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Will of Thomas Munn

of Fairfield, Kent

Source: Consistory Court of Canterbury PRC32/Vo59/Fo29, 1714
Transcribed by Mike Cozens
This is the last will and testament of me Thomas Munn of Fairfield in the County of Kent Yeoman made ordained & published and delivered this seventeenth day of May in the eleventh year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lady Ann by the Grace of God of Great Britain ffrance and Ireland Queen Defender of the ffaith Anno Dm' 1712 (13?) Imprimis I give and bequeath unto Mary my loving Wife the Sume of forty pounds to be paid to her by my Executor hereinafter named within one year after my decease
Item my will and mind further is that my Wife shall receive to her own life And I do hereby further give her the Interest and profit of threescore pounds yearly and every year during so long time as she shall remain my Widow and no longer And to that use intent and purpose I desire that the sum of threescore pounds shall remain at the hands of my Executor herein after named for and during the Term of the Natural life of the said Mary my wife, if she so long continue a Widow

And from and immediately after her Death or future Marriage of the said Mary my Wife which shall first and next happen I give and bequeath the said sum of threescore pounds unto Elizabeth Munn, Katherine Munn, Fellows Munn, Mary Munn, Thomas Munn my children equally to be divided between them or such of them as shall be living
Item I give unto my said Son Thomas Munn the Sum of forty pounds to paid him at his age of one and twenty years
Item I give unto my said Daughter Mary Munn the Sum of thirty pounds to paid her at her age of one and twenty years

Item as to all and singular my Goods Chattels Cattle ready money Debts and all other my Estate whatsoever and wheresoever not herein before otherwise disposed of after my debts Legacies ffuneral Expenses and the Charges of proving this my Will are first paid and discharged I give and bequeath the Same unto all my said Children Elizabeth Katherine ffellows Mary and Thomas equally to be decided between them And my Will and Mind further is that all and every of my said Children shall receive his or her and their several and respective parts and shares herein before given and allotted to them when he she and they shall severally and respectively his her and their several and respective Age and Ages of one and twenty years Except the part and portion of my said Daughter Elizabeth which my will and Mind is shall be paid when she shall attain the Age of four and twenty Years and not before, And my will and Mind that if any of my said Children shall happen to dye before his her or their respective portion or portions shall become payable that then the part share and portion of him her them so dying shall be equally paid unto and divided amongst the Survivors Survivor of them.

Item I do hereby nominate constitute and appoint my loving Brother Benjamin Munn to be sole Executor of this my last Will and Testament who I desire to turn all my Estate into ready Money with all convenient Speed And in whose Hands my Will and Mind is that all? such and so much thereof as I have herein before given unto all and every my Children shall remain and continue until such time as his her and their several and respective parts and portions shall become payable and I do earnestly desire my said Executor to Dispose and improve thereof at Interest to the best Advantage he can And to pay the Interest and profit thereof unto said Mary my Wife half yearly during the Minority of my said Children for and towards their Education and Maintenance if she so long continue a Widow and not otherwise. Deducting to himself thereof all such necessary and reasonable Expenses as he shall be at in and about the Execution of the Trusts? hereby in him reposed? And if it shall happen that my said wife shall intermarry or dye before my said Children shall have attained there several and respective Ages of one and twenty years Then and in such Case I desire my said Executor to take the Care of the Education and bringing up of such of my Children as shall be under Age upon him

And lastly I revoke all former Wills by me made & IN WITNESS whereof I the said Thomas Munn the Testator have to this my last Will and Testament contained in one sheet of Paper, set my hand and Seal the day and year first above written Thomas Munn Signed Sealed published and declared by the said Testator as and for his last Will and Testament in the p're'sence of Us who have in his p're'sence subscribed our Names as Witnesses
The marks of Sybill Munn, Thomas Richason, Colop Cruttall

Will proved by Benjamin Munn Executor 1714

1 Thomas & Benjamin were the sons of John Munn - Butcher of Benenden who buried 'poor' and his wife Sybil who remarried
2 Mary Piper single woman married Thomas Munn single man by Banns both of this parish at Kenardington 18/6/1700
3 Children - Kenardington and Fairfield
4 Thomas Munn of Fairfield buried 21st May "1713" at Stone in Oxney
5 Mary Munn (widow from Snargate) buried 1st July 1716 at Stone in Oxney
6 Sybill Munn was Thomas Munn's sister, she married Robert Skeer in Rye 1716 - not to be confused with her niece Sybil daughter of Benjamin Munn

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Will of Thomas Munn
Created by Maureen Rawson