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Removal Order Appeals

July 1682 - January 1716/7

When in need of parish relief, a person or family was the responsibilty of their parish of legal settlement. An order could be made for them to be removed to their last parish of legal settlement and the Constable escorted them to the boundary and handed them to the next Constable, so they were passed from parish to parish.
Other documents may be found in the Quarter Sessions papers or in the parish chest documents.

This is an index of 477 appeals against removal orders at the East Kent Quarter Sessions.
The appeal was brought by the receiving parish, usually after the person or family had been removed.

There were two forms of wording used in most cases indexed here. The court would order that a person/family should be removed from parish A to parish B which was their legal place of settlement. Altenatively the court would order that the person/family should stay at parish B not parish A. These are distinguished by the code S (for stay) in the Code column. The code R means that the case was respited to a future session.
It is recommended that the original document be consulted.
The columns below are Surname, Forename, Year, From place (A), To place (B), Wife/Status, Children (Notes), Code, Month, Folio number.

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Surname             Forename         Year    From place            To Place                Wife/Status           Children (Notes)                        Code Date  Folio

Adams John 1702 Bruckland Stowting wife S Jul E4/90 Addams Richard 1714 Birchington Thanet St Nicholas wife children Q Jul E6/1 Adler John 1694/5 Holy Cross Sturry wife 3 children S Jan E4/27 Allen Elizabeth 1708 Sturry Westbere over age 7 daughter of wife of Wm Allen by prev. maQ Jul E5/56-7 Allen William 1694/5 Iwade Milton/Sittingb. wife family S Jan E4/25(2) Allen William 1708 Sturry Westbere wife wife's children Rd, John, Mary < 7 yrs C Jul E5/56-7 Ambrose Edward 1705 Wye Bethersden wife child Q Apr E5/10 Ambrose William 1706 St Nicholas Chislett Q Jul E5/27 Annesley Anne 1714/5 Stowting Smeeth C Jan E6/18 Anslow Mary 1716 Kingston Bishopsbourne C Oct E6/39 Archer Susanna 1707 St Margaret at Cliffe Sandwich St Mary mother C Oct E5/46 Archer 1707 St Margaret at Cliffe Sandwich St Mary bastard child of Susanna Q Oct E5/46 Ashby William 1704/5 Charing Deptford Q Jan E5/8 Austen Frances 1693 Linstead Tenham widow of Richard children S Oct E4/17 Austen John 1710 Graveney Tenham C Oct E5/81 Austen Martha 1696/7 Frittenden Smarden Jan E4/39 Austen Robert 1705/6 Tenterden Ashford wife family Q Jan E5/17 Austen Thomas 1712 Westwell Elmsted wife Q Jul E5/103 Austen William 1715 Chilham Upper Hardres wife children C Oct E6/27 Bachell? female 1686 Wickham Ickham bastard child of Mary now wife of Wm Bachell of Ickham Jul E3/33/4 Baker 2 children 1694/5 Sittingbourne Milton/Sittingb. [children of William, gent.] S Jan E4/24(2) Baker Hannah/Heneretta 1714 River Canterbury St Paul Q Jul E6/2 Baker Thomas 1706 Harbledowne Tilmanstone wife C Jul E5/28 Barber James 1702/3 Greenwich Wapping, Mdx wife R Jan E4/97 Barnes William 1716 Denton Barham wife C Jul E6/35 Barnett John 1713/4 St Dunstans Thanet St Mary wife Elizabeth son John C Jan E5/117 Bartlett Peter 1698 Bilsington Willesboro wife family S Jul E4/49, 50 Bax John 1706 Chislett Herne wife child Q Jul E5/26 Bayley Susanna 1714 Thanington Canterbury St Andrew mother of bastard child C Oct E6/8 Bayley 1714 Thanington Canterbury St Andrew bastard child Q Oct E6/8 Beane John 1712 Staple Canterbury St George the younger, + wife family C May E5/100 Beech Mary 1697/8 Eastling Ospringe maid Jan E4/48 Benskin Anthony 1703/4 Borough of Longport Barham wife S Jan E4/111 Bentley Anne 1690 Westgate Sittingbourne + bastard child May E3/68 Berry Edward 1699/0 Hernehill Crondall wife Jan E4/62 Bigg John 1714 Charing Ashford wife child C Apr E5/123 Bing James 1706/7 Lydden Waltham Q Jan E5/31 Birch Thomas 1710/1 