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Storm of 19 August 1763

Kent, England

Source: LDS film #1656380 Item 2 pages 97-99 West Kent Qtr Session 16 Feb 1764
Note: Damage at bottom of each page.
Brief for the Storm

To the Right Honerable Robert Lord Henley Baron of Grainge in the County of Southampton 
Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain

Wee his Majesty’s Justices of the Peace for the County of Kent assembled at the 
General Quarter Sessions of the Peace of our Lord the King holden by Adjournment 
at Maidstone in and for the said County on Thursday the sixteenth Day of February 
in the fourth year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Third by the Grace 
of God of Great Britain France and Ireland King Defender of the Faith and so forth And in 
the year of our Lord One Thousand seven hundred and sixty four Do humbly certify to 
your Lordship that on Friday the nineteenth Day of August last past there happened 
in the parishes of Sundridge, Speldwich, Penshurst, Pembury, Tudeley, Capel, 
Hadlow, Yalding, Hunton, Marden, Brenchley, East Peckham, West Peckham, 
Mereworth, East Malling, Wateringbury, Nettlestead, Teston, East Farleigh, West 
Farleigh, Barming, Loose, Maidstone, Boxley and Detling in the said County 
a most Dreadful and Violent Storm of Hail and Wind attended with thunder? 
and lightning which passed as a Tornado and with such rapidity and
Fierceness through the Lands and grounds (amongst others?

Who by reason of their better circumstance seek no relief from this application) of
William Wood, William Pocock, William Burges, Wm Simmons, John Lines, 
Sarah Jarrett, Edward Eastland, Samuel Wail, William Wingate the younger, 
Sarah Kemp widow, Thomas Evans, Mary Norman widow, Ann Roots widow, 
David Harris, John Hunt, John Sisley, Charles Snashall, William Pack, 
Agnetta Larkin widow, William Wingate the elder, John Wyman, Edward Sharp,
Richard Iden, Richard Stapley, Thomas Keeble, Henry Saxby, William Young 
the elder, William Young the younger, Thomas Hollamby, Richard Young, Hugh 
Sales, Richard Stapely, Thomas Weller, Francis Henbrey, Robert Sales, 
George Sales, William Bassett, Thomas Bayle, Abraham Diprose, Stephen 
Porter, William King, John Taylor, James Norton, Elias Neale, 
Knight widow, Andrew Skinner, Stephen Dickenson, David Pearson, 
Matthew Peters, John Harris, Edmund Wood, Nicholas Worger, John Larkin, 
Arthur Feverstone, William Lipscombe, Edward Walter, Ambrose Mercer, 
William Whitly, John Finch, John Ellis, Robert Davey, John Catt, John Martain, 
Samuel Brooke, Tho’s Bennett, Thomas Lawrence, Ambrose Vinton, George 
Elliott, Mary Maplesden, John Lawrance, John Relph, Ann Wood, John Wood, 
Thomas Relph, James Woolley, George Cook, Elizabeth Rowls, Thomas Hubble, 
Thomas Fowle, Thomas Thorp, Elizabeth Barber widow, John Barton, 
Deborah Moyce, Thomas Brigden, John Borman, John Lattor, Thomas 
Tompson, William Richards, Amos Knell, Elizabeth Cronk, Francis Relf, 
Martin Skilton, John Gammon, Richard Nightingale, George Bassack, 
Thomas Snashall, George Wenbon, John Ellis, John Martyr, John Jarman, John 
Bull, Samuel Brooker, Thomas Lambert, George Mastus, Joseph Lambud, John 
Diddy, Richard Groombridge, William Humphry, Robert Willis, James Randall, 
Thomas Duddy, Edward Mastus, Foster Whitebread, Samuel Norman, 
William Bartholomew, Henry Groombridge, Richard Groombridge, William Porter, 
John Mossly, William Moody, John Feverstone, John Norton, William Gilbert, 
Thomas Taylor, William Wells, Thomas Ledger, John Saunders, John Maddocks, 
Edward Sizley, Widow Stone, Richard Dutnall, Richard Henham, William Ellis, 
Thomas and Gregory Henham, William Willard, John Freeman, Richard 
Swatland, Thomas Webb, Robert Wells, Thomas Johnson, William Fordham, 
Thomas Rhodes, Thomas Pattenden, Thomas Brenchley, John Cheesman, John 
Crowhurst, Robert Sands, Robert Ellis, John Carter,     Rolfe widow, 
Benjamin Brattle, Francis Allingham, Thomas Davis, John Johnson, William 
White, John Skinner, John George, Richard Morgan, William Turner, 
Henry and John Billinghurst, John Chambers, John Goodhugh, William Hayes,
Henry Billinghurst, John Cheesman,     Hubbard widow widow, Richard Rumsey, Richard Parker, Richard Wray?

