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Will of William Sherwode

of Canterbury, Kent

Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.3 Fol.155, CKS Doc.Ref. PRC17/3/156
Transcribed by Phil Sherwood
IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN. In the yer (of) our lord Jesu Crist m**cccclxxv (1475) & on 21 day of month of December, I Willm SHERWODE Wever of the pish of the Holy Cross of Westgate wt ine (within) the Cite of Cannterbery, in good mynd and hole of memory make my testament in this wise. First, I bequeth my soule to all myghty God and to our lady Saynt Mary and all the holy company of Hevyn and my body to be buryed within the church yard of the H.C. of Wesgate at the style.
Itm: I bequeth to the hy auter for oblacions for .... .....
Itm: I bequeth to the lyght? .....
Itm: I bequeth to saynt John ..... ....d.
Itm: I bequeth to Saynt Xpoferrs .... iiij d.

All the other goodes that I have I give and bequeth to Jone SHERWODE my wyff.

This is my last Will that Jone S. my wyff have my place that I dwell inne after my deceasse .....e of her lyff with the appertenances Also.
I will that John BALSER? my seesser wt ine that he delyv(er?) to Jone my wyff a state? of my place that he stondith? I ....... in wt in a moneth after that I am diseassed and the for to make new feoffers? whom that she will wt her.

Itm: I will after her decesse I will that the same place remayn to John SHERWODE my son ...e of his lyff. And if so be he dye I will that John my son ys wyff have her dowry of that same place as long as she ys a Wedow and non .......?

And after my decesse I will that John my son have all that at belongith to my crafte as his standith full and hole. Itm: I will that the same place after the decesse of John my son and yf it so happen that his wiff wed again (then) I will that the same place be sold unto the most value, and in mony receyved? And when the place is sold I will that Church of the H.C. in Westgate have to the church Worke? of that same mony .... .....?

Itm: I will that E..........t my daughter have the lytill house by my place after the disteasse of Johne my wiff as long as she leve and she forto kepe the reparation of that same place.
And after decesse I will that the sd house remayn in to the hod? place a joyn that is for to say- in to my place a forsed and the h... place to pay the lord of the see for both houses that is xij ? a yer.
Itm: I will that john my son after my wiff ys decesse pay to Emmot? my daughter xxxi ? wt in iij years to be paid that is for to sey ?... yers ............... And yf so happ that the sed Emmot dy I will that ye? same xx... be do for her and for all her ffrends? ye........................ wt in Canterbury yearly in ye...?

Itm: I will that John my son pay to Alson my daughter after ye distesse of her husband xl...? and as long as he leve her husband I will that thou pay her xl... wt in the ... of ye yer that is for to say . . vj & viij .... And yf so be that the sed Alson dy a for her husband then I will that the sed xl.... dy and now be paid ... of ...... a ....y
Itm: I will that whosover be Wardens of ye Church of Westgate at that tyme ther for to be trew to me and so my will be fulfilled and trewly doon.
I will that ................... / ............

Itm: I will that Jone my wyff and John SHERWODE my son they for to bee my Executors and for to dispose for me after ther ..wey dist.....
Itm: I will that the feoffers? that my wyff Jone both chase? to her enfeoffer What so ever? ther be ther for to be trew to me and so my will be fulfilled and trewly doon. Evry? of them to have for ther labor vj s. viij d.
Itm: I will that the mony that comyth of my place and my bequeth I will that the ensess..? of my wiff do get? for me and for all my frendie sow.... yerly as long as yt will .... str.... within the church of Westgate after ther owen distesse in d....... and in .......
and her to I sette my seale.

Probat fuit xvij January Anno die mcccclxxvij

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Will of William Sherwode
Created by Maureen Rawson