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Market Towns

Information on markets and fairs held in Kent.   This list contains towns with an active market in 1839, some earlier markets had been discontinued.   There were other fairs held in smaller towns and villages which are not included here.   People often met their future spouse at their local market and sometimes they also married there.
Source: Pigot's 1839 Directory of Kent
The weekly market is on Tuesday and Saturday, and one of the principal stock markets in the county is held on the first and third Tuesday every month.   Five annual fairs, four for general merchandize and one for wool.
Market day is Thursday with 2 annual fairs for live stock.
Daily market for provisions of all kinds and one for cattle, corn, hops and seed on Saturday.   A 10 day fair in October is for pedlery, toys and pleasure.
Market day is Saturday.   Fairs were formerly held twice a year.
Markets for livestock, hops and corn are held alternate Wednesdays.   Two annual fairs for cattle and pedlery.
Market day is Saturday and there is a fair in August.
Markets on Tuesday and Saturday and two annual pleasure fairs.
Markets are on Wednesday and Saturday and a fair of up to 10 days is held in November.
Markets are on Wednesday and Saturday with all kinds of provisions.   Two annual fairs have fallen out of favour.
Markets are on Wednesday and Saturday and there are two annual fairs.
Markets are on Wednesday for corn and Saturday for general domestic articles.   Two annual fairs for horses, cloth and other commodities.
Market days are Wednesday and Saturday and 3 day fairs or revels are held at Easter and Whitsun.
A corn market is held every Thursday and a new market for live stock is held on alternate Mondays.   Two fairs, one for cattle and pedlery and one for cattle and sheep.
Market day is Thursday.   One annual fair for pedlery.
A cattle market is held on the second Saturday of the month, a corn and hop market every Thursday, a meat and poultry market on Thursdays and Saturdays and a daily market for fish and vegetables.   There are four annual fairs held for horses, cattle and pedlery, one of which is also for hops.
Markets are on Wednesday and Saturday.
Milton next Sittingbourne
Market day is Saturday and two annual fairs are held for cattle and toys.
Markets are on Wednesday and Saturday.
There is a general market every friday and a corn market on Tuesday.   There is also a monthly stock market and two annual fairs which are in decline.
New Romney
Saturday is market day and there is an annual stock fair.
Markets are on Wednesday (corn) and Saturday, and there is a cattle market on alternate Mondays.  A large fair in December often lasts for 10 days.
The weekly market, good for corn, is held on Saturday and there is a cattle market monthly.   Three annual fairs are held.
A monthly market is on Tuesdays and two fairs for linen, woollen goods and hardware.
The market is good for corn and held on Friday.   One annual fair for stock, pedlery and pleasure.
A market on the first Tuesday of the month for stock and other commodities and an annual fair for toys etc.
Market day is Wednesday and there is one fair for cattle and toys.
West Malling
Market day is Saturday but little frequented and there are three annual fairs for cattle.
Markets are held on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

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Market Towns
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