Shadoxhurst Faversham R Jan E5/85 Bird John 1710 Hithe Hinxhill wife Anne Q Oct E5/81 Bird Richard 1696/7 Stamford Thanet St John wife Jan E4/40 Blackborne Elizabeth 1716 Dover St Mary Wittersham single woman Q Apr E6/32 Blankette James 1710 Ashford Milton next Sittingbourne Q Jul E5/77 Blaxland William 1705/6 Northborne Sheldon C Jan E5/18 Bleare John 1716 Canterbury St Dunstan St Dunstan, West London Q Apr E6/32 Bliss / Williams Susan 1690 Hinxhill Kennington S Oct E3.74 Blowne Nicholas 1708 Sholden Norbourne wife child Q Apr E5/51 Bodkin Alice 1714 Stanford Selling single woman Q Apr E5/120-1 Bourne Mary 1698 Rye, SSX Lydd widow 5 children Jul E4/51 Bourne Susan 1687 Boughton Aluph Wye dau of William S Jul E3/46 Bourne William 1696/7 Wye Challock wife children Jan E4/39 Brockman Christopher 1693 Northbourne Little Mongham wife children Oct E4/18 Brockman Richard 1715 Coldred Norburn [Northbourne] family Q Apr E6/21 Bromley Stephen 1692 Brabourne Sellenge wife family [joint settlement] Oct E4/8 Brooke John 1711/2 Ospringe Wye wife child Q Jan E5/97 Brooke John 1715 Dover St James Sandwich St Peter Q Apr E6/21 Brooke Sarah 1712 Ashford Rye, Sussex singlewoman C Jul E5/103 Brooke 1712 Ashford Rye, Sussex bastard child of Sarah Q Jul E5/103 Browne Edward 1687 Goodnestone St Martins Jul E3/46 Browne Edward 1687/8 St Martins Goodnestone Jan E3/49-50 Browne /Witherly Anne 1698 Sheppardswold Saltwood S Jul E4/51 Browneing James 1689/0 Barham Upper Hardres S Jan E3/66 Browning Elias 1701 Littlebourne Westcliffe S Jul E4/78 Browning James 1689 Barham? Upper Hardres lame S Jul E3/60 Browning James 1712 St Pauls Hackington wife children Q Oct E5/106 Browning Mary 1697 Alkham Hythe Jul E4/43 Browning/Templar Elizabeth 1710/1 Wingham Ickham widow of John Browning Q Jan E5/84 Buckle Henry 1713/4 Orlestone Willsboro' wife Q Jan E5/117 Burton Isaac 1705/6 Westgate Canterbury St My Bredin wife 2 children Q Jan E5/17 Bush Mary 1707 St Lawrence St Peters 6 children C Jul E5/39, 46 Butcher Elizabeth 1706 Ash Warehorne widow Q Jul E5/26 Cackett John 1708 Pluckley Bethersden wife children C Oct E5/60 Canborne William 1699/0 Stanford Hackington wife 1 child S Jan E4/62 Carpenter Hester 1710 Westgate Hackington + child Q Apr E5/74 Carr Elizabeth 1688 Birchington Ash, Sandwich S Jul E3/54 Carter John 1709 River Coldred wife child Q May E5/67 Cary Elizabeth 1711 Horne Hoath widow of George C Jul E5/92 Castle William 1701 Chislet Ash Jul E4/78 Cate Samuel 1713 Folkestone Canterbury St Andrew Q Apr E5/112 Ceely Robert 1714/5 Rainham Warehorne wife children Q Jan E6/17 Cemet John 1712 Thanet St John Stourmouth family Q May E5/101 Chambers John 1709 Stone Brede, Sussex wife + John C May E5/66 Cheesman Sarah 1714 Mersham Canterbury St Margaret Q Apr E5/122 Chesson Anthony 1708 Bridge Chilham C Jul E5/58 Chilman Joyce 1697 Buckland Dymchurch S Jul E4/44 Chilman Joyce 1690/1 Buckland Dymchurch widow Jan E3/75, 80 Chittenden Hester 1715/6 Hinxhill Kingsnorth single woman Q Jan E6/29 Churchman Andrew 1704 Norton Rochester St Nicholas Oct E5/4 Clark Daniel 1713 Sandwich Woodnesborough wife 3 children C Apr E5/112 Clarke Mary 1703/4 Oare Faversham single woman S Jan E4/111 Clarke Thomas 1706 Wingham Fordwich Q Oct E5/30 Clement Hester 1695/6 Cheriton Aldington Jan E4/34 Clements Dorothy 1704/5 Deal Dover St Mary wife of John Q Jan E5/7-8 Clements Thomas 1714 Ower Canterbury St Mildred Q Jul E6/3 Clerke Christopher 1699/0 Ashford Faversham wife 1 child S Jan E4/62 Clerke Thomas 1696/7 Hackington Ickham Jan E4/40 Cob Thomas 1711 Aldington Bilsington C Apr E5/87 Cock Henry 1692 Canterbury St Dunstan and family Oct E4/7 Cockman Richard 1692 Hearne Minster, Sheppey Jul E4/2 Cole Sarah 1695/6 Pluckley Snave Widow children Jan E4/33 Collins Ann 1696/7 Faversham Herne widow S Jan E4/40 Collyer William 1712 Stowting Elmsted wife children C May E5/101 Colyar William 1711 Stowting Newington wife family Q Jul E5/92 Combs William 1707 Wittersham Ebony C Jul E5/40-1 Cooke Eve 1710 New Romney Burmarsh wife of