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Removal Order Appeals

October 1734 - April 1746

Source: Order Books (Q-SOW 8), LDS Film #1656379 (part)

When in need of parish relief, a person or family was the responsibilty of their parish of legal settlement. An order could be made for them to be removed to their last parish of legal settlement and the Constable escorted them to the boundary and handed them to the next Constable, so they were passed from parish to parish.
Other documents may be found in the Quarter Sessions papers or in the parish chest documents.

This is an index of 141 appeals against removal orders at the West Kent Quarter Sessions.
The appeal was brought by the receiving parish, usually after the person or family had been removed.
The result of the appeals is noted as follows:
Q = quashed - meaning that the original order was quashed and removed persons could return to their previous parish. In this case, the parish had to reimburse the receiving parish for any costs of maintaining the persons and bringing the appeal.
C = confirmed - the original order was confirmed and persons remained in their new parish.
R = respited - some appeals were respited to the next sessions, maybe several times, and these have more than one folio number. A few cases never returned to a future sessions for a decision, possibly because the appealing parish decided to accept the order.

The columns below are Surname, Forename, Year, From place, To place, Wife/Status, Children (Notes), Result, Date of Session, Folio number.

Surname          Forename      Year    From place             To Place                  Wife/Status                 Children (Notes)                                     Result Date  Folio

