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Will of John Tye

of Seal, Kent

Source: PCC 1832
Transcribed by Steve Fitzgerald
IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN I JOHN TYE Tole Collector at IGHTHAM GATE near Sevenoaks in Kent although being in a bad state of health yet considering the certainty of death and the uncertainty of the time when it may happen I do make order constitute and appoint this my last Will and Testament. First and firmly I recommend my Soul to Almighty God who gave it and my Body to the Earth from whence it was taken and of my small worldly Estate I direct my just debts to be paid by my Executors hereinafter named And whereas my Wife MARY TYE was over persuaded to make a Settlement of her Legacy left by her Aunt to come to her after her Father MANDY decease and I was not aware of it for Ten years after our Marriage and there is 115 12s 7d of my Money transferred in the Bank of England with her Money which now stands transferred to the accounts of EDWARD MANDY and WILLIAM WATTERS both of Sevenoaks which sum altogether is 1097 3s 4d In the Navy Stocks.

I also give and devise to my Wife MARY TYE five pounds of lawful money
and I also give to GEOFFRY THOMAS PETT Son in Law One pound of lawful money.
I also give to my own Mother JUDITH TYE widowe in the Parish of Seal Kent the sum of Ten pounds.
I also give to all my own Brothers & Sisters five shillings a piece EDWARD TYE, THOs TYE, CHARLES, ANN SMALL, ELIZABETH WATTERS, MARY TYE, JUDITH EVANS, MARY MILLS.
Also I give to my Bother in Law WILLIAM WATTERS and my Brother in Law EDWARD MANDY five pounds a piece.

Also I give devise and bequeath to my four own Sons JOHN TYE, JOSEPH TYE, EDWARD TYE, JAMES TYE all the rest and residue of my Estates both real and personal of what kind soever and werinsoever to them and their heirs for ever to be equally divided share & share alike.
Also I wish them to have their parts as soon as they arise to the age of Twenty one years. Also I give my Executors power to sell Money out of my Money in the Navy Stocks now standing in my own name which is 1238 18s 6d according as my Sons are old enough to be prenticed of.

Also I nominate and appoint my said Brother in Law WILLIAM WATTERS and my Brother in Law EDWARD MANDY EXECUTORS to this my last Will and Testament whom I charge with the payment of my just Debts and Legacies above mentioned and I do also appoint my own Brother EDWARD TYE my Trustee to this my Will. Also I do hereby revoke all former and other Wills by me at any time made and do declare this present writing written with my own hand on this parchment to be my last Will and have signed and sealed hereunto this 11 day of March 1831. Fixed in the presence of


WILLIAM YEOWELL of Ightham near Sevenoaks in the County of Kent Shoemaker maketh oath and saith that he is one of the subscribed Witnesses to the last Will and Testament of JOHN TYE late of Seal in the said County of Kent Toll Collector deceased the said Will being hereunto annexed beginning thus "In the Name of God Amen I JOHN TYE Tole Collector at Ightham Gate near Sevenoaks in Kent" and ending thus "And do declare this present writing written with my own hand on this parchment to be my last Will and Testament and have signed and sealed hereunto this 11 day of March 1831" and having the following endorsement "JOHN TYE last Will and Testament bearing date the 11 day of March 1831" that about seven o'clock in the evening of the said eleventh day of March 1831 (being the day of the date of the said Will) this deponent together with Henry Malyan the other subscribed Witness to the said Will was requested by the said deceased to walk into his (the deceaseds) house and when there he the said deceased produced the Parchment Writing or Will now hereunto annexed and desired each of the said Witnesses to observe that such Parchment Writing was his Will and requested them to Witness it whereupon this deponent and the said Henry Malyan respectively signed there names thereto as Witnesses in manner as now appears hereon that the testator then folded the said Parchment Writing or Will and sealed it up and wrote on or endorsed the same in the presence of this deponent and his said fellow subscribed Witness as follows "JOHN TYE last Will and Testament bearing date the 11 day of March 1831" WILLIAM YEOWELL ___ on the 15th day of August 1932 the said William Yeowell was duly sworn to the truth of this Affidavit.
Before me JOHN DAUBENY Sur
Present HENRY IBBOTSON Notf. Pubc.

WILLIAM by Divine Providence, Archbishop of Cantebury, Primate of all England, and Metropolitan, do by these presents make known to all men, that on the EIGHTEENTH Day of AUGUST in the Year of our Lord, One Thousand Eight Hundred and THIRTY TWO at London, before the WORSHIPFUL JOHN DAUBENY DOCTOR OF LAW SURROGATE OF THE RIGHT HONOURABLE JOHN NICHOLL KNIGHT Doctors of Laws, Master, Keeper, or Commissary of our Prerogative Court of Cantebury, lawfully constituted the Last Will and Testament of JOHN TYE LATE OF SEAL IN THE COUNTY OF KENT TOLL COLLECTOR DECEASED hereunto annexed, was proved, approved, and registered; the said Deceased having whilst living, and at the time of his Death, Goods, Chattels, or Credits, in divers Dioceces or Jurisdictions, by reason of all and singular the said Goods, Chattels, and credits, and also auditing, allowing, and final discharging the Account thereof, are well known to appertain only and wholly to us, and not to any inferior Judge; and that Adminisration of all and singular the Goods, Chattels, and Credits of the said Deceased, and any Way concerning HIS Will was Granted to WILLIAM WATERS (in the Will written Watters) and EDWARD MANDY his Executors named in the said will THEY having been already sworn well and faithfully to administer the same, and to make a true and perfect Inventory of all and singular the said Goods, Chattels, and Credits, and to exhibit the same into the Registry of our said Court, on or before the last Day of FEBRUARY next ensuing, and also to render a just and and true Account thereof. Given at the Time and Place above written, and in the fifth year of our Translation.
EXTRACTED BY H. IBBOTSON Proctor, Doctors Commons

JOHN TYE (1787-1832)
Parents: EDWARD TYE (1760-1823) & JUDITH CLARKE (1763-1835)
Baptized: 24th April 1787 in Seal Parish Church, Kent.
Died: 13th June 1832 aged 45.
Buried: 20th June 1832 in Seal Churchyard, Kent (John Tye of Ightham parish).
Wife: MARY MANDY (b.1786)
Baptized: 10th May 1786 in Frant Parish Church, Sussex.

JOHN TYE (b.1815) Baptized: 24th December 1815 in Seal, Kent.
HENRY TYE (1817-1817) Baptized: 1st June 1817 in Seal, Kent, Buried: 8th August 1817 aged 15 weeks in Seal, Kent.
JOSEPH TYE (b.1818) Baptized: 21st June 1818 in Seal, Kent.
EDWARD TYE (b.1823) Baptized: 16th March 1823 in Seal, Kent.
JAMES TYE (b.1826) Baptized: 2nd July 1826 in Seal, Kent, Also Baptized: 16th July 1826 in Ightham, Kent.
Spouse: SARAH ELIZABETH PHILLPOTT married: 12th May 1845 at St John's Church, Lambeth.

OCCUPATIONS of John Tye: 1815 Turnpikeman, 1817-23 Servant, 1826 Yeoman, 1831 Toll Collector at Ightham Gate on the Sevenoaks to Maidstone turnpike road.

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Will of John Tye
Created by Maureen Rawson