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Removal Order Appeals

April 1692 - October 1713

When in need of parish relief, a person or family was the responsibilty of their parish of legal settlement. An order could be made for them to be removed to their last parish of legal settlement and the Constable escorted them to the boundary and handed them to the next Constable, so they were passed from parish to parish.
Other documents may be found in the Quarter Sessions papers or in the parish chest documents.

This is an index of 247 appeals against removal orders at the West Kent Quarter Sessions.
The appeal was brought by the receiving parish, usually after the person or family had been removed.

The result of the appeals is noted as follows:
Q = quashed - meaning that the original order was quashed and removed persons could return to their previous parish. In this case, the parish had to reimburse the receiving parish for any costs of maintaining the persons and bringing the appeal.
C = confirmed - the original order was confirmed and persons remained in their new parish.
R = respited - some appeals were respited to the next sessions, or occasionally to the assizes, and these may have more than one folio number. A few cases never returned to a future sessions for a decision, possibly because the appealing parish decided to accept the order. It is recommended that the original document be consulted.
The columns below are Surname, Forename, Year, From place (A), To place (B), Wife/Status, Children / Notes, Result, Month, Book/folio.

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Surname               Forename            Year  From place             To Place                        Wife/Status                    Children / Notes                                       Result  Date    Book/Folio

Adsley James 1709 Chatham St Margarets wife + Robert, James, Susan, John, William Q May W6/58 Allen William 1693 Shorne Halling lame Q Apr W5 Anscell? Jane 1693 Leigh Shear, Surrey + children C Oct W5 Ashby John 1703 Tudely Mereworth Q Apr W5 Ashdowne Robert 1710 Maidstone Rotherfield, Sussex + John, Mary, Elizabeth R Oct W6/73 Ashley Thomas 1706 Wrotham Ightham wife Q Apr W6 Ashmore Sara 1701 Lee Eltham wife of Toby 2 children C Apr W5 Askell Francis 1697 Lenham Alberton, Sussex wife children Q Oct W5 Austen John 1708 Cranbrook Hawkhurst R Oct W6 Austen John 1709 Hawkhurst Cranbrook labourer, wife Elizabeth + Thomas, Elizabeth, John, Mary Q May W6/56 Austen Richard 1709 Wormshill Bredgar wife Anne daughter mary C May W6 Baine? Thomas? 1711 Chatham Boughton Aluph son of Tho.? Q Apr W6/77 Baker John 1708 Town Sutton Wittersham wife 2 children C Oct W6 Baker Richard 1711 Hawkhurst Etchingham, Sussex wife Sarah + Elizabeth and Thomas (her child) Q Oct W6/81 Bannister John 1713 Sundridge St Paul's Cray Q,C Mar,Oct W6/100,106 Barbour Mary 1697 East Malling Northfleet wife of Richard 2 children Q Apr W5 Barden Robert 1704 Cowden Hartfield wife children Q Oct W6 Barefoote Henry 1706 Staplehurst Loose children Alicia, barbary, Henry Q Apr W6 Barner William 