Jane Cook, William Garham, Thomas Mantle, Daniel Town, James Brook, John Wray, 
Mary Hawks, Thomas Wray, Francis Wray, Thomas Goff, Thomas Nixon, John
Wickenden, Elizabeth Pavey, Thomas Orpin, Richard Gillet, John Clements, John Baker, 
Robert Andrews, John Smith, Martha Moore, Mary Cheesman, Elizabeth Barham, 
Elizabeth Chapman, Henry Simmonds, Richard Meal, Robert Bills, Mary Coomber, 
John Harris, William Pettet, George Assiter,    Large widow, James Lamb, 
John Tolhurst, Stephen Cheesman, Nicodomus Turner, Joseph Tanner, John 
Loud, William Evenden, Jeffery Bowles, John Stone, Stephen Dunstall, Samuel 
Weeks, Samuel Springett, Richard Savage, Elizabeth Count, Richard Day, 
Thomas Smith, Samuel Hallott, John Young, Thomas Outteridge, William 
Weldish, John Hallett, Henry Brooker, Thomas Pledge, Edward Prebble, Richard 
Selves?, William Golden, Hatcher Marsh, John Allchin, James Seale, Martha 
Merriott, John Day, John Burgess, William Invell, Nath Cost, John Bills, 
Thomas Porter, James Russell, James Martin, Thomas Martin, Richard Goodwin, 
James Wilson, William Martin, Charles Martin, William Sears, Thomas Sears, 
Henry Collison, Josias Fuller, Edward Kennard, Enoch Atwater, Thomas Cooper, 
John Wise, John Eastland, Thomas Masters, James Walter,    Tomlyn widow, 
George Walter, Thomas Kitney the elder, Stephen Gaman, John Hollist, Edward 
Kitney the younger, John Kitney, Edward Kitney the elder and William Kitney in the 
parishes aforesaid as in a very short time to beat cut down strip lay waste and destroy 
all or the greatest part of the corn grain hops fruit and other things then standing 
growing and being in and upon the said Lands and grounds of the said several sufferers 
That the truth of the premises hath been made appear unto us in our said sessions in 
open Court as well upon the Oaths of almost all the said sufferers (those who did not 
make Oath thereof being unable to attend the said sessions by reason of their Great 
Age Illness or some other just cause) as also upon the Oaths of several persons who 
are Inhabitants within the said several parishes and who are skilfull and 
experienced Farmers and Husbandmen and are well aquainted with the said premises 
before the said Accident happened and have carefully Viewed the same and made 
Estimates of the Losses Occasioned thereby which are moderately computed and 
amount together in the whole to the sum of Twelve Thousand seven hundred 
Ninety eight pounds seven shillings and three half pence That all or the Greatest 
part of the said sufferers are tenants at rack Rents and are by their losses 
severally reduced to great Want and Distress All which they have besought us to 
Certify unto your Lordship To the end that your Lordship would be pleased to 
grant to them his Majesty’s most Gracious Letters Patent under the Great Seal of
Great Britain to enable them to receive the contributions of charitable and well
disposed people throughout such part of Great Britain and in ...
Your Lordship shall think meet – Robert Fairfax Clk?  F...  ...
Benjamin Hatley Foote Clk? Francis Hender Foote.

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Storm of 1763
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