Ingrams Q Apr E5/73 Cooke Eve 1710 Burmarsh Herst wife of Ingrams Q Apr E5/73 Cooke John 1706/7 Hougham Elham family C Jan E5/31 Cooper John 1707 Murston Emley Q Jul E5/40 Cooper John 1708 Tong Emley family Q Apr E5/52 Cooper Robert 1693/4 Lower Hardres Upper Hardres wife children Jan E4/20 Cooper Sarah 1706 Sittingbourne Bredgar Q Jul E5/27 Coppin John 1704/5 Eythorne Walmer Q Jan E5/8 Crampe John 1711/2 Newington Capell wife children Q Jan E5/97 Crassingham Elizabeth 1700/1 New Romney Hartley, Sheppey 1 child Jan E4/71 Crayson John 1706 Eastry Preston next Wingham wife Q Apr E5/21 Croshall? Richard 1703 Barham Ashford wife children Jul E4/106 Culmer Valentine 1715 Birchington, Acol Thanet St Nicholas Q Jul E6/25 Curd Joane 1692/3 Bridge S Jan E4/14 Dadd Mary 1716 Whitstable Boughton Blean single woman Q Oct E6/39 Danne James 1713/4 Sturry Thanet St John wife Q Jan E5/117 Dawle John 1697 Gt Chart Bethersden wife family S Jul E4/43 Deane Edward 1707 Linsted Norton Q Oct E5/43 Derry Isaac 1707 Hackington Littlebourne wife Mary Q Apr E5/37 Devall Francis 1711 Stalisfield Ebony wife 3 children C Apr E5/88 Devall / Spicer? 1711 Stalisfield Ebony 2 children of wife of Francis Devall by prev. husbaQ Apr E5/88 Dingly William 1712 Faversham Ospringe C Oct E5/105-6 Dipper William 1709 Thanington Wye Q May E5/66 Dixon Sarah 1698/9 Elham Nackington maid Jan E4/52 Downes Thomasin 1710 Whitstable Hackington single woman C Apr E5/74 Drabwell Robert 1709 Sheldwich Faversham wife children C Jul E5/69 Draper Richard 1692 Canterbury St Dunstan and family Oct E4/7 Drayson Gabriel 1713 Shepardswold Elmstone wife family C Apr E5/113 Drinker Elizabeth 1705/6 Eastchurch Wye Q Jan E5/16 Drury George 1713 Selling Boughton Blean wife child Q Apr E5/112 Dunt Joseph 1698/9 Buckland River wife family Jan E4/53 Durban Josias 1703 West Langdon Snargate wife 4 children Apr E4/101 Edwards John 1714 Cranbrook Brinkworth, Wiltshire Anne, William als Poole, Nathaniel, JohnC Jul E6/2 Elbury widow 1694/5 Minster, Thanet Lydd 2 children [widow of John] Jan E4/26 Ellgar Stephen 1707 Woodnesborough Staple wife children Q Apr E5/37 Elsey Nicholas 1709 Herne St Mildreds wife 2 children Q Jul E5/68 Elvy John 1695/6 Sellindge Saltwood wife family S Jan E4/33 Elvye William 1692 Mersham Kennington wife 2 children S Jul E4/4 Emerson Thomas 1684/5 St Lawrence Ramsgate wife Mary S Jan E3/21 English John 1685 Harbledown St Margaret child of Mary now wife of Timothy Raynolds Jul E3/26 Ewell Mary 1707 Herne Sittingbourne widow 2 children C Apr E5/36 Ewell Valentine 1710 Stourmouth Thanet St Nicholas wife C Jul E5/77 Fagg Elizabeth 1693/4 Minster, Thanet Fordwich 2 children Jan E4/20 Fagg Elizabeth 1694 Fordwich youngest son James S Jul E4/25 Fagg John 1687 Hythe or Saltwood Newington, Hythe wife Susanna S Jul E3/43 Fagg John 1714 Cheriton Folkestone Q Jul E6/2 Fagg John 1714 Folkestone Cheriton Q Jul E6/3 Ferry Elizabeth 1707 Newington Folkestone widow C Apr E5/37 Fetherstone? Jane 1707 Stalisfield Laysdowne C Jul E5/40 Fettall? John 1707 Boughton Bleane Hernehill Q Oct E5/45 Figg Mary 1706 Bredgar Borden single woman C Oct E5/30 Foord Collen 1689 Godmersham St Thomas, Isle of Harty her bastard child Jul E3/59 Foord Elizabeth 1692 Boughton Aluph Godmersham (bastard child of Ellenor, b.Godmersham) Jul E4/4 Foord Robert 1712 Pluckley Muston wife children C May E5/100 Ford Mary 1702/3 Cheriton Newington widow 2 children Jan E4/96 Fowler Michael 1699/0 Chislett Sarre S Jan E4/62 Fox John 1707 Boughton Bleane Alkham C Jul E5/39 Fox alias Hogben female 1701/2 Wickhambreux Boughton Bleane bastard child of Margaret S Jan E4/83 Franke John 1706 Ivychurch Selling son John Q Apr E5/22 Fransham Samuel 1709 Faversham Doddington wife Q Jul E5/69 Freeman John 1712/3 Wickhambreux Chartham wife family Q Jan E5/109 Fukes Richard 1689 Westgate Canterbury St Dunstan wife family S Oct E3/61, 65 Furner Augustine 1702/3 Harbledowne Boughton Bleane child of John, deceased S Jan E4/96 Furner Elizabeth 1702/3 Harbledowne Boughton Bleane child of