Allingham Soloman 1740 Hadlow Great Peckham Susanna, husbandman C Jul 206 Baker Sarah 1743 Ightham Eynesford single Q Oct 343 Ball Alice 1742 Leeds Hadlow single C Apr 290 Ballard Richard 1738 Staplehurst Marden wife child Q Oct 150 Barham Bridgett 1739/0 Strood Ashford widow of Richard R Jan 193 Bayley Jane 1738/9 Chelsfield Lullingstone R, Q Jan 157, 173 Beckett Elizabeth 1745 Hawkhurst Goudhurst widow C Oct 457 Belsey William 1746 Gravesend River Mary William, Mary, James, Sarah Q Apr 488 Bence William 1736/7 Barming Mereworth Lidia William, John, Elizabeth, Samuel, Thomas R,Q Jan 89, 97 Bird Ann 1743 Gravesend Pankridge, Mdx wife of John, vagabond Q Oct 343 Blinkham William 1735 Charlton Woolwich aged 4 months C Oct 43 Bourne Joseph 1737 Appledore Tenterden Q Oct 112 Brooker Elizabeth 1739 Ash Ridley widow Anne 9, Thos 8, James 7, Eliz'th 5, Wm 3, Anna 9m Q Apr 173 Brooker John 1735 Ash next Ridley Meopham Elizabeth Thomas, James, Ann, Elizabeth Q Apr 26 Buckland John 1740/1 Bicknor Wormshill Mary Anne 4, Mary 6m C Jan 235 Burden Richard 1744/5 Headcorn Maidstone Mary nee Broomhall m.1830 John, Elizabeth, Hannah, Mary (Q for wife & children) C Jan 411 Burroughs Mary 1735 Chatham Horsted Parva, Ssx wife of Joseph Samuel, Ann, Mary R,Q Oct 44, 55 Busan Simon 1738 Horsmonden Yalding Elizabeth C Oct 151 Butler Mary 1741/2 Dartford Fletchling, Sussex wife of John, soldier (a vagabond) C Jan 279 Cacket George 1746 Shoreham Chevening husbandman, Elizabeth Mary, Elizabeth Q Apr 488 Chapman Eleanor 1742 Ryarsh Trottiscliffe wife of Henry, soldier Q Jul 300 Cheesman Jane 1745/6 Maidstone Yalding widow of John Elizabeth 2, John 6m C Jan 472 Clark Jonathan 1746 Strood St Clement Danes, Mdx cordwainer, Mary Elizabeth 3, Mary 2, Alice 4m Q Apr 486 Clifton Metlon 1739 Yalding Marden wife of Joseph Q Jul 178 Collis Elizabeth 1744 Bromley Eltham wife of Samuel Q Jul 384 Compton William 1745 Marden Merston, Sussex Mary Mary (Q for wife and child) C Apr 434/5 Conniers Rachael 1745 Dartford East Greenwich age 33, vagabond Q Apr 435 Cook Benjamin 1735 Chevening Brasted Sarah Mary, Sarah, Elizabeth Q Oct 43 Cooper Josiah Crook 1737/8 Deptford St Paul West Ham, Essex Elizabeth R,Q Jan 119, 133 Cousons John 1745 Bexley East Wickham Mary Mary 6 weeks Q Apr 427 Crawley John 1741 Maidstone East Sutton Catherine Mary 11, Hanry 7, Anne 4, Catherine 1 C Oct 261 Creech Sarah 1735/6 Sevenoaks St Ethelbourg, London single Q Jan 56 Crook Josiah 1737/8 Deptford St Paul West Ham, Essex Elizabeth, cooper R,Q Jan 119, 133 Cutter Robert 1739/0 Chatham Rochester St Nicholas aged 14 son of Robert and Elizabeth R,C Jan 193, 199 Dixon John 1741/2 Woolwich East Greenwich Esther John 4 Q Jan 280 Dobbs Catherine 1744/5 Gravesend Canterbury St Paul wife of Joseph, soldier (vagabond) Q Jan 415 Dorrington John 1734 Wrotham East Malling son of Richard Q Oct 1 Dorrington Richard 1734 Wrotham East Malling son of Richard Q Oct 1 Down John 1735 Lenham Hollingbourne C Oct 44 Downer John 1737 Frittenden Otham wife child Q Oct 112 Evernden William 1743/4 Ditton Barming Alice William Q Jan 357 Farmer Julian 1741 Deptford St Nicholas East Moulsey, Surrey widow of Thomas Amey 7, William 4, Edward 2 Q Jul 250 Farmer Julian 1740/1 Deptford St Nicholas Kingston on Thames, Sry widow of Thomas Amey 7, William 4, Edward 2 Q Jan 236 Field Anne 1739 Harrietsham Dulwich, Surrey wife of Thomas R,Q Jul 178, 185 Foord John 1738 Sevenoaks Leigh John, Mary, Elizabeth, Jane Q Apr 132/3 Fullagar John 1739/0 Headcorn Marden singleman C Jan 192 Fuller Mary 1741 Birling Mayland, Essex widow of William Thomas, William Q Jul 250 Fuller Sarah 1740 St Mary