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Will of Edward Prebble

of Barham, Kent

Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/524, Kent FHS fiche 434/12, 1828
This is the last Will and Testament of me Edward Prebble of the parish of Barham in the County of Kent Yeoman made the Seventh day of March one Thousand eight hundred and twenty eight First I direct all my just debts Funeral expenses and the charges of passing and executing this my last Will be paid out of personal estate herein after mentioned

And I give and devise All that my Freehold Messuage or Tenement with the barn stable outhouses buildings and several pieces or parcels of land thereto belonging and therewith now used occupied and enjoyed with the Appurtenances situate lying and being in the said parish of Barham in the said County of Kent formerly in the occupation of Henry Smith since deceased since of Joseph Dale deceased and now in the tenure or occupation of myself And also all other my Real Estate whatsoever and wheresoever unto my beloved wife Elizabeth Prebble and her assigns for and during the term of her natural life, she committing no waste but keeping the said Tenements Premises and land in good tenantable repair order and condition

And from and immediately after her decease I give and devise my said Freehold messuage or tenement buildings land Hereditaments and real estate unto and to the use of my kinsman Prebble Deal of the town and port of Dover in the said County of Kent Mariner his heirs and assigns for ever

And I give and bequeath unto my said wife Elizabeth all my household furniture plate linen china and all other my household stuff for her absolute use and benefit

And as to all my ready money, money in the funds or elsewhere debts due and owing to me And all my personal Estate and Effects of whatsoever nature or kind soever that I shall die possessed of or otherwise entitled unto I give and bequeath the same and every part thereof unto my good friend Samuel Dunn of the parish of Wootten Yeoman and the said Prebble Deal their Executors and Administrators upon trust nevertheless that they the said Samuel Dunn and Prebble Deal and the survivor of them and the Executors and Administrators of such survivor do and shall with all convenient speed after my decease collect get in and convert into money the same and all such part thereof as shall not consist of Money And do and shall by with and out of the aforesaid Trust Monies and by with and out of the Dividends interests and annual produce thereof pay and allow unto my said wife Elizabeth Prebble weekly and every week during the term of her natural life the sum of fifteen shillings for her own use and benefit and the first payment thereof to commence at the expiration of seven days next after my decease And I direct the aforesaid Trust Monies to be laid out and invested by the said Trustees or the Survivor of them his Executors or Administrators at Interest upon Government or Real or other good securities in England and that in case the interest dividends and annual produce of the said trust monies shall not be sufficient to raise and pay the said weekly sum of fifteen shillings that then all such deficiency shall at the discretion of my said Trustees or Trustee for the time being be made good by and out of the Principal of the aforesaid Trust Monies in such mode and manner and by such proportions as they or he shall think fit, it being my express will and desire that the aforesaid allowance of fifteen shillings per week to her my said wife shall not be lessened or deminished by reason of any insufficiency of the income arising from my personal Estate

And subject thereto I direct that all the aforesaid Trust Monies and Personal Estate shall be in Trust for all and every of my nephews and nieces that shall be living at the decease of my said wife (if more than one) equally to be divided between them share and share alike, and if but one nephew or niece then to such only one his or her Executors Administrators and Assigns (the costs charges and expenses attending the Funeral of my said wife being deducted out of my said personal Estate before distribution thereof among my said Nephews and Nieces in manner aforesaid) And I give and bequeath the same to him and them my said nephews and nieces accordingly free from any further Trust

And I appoint the said Samuel Dunn and Prebble Deal Joint Executors of this my last Will and Testament And it is my Will that my said Trustees and Executors shall be responsible for such Monies only as they shall respectively actually receive and not the one for the other of them but each for his own acts Deeds and defaults only and by no means for any involuntary loss, And that it shall be lawful for them respectively by and out of the monies which shall come to their respective Hands by virtue of this my will to deduct to and retain to themselves respectively all costs and expences to be incurred by them in the Execution of the Trusts aforesaid And lastly I revoke all former wills and codicils made by me In Witness whereof I have to this my said last Will and Testament in two sheets of paper contained set my hand at the bottom of the first sheet hereof and my hand and seal to this last sheet the day and year first aforesaid.
Edward Prebble
Signed sealed published and declared by the said Edward Prebble the Testator as and for his last will and testament in the presence of us, who at his request in his presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses:
John Woodland of Wootton, blacksmith
David Dunn of Wootton, cooper
T W Gravener, solicitor, Dover

October 18th 1828 before the Rev’d W H Hughes Clerk Commissioner. This will was proved by the oaths of Samuel Dunn and Prebble Deal the Executors named in the said Will they being first sworn well and truly to perform the same. By commission under £800.

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Will of Edward Prebble
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