1696 Frittenden Snargate C Oct W5 Barr Mary 1708 Hadlow West Malling C Oct W6 Barton Thomas 1704 Chevening Otford Q Oct W6 Batt James 1703 Northfleet Cobham wife Alice children Anne and James under 7 Q Apr W5 Bearman Ralph 1700 Meopham Chalke wife family C Apr W5 Bell Richard 1701 Hadlow Tewdley wife Q Apr W5 Bellingham Thomas 1712 Leigh next Tonbridge Tonbridge family C Oct W6/95 Birch Thomas 1711 Shadoxhurst Faversham C Apr W6/76 Blundell William 1697 Lamberhurst Buxted, Sussex wife children Q Apr W5 Bonds Dorothy 1709 Plumstead Deptford widow Sarah,Richard,Elizabeth,Bartholomew,Rebecca,Mary Q May W6/56 Brasier Thomas 1701 Rochester St Nicholas Chelsfield wife Elizabeth 2 children Q, C Apr/Oct W5 Bright Thomas 1692 Hadlow Ightham C Oct W5 Brissenden Benjamin 1709 Maidstone Boxley poor child Q May W6/57 Brissleden Benjamin 1709 Maidstone Boxley bastard child of Anne Q Sep? W6/63 Bromfeild Robert 1708 Shoreham Kingsdown C Apr W6 Burden Sarah and Mary 1699 Woolwich Lewisham daus of Richard, deceased C Oct W5 Cackett William 1710 Ashurst Tonbridge labourer [Respited to Assizes] R Oct W6/71 Capper Rolen 1698 Ifield Horton Kirby wife Q May W5 Carr Frances 1713 Keston Farnborough + bastard child Q Mar W6/99 Carter Elizabeth 1694 West Malling Meopham Q Apr W5 Carter John 1695 Rochester St Mary Thanet St John 1 year old Q Apr W5 Chambers Elizabeth 1712 Eynesford St Mary Cray + William Q Oct W6/94 Chambers Elizabeth 1713 Eynesford St Mary Cray wife of Edmund child Q Mar W6/100 China Attlebury 1711 Wittersham, Oxney Edenbridge labourer Q Oct W6/82 Chisby [see Shisle] John 1713 Rochester St Margaret Faversham wife Elizabeth Wm & Elizabeth (ch'n of Wm WHITE, dec'd,Q), John, Susan C Oct W6/106 Churchman Andrew 1704 Faversham Rochester St Nicholas Q Apr W5 Clarke James 1709 Sutton at Hone Shoreham C May W6/56 Clarke John 1701 Burnham, Essex vagrant Apr W5 Clarke Mary 1707 Deptford Horton Kirby widow daughter Elizabeth Q Oct W6 Climson Edward 1702 Maidstone East Farleigh wife 4 children C Apr W5 Clove William 1712 Appledore Battell, Sussex wife Mary + Susannah (Quashed) C Apr W6/86 Cockerell Merca als Mary 1696 East Malling East Peckham wife of Nicholas + 2 children C Apr W5 Collins Elizabeth 1713 West Malling Higham wife of John 3 children C Mar W6/97 Collins Thomas 1703 Tonbridge Maidstone Q Apr W5 Collins William 1707 Brenchley Lamberhurst wife R Apr W6 Cooper William 1697 St Pauls Cray St Mary Cray wife family Q Oct W5 Corke John 1702 Higham Cliffe wife 2 children Q Apr W5 Couchman Sarah 1701 Addington Offham poor maid Q Apr W5 Crafts Isaac 1707 Seal Kemsing C Oct W6 Crowherst John 1693 Addington Trottiscliffe wife child Q Apr W5 Cruttenden Richard 1710 Ticehurst, Sussex Benenden husbandman, wife Mary 7 children R Oct W6/71 Cruttenden Richard 1711 Bennenden Ticehurst, Sussex wife Mary + William,Richard,John,Joseph,Mary,Elizabeth,Anne Q Apr W6/77 Curtis William 1692 Maidstone Chatham Q Oct W5 Dalton Anne 1698 Westerham Orpington widow Q May W5 Dane Thomas 1692 Nettlestead Wateringbury Q Apr W5 Daniel James 1712 Leeds Brenchley wife Elizabeth child Q Oct W6/94 Daniel