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Will of Richard Sharsted

of Maidstone, Kent

Source: PCC
Contributed by Maree Posthuma
In the name of God Amen, The last Will and Testament of Richard Sharsted of Willington Streete in the Parish of Maidstone in the County of Kent, Yeoman being in reasonable health and memory (though aged) I praise God therefore do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament this Two and twentieth Day of March and in the year of our Lord God One thousand Six Hundred Forty and Nine. First and principally I recommend my Soul into the hands of Almighty God my only maker and preserver trusting assuredly through the merits death and passion of his dear son Jesus Christ my only Saviour and Redeemer to have remission of all my sins And my body to be timely? and decently buried at the discretion of my Executor Hereafter named.
Item give to the poor people inhabiting in the upland? of Maidstone aforesaid Ten Shillings of Lawfull English Money to be distributed amongst them within one quarter of a year next after my decease by my Executor hereafter named.

Item I do Will and Bequeath to my welbeloved wife Hellen Sharsted all my household stuff whatsoever which shall be remaining in my dwelling house in the parish of Maidstone at the time of my decease saving only my great long table in the Hall and one Joyned Bedsteaddle standing in the chamber and bought which was my former wives which table and bedsteaddle I freely give unto my Son Robert hereafter more at large mentioned

Item I do Give Will and Bequeath unto my daughter Mary the wife of Walter Marshe Twenty Shillings of good and lawful money of England
And to my daughter Susan the wife of James Kinsnode ten shillings of good lawful money of England
to be paid unto them within Three Months next after my decease by my Executor hereafter named

The residue of all and singular my goods cattle and Chattells whatsoever not before herein bequeathed as namely the table and the bedsteddle to my son Robert I do give Will and Bequeath all the rest to my loving wife Hellen Sharsted (If she shall overlive me) and to and at her free dispose to whom and where she pleases When it shall please Almighty God to take her

This being the last Will and Testament of me the said Richard Sharsted made and Declared the Day and Year first above written for the better ordering and disposing of all and singular my messuages Lands and Tenements hereafter mentioned (not heretofore made over to my said son Robert Sharsted by ways of a full and absolute deed) That is to say

I do Give, Will and Bequeath unto my daughter Anne Crispe now the wife of John Crispe All those my Two pieces or Parcels of Land called Heath-fields lying and being in the Parish of Thorneham [Thurnham] in the said County of Kent containing by estimation four acres more or less and now in the tenure or occupation of Tobias Eagleston or of his assigns to have and to hold unto my said daughter Anne Crispe and to her heirs and assigns forever
provided always that if my said son Robert Sharsted his heirs executors and assigns whom I make and Ordain my Executor of this my last Will and Testament or any of them do I and shall pay or cause to be paid to my said daughter Anne Crispe or to her husband John Crispe or to either of them or to their executors or administrators the full just and entire sum of Fifty pounds within one year next after my decease That then this my gift and bequest of my lands afore mentioned to be given unto my daughter Anne Crispe shall be utterly void and of none effect and that thenceforth the same lands so mentioned to be given to my daughter Anne Crispe as aforesaid shall be and remain unto my said son Robert Sharsted and to his heirs and assigns for ever
and my said daughter Anne Crispe or her husband John Crispe to have received the rent of the tenant Tobias Eagleston for that year next after my decease towards their livelihood till the Fifty Pounds be Paid

Item I give and devise unto my loving wife Hellen Sharsted during her natural life she being aged and past her worke All those Three pieces or Parcels of Land Containing by estimation Six acres more or less and were purchased of William Evernden, Thomas Norwood, John Maplesden and Walter Hils whereof two pieces of them were given by deed under my hand and Seal to my said son Robert and his heirs forever the which said two pieces I do most heartily intreat my said kind son Robert that his poor Mother Hellen Sharsted may have during her life if she shall overlive me

Lastly I do Give, Will and Bequeth out of that one piece or parcel of Land called Buniners? Croft lately purchased of Walter Hills after my said wife Hellen Sharsted's decease to my said Three daughters Mary Marsh the wife of Walter Marsh, Anne Crispe the wife of John Crispe and Susan Kingsnod the wife of James Kingsnod and jointly and severally to either of their or either of their husbands or to the heirs of them or either of them the full sum of Twenty Nobles a piece to be paid to them as aforesaid within Three Years next after the longest liver of the said Richard or Hellens as aforementioned

All the rest of the residue of my messuages lands or Tenaments herein before not bequeathed after the death and decease of my loving wife Hellen Sharsted I do Give and Bequeath unto my said loving son Robert Sharsted and his heirs and assigns forever in treating all my said loving children to accept of their poor aged fathers gift and to be kind and dutifull to their poor aged Mother and so she be not wronged by any one much less hindered by any of them

and so the blessing of Almighty God be ever with you all and send us a merry meeting in heaven amongst the blessed Saints and Angels to which place God sends us Amem Amen

In witness whereof I the said Richard Sharsted to this my present writing being my last Will and Testament have put my hand and Seal in the day and year first above written my son Robert being sole executor to pay all my debts if I shall owe any and pay my funeral charges and expences and truly and really performing to the utmost of his power this my last Will as he shall answer it in a higher place ... mark of Richard Sharsted sealed and delivered in the presence of us
Henry Corse - Augustine Penivale? - Richard Groynn

Probate in latin dated 14th August 1650, commission issued to John Crispe husband of Anne Crispe daughter

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Will of Richard Sharsted
Created by Maureen Rawson