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Will of Nicholas Wade

of Hollingbourne, Kent

Source: Consistory Court of Canterbury, PRC31/54 W/1, Probate 10 July 1607
Submitted by Mary Connaughton
Nicholas Wade the elder of Hollingbourne, Yeoman, will dated 16 June 1607
My body to be buried in the church yearde of the parish of Hollingborne neere unto my unkle John Sowthowson accordinge to the lawdablest custome & manner which a Christian man owght to be buried

20s to the poore of the parishe of Hollingborne
6s 8d to my olde servannte Arthur Pennye
2s 6d to Nicholas Pennye, my Godsonne

120 to John Knight, my Eldest daughters sonne, when he shall come to the age of 21, and my Executors to have the cost & proffyt of ye money, giving no accompte unto hym, & so to bringe hym up to learne to wryght, reade ---- accomte & to have some part of ye lattin tonge for to doe hym good for to get his lyvinge
And if it fortune the said John Knight to depart owte of this wicked worlde before he cometh to the foresaid age of 21 yeeres & havinge no yssue lawfully begotten, then myy will is that this his porcion so remained shalbe equally devyded between my sonnes John, Martyn, Nicholas & Thomas Wade beinge then alive

I give unto Mary Wade my daughter now the wife of William Lake, in remembrance of good will 12d
100 unto Joane Wade my daughter at the age of 21 yeeres
100 to Alyce Wade my daughter at the age of 21 yeeres

To John Wade my eldest sonne, 60 which he hath already, and I wyll & gyve to hym 180 more, he the said John my sonne owte of ye said porcion last given hym shall paye unto his mother, my wyf, 5 yeerely
2s 6d to Elen Christian my mayde
I wyll that my Executors shall paye unto my sonne Thomas 10 at the age of 22 yeeres

All my housholde stuffe which is my house at the makinge of this my will shalbe priste & devided equally by Twoe indifferent men betweene my wife & my sonne Martin, my executor

All the rest of my moveable goods as money, bonds for money, leases, evidences of land for money, corne growinge on the grounde or corne layed in the chamber, haye in the barne or withowte grasse, standinge, growinge & not cutt downe in any part of all my lands & all manner of Cattell with all implements to husbandry, wood & tymber beinge in the Closes, tymber & wood which is felled & that lyeth in any parte of the grounde, I will & gyve unto my sonne Martin Wade, being my sole executor, hoping that with a good conscience he will performe & discharge all my dettes & legacies
And this to be seene, done & performed I doe make Margaret my wife the overseer,
And doe will & bequeath unto her immediately after my decease the Chamber over the parlour, the chamber over the lyttell Apple chamber & ye said lyttell Apple Chamber to have her dwellinge & abydinge there beinge my widow duringe her naturall lyfe with free libertie to goe come at all necessarie tymes to & froe, carry & recarry owte or in to the house & closes for water & wood & to & from the said Chambers withowte any molestinge of her by any manner or persons

And further I will that my Executor shall fynde unto his mother her dyet sufficiently duringe her dwellinge with my sonne in the house if she so lyke of it & be so contented, yf not but that she will fynde her selfe her dyet then my will is that my said Executor shall quietly suffer his mother to use the kytchin with fyer roome oven & bringe plate & other wyse for to do such things as shalbe necessarie for her & that my Executor shall fynde, bringe & laye in ye closes three loads of wood what she thinketh good at his owne chardges duringe her dwelling there being my widow.

Also my minde & will is that my Executor, having the evidence of shasteade house lyinge in ye parishe of Maydstone called mayinforde with ye land thereto belonging & he having ye first offer to redeeme it agayne & will not buy it, that then my executor shall sell it to some other & the money thereof to paye my dettes & legacies

And also I will further that my executor having the evidence of certeyn lands of John Hartridge of Beersteede (Bearsted) ye lands lyinge in Thornham & Boxley being at a place called Rusykar (?) streete the said John Hartridge havinge the first offer to redeeme it agayne & will not buy it, that then my executor shall sell it to some other & the money thereof to paye my dettes & legacies

To sonne Martin & his heires, all that my mancion house which I now dwell in, barnes, stable & other buildings scituate & beinge in Hollingborne with all the lands thereto belonging, he payinge owte of the said lands unto Margaret my wife, his mother 5 yerely
Alsoe I will & gyve more unto my said sonne Martin, my Executor, & to his heires for ever, my peece or parcel of land called Whyets Meade which I purchased of Nicholas Coombe, lyinge in Hollingborne at a place called Broad streete

I will & gyve unto Nycholas Wade my sonne & to his heires for ever, all my lands & woods lyinge in Hucking which were bought & purchased of Rychard Woolgate with all there appurtenances, payinge owte of ye said lands & woods unto my wife, his mother 6 a yeere

I will & gyve unto Thomas Wade my sonne, at ye age of 21 yeeres, & to his heires for ever, three peeces of land called Great Fawkners & Lyttell Fawkners & Rypple feilde lyinge in Hollingborne aforesaid which was sometimes John Stonehowses land beinge at a place called Rypple, and paying owte of the said lands unto my wife, his mother 5 a yeere

The marke of Nycholas Wade
Witnesses: George Coulter, Arthur Penni

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Will of Nicholas Wade
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