James 1713 Leeds Sutton Valence wife Elizabeth 2 children C Oct W6/106 Dantsh Nicholas 1703 Penshurst Ticehurst, Sussex wife Sarah Q Oct W5 Davis James 1711 Leeds Sutton Valence wife Elizabeth Q Oct W6/82 Day Jonathan 1705 Marden Hunton wife Mary C Oct W6 Dray Mary 1713 East Sutton Sutton Valence single C Mar W6/99-100 Drummer Ann 1704 Chatham Minster, Sheppey children Ann, Jane, Thomas C Oct W6 Eastland Edward 1710 Kennerington Bethersden wife Susannah + Elizabeth, Mary, Thomas, Edward Q Oct W6/71 Elliott Elizabeth 1694 West Farleigh Boxley wife of Thomas + daughter C? Apr W5 Eve Margaret 1712 Woolwich Dartford widow of John Mary&John OSWELL,Thomas,Ann,John,Elizabeth,Sarah C Apr W6/86 Everest James 1713 Sutton Valence Otham C Oct W6/106 Farrens /Farrent Thomas 1698 Ash next Ridley Darenth wife Jone dau Elizabeth Q May W5 Finch Henry 1709 Tenterden Staplehurst wife family Q May W6 Fleming Sarah 1713 Yalding Maidstone C Mar W6/98 Foster Thomas 1694 Speldhurst Pembury wife Jane 2 children C Apr W5 French Judith 1712 Maidstone Aylesford widow C Apr W6/87 Frencham Jane 1694 Teston Aylesford Q Oct W5 Frinnoby? female 1694 Orpington Chevening bastard of Ann Q Apr W5 Fuller Elizabeth 1699 Erith Otford wife of William alias Richard 2 children C Oct W5 Fulman Elizabeth 1702 Speldhurst Tonbridge single woman Q Apr W5 Funnell Elizabeth 1704 Chevening Shipborne Q Apr W5 Garrett Stephen 1711 Strood Newington wife Elizabeth + John, Stephen, Charles, William, Robert C Apr W6/77 Gibson Elizabeth 1693 Hoo St James Sevenoaks Q Apr W5 Goldington Thomas 1703 Cobham Northfleet wife Elizabeth 6 children Q Apr W5 Goldrich Thomas 1698 Bersted Bredgar wife child Q May W5 Goler James 1709 Aylesford Burham Q May W6/57 Grant Thomas 1708 Cranbrook Marden 3 children Elizabeth,Frances,Ann C Apr W6 Gravell John 1697 Shoreham St Pauls Cray wife C Oct W5 Green William 1710 Crayford East Grinstead, Sussex wife Rachel Q Apr W6/68 Groombridge John 1692 Leeds East Barming wife family C Apr W5 Hamond Mary 1706 St Mary Cray St Pauls Cray widow Q Apr W6 Harris Joanna 1711 Chatham Frittenden + Margaret and Elizabeth R,Q Apr W6/78,83 Harris Joannah 1710 Chatham Benenden widow + Francis, Mary, Elizabeth Q Oct W6/72 Hart John 1699 West Farleigh East Farleigh wife son and daughter C Apr W5 Harvey male child 1697 Lynsfield, Surrey son of John and Grace Q Apr W5 Hayward Mary 1692 Wouldham Chatham wife of William Q Oct W5 Hayward Mary 1693 Wouldham Chatham wife of William + 2 children C Apr W5 Head Anne 1709 Milton by Gravesend Higham single woman Q May W6/57 Heath John 1698 Otford Halsted wife 3 children Q May W5 Henneker Dorothy 1706 High Halden Biddenden widow Q Apr W6 Hernden Elizabeth 1704 Bethersdan Yalding sup. wf of Thos Gates/Yates children John and William Q Apr W5 Hernden Elizabeth 1705 Bethersden Yalding bastard sons William and John Q Oct W6 Hernden John and Elizabeth 1698 Chatham Great Chart children of Margaret Saunders (mother at Chatham) Q May W5 Hill Bartholomew 1711 Kingsdown Cudham C Oct W6/82 Homden? Sarah 1712 Halling Snodland + 4 children R Apr W6/88 Hopper Thomas 1713 