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Pigot's Directory of Kent 1827

Maidstone, Kent

NOBILITY, GENTRY AND CLERGY Affenden R. esq. Week-st Alexander Thomas, gent. West Borough Baker Capt. Earl-st Beaumont Charles, gent. Barming-heath Best Mrs. Stone-st Bodman ___, gebt. Albion-place Bowyer Thos. gent. Mill-lane Browne William esq. West Borough Brown Colonel Sir John, Barracks Burr Misses, Stone-st Burwash Mrs. King-st Chamberlayne Capt. West Borough Cook Miss, West Borough Cooke Capt. West Borough Cooper Thomas, gent. Week-st Corrall Philip, esq. College Crewe Mrs. Albion-place Crowder John, gent. High-st Cuyler Colonel, Pennenden-heath Douce Augustus, esq. West Borough Finch Mrs. King-st Gamon Mrs. Albion-place Goldsmid Henry, esq. West Borough Harriott Mrs. King-st Harris Mrs. West Borough Hazell Robt. gent. High-st Hazell Stephen Link, gent. Mill-lane Heawood Mrs. King-st Hepburn James, esq. Tovill-place Hills Joseph, jun. gent. Week-st Holland Joseph, esq. Wheeler-st Horton Capt. West Borough Hughes John, esq. High-st Hughes John Newington, esq. High-st Hyde Thomas, sen. esq. King-st Jacobson James. esq. Week-st Jenkins, Rev. Edmund, Week-st Kebble John, gent. Week-st Lee Joseph, esq. West Borough Mackenzie Captain, Tovill Mc. Kitchie Thomas, esq. West Borough Miller, Rev. Michael, Loose-road Mortimer John, esq. West Borough Oakes, Rev. Edward, 16 Union-st Peale Edw. esq. Pennenden-heath Pillow John, gent. Tovill Pine Miss, Virginia Pine Thomas, gent. Virginia Pope Horatio, gent. Fant Pope Thos. Blissett, esq. King-st Prentis Miss, West Borough Reeve, Rev. James, King-st Romney Earl of, Moat-house Shepherd Henry, esq. Virginia Shirley Samuel, esq. Water-lane Simmonds Joseph, gent. King-st Skeere Thos. esq. Queen Ann-row Springett John, esq. King-st Stacey Courtney, esq. Stone-st Stacey Wm. Henry, esq. Stone-st Stone Mrs. Albion-place Stone Robert, esq. Loddington near Linton Taylor Liberty, esq. High-st Tyssen William Geo. Daniel, esq. Pennenden-heath Warde Mrs. King-st Warde Mrs. Virginia Warwick John, esq. High-st White Capt. Week-st Wildes Mrs. Week-st Wimble Miss, West Borough Wise Mrs. King-st ACADEMIES (BOARDING) Avery Misses, (ladies) Earl-St Clark Mrs. (ladies) 55 King-st Cutbush Miss, (ladies) 107 Stone-st Heawood Rev. Edward, (grammar) Earl-st Horton Edmund, (gents) King-st Hudson Miss (ladies) Stone-st Ridouts Misses (ladies) Albion-place Rigden Miss (ladies) West Borough Sanders Mrs. (ladies) St. Faith's house Smith and Pierce (ladies) Knightrider-st Varty Robinson (gents) Bower-house ATTORNEYS Dunning Wm. Alexander, High-st Gilles John, Earl-st Hoar & Beale, (Chas. Hoar, town clerk), King-st Lamprey Steph. Pennenden-heath Monckton John, King-st Scudamore & Wildes (Wm. Scudamore, deputy clerk of the peace and county treasurer) 21 Week-st Smythe Clement Taylor, Romney-place Stephens and Hills, Mill-lane Sweetlove David, Tanner, Mill-lane and Lenham Topping Charles, Albion-place AUCTIONEERS Beaumont John Delap, 80 High-st Carter & Morris, Week-st Edmett Thomas, High-st Homewood Thos. 32 Gabriel's-hill Williams & Reeves, 112 Stone-st BAKERS Alexander John, King-st Ayerst Francis, Week-st Brenchley Frederick, Stone-st Brenchley Stephen, Week-st Brown Joseph, High-st Brown William, Pudding-lane Burn George, Union-st Charlton Charles, 45 High-st Cook Thomas, Havock-lane Dear James, Wheeler-st Divers John, 58 King-st Eve Robert, sen. Union-st Eve Robert, jun. Week-st Hills Thomas, 24 Week-st Hodges George, Union-st Honey James, 12 Week-st Pell George, Stone-st Pell James, 34 Gabriel's-hill Reader Thomas, Stone-st Robinson Samuel, 12 King-st Stacey James, Week-st Willson John, Brunswick-st Willson Thomas, Week-st Wright George, 74 High-st BANKERS Corrall & Mercer, High-st Draw on Curries, Raikes & Co. London BASKET MAKERS Harper William, High-st Peters William, 69 High-st Stubberfield John, 7 Gabriel's-hill BLACKSMITHS Clifford Robert, Union-st Cowen William, 44 High-st Gibbs Thomas, Moat-road Moore John, 15 Earl-st Pearson Isaac, sen. West Borough BLOCK & PUMP MAKERS Allman John, St. Faith's-st Brown James, 36 Earl-st BOOKBINDERS See also Booksellers etc. Martin James, 40 Stone-st Price Thomas, 49 King-st BOOKSELLERS AND STATIONERS See also Bookbinders and also Stationers (wholesale) Austen Ambrose, 5 Week-st Hall John Vine, 83 High-st Porter William, Week-st Smith John, (& reading room and stamp office) High-st Wickham Phoebe, 102 