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Will of John Page

of Elmsted, Kent

Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC17/Vo48/Fo286, 1591/2
Transcribed by Mike Cozens
In dei noie amen The eleventh day of March in the year of our lord one thousand five hundred and eighty three. I John Page of the parish of Elmsted being sick in body but whole in mind and of good remembrance thanks be to given to god do ordain and make this my present testament containing my last will in manner and form following. First I bequeath my soul to almighty god my creator trusting that of his mercy he will accept me among the number of them that shall be saved by the mercy of Jesus Christ my saviour My body to be buried in the churchyard of Elmsted

Item I give to the poor people of the parish of Elmsted 2s 8p that is to say to Richard Hempsted 8p to Elizabeth Cook widow 8p to mother Marshal widow 8p to mother Jacob widow 8p to be paid at the time of my burial.

Item whereas my son in law Sampson Dunkin doth owe unto me forty shillings ten shillings thereof I will that the said Sampson shall pay unto his daughter Agnes and to his son Hammon other ten shillings and to my daughter Alice 13s 4p and that within one whole year after my decease The 6s 8p that remaineth let him keep to him self

Item I give to Henry Paine five shillings
Item I bequeath of Jone Paine five shillings
Item I give to Anne wife to Edward Eps 6p
I will then my daughter Alice shall have all my bedding and chests in the chamber where I lie and also all of my sheet
Item I give and bequeath to Alice my daughter on brass pot, one kettle of four gallons, one lesser kettle, one skillet, two candlesticks and all my pewter

Item the corn which I have both in the house and in the field I give to my daughter Alice The residue of all my moveable goods my debts and bequests truly contented and paid I give and bequeath to John my son whom I make my sole executor

This is the last will of me the aforesaid John Page concerning the disposition of my lands being in Elmsted aforesaid. First I will that my son John shall have my tenement and all my lands to him his heirs and assigns for ever paying unto my daughter Alice yearly during the term of her natural life 13s 4p
Item I will that my son shall suffer my daughter Alice to have to her own use the chamber of the house behind the stock? and the loft over the same. And to come to the fire in the hall in time convenient all the time of her natural life if she continue unmarried.
Item I will that my son shall suffer my daughter Alice to have the fruit of my little apple garden called the Imp garden as long as she liveth. And to sow for her yearly a to tolvett of hemp finding the land himself and using it as he useth his own hemp land. But if she should fortune to marry then I will that she shall not only depart out of the house but also lose half the furniture before given and the hemp land also

Witnesses at the making hereof
John Farbrace Clarke, John Young, Edward Marshall. concordai c'm originati

Probate: 23rd February 1591/92 Johanis Young and Edwardi Marshall approved as executors

John Page [1] buried at Elmsted 30/1/1591/2

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Will of John Page
Created by Maureen Rawson