Nettlested Meopham wife children Q Mar W6/98 How John 1699 Tonbridge Seal wife children C Apr W5 Hughes Thomas 1694 Rochester St Nicholas Southwark, Surrey wife 2 children Q Oct W5 Humfry Judith 1699 Thong Hoo All Hallows Q Apr W5 Iggleden John 1697 Wittersham Newenden Q Oct W5 Jefferies Eliz'th & Margery 1713 Cobham St Paul Shadwell, Mdx daughters of Robert Q Oct W6/107 Jeffery Margery & Eliz'th 1712 Cobham St Paul Shadwell, Mdx daughters of Robert R Oct W6/95 Jewell Richard 1701 Westerham Knockholt wife child Q Apr/Oct W5 Johnson Mary 1692 Speldhurst Penshurst C Oct W5 Judge Gerry 1713 Hedcorne Ulcomb wife Susan 3 children R Mar W6/102 Keys Edward 1695 Seal Ightham wife Mary 2 children (Mary and ?), split decision Q Apr W5 King John 1706 Tonbridge Leigh Q Apr W6 King Thomas 1697 East Greenwich Leighton Buzzard, Beds Q Apr W5 Knight James 1707 Chatham Maidstone C Oct W6 Larke John 1695 Tunbridge Leeds wife 3 children Q Apr W5 Lash William 1711 Halling West Malling wife Mary + Jane C Apr W6/78 Law John 1713 Horton Kirby Shoreham Q Mar W6/98 Letchford John 1713 Ash next Ridley Ulcomb Q Mar W6/100 Letchford John 1713 Ash next Ridley Stockbury Q Oct W6/106 Little Priscilla 1711 Chatham Gillingham wife of Michael, mariner + Phillip and Mary Q Apr W6/77 Loft Nicholas 1711 Luddsdowne Cobham wife Jane + Edward, William, Jane C Oct W6/82 Lomas Richard 1702 Tonbridge Hadlow Q Apr W5 Lucas Charles 1698 Chelsfield Coulson, Surrey wife her children Q May W5 Luck Jeremiah 1708 Rolvenden Heffield, Sussex wife Joan son John C Oct W6 Luck Nicholas 1694 Hadlow Mereworth Q Apr W5 Marshall David 1708 Linton Marden Q Oct W6 Martin Mary 1694 Hever Heartfield, Sussex C Apr W5 Martin Samuel 1707 Shoreham Snodland Q Oct W6 Mellie Audry 1701 Faversham Ash with Ridley R Apr W5 Meopham John 1693 Staplehurst Sutton Valence wife Q Apr W5 Miles als Michill Arthur 1693 West Malling Rochester St Margaret age about 7 yrs [son of Stephen], [to be sent to Stepney, Mdx] Oct W5 Miller Mary 1692 Wilmington East Wickham aged about 8 yrs C Oct W5 Mills George 1709 Woodchurch Smarden wife Q May W6/56 Mills John 1702 Orpington St Mary Cray wife child Q Apr W5 Mills John 1710 Stoke Borden wife Mary children Sara and Mary C Apr W6/68 Mills Richard 1699 Folkestone Kennardington wife child Q Oct W5 Monk Gilbert 1699 Shoreham East Peckham dau Catherine Q Apr W5 Monke Katharine 1698 Shoreham Deptford wife of Gilbert her child Q Oct W5 Mun Sarah 1712 Cliffe Stansted Q Apr W6/86 Newman Thomas 1712 Dartford Folkestone C Oct W6/94 Normington Peter 1713 Boughton Monchelsea Minster, Sheppey C Mar W6/99 Pace? Elizabeth 1703 Westerham Limpsfield Q Apr W5 Pain Thomas 1710 Chatham Boughton Blean son of Thomas R Oct W6/71 Paine William 1705 Gillingham Chatham child of Mary Sharpe (by her previous marriage) Q Apr W6 Pasivell als Feaman Sarah 1709 Stoke Wateringbury single woman Q May W6/57 Peckham Elizabeth 1694 Speldhurst St Paul Covent Garden, Mdx wife of Christopher 2 children Q Apr W5 Peckham Sarah 1704 Chatham Wouldham widow children Elizabeth,Sarah,Mary,Anne C Oct W6 Perry John 1701 Hoathfield near Grimsby, Lincs