John, deceased S Jan E4/96 Furner Henry 1702/3 Harbledowne Boughton Bleane child of John, deceased S Jan E4/96 Furner Mary 1702/3 Harbledowne Boughton Bleane child of John, deceased S Jan E4/96 Furner Robert 1702/3 Harbledowne Boughton Bleane child of John, deceased S Jan E4/96 Furner Stephen 1702/3 Harbledowne Boughton Bleane child of John, deceased S Jan E4/96 Gee Elizabeth 1712 Monkton widow children Q May E5/100 Gifford Richard 1705 Waltham Lydd R,C Oct E5/13,16 Gilbert Thomas 1687 Monks Horton Standford wife 5 children S Jul E3/46 Giles John 1706 Boughton Blean Hernehill family Q Jul E5/27/8 Giles William 1707 Boughton Blean Wye C Apr E5/36 Gill Thomas 1702/3 Aldington Warehorne wife child Jan E4/96 Glover Ann 1695/6 Upper Hardres Canterbury St Geo S Jan E4/34 Glover Edmond 1712/3 Boughton Blean Blean wife child C Jan E5/109 Glover Edward 1710/1 Boughton Preston next Faversham Q Jan E5/83-4 Glover Edward 1711/2 Boughton Blean Blean wife family Q Jan E5/97 Gofinch Elizabeth 1702 Woodnesborough Eastry S Jul E4/84 Goldsack Sarah 1700/1 Saltwood New Romney wife of Peter Jan E4/71 Goldsmith Eleanor 1716/7 Wittersham Tenterden C Jan E6/44 Goldsmith Hartley 1690 Bredgar Milton, Sittingbourne lame, to his master John JOHNSON May E3/59, 68 Goodwine Robert 1712 Sturry Hernhill Q Jul E5/103 Goulder Mildred 1709 Lydden Denton single woman C May E5/66 Grann Stephen 1716/7 Appledore Stone wife Q Jan E6/44 Graynesford William 1684/5 Stourmouth Ash S Jan E3/21 Greene John 1685/6 Whitstable Seasalter wife child Jan E3/29 Grenfeild John 1711 Faversham Canterbury St Andrew wife 4 children Q Apr E5/88 Grey James 1714 Elham Westgate Holy Cross wife family C Oct E6/7 Griggs William 1687/8 Thanet St Peter Minsrer, Sheppey Jan E3/49 Hall Jane 1690/1 Ashford Great Chart spinster Jan E3/75, 80 Hallam Mary 1693/4 Word Sandwich St P S Jan E4/20 Hallam / Holland Mary 1694 Adisham Sandwich St P S Jul E4/24 Hambrook James 1711 Monks Horton Stowting wife children Q Jul E5/92 Hammon widow 1686 lower Halstow Barming widow of John 2 children Jul E3/35 Hammond George 1714 Ash Eastry wife children C Jul E6/2 Harris James 1715 Boughton Blean Blean wife 2 children Q Apr E6/21 Harris Mary 1692 Bo' Bleane 1 child S Jul E4/4 Harris Mary 1692 Cosmus Bleane 1 child Oct E4/8 Harris Sarah 1712 Pluckley Langley bastard child of now wife of Thomas Tilman Q May E5/100 Hart Daniel? 1714 Rodmersham Doddington family C Oct E6/7 Hart Jeremy 1714 Snave Upchurch son of Timothy C Apr E5/122 Hart John 1714 Fordwich Thanet St Lawrence wife child Q Apr E5/121 Haswell John 1694/5 Hythe Fairfield wife family S Jan E4/24(2) Hatcher 3 children 1694 Fordwich Minster, Thanet [children of Eliz'th FAGG's former marr] Jul E4/25 Hawkins Anne 1688 Selling child of Charles S Jul E3/54 Hawkins Mabella 1688 Selling child of Charles S Jul E3/54 Hayward Edward 1699/0 Hythe Newington S Jan E4/61 Hayward Susannah 1710 River Ripple children Q Jul E5/78 Hayward Susannah 1710/1 River Hougham 3 children C Jan E5/83 Henderson James 1716 Horton Braborne Q Oct E6/39 Hernden Elizabeth 1704 Bethersden Yalding supp'd wf of Thos Gate2 children John and William S Apr E4/114 Higgins Mary 1709 Boughton Blean Hernehill single woman Q May E5/67 Hill Lidia 1697 Leeds Lower Halstow bastard child Jul E4/45 Hill Sarah 1696 Old Romney Lympne children R Jul E4/36 Hills John 1707 Bruckland Fairfield wife 4 children [see also Mills] R Oct E5/44 Hills John 1711 Barham Stelling wife 3 children C Apr E5/88 Hills Peter 1692/3 Norton Faversham S Jan E4/11 Hinds Henry 1716/7 Hoathfield Great Chart C Jan E6/44 Hodges Richard 1693 Thanet St John Minster [to his master William JENKINS] Mar? E4/16 Hogben /Luckett Margaret 1698/9 Herne Wickhambreux Jan E4/54 Hollary John 1710 Stourmouth Wickhambreux wife C Apr E5/74 Holman Ann 1695 Stone Appledore Jul E4/28 Holnesse Daniel 1710/1 Sturry Chislett wife children C Jan E5/84 Hooke Bathsheba 1687 Boughton Aluph Ashford if with child Jul E3/45 Hopgood Sarah 1692/3 Bridge Waldershare [to her master John BEANE] Jan E4/9 Horne