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Will of James Muddle

of Thurnham, Kent

Source: Archdeaconry of Canterbury Ref: Box 1251, Proved 22 Sepember 1649
Transcribed by Derek Miller
The last Will and Testament of James Muddle late of the parish of Thurnham Blacksmith deceased: made and delivered by word of mouth in the time of his last sickness; not long before he died in the audience and presence of us whose names are here under set.

Imprimis he did give and bequeath unto his mother Bridget Muddle of Hollingbourne widow the sum of twenty shillings.
Item he gave to his wife’s sister Jane Lucke xxs.
Item to Robt Bewly his wife’s nephew vs.
Item to John Charlton his pre…… servant vs.
Item to Steven Lucke and Samuell Hariss? and Mary Mayham all ………… with him the night before he died to each of these he gave xiis.
Item to his brother Nicholas Muddle he gave his new boots.
Item he gave to his daughter Jane Muddle the sum of fifty pounds to be at her mother’s disposing if she did not marry again ….rsly.
Item he gave to his beloved wife Joane Muddle all the rest of his goods and movables whatsoever and did appoint her to pay the legacies aforesaid and make her executrix of this his last Will and Testament.

And concerning all other things; as corn, cattell, implements of husbandry and the like which he had joint interest in in the right of his said wife; together with her mother Joane Lucke: not yet shifted or divided betwixt them; since they took the Administration of her father Gyles Lucke’s goods upon them; he did will and appoint that his said wife should have the same ……… in the said Administrationship of her said father’s goods: deceased: that himself had with this promise; that she should rather be ………. them an him der…. to her said mother.
Stephen Lucke his X mark, Mary Maitham, Samuell Hariss? alias Atham his X mark.

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Will of James Muddle
Created by Maureen Rawson