Cray Crayford single C Jul 206 Giles Joseph 1739 High Halstow Thurnham Elizabeth C Apr 172 Glassuck John 1740/1 Chislehurst Great Warley, Essex Anne Q Jan 233/4 Goble Jane 1737 Lenham Pluckley wife of William Daniel (infant) Q Apr 98 Greenstead Peter 1740/1 Barming East Farleigh aged 10, rogue & vagabond C Jan 237 Greenwood Richard 1739 Brenchley Capell Mary John, Elizabeth, Mary C Apr 172 Gregory William 1738 Knockholt Chevening Q Oct 151 Grigsby Edward 1745 Marden Hunton wife C Oct 457 Gubbing Josias 1738 East Malling Hadlow Ann Q Oct 150 Haffenden John 1741/2 Appledore Tenterden wheelwright, + wife Q Jan 279 Hall Eleanor 1741 Dartford St Albans, Hertfordshire age 10, vagrant C Apr 245/6 Harman Mary 1741 Chevening St George, Mdx spinster Q Jul 249 Hart Sarah 1739/0 East Greenwich St Clement Danes, Mdx wife of Thomas, overseas R Jan 192/3 Hartnup Rowland 1741 Goudhurst Ticehurst, Sussex Elizabeth, miller C Oct 261 Hartnup Rowland 1741 Goudhurst Ticehurst, Sussex son of Rowland & Elizabeth Q Oct 261 Hartnup William 1741 Goudhurst Ticehurst, Sussex son of Rowland & Elizabeth Q Oct 261 Hayes Nicholas 1737/8 East Peckham Kemsing Anne John R,C Jan 119, 132 Head Sarah 1742 Appledore Fairfield wife of Edward C Oct 307 Heasman John 1735 Speldhurst Ditchelling Elizabeth William, John, Sarah, Jane C Apr 29 Hutson Robert 1742 East Greenwich Tenterden child of Susanna Gibbons (by her late husband Robert Hutson, deceased) C Oct 307 Hutson Susanna 1742 East Greenwich Tenterden child of Susanna Gibbons (by her late husband Robert Hutson, deceased) Q Oct 307 Jackson Lydia 1742 Rochester St Nicholas Chatham age 10 C Apr 290 Jackson William 1742 Rochester St Nicholas Chatham age 8 C Apr 290 Johnson John 1741 Chislehurst Child Orford, Dorset Mary John 9, Elizabeth 7, William 5, Thomas 1 Q Oct 261/2 Jones Esther 1738 Bexley Godstone dau of Thomas, aged 4 R,C Jul 138/9, 151 Jones Motland 1739 Goudhurst Yalding singlewoman Mary C Apr 171/2 Jones Thomas 1740 Lenham West Ham, Essex Jane Thomas 5 R,Q Oct 226, 236 Jordan Robert 1741/2 St Olave, Southwark Stockbury Ann, vagabonds Q Jan 280 Kitchingham Gabriel 1741 Speldhurst Mearsfield, Sussex Elizabeth Ann, son not baptised Q Jul 251 Land Elizabeth 1741 Rochester St Nicholas Chatham C Apr 244 Lawrence Thomas 1736 Lee Chiswick, Mdx Jane Thomas 8, Mary 4, John 2, Jane 2m C Apr 69 Lawrence Thomas 1735/6 Lee Eltham Jane Thomas 8, Mary 4, John 2 Q Jan 55 Lee Jonathan 1742/3 Orpington Welling Mary Q Jan 311/2 Lindsay John 1743 Eltham Fletstead, Sussex Q Apr 323 Lulham Mary 1742 Sevenoaks Chevening wife of John (deserted) Mary C Jul 300 Macculla? Jane 1738 Lenham East Greenwich widow William, Elizabeth C Jul 139 Marlow Mary 1739 Hunton Lamberhurst single Q Jul 179 Mason Elizabeth 1740/1 St Margaret Rochester Frindsbury wife of Robert late wife of John Page C Jan 234/5 Mason Elizabeth 1740/1 St Margaret Rochester Frindsbury dau of Robert & Elizabeth Q Jan 234/5 Mason Mary 1740/1 St Margaret Rochester Frindsbury dau of Robert & Elizabeth Q Jan 234/5 Medhurst Samuel 1736/7 Kennarding(ton?) Battle, Sussex Q Jan 91 Morris Elizabeth 1744 Gravesend Cricklade, Wiltshire wife of William, vagabond Ann 2, (+ William 8 weeks in Oct) Q,C Jul 383/4, 404 Moyce Mary 1736 Woolwich West Peckham wf of Henry (overseas) Henry, Thomas R Oct 84 Norris John 1742/3 Laybourne Offham Ann Mary C Jan 312 Page John 1740/1 St Margaret Rochester Frindsbury son of John & Elizabeth (see Mason, Elizabeth) C Jan 234/5 Parsons Anne 1737 Chevening Chiddingstone single Q Oct 112 Peckham Alexander 1737 Chatham Harrietsham son of William aged 2 R,C Jul 107, 112 Peckham Mary 1737 Chatham Harrietsham