Thomas 1693 Smeeth Newchurch Mar? E4/16 Housman male 1685 Swingfield Folkestone child of Mary S Jul E3/24 Howell Henry 1692/3 Acris Elham wife S Jan E4/14 Howell Thomas 1685/6 Minster, Sheppey Bromley by Bow, MDX wife child Jan E3/31 Hoysted Thomas 1687/8 Chilham Lenham wife 4 children Jan E3/48 Humfrey Thomas 1685/6 Bunnington? Newchurch wife to Allington children to Allington Jan E3/29 Humphrys Martha 1715/6 Deal Croydon, Surrey single woman daughter Hester Q Jan E6/29 Hussey Michael 1703/4 Dover St Mary Westgate Holy Cross wife Anne child Jan E4/110 Iden William 1689 Boughton Blean wife 3 children S Jul E3/59 Jackson William 1697/8 Faversham Stone wife family Jan E4/48 Jackson Zachary 1692/3 Wickhambreux Chislett Jan E4/11 Jancock Mary 1711 Tenham Boughton Blean + bastard child C Apr E5/88 Jancocke Catharine 1695/6 Cheriton Newington/Hythe S Jan E4/34 Jaques Elizabeth 1713 Petham Ashford singlewoman C Apr E5/113 Jemmett Thomas 1716/7 Westwell Ashford Q Jan E6/43 Jethery Stephen 1708 Elham Bishopsbourne wife children Q Jul E5/57 Johnson Elizabeth 1693 Ashford Canterbury dau of Thomas, grocer [to her master Thomas HARRISON] Oct? E4/17 Johnson Mary 1716/7 Brooke Lympe widow 4 children Q Jan E6/45 Johnson Richard 1713 Nonington Adisham wife Q Apr E5/113 Johnson Silvanus 1701 Sandhurst Broad, SSX wife family R Jul E4/72 Keam John 1696 Minster, Thanet Sturry age 8 bastard of Jane Keam Jul E4/37 Kelsey Mary 1707 Beakesborough Waldershare + child Q Oct E5/44 Kennett Benjamin 1691 Monks Horton Appledore wife children Jul E3/82, 84 Kidder John 1691/2 Godmersham Northiam wife 4 children Jan E3/87 Kilbourne Isaac 1687/8 Egerton Charing wife Jan E3/49 Kingsland Richard 1697 Wye Kennington S Jul E4/43 Kingsland Richard 1695/6 Harbledown Kennington boy S Jan E4/34 Knight Mary 1716 Tenham Faversham C Oct E6/40 Knight Thomas 1716 Bethersden Smarden Q Apr E6/33 Knowler Henry 1697 St Thomas the Apostle Devington wife 3 children Jul E4/45 Koffee? John 1691/2 Kennardington Milton, Sittingbourne S Jan E3/88 Lambe Henry 1704 Kingstone Dover wife Sarah child C Oct E5/3 Lambert Anne 1700/1 Muningten? Cant'y St Alphage expecting child Jan E4/71 Lambert Mary 1699/0 Playdon, Ssx Stone S Jan E4/62 Land alias Lord James 1706/7 Lympne Canterbury St Margaret wife Mary (prev TaylorJames Taylor (son of Mary & James TaylorC Jan E5/32 Landgridge Sarah 1712/3 Whitstable Seasalter widow of John child C Jan E5/109 Lane Isaac 1704 Bilsington Kingsnorth R Apr E4/115 Latt Elizabeth 1704 Mersham Willsborough + male bastard child S May E4/118 Laurance 1696/7 Barham Denton widow Jan E4/39 Lawrence Margaret 1687 Denton Barham S Jul E3/45 Lawrence 1690/1 Denton Barham widow S Jan E3/76 Lee Anne 1699/0 Langley Charing child S Jan E4/62 Lee John 1689/0 Willesborough Ashford wife family Jan E3/65 Lilly Richard 1693/4 Ickham Herne [Quashed] Jan E4/21 Lilly Richard 1694/5 Ickham Herne S Jan E4/25(2) Lilly Thomas 1685/6 Kennington Boughton Aluph wife children Jan E3/29 Lilly Thomas 1686 Boughton Aluph Hothfield wife children Jul E3/34 Lockyer William 1716/7 Kinston Reculver wife child Q Jan E6/45 Lott Samuel 1716 Ashford Canterbury St Peter Q Jul E6/36 Lott / Hayward Mary 1691 Luddenham Throwley child Jul E3/82 Luckett Thomas 1682 Elham ? Jul E3/6 Luckett /Hogben Margaret 1698/9 Herne Wickhambreux Jan E4/54 Lumball Mary 1702 Hoo, St Warburgh Bilsington wife of Jeremiah son Stephen Jul E4/86 Lushington Henry 1689 Littlebourne Wingham wife Susan Jul E3/59 Lushington Henry 1710/1 Lyminge Wingham wife Q Jan E5/84 Man Henry 1695/6 Newington/Hythe Lydd wife 1 child S Jan E4/34 Mantle Jane 1709 Kingsnorth Newchurch mother of bastard Jane (Q) C Jul E5/68-9 Mantle Jane 1709 Kingsnorth Newchurch bastard daughter of Jane Q Jul E5/68-9 Mantle Jane 1714 Goddnestone Canterbury St Mildred single woman C Oct E6/7 Marden 1685/6 Sittingbourne Sevenoaks child of Mary Jan E3/32 Marlow Margaret 1716 Faversham Graveney Q Apr E6/32 Marsh William 1694/5 Guston East Langdon Jan E4/24(2) Marsh William 1695/6 Sutton next Dover East Langdon S