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Will of Richard Muddle

of Hollingbourne, Kent

Source: Consistory Court of Canterbury Ref: PRC32/38/248b
Transcribed by Derek Miller
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In the name of god amen the six and twentieth day of January in the two and Fortieth year of the reign of our most gracious Sovereign Lady queen Elizabeth etc and Anni Domini one thousand five hundred ninety nine. I Richard Muddle of Hollingbourne being sick in body but of good and perfect Remembrance I thank god do make this my last will and Testament in manner and form Following. First I bequeath my soul unto almighty god my maker and to Jesus Christ his only begotten son my Redeemer and my body to be buried in the Churchyard of Thurnham.
Item I give unto the poor of the parish of Thurnham two shillings to be paid at my burial by mine Executrix.

Item I give unto Elizabeth Muddle my well beloved wife all my movable goods and chattels she paying
unto Charity my daughter the wife of Clement Browne three pounds six shillings eight pence within two years next after my decease
and to Susanne my daughter the wife of Richard Johnson of Winchelsea in Sussex three pounds six shillings eight pence within one year next after my decease.
And to Ann my daughter the wife of Gilbert Packnam three pounds six shillings eight pence within three years next after my decease.
And to Elizabeth Muddle my daughter thirteen pounds six shillings four pence to be paid by my said wife at three several payments that is to say in two years at every seven months end within the said two years and my said wife is to keep her and to find her all things necessary until the said money is fully paid.

And as touching my land and Tenements This is my last will and Testament in manner and form following viz First I give to my said wife the house wherein I now dwell and the two pieces of land next thereunto adjoining besides the Orchard and two other pieces of land and a barn called Highfield during the time that she shall continue my widow and be unmarried she keeping the Reparations.

Item I give unto my son Henry Muddle my house and all my land in Stockbury containing by estimation ten acres to be had to him and his heirs forever he paying unto my said wife during her life Forty shillings of Current English money half yearly to be paid.

Item I give unto William Muddle my son my house and building and all my land in the parish of Harrietsham to be had to him and his heirs forever he paying unto my said wife during her life Four pounds a year half yearly to be paid and if any of my said sons Henry and William do make default of payment of any of the said several Rents or money by the space of six weeks next after any of the said Feasts or days on which ought to be paid in part or in all that then it shall and may be lawful for my said wife and her assigns unto his or their part before to them given that she shall make default of payment to enter and the same to have and quietly enjoy during the term of her natural life.

Item I give unto my son John Muddle my house and land first before given to my said wife wherein I now dwell to be had to him and his heirs forever after the decease of my said wife or her marriage.

Item I give unto Arthur Muddle my youngest son my barn and the two pieces of land called Highfield to be had to him and his heirs forever after the decease of my wife or her marriage.

Item I make and ordain Elizabeth Muddle my said wife my Executrix of this my said will and Testament willing and commanding her to see all my debts and legacies duly paid according to their several times mentioned in this my will and I ordain Henry Muddle and John Muddle my sons overseers of this my said last will to see every payment and legacy duly paid according to their several times. I witness whereof I the said Richard Muddle have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year above written. Sealed and published in the presence of
John Taylor, Robt Smiths ... and others.

Proved 6 February 1599/1600

Inventory reference PRC/28/4/182, transcribed by Maureen Rawson

An inventorye of all the moveable goods and chattells that were Richard Muddles of Hollingboure at the tyme of his death ....ed and 
Apprised the fyrste daye of Februarie in the xlijth yere of the Reigne of our most gratyous Soverayne Ladye Queene Elizabeth 
by Attewell Wollett Wyllyam Wood and Artur? Doe yeomen of the p'yshe of Hollingbourne

In the haule Inprimis his purse gyrdle and monie in the purse ijs vjd Itm all his wearing apparell xxs Itm A planke table with tresells A forme A benche planke ... A mat ijs Itm two trendles two chayres and stole A plank forme foure payles A bere pym? A tube A keler &? ten fyve ladle? stagess? A bottle & A payre of stockards iiijs xjd Itm A b...te two bylls A matcoke A dryping pan iijs Itm A trevet A payre of sheres an Iron sheringhorne? two payre of pothangers A gredyron A payre of pothookes A cobiron two Iron potts A bras caldorne foure ketles two ... penets A bras bason foure candlestykes And A chafing dyshe ixs

In the dr..k chamber Imprimis iij fyrkins an Ilingt..e two kelers A kneding tress two boules of? two truges? A charne A ..gter ..... two shelves iiij dyshes A ladle and sertaine other lumber? vjs? Itm A corslet surinshe? xiijs iiijd Itm foure platters foure pewter dyshes seven sawsers two saltselers A beker & xij pewter spones vs

In an other low rome Itm A furnas A querne thre tubs two kelers A chese pres A stalder & other lumber xiijs

In the parlour Im primis fyve shelves iij galans of butter fyve? ..okes iij bacon fleches A coberd A cheste A table A fry pan A bed pan and sertaine other lumber xvijs

In the two upper chambers In primis vij boshels of tares two boshels of wheate two bacon fleches thre bedstedles foure chestes A fether bed two flockbeds thre coverlets foure blankets two boulsters two pyllowes & sertaine other lumber iiij li Itm x payre of shetes three table clothes A secend cloth two hand towels & sertaine other lynen iii li

In an other loft Itm A flocke bed coverlet boulster bed stedle and sertain m..lte wth other lumber there xxs

Item of all things w'thout doore In primis fyve acres of wheate twentye shepe two kyne three young bullockes one twelmonting foure swyne A yeldinge xx li Itm in hifeld barne eyghte quarters of lent corne and in the barne at the mansyon house of wheate and tares? unthreshed seven quarters xij li xiijs iiijd Itm for foder A coaste A caste wth other implements of husbandrie certaine pans? A coke certaine wood A maltingts tune A saye and other lumber iiij li Item of thinges for gotten iijs In totall xlix li xij s i d .. Wellet his marke Wyllyam Wood his marke Arthur Doe Ex 7 February 1599 ....

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Will of Richard Muddle
Created by Maureen Rawson