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Will of John Mantle

of Nackington, Kent

Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC17/Vo46/Fo96, 1585/6
Transcribed by Mike Cozens
In the name of God Amen the 24th day of January in the 28th year of the reign of our sovereign Lady Elizabeth by the grace of god of England France and Ireland Queen defender of the faith Anno 1585 I John Mantle of the parish of Nackington in the county of Kent yeoman do make this my last will and testament in form following First I commend my soul into the hands of god and my body to the ground from whence it first came there to continue until the coming of my Saviour Christ to judgement at which time I believe that my body & soul rejoined together I shall enjoy eternal life by Christ

Item I give unto Agnes my wife 30 pounds five pairs of sheets 2 pillows with pillowcases 6 plates 2 saucers one cauldron one feather bed a bolster one blanket with a coverlet of red & blue and one bedstead such one as she shall choose the which bedstead after her decease I will that Ralfe my son shall have

Provided and my will is that before she do receive of my executors the said sum of 30 pounds she shall put in bond by sufficient securities to my executors to release all that her right of dowry or widow right of and in one tenement with the appurtenances in the parish of Molash within Kent? with appurtenances I will unto one Thomas Amys

Item I give unto John my son ten pounds
Item I give unto Elizabeth my daughter ten pounds
Item I give unto Mary my daughter ten pounds
Item I give unto Grace my daughter ten pounds
Item I give unto Agnes my daughter ten pounds
Item I give unto Joyce my daughter ten pounds
And my will is that Elizabeth my daughter shall have her portion her day of marriage or within one whole year after my decease, and that Mary Grace Agnes and Joyce my daughters shall have their several parts at their days of marriage or at the age of 23 years

Item I give unto Ralfe my son 20 pounds two ewes and two lambs the which ewes and lambs I will he shall have within one year after my decease and the sum of 20 pounds at the age of 21 And my will is that Agnes my wife shall have said sum of 30 pounds within three years after my decease so that the yield to the making of the bond with sufficient securities as is before set down or else my will is that my executors shall detain and keep in their hands 10 pounds of the said 30 pounds to discharge a bond wherein I stand bound to Thomas Amis of Molash and his assigns

Item I give unto mother Thomas 4 pence
Item I give to Roger Lastes? 4 pence
Item I give to John Willeys 4 pence

For my Lands this is my will First I give and bequeath unto Edward and William my sons one great tenement in the parish of Saint Dunstan near Cant. and the backside with a piece of lease land and the appurtenances in fee simple forever

Item I give unto Ralfe my son one little tenement with a way that leadeth to an house of office all being adjoining to the greater tenement and situated in the said parish of Saint Dunstan to him in fee simple for ever and my will is that my wife during her life shall keep half the reparations of both the said Tenements

All the rest of my goods my legacies and debts discharged I give and bequeath unto Edward and William my sons equally between them and I ordain and make them my executors to see this my will performed provided and my will is that if my goods will not arise to discharge this my will and to give and allow unto Edward and William my sons and executors 40 pounds apiece then I will the portions of all my children shall by the discretion and ordering of my overseers be abated & diminished so that there may be sufficient to discharge my legacies and that my executors may have either of them 40 pounds as is aforesaid and I appoint Ralfe Tyrry and Christopher Gales? to be my overseers
These being witnesses Thomas Bunker by mark Isaack Tyrry and William Knight

Probate: 12th March 1585/86

John Mantle buried at Nackington on 13 February 1585/86

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Will of John Mantle
Created by Maureen Rawson