Jan E4/34 Marten William 1710 Chisley Reculver Q Jul E5/78 Martin Thomas 1695/6 Stelling Hastingly wife family S Jan E4/34 Martin Thomasine 1703 Ickham Littlebourne single woman S Jul E4/106 Martin William 1702 Wye Little Lady, Canterbury + child Jul E4/85 Martin William 1692 Shadoxhurst Rucking wife 3 children [refused at Rucking] Oct E4/8 Mason Margaret 1710 Hernhill Thanet St Lawrence Q Jul E5/78 Mason? Elizabeth 1704 Throwly Faversham S Jul E4/121 Mathewes Elizabeth 1697/8 Cant'y St Alphage Longport Boro S Jan E4/47 Mathews John 1716 Ospringe Stone daughter Elizabeth C Jul E6/37 Matton Sarah 1709/0 Lower Hardres Upper Hardres C Jan E5/72 Mawborne Mary 1695/6 Monks Horton Sellinge widow S Jan E4/33 May Elizabeth 1699 Throwley Cant'y St Andrew apprentice to Susan ANDREWES Jul E4/60 Medhurst Thomas 1686/7 Ospringe Faversham Jan E3/39 Mills Edward 1689 Eastling lame S Jul E3/59 Mills John 1707/8 Bruckland Fairfield wife children [see also Hills] C Jan E5/48-9 Mollet Margaret 1715 Wootten next Dover Folkestone single woman Q Jul E6/24 Moote Joseph 1703 Boughton Bleane Canterbury St Peter wife 3 children Apr E4/100 Morton Mary 1699/0 Headcorne Milton now wife of Thomas Amber, 1 child S Jan E4/62 Mumery John 1703 Woodnesborough Minster wife Apr E4/100 Mummery James 1697 Cant'y All Saints Herne wife family S Jul E4/44 Mummery James 1696/7 Holy Cross Herne wife family S Jan E4/40 Muns John 1705/6 Westgate Holy Cross Canterbury St My Northgate family Q Jan E5/17 Musred Judith 1703 Woodnesborough Monckton Apr E4/100 Nash James 1694 Bridge Bishopsbourne wife family Jul E4/24 Neames Laurence 1696/7 Buckland Elham wife family S Jan E4/36, 40 Nicholson Francis 1705/6 Bredgar Great Chart family Q Jan E5/16 Norris Thomas 1715 Eythorne Monkton family Q Jul E6/25 Norris Thomas 1716 Stowting Monkton wife child C Jul E6/37 Norton Philip 1713 Boughton Blean Bishopsbourne C Oct E5/114 Nower Thomas 1700/1 Kennington Eastwell Jan E4/71 Osborne Sarah 1714 Eastling Wormshill C Oct E6/7 Osman Catherine 1704 Chislett Thanet St Nicholas widow child S Apr E4/116 Osmer Edward 1690/1 Egerton Bilsington wife family [Referred to Assizes] R Jan E3/78 Ovenden John 1704/5 Waltham Petham Q Jan E5/8 Owen Elizabeth 1707/8 Challock Westwell + base child C Jan E5/49 Packham Anne 1702/3 Lydd Brookland widow + 6 children Jan E4/93 Page John 1686 Sittingbourne Shorne Jul E3/35 Page John 1704 Graveney Eastwell + family S Jul E4/122 Page Michaell 1692/3 Acris Elham wife S Jan E4/13 Paine Thomas 1712 Kingsnorth Sevington wife child C May E5/100 Parnell Joseph 1712 Hythe Richard Hogben, yeoman Q Oct E5/106 Parrimore Thomas 1714 Dover St Mary Deal wife family Q Jul E6/3 Parsons John 1692/3 Thannington Canterbury St M M wife 2 children S Jan E4/11 Payne Thomas 1711/2 Kingsnorth Willsborough wife child Q Jan E5/97 Peake 1682 Faversham Stalisfield children of Nicholas Jul E3/6 Peters John 1705/6 Canterbury St Dunstan Canterbury St Mildred Q Jan E5/15-16 Pettit Edward 1694 Bo' Blean Cant'y St Dunstan S Jul E4/24 Philpot Joan 1710 Petham Patrixbourne C Oct E5/81 Philpott Richard 1714 Rodmersham Doddington family C Oct E6/7 Pickering /Bradford Anne 1714 Canterbury St Paul St Dunstan C Apr E5/122 Piles male 1685 Eastry Woodnesboro child of William and Elizabeth Jul E3/26 Piper John 1709 Boughton Blean Canterbury St Peter Q Jul E5/69 Pooly Jacob 1700/1 Holycross Westgate Cant'y St Mildred poor cripple Jan E4/71 Pott William 1707 Swingfield Eastry wife child C Jul E5/39 Poyle Samuel 1694 Maidstone Newington/Sitt Jul E4/25 Preble John 1716/7 Barham Denton wife children C Jan E6/44 Preble William 1714 Goodnestone Ospringe wife children Q Jul E6/3 Randall William 1711/2 Wittersham Beckley, Sussex wife C Jan E5/97 Rapley William 1700/1 Waltham Wye Jan E4/71 Rawselby Margaret 1695 Eastry Sandwich St C widow Simon S Jul E4/29 Raxton Mary 1700/1 New Romney Newington, Hythe expecting child Jan E4/71 Redgway Susan 1693/4 Westbere [to her master Richard HARRIS] Jan E4/21 Richards Afry 1698/9 Beakesbourne Poulstone nr Dover maid Jan