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Will of Robert Shephard

of Mereworth, Kent

Source: Prerogative Court of Canterbury PROB11/137
Submitted by Veronica Nops
I ROBERT SHEPHARD ofthe Parishe of Mereworth in the Countye of Kent Esq. doe bequeathe as my last Will and Testament first my soule to God that gave it and my body to the Earth to be buried as is prescribed to my Executors and then my goods in manner as followeth.

First concerninge provision for my five younger sonnes and daughter as yet unprovided for.
My will and meaninge is that those peeces of Land called The Chaine and Barne Lees and the 22 and 10 acres lyeinge altogether all which together containe 150 acres and lye altogether in the Parishe of Midney I will that they be equallie devided by Sir THOMAS ROBERTS and his sonne WALTER ROBERTS into sixe parts and one three parte according to the yearlye value for the maintenance of my sonne GEORGE and daughter ANN
That is to saye thirtye pounds apeece so there remaineth twentie pounds apeece for the other three. That is to say my sonnes JAMES RICHARD and ......

And because I bestowed three score pounds to the bindinge of my sonne RICHARD for which he is to be maintained the tyme duringe his apprenticeshipp my meaninge is that JAMES shall over and above receave out of his brothers parte fifteene pound a yeare for his maintenance in the university untill he hathe some spirituall preferment.
And after such time as he hathe preferment to fifty pound a yeare at the leaste then he shall no longer receave it but his brother RICHARD shall receave his owne parte.And my meaning is that my sonne JAMES if he shall after be preferred to anie spirituall livinge soe that he able shall repaye to his brother the somme of money receaved of him for the benifitinge of himselfe in his trade.

And my meaninge is that if GEORGE or ANNE dye before he or shee have disposed of his means that then the other that is livinge shall have twentye pounds per annum. And if anie of the other three dye before they have disposed of their parte then his porcon shalbe equally devided amonge the other twoe.

And soe I thinck I have sufficiently provided that either my sonnes or daughter may have power to receave their severall porcons accordinge to the full termes of yeares not expired or to come in the said originall or grand lease. And yf I have not sufficiently provided and sett downe that they have power to enjoy their severall porcons then my Executors hereafter to be named shall have full power to see it performed by severall persons as they shall appointe.

Concerning all my other goods either Lease chattells cattells or any goods whatsoever I give to MARTIN my sonne uppon this Trust and confidence.
That MARTIN my sonne shall permitt and suffer ELIZABETH his Mother to have and to her owne use to detayne and keepe beddinge and other furniture for her owne use
And for ANNE my daughter and for a maid servante and a man sevante for every one of them a severall bedd and furniture thereto belonginge.
And shee shall have one of the potts and another boule and halfe a dozen of spoones which my meaning is shee shall have freelye to dispose of as shall seeme good to her.
And that shee have fruition and profitt of those lands I assured her at the time our marriage for joyncture and if both we or anye one of us joynth have done anything that impeache her Estate my desire is that MARTIN my sonne doe make it good according to my authority give him so far.

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Will of Robert Shephard
Created by Maureen Rawson