dau of William aged 19 R,C Jul 107, 112 Peckham Philadelphia 1737 Chatham Harrietsham dau of William aged 5 R,C Jul 107, 112 Peckham Richard 1737 Chatham Harrietsham son of William aged 4 R,C Jul 107, 112 Peckham Sarah 1737 Chatham Harrietsham dau of William aged 11 R,C Jul 107, 112 Peckham William 1737 Chatham Harrietsham son of William aged 10 R,C Jul 107, 112 Phillips Mary 1736 Rochester St Nicholas East Farleigh Q Apr 69 Phillips Susanna 1736/7 Harrietsham Wormshill single Q Jan 91 Plumb Mary 1745 All Hallows Stoke single Q Oct 457 Poultney Mary 1745 Dartford St Martin in Fields, Mdx 21, vagabond Q Apr 426 Prick Stephen 1740/1 Staplehurst Pembury labourer, + wife R,C Jan 233, 245 Rance / Mascoe Anne 1737 Bromley Farnborough R,C Apr 99, 105 Rawlins Thomas 1740 Sutton at Hone East Greenwich Martha Thomas 6mo Q Apr 199 Rich Sarah 1742 Dartford Chipsted age 21, vagabond Q Apr 290 Roberts Elizabeth 1739 Strood Bethersden aged < 10 child of Thomas & Phebe, lately dec'd C Apr 172 Roberts John 1739 Strood Bethersden aged < 10 child of Thomas & Phebe, lately dec'd C Apr 172 Roberts Phebe 1739 Strood Bethersden aged < 10 child of Thomas & Phebe, lately dec'd C Apr 172 Robinson Luce 1738 Deptford St Nicholas East Greenwich dau of Maria, aged 19 C Apr 133 Row Richard 1741 Staplehurst Marden labourer, + wife R,Q Apr 245, 251 Russell Christian 1739/0 Crayford Piddleton, Dorset widow of Samuel John 8, Elizabeth 2 Q Jan 192 Seley Polimesina? 1735 Woolwich Chatham widow Anne 10, Polimesina 8, Jane 4 Q Apr 26 Sharpe John 1736 Chart Sutton Leeds Ann Q Apr 68 Skinner John 1740 Tonbridge Hartfield, Sussex John, Thomas, Richard, Mary, William & Edward Q Jul 205/6 Stiggins John 1734/5 East Malling Ludsdown Mary Mary & Henry Q Jan 11 Strangemore George 1740 Woolwich St Mary Rotherhithe Isabella Elizabeth 6m R Oct 227 Swynock John 1741/2 Maidstone Boxley Alice Rebecca C Jan 280 Theobalds Mary 1742 Dartford Linton age 22, vagabond wife of Samuel, soldier Q Jul 300 Thorp Eleanor 1742 Dartford Holborn St Andrew, Mdx single age 19, vagabond Q Jul 299 Ulf Elizabeth 1736/7 Dartford Aylsham, Norfolk wife of James Benjamin, Sarah, Jemima Q Jan 90 Usher John 1738/9 Linton Marden Hannah Mary 6, John 4, Hannah 3 C Jan 157 Violet Stephen 1744 Hadlow Rotherfield, Sussex Elizabeth (Q) C Jul 384 Walker Sarah 1743 Gravesend East Greenwich spinster, vagabond Q Jul 329 Wallis Thomas 1742 Milton next Gravesend Lower Halstow Ann C Oct 307 Wanden James 1737 Eynesford Farningham Mary Q Apr 97 Warchus Mary 1740/1 Maidstone Allington single Q Jan 235 Watkins Anne 1735 High Halstow Ash wife of Thomas C Apr 26 Watson Abell 1741 Deptford St Paul Bexley house carpenter R Jul 249 Watson Elizabeth 1744/5 Sandhurst Bennenden single QRQ Jan 415, 426, 434 Weller Thomas 1743 Tenterden High Haldon wife child Q Jul 329/30 Weller / Wellard Richard 1740 Ightham Goudhurst Mary Q Jul 207 Welsh Henry 1737 Stone nr Dartford Wrotham Sarah Mary C Apr 98 Whiffen James 1745/6 Addington Ryarsh Eleanor James, Eleanor, Ann C Jan 471/2 Whiffen John 1744/5 Otford Cudham Elizabeth Elizabeth C Jan 415 White Rebecca 1743 Plumstead Chichester, Sussex widow of John Elizabeth 5, John 4m Q Jul 328/9 Winter Edward 1741/2 Swanscombe Northfleet Elizabeth R,C Jan 281, 290 Woollet Mary 1737/8 Maidstone Allington wife of Thomas, dec'd Mary, Jane Q Jan 120 Wray Mary 1740/1 Lewisham St MM Bermondsey, Sry Q Jan 234 Wright Elizabeth 1744/5 Northfleet Haddenham, Cambridgesh wife of Thomas Elizabeth C Jan 414

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West Kent Quarter Sessions - Removal Order Appeals
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