E4/58 Rigden Elizabeth 1710 Monks Horton Brabourne Q Jul E5/78 Rippon John 1683 Minster, Sheppey Chatham wife 2 children Jul E3/15 Rivett Elizabeth 1707 Faversham Sheldwich Q Apr E5/38 Roberts John 1694/5 Buckland Chatham wife S Jan E4/26 Roberts Mary 1710/1 Deal Eastry dau of James, dec'd C Jan E5/84 Robinson Richard 1715 Charlton next Dover Buckland Q Apr E6/22 Rogers Margaret 1714 Ash Sandwich St Peter wife of John children Q Jul E6/1 Rolfe Mathew 1691/2 Eastling Challock wife 6 children S Jan E3/86 Roots Elizabeth 1695 Lyming Smeeth Jul E4/29 Rose Elizabeth 1706 Upper Hardres Whitstable C Jul E5/27 Rowe Elizabeth 1685/6 Moncton Chislet Jan E3/29 Rugsbee Joseph 1714/5 Charing Frinsted wife children C Jan E6/19 Sacree Isaac 1704 Kingsnorth Bilsington wife children Q Oct E5/3 Sally Richard 1710/1 Ash Faversham C Jan E5/84 Sanders Elizabeth 1714 Boughton Blean Luddenham widow of Philip children Q Jul E6/3 Sarson John 1699/0 All Hallows Graveney Jan E4/63 Saulter Thomas 1713 Wickambreux Stodmarsh Q Apr E5/113 Savage george 1711 Faversham Canterbury St Mary Northwife children Q Apr E5/89 Sawyer Elizabeth 1695/6 Littlebourne Whitstable wife of William 1 child S Jan E4/34 Scott John 1695 Lyming Brabourne wife family S Jul E4/29 Scott John 1695/6 Brabourne Elmsted wife family S Jan E4/33 Scott Mary 1706 Petham Elham single woman Q Oct E5/30 Scourge? Frances 1693/4 Sittingbourne Milton/Sittingbourne S Jan E4/20 Seager Elizabeth 1698/9 Bishopsbourne Patrixbourne maid Jan E4/54 Shackfield William 1686 Kennington Warehorne Jul E3/34 Sharpe George 1706 Boughton Blean Woodnesborough family Q Jul E5/28 Shoveler James 1696/7 Staple Wingham wife family Jan E4/39 Silvester Robert 1708 Hackington St John wife child Q Jul E5/56 Simmons Thomas 1695/6 Aldington Mersham wife S Jan E4/34 Skinner John 1685/6 Hothfield Great Chart wife children (child of former marr to stay) Jan E3/29/30 Slaughter John 1709 Wilsborough Kennington wife 4 children (Samuel,Thomas,Eliz'th,infantC May E5/66 Smith Eve 1700/1 Chilham Portsmouth age 8 Jan E4/69 Smith Jane 1716/7 Sittingbourne Canterbury St Paul wife of Edward, dec'd Ann, Edward, Richard - children of EdwarR Jan E6/45 Smith Mary 1700/1 Chilham Portsmouth age 5 alias Margaret Jan E4/69 Smith 1715 Sittingbourne Canterbury St Paul wife of Edward 2 children Q Jul E6/25 Smithers John 1705 Petham Upper Hardres Q Oct E5/14 Smyth Frances 1684/5 Bruckland? Fairfield + bastard child Jan E3/21 Smyth Robert 1690 Sturrey Cant'y St Martins Hill wife 4 children Jul E3/72 Spicer? / Devall 1711 Stalisfield Ebony 2 children of wife of Francis Devall by prev. husbaQ Apr E5/88 Spickett Martha 1701 Chislet Westbere Jul E4/78 Spratt Robert 1704 Brooke Wye wife S Apr E4/116 Squire Thomas 1711 Milton Canterbury St Mildred wife 4 children Q Jul E5/91 Squire Thomas 1711 Milton next SittingbouRochester St Margaret wife 3 daughters - Catherine, Martha, Ann C Oct E5/95 Stace Robert 1703 Lyminge Canterbury St George bastard child age 8-10 Oct E4/108 Stanley Henry 1714/5 Ashford Thanet St John wife child Q Jan E6/18 Stanly Henry 1715 Ashford Thanet St Lawrence wife child Q Apr E6/22 Stanly William 1703/4 Ashford Tenterden wife Jan E4/111 Steele Mary 1707 Petham Stockbury wife of Thomas Q Apr E5/36 Stephens John 1687/8 Otterden East Sutton a cripple child Jan E3/49 Stephenson Amy 1685 Rainham Upchurch wife of James Jul E3/25 Stoakes Stephen 1715/6 Ash Woodnesboro C Jan E6/30 Stone Joane 1692/3 Thanet St Peter Thanet St Lawrence single Jan E4/14 Strood Elizabeth 1714 Wickham Thanet St John single woman C Jul E6/1 Sturges George 1714 Reculver Chislett Q Jul E6/3 Sturgis Elizabeth 1696/7 Whitstable Ash next Sandwich S Jan E4/40 Sutton Elizabeth 1695/6 Woodnesboro' Northbourne 4 children S Jan E4/34 Swayne John 1692/3 Woodnesborough wife 2 children S Jan E4/11 Swayne John 1694 Northbourne Woodnesbury wife S Jul E4/25 Swift John 1703 Great Chart Rye, Ssx son of John Jul E4/106,108 Symmonds William 1702 Herne Graveney wife Elizabeth S Jul E4/86 Symons Thomas 1689 Ashford lame S Jul