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Will of Lewis Stockett

of St Dunstan in the West, London

Source: Prerogative Court of Canterbury Prob/ll/61/ 114
Transcribed by Karon S.Ingledue
Submitted by Lois Lannin
In the name of God amen. I Lewes Stockette Surveyor of the works to the Quenes ma(jes)tie beinge sicke and weake of bodie but better in mynde and memorie, God onelie be praised for it, doe make heare my laste will and testament and sette downe howe I wolde suche worldlie benefitttes as God of his greate goodness hathe lent me shoulde be ordered and disposed.
And first beinge certainlie persuaded that whatsoev(er) is com(m)itted to God can not perishe and be lost eternallie, I do w(i)th whole harte give and bequeathe my soule into his mercifull hands, not doubting thouge I be a greate and a grevous sinner, which I was cannot nor will not denie but am hartelie for the same, yet that God is my mercifull father through his sonne Jesus Christ and that he will coev(er) or forever) pardon and wipe awaie all my offenses whatsoev(er) in the bloode of his sonne myne onelie savoriure and redeemer by whom onelie my affirmed beliefe is that I shall live eternallie in his kingdome prepared for the faithfull from the beginninge of the worlde.
Item my bodie I bequeathe to the earth from whence it came, to be buried w(i)thout solomnitie or pompe not doubting throughe the merits of my Savioure Christ at the Laste generall(?) daie to receive it againe in farre better estate then now it is or ever was.
Item my will and desir is that all my now(?) debtes be satisfied and paid as mete and reason is and I have no small care therof and therefore againe doe ernestelie will the same.

Item to my welbeloved wife Luce Stockette I am well contente that she enioye suche Livinge as I have joined her in the purchase w(i)th me for and during her naturall life, accordinge to the ___ meaninge and intente of the saide purchases withoute spoilinge or wastinge anie parte or parcell as I truste she will not in the preindice(?) of her children. And also I will and bequeathe her my house in Ffleet street neare Temple Barre called the Dollphin wth the (rents?), profettes and comodities therof for and duringe her naturall life. And I wishe, praie and charge her to be Lovinge, naturall and helpful to my children as I hoope assuredlie she will and they likewise will deserne.

Item to myne eldest sonne John Stockette, I give and bequeathe the rev()con of all myne Inheritance after his mothers decease, to him and his heires forev(er). And also I give and bequeathe unto him the leace of my house and groundes at Dammerwell wth the profettes and commodities therof for and duringe so manie years as shall remaine unexpired therof after the Deathe of my wife Luce whom I will shall have the use and occupacon therof to her onelie benefitte during her life and for his maintenance in the mean tyme, he muste be contented wth that I have allredie bestowed upon him, the wth(?) as he can wiselie governe maie suffice and serne his Tirne.
And I charge him and the reste of his bretheren to be Lovinge and helpful eche to other and to be obediente and dutifull to their mother, to live together in good agreemente to the pleasinge of God and good reporte of the world.

Item to my sonne Humfrey whearas I doe owe and stande indebted to my sonne Aillworthe in the some of five hundred and foretie pounds to be paid at Mychaellmas nyte and for the trew paymente therof have assured unto him, by sufficenite conveyance in Lawe, my lease of Wicklands in Eastham in the countie of Essex with the profetts and commodities therof as by the same conveyance , more at Large. It doeth appeare my will and pleasures that the money be paid at the daie aforesaid. And then I give and bequeathe to my saide sonne Humfrey my saide leace with the whole benefitte and profette therof for all the years that are yet to come therin, saving that my will and pleasure is that my wife Luce have tenne pounds a yeare of the rente therof during her Life, wych I further give and bequeathe her for her better maintenice. And that after her decease the same to be whollie to my saide sonne Humfrey. And whearas it is ____ (decided or divided?) betwene my sonne Aillworth and me that notwthstanding the conveyence aforesaid yet that I my executors and Assignes shall and maie recew the rentes and profette of the saide leace tyll the saide feaste of Mychaellmas nyte. My will and pleasure is that for that tyme also the profette and benefette therof shall gooe and be ymploied in maner and forme and after the rate aforesaid , that is to saie tenne poundes a yeare therof or after that rate and Accompte to come to my saide wife and therafter to my saide sonne Humfrey. And fourth if it so happen and fall onte that the saide some of money be not satisfyed and paid as is aforesaid whereby the saide leace shall become wholly forfeaft to my saide sonne Aillworthe for thereof payment therof with(?) shall be greatlie againste my will.

