise and bequeath unto Henry and Francys the two sonnes of Henry Newman late of Hadlow aforesaid, yeoman deceased, and to their heires for ever, all my landes lyinge at Ripple in the parish of Hollingborne, conteyning 26 acres more or less

To John, the son of Thomas Brooke & to his heires for ever, all my lands lyinge in the parish of Hollingborne called Hagwell, Browninge and Coxe garden, conteyninge 20 acres

The rest of all my lands, tenements, ungiven and not bequeathed nor devised, I give and bequeath to the son of Nicholas Wade my brother and to his heires for ever

And whereas Francys Pauley of Hadlowe hath suffered a mortgage of certeyne lands lyinge in Hadlowe to be forfett into my hands for not payment of 40 at a certayne daye mencioned in the said deeds of Mortgage, my will and mynde is that the said Francys shall paye the said somme of 40 to my executor hereafter named

I doe hereby ordayne and appoint that Henry and Francys Newman shall paye unto Margarett Newman their sister the somme of 20 out of the lands before given to them

40 shillings to my brother Thomas Barton whom I apoynt overseer of this my my will
Rest & residue of my goods & Chattles to William Lake, my brother, whom I make my sole executor
(Signed) : John Wade
Witnesses: Nicholas Bennett, Thomas Barton

A Codicill nuncupative to bee added and annexed unto the last will and testament of John Wade gent, late of Bicknor, deceased
The said John Wade, after the giving & bequeathing of the severall legacies mentioned in his last will and testament bearing date the 27 day of August 1630, and as his said will was writing William Lake his brother in law & executor of his said will, being present at the making of the same will, and hearing the said John Wade give away many legacyes in mony and not knowing where the said legacyes would arise to be paid, demanded of his said Brother John Wade where the mony would arise for satisfaction of the said legacyes, whereunto the said John replyed that he had 100 in Mr Barhams lands, upon an Annuity and 40 upon an annuity on mortgage in Francis Pauleys lands, which severall sommes of 100 and 40 he willed an bequeathed to his Executor towards the payment of his debts and legacyes, or in words to this or the like effect. In the presence of the witnesses to the will published.

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Will of John Wade
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