vagrant Apr W5 Philpot Mary 1712 Chatham Minster, Sheppey + Mary, Elizabeth, Judith R Oct W6/95 Philpott Edward 1712 Frinsted Lincksted wife Ann 4 children C Apr W6/87 Philpott Mary 1713 Chatham Minster, Sheppey + 3 children Q Mar W6/99 Pickett John 1694 Shorne Snodland C Apr W5 Pilcher Stephen 1703 Loose Rotherfield, Sussex wife children Q Oct W5 Pincent Martha 1702 Tonbridge Frant, Sussex C Apr W5 Potter Mary 1694 Colchester, Essex Frindsbury widow son John Q Apr W5 Randall John 1692 Loose Boughton Monchelsea Q Oct W5 Raysden Robert 1696 Chiddingstone Penshurst wife children Q Oct W5 Reynolds John 1712 Sutton Valence Langley Q Oct W6/94-5 Richardson Mary 1711 Frindsbury Ditton Q Apr W6/78 Roberds Thomas 1708 Pembury Tonbridge wife Mary 6 children Wm, Henry,John,Hester,Samuel,Thomas Q Apr W6 Roberts Richard 1705 Eltham Lee family Q Oct W6 Roch William 1693 Aylesford Boxley wife children C Apr W5 Rogers James 1701 Godmersham Lewis, Sussex wife children Q Oct W5 Salmon William 1697 Addington C Apr W5 Sampson John 1698 Knockholt Cudham (refused) wife family May W5 Saxton Margaret 1697 Longfield Swanscombe maid C Apr W5 Sell John 1702 Loose East Farleigh wife Q, C Apr/ OctW5 Sharpe William 1705 Gillingham Chatham wife Mary daughters Mary, Bathsheba (+ Wm Paine) Q Apr W6 Shaw als Hoad Jane 1705 Aylesford Frindsbury bastard C Oct W6 Sherlocke George 1695 Farnborough Farly, Surrey lame C Apr W5 Sherlocke George 1695 Shorne Higham lame boy Q Oct W5 Shisle [see Chisby] John 1713 Rochester St Margaret Faversham wife Elizabeth + William, Elizabeth, John, Susan R Mar W6/102 Shorter John 1710 Orpington Bromley + John, Ann, Rebecca, Mary C Oct W6/72 Simmons John 1712 Cranbrook Salehurst, Sussex wife family Q Apr W6/85-6 Simpson John 1711 Chatham Ashford wife Ann + Mary RIDER and William,Francis,John,Robert Simpson C Oct W6/83 Skelton Margaret 1711 Crayford Bredgate [Bredgar?] + William, Thomas, Margaret Q Apr W6/76 Skiff Thomas 1702 Shorne Hoo St Mary wife 2 children Q Apr W5 Smith Anne 1710 East Peckham Tonbridge C Apr W6/68 Smith Anne 1713 Beckenham Lee C Mar W6/98 Smith John 1694 East Peckham Hadlow C Apr W5 Smith Thomas 1701 West Farleigh East Farleigh wife child Q Apr W5 Somerley Thomas 1703 Northfleet Southfleet wife Eleanor son William about 8 C Apr W5 Sommers Mary 1698 West Farleigh Maidstone children Q May W5 Sones James 1701 Billericay, Essex vagrant Apr W5 Starr William 1697 Halstow St Marys wife Mary Q Apr W5 Still Lidea 1698 Sandhurst Maidstone + child Q May W5 Stolingborne Elizabeth 1698 Hoo St Mary Grain St James C Oct W5 Stone Gilbert 1711 West Malling Windsor, Berkshire wife children C Apr W6/78 Sturt James 1712 Goudhurst St Leonards, Sussex wife Elizabeth + Elizabeth and James Q Apr W6/86 Summers Mary 1698 Maidstone West Farleigh widow children C May W5 Symcocke Ann 1692 Strood Cliffe widow Q Apr W5 Sympson Thomas 1695 Tunbridge Southwark St Saviour, Mdx wife 2 children C Apr W5 Tailer Elizabeth 1705 Penshurst Tonbridge spinster Q Apr W6 Tanner Elizabeth 1697 Hoo St Warburgh Hoo St Mary 2 children C Apr W5 Tappy Thomas 1713 East Wickham Boxley