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Will of Thomas Morphett

of Tenterden, Kent

Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC17/86/17e
Submitted by Kevin Yeats
In the Name of God Amen I Thomas Morphett of Tenterden in the County of Kent Yeoman being infirm of body but of Sound and perfect in mind and memory Do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in man[n]er and form following (that is to say)
First and principally I committ my Soul to God in hopes of Redemption through my Saviour Jesus Christ’s Merits and my body to the Earth to be buried in Christian Buriale and as to what worldly goods It hath pleased God to endow me with I do give and Dispose the same as follows viz

Imprimis I do give and bequeath unto Jane my now wife all that bed and furniture and all the Linnon Woollon and other the Goods and Chattells now in my Custody and possession and that were given to me by her Aunt Joan Binskin deceased

Item I give and bequeath unto all and every my Children each of them the Sume of one hundred pounds to be paid unto them at their Severall and respective ages of two and twenty Years out of my real and personall Estate which I do hereby Charge with the payment thereof

Item I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Elizabeth all that Box with the Gold rings and other things therein contained and which were given to her by her deceased Mother being marked E

Item I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Invill one broad piece of Gold Commonly Called a Carolus
and to my Son Thomas two broad pieces of like Gold
and to my Daughter Jane one other broad piece of like Gold
and to my Son John one other broad piece of like Gold
all which last men[t]ioned pieces of broad Gold are now in a little round Box and therein put and laid for the purpose of this Devise the said box being marked A

Item I will order and bequeath that my two Daughters Elizabeth and Invill be paid and satisfyed the Sume of ten pounds now Justly due to them from me and that they also have and keep to their own Use and Uses all and every the Sheep Stock and Cattle that is now their proper right to have and heretofore Called theirs over and besides the Legacies herein men[t]ioned to be given to them

Item I nominate constitute and appoint my Son Thomas Exeutor of this my last Will and Testament and In regard my Said Son Thomas is under age I do therefore Substitut and appoint my loving brother John Morphett and my said Wife Jane (So long as she shall continue my Widow only) to be Executors of this my said Will during my said Sons minority to whom I desire administra[t]ion may be Com[m]itted accordingly
and I do hereby Direct and appoint that my said substitut Executors be accountable Yearly for what they shall respectively do in their said office to my loving Friends Mr. Edward Back of Tenterden aforesaid and Mr William Burden of Rolvenden in the said County whom I do appoint overseers of thi my said last Will and Testament desiring their aid and assistance therein

Item my will desire and meaning is that my Said Brother John Morphett and my said Wife Jane should Continue their Joynt Stock and Cohabitation as the same is now between us and out of the rents profitts and produce of my Estate to maintain Educate and bring up my said Children and that all moneys arising thereby that shall surmount the maintainance and Educa[t]ion of my said Children may be applied for and towards the Discharge of such Debts and Incumbrances as my Estate is liable to answer and pay if any such shall happen before the Legacies herein before bequeathed shall respectively become due and paid as aforesaid
and In Case or when Dissolution of such Joynt made or partition shall happen to be made or that any of my said Children shall think fitt and desire to live apart then I will and Direct that the Yearly Sume of Five pounds a piece be paid to every of my said Children or to their Guardian or Guardians for them respectively for and towards their Maintainance and Educa[t]ion Until their said severall Legacies of one Hundred pounds a peece shall be paid them respectively as hereinbefore men[t]ioned

and my Will and Desire is that the said John Morphett and Edward Back only have and take the Care and Guardianship of my said two Daughters Elizabeth and Invill Separate from the rest of my Children whom I do Comitt to the Care and Guardianship of the said John Morphett Edward Back William Burden and Jane my now Wife During her widowhood Joyntly together and in Case any of my said Children should dye before the time of payment of their said Severall legacies to him her or them herein or hereby bequeathed then I will and Direct that the por[t]ion or legacy of him her or them so dying shall Descend and Come to the Survivors or Survivor of them Share and Share alike Save only such things goods and matters as are herein before men[t]ioned and reserved to belong solely and properly to my said two Daughters Elizabeth and Invill and as their Mothers for which I do hereby Constitute them to be each others heirs only and solely

Item Whereas on my Intermarriage with my said Wife I did enter Into bond for Security of the payment of the full and Just Sume of two hundred pounds for and In Lieu of her Dower Right or title of Dower or any Claime or Demand that she might have or make of in to or out of the estate of me the said Thomas Morphett which said sume of two hundred pounds was laid out and Disposed of in the purchase of a Certain Farme Cleed Bulleigne Farm
Now my mind and will is that in Case my said wife shall and doe surrender up the said bond to be Cancelled then I do hereby give and Devise Unto her my said wife and her assigns for and During the term of her Naturall Life one annuity or yearly rent Charge of ten pounds per annum to be Issuing and payable out of the said messuage Farm Lands and premisses with the appurten[an]ces Called Bulleign Farm scituate lying and being in Tenterden aforesaid which I do hereby Charge with the payment of the said annuity pursuant to a Certain proviso or agreement men[t]ioned and Contained in and by Certain Indentures of Copartnership bearing Date on or about the Fifteen Day of theis Instant March and Between me the said Thomas Morphett and the said John Morphett for that and other purposes made which said annuity or Yearly rent Charge of ten pounds I do will and Direct shall be paid to my said wife by two equall half yearly payments the first payment thereof to be and begin at that feast of the usuall Feast days of payment in the year Called Michaelmas and Lady day that shall next happen after her Surrendering up the said bond as aforesaid and not otherwise and that Free and Discharged of and from all and all manner of Losses Taxes Duties and Impositions whatsoever that shall or may happen Come or be due or payable for the same

Item the rest and residue of all and Singular my Goods Chattells Creditts and personal Estate whatsoever not hereinbefore given and Disposed of (after all my Just Debts funerall Expences and probate of this my last Will Shall be paid and Discharged) I do give and bequeath unto my Son Thomas

Item I do revoke all former Wills by me made and Do declare this to be my last Will and Testament
In Witness whereof to this my said last Will and Testament Contained in Three Severall Sheets of paper annext together I have to the two First Sheets thereof Subscribed my name and to this last Sheet have Set my hand and Seale this one and twentieth Day of March in the third Year of the Reign of our Soveraign Lord King George (GR) and in the Year of our Lord Christ one thousand Seven hundred and Sixteene
Thomas Morphett
Signed sealed published and Declared by the said Thomas Morphett the Testator as his last Will and Testament in the presence of us who Subscribed our names as witnesses at the request and in the presence of the said Testator
Jeremiah Morphett - John Bricker - Adam Fowle

Date of death: 3 Feb 1721/22
Probate: 4 May 1722

Thomas’s wife Jane predeceased him (d. 28 May 1720 of pleurisy according to “Dr Cliff’s Diary”).
Witness Adam Fowle was likely the Tenterden Town Clerk, and father of Lydia Fowle who was the second wife of Thomas Morphett, junior (the young son named as Executor in this will).

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Will of Thomas Morphett
Created by Maureen Rawson