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Will of Thomas Sturkey

of Faversham, Kent

Transcribed by FRED VICKERSON
IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN The 8th day of August the yere of and lord god 1526 I Thomas sterkey of the parishe of Faversham yn the dioces of canterbury being hole of mynde and of good remerbrannce make and dispose this my present testament and last will yn manner and forme foloweng First I bequeth my soule to god almyghtie to oure lady saynte marye and to all the holy company of heven and my body to be buried in the churcheyard of oure lady yn Faversham beside my mother there Item I bequethe to the high Aulter there of our lady yn Faversham for my tithes and afferynges not doon accordingly 2 s Item I bequeth to the morowe masse Aulter every weke a peny after my decesse the space of one hole yere Item I bequeth to Saint Crasimis Aulter 12 d Item I will there be don at the day of my burieng a solemyn dirige and 8 masses that is to say 3 high masses and 5 lowe masses to be song and seyd and a certain of brede to be geven to pover people for my soule so that dirage mass and brede may extende to the value of 10 s / And asinouche at my monthes mynde and in like maner at my 12th monthes mynde Item I bequeth 5 nobles of sterling money to a preste to sing for me a quarter of a yere at Saint Lukes Ault in Faversham immediately after my decesse

Item I bequeth to Elizabeth Chapellain my goddaughter 20 s to be delivered unto her at the age of 18 yeres And if the said Elisabeth dye before that age I will the said 20 s shall remayne to John Turnor
Also I bequeth to John Turnor 20 s to be delivered unto him at the age of 20 yeres And if any of the forsaid Elisabeth and John dye before the said ages that then either of them to be others heir of there legacies aforesaid And if the said John and Elisabeth dye before they come to the said ages then I will that the said 40 s shall go to the byeng of a thaline to faversham church

Item I bequeth to William Kyng my violet gawberdyne
Also I bequeth unto Thomas Stone my moteley cote
Also I bequeth to Richard Twyny all my rayment and apparell belonging to my body not bequethed
Item I bequeth to Nicholas Burwashe my best gawberdyne

Item I will that Margarete my wife shalhave all my household stuff and 5 marks of sterling money immediately after my decesse yn manneer and forme foloweng that is to saye 13 s 4 d immediatley after my decesse and so only get it after that 13 s 4 d sterling unto the said five markes be fully contente and paid
And if the said Margarete dye before the full payment be contente and paid I will that the said money shall bestowed for my soule after the discretion of sir Robert Lambert myn oversear of this my present testament and last will

The residue of all my goodes above not bequethed after after my dette bequestes and funeral expenses fully conted and paid I holy give and bequeth unto Nicholas Burwashe to dispose yn dede of charite for my soule and all expen soules after his discretion the which Nicholas I ordeyne and make my sole executor of this my present testatment and last will And I give to him for his labor 10 s And I make sir Robert Lambert myn oversear of this my present testament and last will to seat duly fulfilled accordyngly to my mynde and will / And I will to hym for his labor and payne 3 s 4 d

THIS IS THE LAST WILL of me the said Thomas Sterkey made the daye an yere abovewrit as touching my hous and tenaments that I have yn the parish of hosprynge sett within the towne of Faversham or elswhere in the countie of Kent
First I will that margarete my wif shall have my hous and tenements and gardyn therto belongyng within the said towne of Faversham yn the parishe of hospringe for the terme of her leff And after her decesse I will that the said hous and tenament with the appurtences shall be sold and 3 L of the money of the said hous and tenements comyng I will to the gildyng of the Boodlofft and saint Luke Aulter in Faversham church And the rest of the said money comyng of the said hous and tenements shall go to a preste without any dymyuntion or waste to syng for me and my wif my father and my mothers soules and all expened soules at Saynt Luke Aulter yn Faverhsam churche as long as the silver therof will extende
These witnesses herof Richard Keer John Smyth and Richard Twyny with other ?

Probate granted 8th November 152? Witness John Smythe and Richard Twyndy. Nicholas Burwashe executor

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Will of Thomas Sturkey
Created by Maureen Rawson