wife children, [Referred to Assizes] R Mar W6/101 Tarr Elizabeth 1693 Tenterden Sandhurst Q Apr W5 Tayler Christmas 1705 Sevenoaks Horne, Surrey infant (bastard son of Anne, vagrant, deceased) Q Oct W6 Tayler Richard 1702 Cowden East Grinstead, Sussex wife Q Oct W5 Thatcher Elizabeth 1703 Rochester St Margaret Sevenoaks widow 4 children < 7 (John, Israil, Elizabeth, George) Q Apr W5 Thompson Jane 1701 Hoo Winchelsea, Sussex Q Apr W5 Thomson Joan 1700 Hoo Winchelsea, Sussex wife of Nicholas R Oct W5 Tomkins John 1695 Tunbridge Goodhurst wife 3 children C Apr W5 Tresse Mary 1709 Boxley Aylesford single woman Q May W6/56 Truelove Jonathan 1693 Westminster St Anne Gravesend boy Q Oct W5 Tue Mary 1706 Farnborough Orpington Q Apr W6 Turner Ursula 1695 Addington Strood Q Apr W5 Underdowne Elizabeth 1706 High Halstow Rainham R Apr W6 Venner John 1707 Yalding Wadhurst, Sussex wife R,C Oct,Apr W6 Vewden Peter 1712 Woolwich St Peters Cornhill, London wife Hannah + Peter, Mary, Ann, Daniel C Oct W6/94 Videan Nicholas 1692 Meopham East Malling C Oct W5 Wakeling Isaac 1698 Cooling Hoo St Mary child C May W5 Wallis Catherine 1711 St Mary Cray Orpington single woman C Apr W6/77 Ward Edward 1711 Deptford Worth, Sussex wife Elizabeth + Hannah, Anne, Nicholas, Benjamin, Joseph Q Apr W6/75 Ward Edward 1711 Deptford Bromley wife Elizabeth + Hannah, Anne, Nicholas, Benjamin, Joseph C Oct W6/82 Watts Anne 1709 Goudhurst Deptford single woman C May W6/57 Watts female 1709 Sevenoaks bastard child of Anne C Sep? W6/64 Weaver Thomas 1697 Rolvenden Ashbournham, Sussex wife daughter C Oct W5 Webb Henry 1709 Maidstone Cranbrook wife Mary child C Sep? W6/63 Webb Thomas 1692 Penshurst Oct W5 Weldish Elizabeth 1702 Cranbrook Tudely Q Oct W5 Welford Robert 1705 Meopham Stansted wife Susan child Mary Q Oct W6 Wells Francis 1710 Erith Bexley wife Elizabeth + Thomas, Robert, James, Elizabeth C Oct W6/73 Wells Thomas 1698 Bexley Speldhurst wife child Q May W5 Wells Thomas 1699 Bidborough Penshurst wife child Q Apr W5 Wells William 1699 Tonbridge Penshurst wife Q Apr W5 West Elizabeth 1710 Chatham Iswell, Sussex widow + Martha and John R,C Oct W6/72,78 White Anne 1709 Tenterden Biddenden single woman and cripple Q Sep? W6/63 Whitley Elizabeth 1708 Hadlow East Peckham Q Apr W6 Wickham Gabriel 1699 Cowden Wilsfield, Sussex Q Oct W5 Willes Francis 1708 Bexley St Swithin, London wife Q Apr W6 Williams Margaret 1695 Lewisham Hayes + child Q Apr W5 Williams Thomas 1699 Sutton at Hone Ditton wife 2 children C Oct W5 Wood Elizabeth 1710 Brenchley Burster, Surrey spinster Q Oct W6/71 Wood Mary 1701 Rochester St Nicholas Hoo St Warburgh children Champion, Ann and Mary Q Apr W5 Woodland Grace 1708 Bersted Boxley Q Apr W6 Woollett Robert 1695 Aylesford West Malling lame C Apr W5 Word Elizabeth 1710 Tonbridge Brenchley C Oct W6/72 Wyatt William 1706 Stockbury Borden wife Q Apr W6 Younge John 1710 Tenterden Tonbridge infant son of Samuel C Oct W6/72

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West Kent Quarter Sessions - Removal Order Appeals
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