Then I doe give, will and bequeathe unto my saide sonne Humfrey the some of thre hundred pounds of Lawfull money of England to be paid to him, his executors, Assignees wthin fourtenie daies after the saide feaste of St Mychaell Th(e) Archangell nexte cominge, which I ernestlie charge my executrix trewlie to performe and satisfie .

Item to my sonne Thomas I give and bequeathe my lands at Lambethe to him and his heirs forev(er) accordinglie as the Lawe deathe caste the same upon him, beinge of the Towne of Borrough Englishe and he my youngeste sonne.

Item for the payment of my debtes if the money that is comynge towarde me upon the foote of my Accompte and other wise shall not suffice to the discharge therof, I will that the Lease of my house at Barkinge and of my houses at _____for Bes____ to as greate benefitte as maie be to s--- the Tirne and make uppe the supplie for the trew payment of my saide debts.

Item to Edmond Wayland and Henrie Wayland my wife’s sonnes by her firste husbande I give and bequeathe to eche of them twentie poundes a pice to be paid unto them when and after that my debtes shall be satisfied and contented.
Item to my sonne in Law Walter Ayllworthe I give and bequeath my blacke geldinge and to my welbeloved doughter Joan his wife I give and bequeathe all my wifes child(?) bedd geare and lynen as my saide wife is well content I should and also I give her my sixe mai-dleine cuppes ofsilv(er) with there cov(er)s wth my wife also is well content with.
Item I doe give and bequeathe to the poore of St Dunstains parishe that I dwell in Twentie nobles.

Item of this my laste will and Testamente I doe constitute and appoint my welbeloved wife Luce Stockette my sole executrix of sp_all truste and confident that I have in her of her honest truste and faithfull dealinge and as she hathe bene a good and lovinge wife unto me in my life tyme so she will remember me whyn I am gone to be Lovinge and naturall to my children and hers and trewlie and faithfullie to performe this my greate truste reposed in her as she will answere the same before Allmighty God at the laste day. And I thanke God I doubt not her fidelitie hearin and therof I am not a little gladd. And I make also my sonne Ayllworthe my ov(er)seer of this my will trustinge as he hathe bene Lovinge to me and myne in my life tyme, for his ffrendshippe shall not be wantinge to my wife and children when I am goone.

Item whearas there is some odd (or old) Performge betwene Edwarde Kniges feilde mason and me and thereupon some money cominge to me, I doe by this my will and Testamente clearlie and franklie forgive him the same.

In witness whearof that this is my laste will and testament I have sette hearunto my hand and seale upon the seavententh daye of februarie in the one and twentithe yeare of the raiyne of our sovyrne Ladie Elizabethe by the grace of god of England Ffrance and Irelande Quene Defender of the faithe ___.

Item My will and pleasure is that if my wife shall fortine to outlive(?) these and such years as my sonne hath yet to come of the Leace of the windmyll that I have assured unto him for that then my saide sonne shalbe unprovided of anie maintenice or living. My will is then that my house called the Dolphin assigned before unto my wife shalbe wholly to him and to his heirs forev(er). And that my saide wife shall no longer enioy the same.

Signed and sealed in the puce (presence) of Walter Aillworth, Humfrey Stockette, Edmund Wayland, Henricus Wayland Dollin.

("Probatum" Latin entry states that on 19 March 1578 Lucie Stockett appeared before the court to have the will proven.)

Note: Lewis' Coat of Arms which was specifically granted to him is very similar to that of the Stockett's of Brasted. Lewis was of Kent.
Wife Lucie being granted probatum is also stated in the book, "Master Masons."

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Will of Lewis Stockett
Created by Maureen Rawson