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Will of James Sharp

of Dartford, Kent

Source: Prerogative Court of Canterbury 1829
Submitted by Phil Taylor
This is the Last Will and Testament of me James Sharp the elder of Dartford in the County of Kent Bricklayer First I will and direct that all my just debts funeral expences and the expences of proving this my will be fully paid and satisfied

I give and bequeath to my dear wife Ann all my household goods and furniture plate linen china beer wine liquors and all other effects and things in and about my dwelling house at the time of my decease (except such things as appertain to my trade or business of a bricklayer) to and for her own use and benefit
Also I give and bequeath to my said dear wife the leasehold messuage or tenement wherein I now dwell situate in or near the Waterside in Dartford aforesaid with the yards and appurtenances thereto belonging for the residue of my term and interest therein subject to the rent covenants and conditions under which I hold the same And I direct that the rent on the said house shall be paid by my Executors out of the residue of my personal Estate up to the quarter day of payment next after my decease

Also I give and bequeath to my said dear wife Ann and her assigns for and during the term of her natural life one annuity or clear yearly rent charge or sum of one hundred and fifty pounds charged and chargeable and to be issuing and payable upon and out of all my freehold messuages lands tenements and hereditaments wheresoever situate (except my freehold estate hereinafter devised to my Grandson James Sharp) the said annuity or rent charge to be payable to my said dear wife by even half yearly payments the first whereof is to begin and be made at the end or expiration of six calendar months next after my decease and every payment to be free and clear of and from all charges or deductions whatsoever with the usual power of Entry distress and sale as in case of rent in arrear or default in payment by the space of twenty one days next after either of the said days of payment.

Also I bequeath to my said dear wife the sum of three hundred pounds to be paid to her as soon as may be after my decease by my Executors hereinafter named with interest for the same at the rate of five pounds per cent per annum from the day of my death. I give and bequeath to my executors hereinafter named all such principal monies and interest as shall be due and owing to me from my son in law Thomas Hodsoll of Dartford aforesaid Coachmaker upon trust for my daughter Elizabeth the wife of the said Thomas Hodsoll her executors administrators and assigns.
Also I give and bequeath to my said daughter so much and such further sum as shall make up with the said principal monies and interest the sum of two thousand and three hundred pounds such a further sum to bear interest at the rate of five per cent from the day of my decease.

I give and bequeath to my Grandchildren James Sharp now residing with me and Emily now the wife of James Percival of London Baker the son and daughter of my late son Charles Sharp deceased the sum of nine hundred pounds apiece to be paid to them by my executors hereinafter named within three months from my decease with interest at the rate of five per cent from the expiration of such three months if the payment shall be delayed beyond that period

Also I give and devise all those my freehold messuages or tenements with the appurtenances situate in Lowfield Street in Dartford aforesaid in the occupations of Thomas Batt and others which I purchased of Thomas Caldercott Esquire unto and to the use of my said Grandson James Sharp his heirs and assigns for ever
Also I give to my said grandson James Sharp my business of a bricklayer and all my stock and implements in trade horses carts materials and things used in and about the same or appertaining thereto to and for his own use and benefit

And as to the residue of my freehold messuages lands tenements and hereditaments wheresoever situate subject to the payment of the said annuity or yearly rent charge of one hundred and fifty pounds hereinbefore given to my said dear wife And all the residue and remainder of my personal Estate and effects whatsoever and wheresoever and of what nature kind or sort soever not hereinbefore bequeathed subject to the payment of my just debts funeral and testamentary expences I give and bequeath the same unto my son William Sharp his heirs executors administrators and assigns to and for his and their own use and benefit

And lastly I do hereby nominate and appoint my said son William Sharp and my brother Charles Sharp of the parish of Darenth in the said County of Kent Bricklayer Executors of this my will and hereby revoking and making void all former and other wills by me at any time or times herebefore made I declare this only to be my last will and testament

In witness whereof I the said testator James Sharp have to the first sheet of this my last will and testament contained in two sheets of paper set my hand and to this second and last sheet thereof my hand and seal this twenty second day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty nine. - Ja’s Sharp – Signed sealed published and declared by the said James Sharp the Testator as and for his last will and testament in the presence of us who at his request in his presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses
Jno Broadley Fooks, Solicitor, Dartford, Kent
John Verrier – Geo. Morse Bussey, his clerks

I desire to be buried in the North East corner of the upper burial ground of Dartford in a Vault to be made sufficiently capacious for myself and family. Jas Sharp
Witness Tho. Broadley Fooks – John Verrier.

Proved at London with a codicil the 4th September 1829 before the Worshipful Charles Coote Doctor of Laws and Surrogate by the oaths of William Sharp the son and Charles Sharp the brother the executors to whom admon. Was granted having been first sworn duly to administer.

James married Mary Callow 24 Jun 1779 at Milton next Gravesend
James married Ann Clark, spinster 6 Nov 1796 at Dartford.

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Will of James Sharp
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