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Will of Henry Matson

of Dover, Kent

Source: Prerogative Court of Canterbury 1721
Submitted by Veronica Nops
This Twelfth Day of October Anno Dom 1720 I Henry Matson of Dover in the County of Kent Merchant do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following (That is to say)
In the first part I do confirm the gifts and legacies devised given or bequeathed in and by the severall Wills of my late Mother and Brothers deceased to be payd out of their respective Estates as thereby directed

Item do make and ordaine my friends Thomas Broadley and Benjamin Devinck Joynt Executors of this my last Will and Testament and Trustees of my whole estate as hereinafter mentioned and I do hereby give and devise unto the said Thomas Broadley and Benjamin Devinck and their Heirs unto their use All my Lands Tenements and Hereditaments and all other my estate Real and Personall and of whatsoever other kind or denomination In Speciall trust and Confidence in them Reposed and to the express uses intents and purposes hereinafter declared and to no other uses intents and purposes whatsoever (That is to say)

First I do order the legacy of 8 pounds p annum for Life given to Robert Roots and Wife in my Brother Daniels Will and the legacy of 7 pounds pa given in my Brother Nathaniels Wills for the life of the said Robert Roots and to make up 10 pounds pa for his Wife's life to be made up to them in all Two and Twenty pounds pa for the life of them both and the longest liver of them

Item I give unto Robert Brunker 20 pounds pa during his life and to John Goodwin 15 pounds pa during his life
And to the Wife of Richard Dixon lately called Anne Lecandle the summe of 15 pounds sterling
And to all the Servants living in my family at the time of my decease a years wages each

Item I give to Edward Driver and his heirs forever my Stable at or near the Limekilns in Dover now in his occupation and I do forgive him all arrears of Rent
Item I do forgive my Cousin James Matson of Reach all debts due from him to my Brother Nathaniel or me as Executor
Item I give unto his Son-in-Law Jaggar Spillett 40 pounds sterling
Item I give unto the Mother of my nephew James Matson 25 pounds pa for her life and to his Aunt Grimwood Forder the Legacy of 10 pounds pa given her in my Mothers Will to be made up 25 pounds pa for her life both these Annuities to my Nephews Mother and Aunt to come out of my Long Annuity of 50 pounds pa payable at the Exchequer

Item I give unto my nephew James Matson for his life my annuity of seventy pounds per ann payable at the Exchequer and 28 pounds pa more to arise out of my Shares in the Welch Mines in all 98 pounds pa for life which I desire my said Executors to pay him at their discretion weekly if they see occasion and if the said Exchequer Annuity or Welch Mines shall happen to fail in part or in all then I order that the said 98 pounds pa for my Nephews life to be made good unto him out of my other estate

And it is my mind and will that if my Nephew shall happen to be put on by anybody to sett up or pretend to any clayme or Right to any part of my estate not hereby given or confirmed unto him and in case my Executors and he cannot agree then such clayme or dispute to be referred to the determination of 3 able Counsellors one to be chosen by my Executors and one by my Nephew and the 3rd by the 2 Counsellors so chosen as aforesaid And if they give the matter against my Nephew and he dont agree to what they do but shall still continue to give trouble to my Executors then I do hereby impower them to stop his annuity

Item I give unto the Poor of the Town of Dover 40 pounds sterling to be distributed by my Executors after my decease as they shall think fit
Item I give unto Alice Sweetland widdow 20 pounds sterling
Item I do impower my Executors to receive 40 pounds pa out of my estate to be applied by them for the Relief of my poor Relations of the name of Matson whenever they shall be in want of it
Item I give unto Mr Robert Wickenden 10 shares in the Welch Mines for ever

Item after all the aforegoing Legacyes are paid and secured I desire the rest and residue of my said estate may go to my Brother Christopher Matson during his life and for that purpose I desire my Executors to lay out the personall Estate in purchasing Lands or otherwise to secure the same to the best advantage and all the Annuall Income and produce thereof to pay unto my said Brother Christopher as long as he shall live

Item after the decease of my said Brother Christopher it is my mind and will that my Executors shall purchase or convey the value of 150 pounds pa in Lands unto and in the name of Warden and Assistants of Dover Harbour for the time being for the use and repair of the said Harbour for ever and to be made good from his death until a proper purchase of Lands can be got
But as I have observed a very great defect in the workmen of Dover Harbour in not stopping the Trunnell holes in the piles of the said Harbour whereby they are worn out and broken asunder in half the time they would otherwise stand I do hereby for the benefitt and service of the said Harbour declare this Legacy to be upon Condition that the Warden and Assistants of Dover Harbour shall upon notice hereof take care to have all the Trunnell holes stopt and constantly kept so and the pins cutt of close and even or else this gift to be void

Item after the decease of my said Brother Christopher I give and bequeath unto Robert Matson son of my Cousin Robert Matson deceased the sum of 500 pounds sterling in case he live to be of the age of 21 years over and above his share of my Estate with the rest of my cousins hereinafter mentioned

Item after the decease of my said Brother Christopher I give and devise all my estate Reall personall and otherwise not herein otherwise disposed of to be equally divided amongst the Children then surviving of my 4 Kinsmen (to wit) Robert Matson deceased John Matson of Sibbertswould James Matson late of Dover Jurat deceased and James Matson now of Reach to be paid unto them on their respective Marriages or attaining the Age of 21 years
And in case my said Cousin John Matson and James Matson or ether of them be living at the time of the decease of my Brother Christopher then it is my mind that the share and portion of my estate so as aforesaid given to such of their Children as then shall be unmarried and under the age of 21 years be paid unto them their said fathers respectively and they to have the use and benefitt of it until such their Children shall marry or attaine the age of 21 years respectively and then to be paid them and not before

Item I give and bequeath unto my said Executors Mr Broadly and Mr Devinck 10 shares apiece in the Welch Mines
And I do impower them to deduct out of my said Estate so as aforesaid to come to their hands all lawfull and reasonable Charges Expenses and Disbursements which they shall be at and sustain in the discharge of the Executorship and Trust hereby reposed in them It being my mind that they shall be indemnified and borne harmless in all things they shall lawfully doe and execute in fulfilling what is herein declared to be in my mind and Will

And I do revoke all former and other Wills by me at any time heretofore made And even so I conchide? this and none other to be my last Will and Testament In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the Day and Year first above written Henry Matson Signed sealed published and declared by the said Henry Matson as and for his last Will and Testament in the presence of us who have subscribed our names as Witnesses thereto at the request and in the presence of the said Testator
(The words over and above his share of my Estate with the rest of my Cousins hereinafter mentioned being first interlined in the 43rd line of this paper)
John Horne - Lance Walton - Robert Wellard

Probate 24 Mar 1721
John Bettesworth doctor Prerogative Court of Canterbury
Granted to Thomas Broadly & Benjamin Devinck Executors

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Will of Henry Matson
Created by Maureen Rawson