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Will of Thomas Thecher

of Wormshill, Kent

Transcribed by FRED VICKERSON
In The name of God Amen, The third day of October in the year 1565, I Thomas Thecher of the parishe of Wormshill make and ordeyne this my will and testament in manner and form followinge. First I bequethe my soule unto all mightie god and my body to be buryes in the church yeard of Wormshill afresaid. Item I bequethe unto the poore of the same paryshe 20 d.

Item I give unto James Thecheer my sonne twentye poundes to be payed by my sonne Thomas as followthe, that is with in half a yeare after my decease tenne poundes, and at the tyme twelve monthe tenne pounde. Item I bequethe unto the said James my sonne my lyttle brasse potte. Also I bequethe unto my said sonne James fyfty ewes with the farme whiche ewes ar in the kepinge of these men whose names following that is to say with Elles Hache of Wormshill aforesaid twenty with Packna of Downe Courte in the parysh of Lenham twenty and with John Drewley of Bredgar tenne.

Item I bequethe unto my three daughters Agnes Brensley Chrystyan Meryam and Alyce Watte fourtye shillinge a peace, to be payed unto every one of my said daughters by my sonne Thomas within thre monthes after my decease.

Item I bequethe unto my daughteer John Brensleys wife one of my eldest kyen which is called cherry.
Item I bequethe unto Thomas Brensley the sonne of John Brensley 10 Shillinge.
Item I bequethe unto Alice Watte my daughter the chest that was her mothers.
Item I bequethe unto Margarett my servant 2 peweter platters and a stupnett of brasse.
Item I bequethe unto Wyllyam Lurkyn my servant 12 d.

All the rest of my moveable goodes unbequethed I geve and bequethe unto Thomas Thecher my sonne whom I make my sole executor / And he to pay my dettes and filfyll my legacyes. And I desyre Thomas Merryam to be myne oversear

THIS YS THE LAST WYLL of me the aforesaid Thomas Thecher as touterninge my landes and Tenements lyeign and being within the paryshes of Wormshill Maydstone and Rodmersham
Fyrst I will and geve unto James Thacher my sonne all that my Tenaments with all the lande belonginge to the same Tenement which I lat bought of Thomas Trystram which Tenement is scytuate and beinge within the paryshe of Rodmersham To him the said James my sonne and his heyres for ever
Item I will and geve unto the said James my sonne my house at Wormshill which I lat bought of Wyllyam Pepper, with a peece of land adioyninge to the same house, to be leyed and meate out from the greate stone standyng at the gate in the quenes strete righte out into the felde easte untill the measure reache tenne foot without the syll of the same house, and then birne right downe the felde northe to a lane called drayfforte lane. To the afore said James and his heyres for ever.

Item I will and geve unto James Merryam the sonne of Thomas Merryam of Maydstone, all my tenement and garden scyuate and beinge in Maidstone, in a place there called saint faythes, bounding to the churche yard. To the fore said James Merryam, and his heyres for ever

All the rest of my landes and tenements lyinge and beinge in the parishe of Wormshill I will and geve unto Thomas Thecher my younger sonne, and to the eldest heyer male of his body lawfully begotten, and for the lack of heyer male of his body lawfully begotten, to remayne unto James Thecher my sonne, and to the eldest heyre male of his body lawfully begotten, and for the lack of heyres male of his body lawfully begotten, to remayne to the next of the blood or kyn / Also I will that Thomas Thecher my sonne shall pay unto his brother James Techer forty shillings a yere out of the landes that I have geven the aforesaid Thomas, duryinge the lyffe of the said James and the said Thomas shall pay the afore said James quarterly by even portyons. And if he not pay the said James with in tenne dayes after any of the quarter dayes that is to say the natyvytie of Chryste, Th anunntyacion of our ladye, St John Bapyst and St Mychaell. Then hit shall lawfull for the said James to dystreyne uppon any parte of the said Tenementes and lands whiche I have geven my sonne Thomas and the dystesse to hold and keepe untill the said James be satysfyed and payed.
These wytnesses John Carpenter, Robert Reader and John Reader

Probate granted 10 November 1565 witnesses John Branchley and Robert Reader

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Will of Thomas Thecher
Created by Maureen Rawson