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Will of Henry Stanley

of East Greenwich, Kent

Source: Prerogative Court of Canterbury 1715/6
Submitted by Brian Stanley
In The Name of God Amen
I Henry Stanley of East Greenwich in the County of Kent gent Being of perfect understanding but having before my eyes the manifold Casualtys of this mortall life do the day and yeare Hereunder written (for preventing all disputes after my death) make And publish this my Last Will in manner following and first and above all I yield up my Soul to Almighty God who gave it trusting In his mercys alone through the meritts of Jesus Christ and comitt My body to the Earth to be buried at Deptford in the said County- By the body of my most deare Wife in such frugall manner as my Executors hereafter named shall think decent and desire all debts Which I may any ways owe at my death be honestly discharged And Which being paid I give all such temporall Estate whereof I now Am or at the time of my decease I may be seized or possessed in Possession or Reversion of what kind or quality and in whose custody or power soever as hereafter follows

Whereas my Daughter Hester Stanley hath had in money diamond rings and Other things of value Seven hundred pounds at least I do further devise to my said daughter for her All my Share and Stock in the East India Company in full of her filial share by vertue of the Custom of the Citty of London or otherwise howsoever to any Parcell of my Real or personal Estates provided also She gives a full release and discharge thereof to my said Executors within Six months after my decease
otherwise I give my said Share and Stock in the said East India Company to the said Executors for her

Item I give and bequeath to my Cousin Rebeccah Agard the sum Of five hundred pounds of lawful money for her great care and tenderness to me for these severall years past.

To my Cousin Dorothy Langbridge For her care and kindness also to me the sum of two hundred pounds of like money
To my Cousin Hester Langbridge one Hundred pounds
To Jane Agard Sister of the said Rebeccah the sum of One hundred pounds of lawfull money
To John Agard brother of the said Jane fifty pounds
To my Cousin William Agard the sum of One hundred pounds of like money
And to Rebeccah the Wife of Joseph Bludworth fifty pounds of lawfull money
All which said Gifts and Legacys It is my Will and desire to be paid to the said Respected Legatees Within one year after my death

Item I give to and for the use and benefitt of the poor inhabitants of Marton and Mackworth in the County of Derby the sum of One Hundred Pounds to be disposed and applied by and as John Agard John Scale John Buxton and Thomas Grace All of the Townshipps aforesaid or the survivors of them shall think fitting and convenient

Item I give and bequeath to Daniell Goffe Waterman twenty pounds
To Nurse Pinini? the Wife of Gleydwell? Waterman five pounds
To Dame Pollentine of Greenwich Aforesaid Widow forty shillings
To Dame Crosse and Goody Palmer Forty shillings apiece
and to Elizabeth Averye twenty shillings of Lawfull money to be paid every of them within Six Months after my decease

Item I give to my Maid Servant Mary Cowell if living with me at my death the sum of five pounds above what may be then due Unto her for wages

and do hereby constitute and appoint Charles Smith Gent and William Norcliffe Esq Executors of this my last Will whom I charge as they will answer the contrary before God to See all things punctually performed and what I may further add or insert in any Codicill to this my Will and declare whatever trouble they may be putt unto in relation to any Trusts I may Repose in them shall be paid out of my Estate And for their encouragement in taking on themselves the Burden of the Executorship I do hereby subject my Estate for Reimbursing such expenses and declare that my Executors Shall not be chargeable for the Acts of each other but for their respective Acts only
And as a further Testimony of my great respects for each of them do give them fifty pounds apiece
And I earnestly require my said daughter Executors and Legatees to agree among themselves and not make differences much less create Law Suites or other troubles

And lastly I do hereby Revoke and make void all former Wills by me at any time heretofore made and declare this shall be taken for my last Will and Testament and no other In witness whereof I said Henry Stanley ( in the presence of the Witnesses hereunto subscribing their names in my presence ) have sett my hand and seale this twenty fifth day of April in the first year of the Reign of Our Sovereign Lord George by the Grace of God of Great Brittain France and Ireland King Defender of the faith Anno Dii 1715 - Henry Stanley - Signed sealed and published the day and year above said by the said Henry Stanley to be and containe his last Will and Testament in the Presence of us who have hereunto Subscribed our names as Witnesses- attesting the same in his presence
Edward Cowell Joseph Upchurch Thomas White

My Codicill Which I make part of this my Will and Enjoyne my Executors to see it faithfully executed

Imprimis my Cousin Dorothy Langbridge and Cousin Jane Agard being both dead I give seven hundred pounds more to my faithfull Kinswoman Nurse and Housekeeper Rebecca Agard with which I enjoyne her to do as much good to the poor as she can
And I pray her to bury me with my Wife at Deptford and to give the Elders of that Church ten pounds for their poor
I likewise give to my Cousin Rebecca Agard all my goods both Linen and Woollen and Plate and whatsoever there remains in this house to her own proper use and behoofe

In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand this fifth of December 1715 This is my Will Witness my hand - Henry Stanley.

Probatum [in latin] 2 March 1715/6

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Will of Henry Stanley
Created by Maureen Rawson