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Will of Richard Marsh

of Stanford, Kent

Source: Consistory Court of Canterbury, PRC32/Vo58/Fo404, 1712
Transcribed by Mike Cozens
In the name of God Amen I Richard Marsh of the parish of Stanford in the County of Kent Yeoman knowing the uncertainty of Man's Life and finding myself something weake and sick in Body, but of perfect sense and mind God be praised, do make and ordaine this my last Will and Testament in manner and fforme following.

Item I make and ordaine my son Richard Marsh my full and whole Executor of this my last will to whom I give and bequeath all my good chattells, cattle and Moneys whatsoever for and towards the payment of a hundred pounds that I stand engaged to pay unto my two Daughter in Law namely Ann Hogben and Mary Hogben at the time or times and such Manner as is preferred by my said Engagement and other small Debts and funeral charges 'etc' and what is left over and above the same of my said personal estate to pay off the Mortgage of two hundred pounds, which is upon my Lands in Stanford aforesaid so far as it will go in part or the whole and if any be over and above to rest and remain to the use of my said Executor Also I give to my said Son Richard Marsh the twenty pounds which is given to me by the will of my uncle Stephen Hookes late of Halden in the said County after the decease of his wife, when the same doth become payable, Also I give unto my Heirs and Assignes forever my twenty pound a year of my said Lands part of this ffarme situate lying and being in Stanford aforesaid now in my own Occupation after my Son William Marsh come to the Age of one and twenty yeares

Item I give unto my dear and loving wife towards the bringing up of my children my said twenty pound a year Lands till my said Son William Marsh come to the age of one and twenty years as aforesaid and after that time to devolve and go to my said son Richard as aforesaid and my will further is that if my said Wife shall fortune to depart this life or marry before my said Son William come to the age of one and twenty years as aforesaid then my said Lands to go to my said Executor Richard Marsh and he shall keep maintain and bring up my three youngest children William Joseph and Elizabeth allowing them Schooling and all things fitting according to their degree until my said Son William come to the Age of one and twenty Years as aforesaid

Item I give and bequeath unto my said three youngest children namely William Marsh, Joseph Marsh and Elizabeth Marsh each of them one hundred pounds of lawfull money of England, William and Joseph when they come to Age of one and twenty Years and Elizabeth when she comes to the Age of twenty years, which I Engage by this my last will for the payment of the same And if any of my said children William Joseph and Elizabeth shall fortune to depart this Life before they shall Attaine their several Ages as aforesaid and those Legacies become due unto them, that the Legacy and Legacies of such as shall dy shall rest and be to the use of my said Executor, and further my will is that if in case my said Executor shall make Default in payment of the several Legacies given to my said children William Joseph and Elizabeth, at the several times before mentioned for the payment thereof, then it shall and may be lawfull to and for them and either of them to enter in and upon my said Lands and Receive their part of Rent and profits thereof to their own use proportionally according to their several Legacies, until they shall be fully satisfied their Legacies afore given them And I appoint and earnestly desire my loving ffather Joseph Marsh to be Overseer to this my last will and to be aiding and assisting my said Executor in the performance thereof being my last Will and Testament made and declared as aforesaid revoking all former ) In witness whereof to the first page I have only set my hand but to this last my hand and Seale this ninth Day of December Anno Dm' 1702 Richard Marsh, Signed Sealed published and declared to be the last will and Testament Sig'ned' the said Richard Marsh in the presence of
Lettice Smith Robert Lott William Smith

Probate: 19th July 1712 Executor Richard Marsh (Son age 19?)

Richard Marsh Christened 1663 of Joseph & married Ann Hogben at Lyminge on 3 July 1690
Richard Marsh Jun Christened on 22nd August 1692
Richard Senior buried at Stanford on 9th June 1712
Ann Marsh Widow buried at Stanford on 15th March 1722/23

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Will of Richard Marsh
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