E3/59 Tapsell John 1710 Kingsnorth Cheriton wife family Q Jul E5/78 Tassell John 1709 Kingsnorth Saltwood Q Oct E5/71 Tatnall John 1714 Ash Wickhambreux family Q Oct E6/8 Taylor Elizabeth 1701/2 Snargate Denton widow 6 children S Jan E4/83 Taylor Francis 1714 Chislett Reculver wife children Q Apr E5/121 Taylor James 1706/7 Lympne Canterbury St Margaret son of James & Mary (Mary now wife of James Land alias Lord)C Jan E5/32 Taylor Richard 1714 Lyming Elham disbanded soldier C Apr E5/120 Taylor William 1711/2 Ashford Dartford wife children Q Jan E5/97 Thatcher Vicitella 1711 Milton next SittingbouRochester St Margaret daughter Elizabeth C Oct E5/95 Thompson Anne 1707 Newchurch Lympne widow 2 children C Jul E5/40 Thompson Jane 1687/8 Godmersham Chartham Jan E3/49 Thornton John 1686/7 Smarden Marden wife Jan E3/39 Thurston John 1693 Throwley Charing wife children Mar? E4/16 Tilden John 1711 Ivychurch Warehorne wife children Q Oct E5/95 Titherton John 1713/4 St Dunstans Thanet St Mary son of Elizabeth Barneby a previous marriage Q Jan E5/117 Tompsett William 1691 Lydd 4 children [supported by Ebony] S Apr E3/79 Tunbridge Margaret 1699/0 Warden, Sheppey Boughton wife of Edward Jan E4/63 Turney John 1689 Hernehill Sellindge wife children Jul E3/60 Twift Thomas 1713 Bonnington West Barming wife child Q Apr E5/111 Twyman Richard 1692 Whitstable Jul E4/3 Tyler Sarah 1685 Brooke Waltham widow S Jul E3/24 Venner John 1716 Horne Hythe wife 2 children Q Jul E6/36 Verryer William 1715 New Romney Mersham wife Q Oct E6/27 Waddell Elizabeth 1692 Wye Endfeild, MDX Jul E4/4 Waddell Elizabeth 1691/2 Brooke Wye spinster S Jan E3/87 Wafe Thomas 1702/3 Nunnington Houffham Jan E4/96 Walker Elizabeth 1691/2 Ashford Hillingdon, MDX age 2 dau of John of Hillingdon, victualler Jan E3/86 Ward John 1715 Thannington Milton by Canterbury wife C Oct E6/27 Warner Francis 1705 Ashford Canterbury St George infant R,C Oct E5/13,16 Wart? Mary 1715 Dunkirk Boughton Blean widow R Jul E6/24 Waters William 1697 Wootton Woodnesborough wife family Jul E4/44 Watson Phebe 1714/5 Buckland Thanet St John C Jan E6/18 Webb John 1707 Beakesborough Willsborough wife family Q Oct E5/43 Weldish Mary 1708 Milsted Selling wife of David Q Apr E5/51 Wells John 1708/9 Lydd Newenden wife child Q Jan E5/63 Weston Elizabeth 1688 Mersham Sittingbourne child of Thomas, dec'd S Jul E3/53-4 Weston Thomas 1688 Mersham Sittingbourne child of Thomas, dec'd S Jul E3/53-4 Whatman Anne 1700 Kingsnorth Erith wife of John(run away)3 children S Jul E4/66, 72 Whatman John 1699 Salehurst, SSX Kingsnorth wife 2 children Jul E4/59 White Ann 1697 Beakesbourne Adisham S Jul E4/44 White Robert 1711 Eythorne Deal family Q Jul E5/91 Whorwall/Wells Catherine 1696/7 Egerton Charing younger bastard child Jan E4/40 Whorwall/Wells 1696/7 Charing Egerton eldest bastard child of Catherine S Jan E4/40 Wiffin James 1712/3 Wye Sittingbourne R Jan E5/108 Wiggins Sarah 1687/8 Bonnington Monks Horton widow 2 children Jan E3/49 Wiles Jane 1689/0 Canterbury St Marg't Faversham + bastard child S Jan E3/65 Williams Mary 1711 Newnham Halstow + child Q Apr E5/88 Wilson Daniel 1716 Canterbury, St DunstanThanet St John wife children Q Jul E6/36 Winterton Robert 1690/1 Orlestone Warehorne family S Jan E3/77 Wirrell? Margaret 1702 Hythe New Romney + dau Elizabeth born New Romney Jul E4/85 Wise Elizabeth 1711 Stone Bapchild Q Jul E5/92 Wiseman Stephen 1707/8 Bridge Bishopsbourne wife Anne Q Jan E5/49 Witherly /Browne Anne 1698 Sheppardswold Saltwood S Jul E4/51 Wood Elizabeth 1692 Strood Rainham S Jul E4/4 Wood Thomas 1714/5 Snave Stanford wife child Q Jan E6/18 Woodland Sarah 1704 Swingfield Saltwwod widow 3 children Q Oct E5/3 Woodly male 1696 Appledore bastard child of Mary Jul E4/37 Woodruffe Silvester 1703 Minster Eythorne wife child Apr E4/100 Woodruffe Silvester 1710 Eythorne Minster, Thanet Q Oct E5/81 Woollett Susanna 1704/5 Elham Dover wife of Edward R Jan E5/8 Wraight Catherine 1716 Eythorne Hougham Q Jul E6/35

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