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Will of Sarah Nayer alias Ayre

of Canterbury, Kent

Source: Consistory Court of Canterbury PRC32/58/106
Submitted by Veronica Nops
In the Name of God Amen the four and twentieth Day of July in the fourth Yeare of the Reign of Our Sovereign Lady Anne by the grace of God of England Scotland France and Ireland Queen Defender of the Faith Anno Dmi 1705
I SARAH NAYER als AYRE of the City of Canterbury widow being weak in body but of good sense and memory (praised be God) do make and ordaine this my present last Will and Testament in manner and forme following. That is to say I recomend my soul into the Hands of Almighty God my Creator hoping to be saved by the only merits of Jesus Christ my Redeemer and my body I commit to the Earth to be decently intered according to the discrecon of my Executors hereafter named.

Item: Whereas WILLIAM NAYER als NAYRE my late husband deceased by his last Will and Testament in writing bearing date eighth Day of August Anno Dmi 1701 (mongst other things) hath given to his son THOMAS NAYER the sume of one hundred pounds to be paid by me (whom he hath made Executrix of his said Will) at his age of one and twenty years
and hath given to his three other children SARAH MARY and WILLIAM NAYER the sume of four hundred pounds apeice to be paid them severally by me his said Executrix as they shall severally attaine their severall age and ages of one and twenty years
and if any of them happen to dye before they attaine that age then the legacy of him or her so dying to be equally divided amongst the survivor and survivors of the said children
and did direct that I should receive and take the yearly Interest of the said Legacies untill the same should become payable and that such Interest should be applied towards the maintenance of the said children as by the said Will may appeare

And whereas I have purchased of Mr. Zachery Kingsford the Revercen expectant upon the death of my mother of and in certaine Messuages Lands and Tenements lying in and neare the City of Canterbury being part freehold and part Leasehold Estate which said purchase was so made with parte of my Personal Estate left by my said husband
Now I give and devise all the said Messuages, Lands and Tenements so by me purchased unto my Executors hereinafter named their Heires Executors and Administrators Upon Trust that they or the survivor or survivors of them or their Heires Executors or Administrators of such survivor shall sell the said Estate so by me purchased for the best price that can be got for the same and shall apply all the moneys coming and arising of and by such sale towards the payment of the said severall legacies so given to my said children in and by my late husband's will so far as the same Will extend and what that shall fall short of I will shall be made up by my own Personall Estate and that the said severall legacies be paid and the Interest thereof applied according to the direccons of my said husband's Will.

And whereas my said husband in and by his Will hath given and devised all that my Messuage Farme and Lands with the Appurtences lying at a place called Bramling in the Parish of Ickham in the County of Kent which he then late purchased of Thomas Fuller and the moyety of the other Messuages Farme and Land lying in Reculver in the said County to hold the same to me for life and after my decease to all and every his children both sons and daughters and their heires equally to be divided between them
and whereas my son HUMPHREY NAYER was borne after the Will of his father my said late husband was made whereby some doubts may arise whether the said HUMPHREY be entituled to any part of my said husband's Estate so by him devised
Now to the intent that my said son HUMPHREY be secured of an equall parte and share in the said lands and tenements I do order and direct that my said four other children (vizt) THOMAS SARAH MARY and WILLIAM NAYER and the survivor and survivors of them shall convey and assure my said son HUMPHREY his heires Executors and Administrators one full fifth parte as well of all the said Lands and Tenements before mentioned to be devised by the Will of my said husband.

As also of the Proffitts thereof from the time of my death which if the said four children or survivor or survivors of them do performe accordingly when they shall be thereunto reasonably required then I will that all the Residuary parte of my Personall Estate (after my debts legacies funerall expenses and the charges of the probate of this my Will and other incident charges Thereabout are first paid and discharged) Shall be equally divided between all my said children share and share alike.

But in case my said four children THOMAS SARAH MARY and WILLIAM or any of them shall refuse to convey the said fifth parte unto my said son HUMPHREY as aforesaid then I give the parte and share of the said residuary parte as such of them as shall so refuse to convey as aforesaid unto my said son HUMPHREY his Executors and Administrators Then my will and desire is that all the Rents Issues and Proffitts of all the Estate both Real and Personall belonging to my said children shall be taken and received by my Executors hereinafter named for or towards the Education and Maintenance of my said children untill they shall severally attaine their respective age and ages of one and twenty yeares

And my desire is that all my said children shall be educated according to the Doctrine of the Church of England and being also the desire of my said husband that they should be so educated provided always and my will is that in case there should be moneys wanting to be raised to put and place either of my said sons apprentices Then I do hereby give full power and authority to my Executors hereafter named or the survivor or survivors of them to take upon a mortgage of my moyety of a certaine messuage formerlly in the occupation of Mr. Ralf Fenner Jun. Situate in the Parish of St. Andrew in the City of Canterbury which was given me by the will of my late father Thomas Beane deceased or to take the said moneys so wanting out of the Residuary part of my Estate (anything in this my Will mentioned to the contrary in anywise notwithstanding) for or towards the puting and placing out of my said sons as aforesaid which moneys I Will shall be borne and paid out of the part and share of such of my said sons as shall want the same for the purpose aforesaid.

Item: I do make constitute and appoint my honoured Mother Mrs MARGARET BEANE widow and my very good friends Mr. John Bradock and Mr. Humphrey Bralesford joynt Executors of this my last Will and Testament And for the care and paines of the said Mr. Bradock and Mr. Bralesford to be taken in and about the said Executorship I give to each of them the sume of ten pounds and my will and meaning is that my said Executors shall not be answerable for any loss of Rent or otherwise in the Management of my said Childrens Estate as aforesaid unless the same be by their own default wither shall they be chargeable with any more than shall come to their hands or be answerable for his act or default of each other.

In Witness whereof to this my last Will and Testament contained in two sheets and this part of a sheet of paper I have to each sheet thereof subscribed my name and to the and last sheet set my seale. Dated the Day and Yeare herein first written
SARAH NAYER als AYRE Signed sealed published and declared by the said SARAH NAYER the Testatrix to be her last Will and Testament in the presence of us who have subscribed our names as Witnesses in the presence of the said Testatrix
Sarah Hatch Einbeth Lane John Sawkins

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Will of Sarah Nayer alias Ayre
Created by Maureen Rawson