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Will of James Tonge

of Tunstall, Kent

Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC17/32/236b
Submitted by Mary Connaughton
In the name of god Amen The Seconde daye of marche in the yere of our Lorde god 1557
I James Tonge of the parishe of Tunstall Yeoman beynge sycke in bodye but of perfecte remembrance thankes be unto god do make my laste wyll and testament in maner and forme followynge /
Fyrst I geve my soule to allmyghtye god my maker and redeemer and my bodye to be buryed in the churche yarde of Tunstall beside my father

Item I gyve for my tythes forgotten iijs iiijd
Item I geve to the churche of Tunstall vjs viijd

Item I bequeath and allowe to Agnes Tonge my wife a hundred markes upon condytyon that she shall make a release to my fowre brothers of all her tythe of doweri that the lawe wyll geve her of all my landes and tenements

Item I wyll that yf my wife be wythe childe ---- woman childe than I gyve to the same womand childe 40 to be payde at her maryage by my executor/
And yf she be wythe childe wythe a man childe Then I wyll my brother Wyllyam Tonge have the custodye and kepynge of the said man childe wythe all the profyttes of my landes and to have the occupyenge lettynge and settynge of all my saide landes tyll my saide sonne come to the age of xxiiijte yeres

Item I geve to everye one of my brother wyllyams children eyther of them a xl s a pece
Item I gyve to John Tonges childe a xl s
Item I gyve to Anthony Spatherste v
Item I geve to Robert Cusheman v
Item I gyve to my brother Henman a seame of wheate
Item I gyve to Marten Hooker v nobles over and beside the v my father gave hym
Item I gyve to eyther of my mayde servants vjs viijd a peace / to my man Saverye vjs viijd
Item I geve to the poore solles (folkes?) of Tonstall ij seames of wheate
Item I wyll to Wyllyam Grenthyll ij ewes wythe there lambes
Item I wyll my woodes and tymber be felled and solde to the performance of my wyll
Item I gyve to Pyrren my beste coate

Item I wyll to be bestowed to prestes clerkes and poore people at my buryall xls at my monthes daye xls and at my yeres mynde xls /

The residewe of all my goodes not bequeathed my legacyes perfourmed and fulfilled I geve to my fower brothers Wyllyam John Symon and Roberte to be devided between them at the dyscretyon of my saide brother Wyllyam Tonge in whome I putte all my trust and confidence
The whyche Wyllyam Tonge I make my sole executor of this present testament and last wyll
Theis wytnes Syr Wyllyam Bonn---cker parson of Tunstall, Wyllyam mr Grenell Symon Tonge and other

Probate 22 April 1557 to William Bunker & William Grenell
(why not William Tonge?)

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Will of James Tonge
Created by Maureen Rawson