Week-st Williams Edward, 17 Gabriel's-hill BOOT & SHOE MAKERS Arnett Charles, 26 Mill-lane Bentlif James, 35 Gabriel's-hill Bentlif Sarah, 89 High-st Cabbell William, Week-st Chaplin Thos. and Son, 8 High-st Danells John, 32 High-st Davies John, Week-st Dieter John, High-st Gegan Harriet, Week-st Henty John, Week-st Kettle Henry, West-borough Kite Felix, 59 King-st Marsh John, 1 High-st Masters Charles, 101 Week-st Paris Thomas, 16 Stone-st Pratt Walter, 30 stone-st Randall William, 16 Gabriel's-hill Robinson James, 75 High-st Ruck James, 9 King-st Sheen Thomas, 22 Gabriel's-hill Stanford James, High-st BRASS FOUNDERS Moore Wm. and Son, Water-side Piper Chas. and Henry, (& smiths) Havock-lane BRAZIERS &c. Beaumont John Delap, 80 High-st Dann George, High-st Kennard Elizabeth, 63 High-st Kennard Mary, 46 High-st BREWERS Baldwin William, West Borough Brenchley, Stacey & Wise, Stone-st Fish William, Earl-st Plane & Heathorn, Earl-st BRICKLAYERS &c. Brooke William, Winchester-place Laker John, Union-st Stevens John, Union-st BRICK MAKERS Ruck Benj. and Charles, Earl-st BUILDERS &c. Allen John, West Borough Colegate Richard, Week-st Collis Henry, 115 Stone-st Cutbush Henry, 44 King-st Cutbush John, Stone-st Ranger Henry, Tovill Ruck Benjamin & Charles, St. Faith's-green Ruck Joseph, Week-st Tassell Thos. West Borough BUTCHERS Avery Samuel, Union-st Bonny Geo. King-st Bonny James, Week-st Carter Wm. Union-st Chittenden Thos. Stone-st Crispe Wm. 85 High-st Dear William, 91 High-st Doe John, High-st Down John, Tovill Hall John, High-st Hearnden William, 28 Gabriel's-hill Holyer John, Stone-st Jarrett John, High-st Johnson Thomas, 38 Gabriel's-hill Maidman Robert, Earl-st Masters william, 119 Stone-st Mead James, 100 Stone-st Mullen Thomas, 38 King-st Norton James, Knightrider-st Oliver George, 98 Week-st Olliver George, 62 High-st Pattenden Robert, Week-st Pemble Isaac, King-st Stanley Samuel, Week-st Stanley Thomas, Week-st Vigor William, New-st Waters John, George-st CABINET MAKERS AND UPHOLSTERERS Box George, Union-st Carter & Morris, Week-st Edmett Thomas, High-st Sawer Joseph Philip, Union-st CARPENTERS &c. Benzie John, Union-st Russell Thomas, Stone-st Seager Richard, New-st Weekes James, Stone-st CARVERS AND GUILDERS Gegan James, High-st Pexton James, 8 King-st CHINA, GLASS & EARTHENWARE DEALERS Harris Robert, 14 King-st Hawkins George, 90 High-st Hyde Thomas, jun. High-st Ruck, Exrs. of late John, 24 High-st CLOTHIERS Elgar John, 25 High-st Guthrie William, Week-st Hadlow John, Pudding-lane COACH BUILDERS Hoadly William and Son, Week-st Wattell John Borman, King-st COAL DEALERS Argles & Simmonds, Bridge-wharf Bunyan John, 108 Stone-st Chaplin John, Pudding-lane Hodges George, Union-st Holloway William, Week-st Kipping Henry, King-st Mason Edward, Water-side Newman Denny, High-st Poolly George, Water-side Savage Richard, Stone-st Simmonds Henry, Water-side Smyth & Poolly, (& slate) West Borough Terry James, Stone-st Vinten John, Wharf-st Wimble John & Sons, Water-side Wright George, Water-side CONFECTIONERS Ball William, 3 Week-st Cole James, 42 Gabriel's-hill Colvin John, 20 Stone-st Fisher Samuel, 103 Week-st Hughes William, Pudding-lane COOPERS Baker Charles, 78 High-st Davis Oliver, sen. Week-st Jenking Thos. & Son, 56 King-st Marchant James, King-st Martin Thomas, Stone-st Mercer John, Pudding-lane Payne John, 105 Stone-st Pell Thomas, Stone-st Springatt John, Week-st Swinnock George, Week-st Wildey Richard, Week-st CORN FACTORS, MERCHANTS & DEALERS Archer George, 77 High-st Argles & Simmonds, 91 High-st Blinkhorn Robert, King-st Bunyar John, 108 Stone-st Burgess George, Week-st Elvy Francis Barham, 38 Earl-st Holloway William, 78 Week-st Jones Francis, High-st Mercer John & Thomas, Mill-lane Mitchell Thomas, 110 Stone-st Simmonds Henry, High-st Wicks Thomas, Earl-st CURRIERS AND LEATHER CUTTERS Bentlif John, 79 High-st Gamon John, 17 Gabriel's-hill Oliver Edward & Son, 18 High-st Oliver William, 7 Week-st Reader John, 118 Stone-st Tolhurst William Henry, 34 Gabriel's-hill CUTLERS Diprose John, High-st French George Weldish, 22 Week-st Jackson William, Week-st Pierce and Stanger, 93 High-st DRUGGISTS &c. Link Elizabeth, 36 Gabriel's-hill Mares & Godden, 66 High-st Prance James Connell, 86 High-st Sedgwick William, High-st Shepherd Julius Sampson, 17 Week-st Smith George, 26 Gabriel's-hill DYERS Rose William, 7 Mill-lane Woolley Philip, Pudding-lane FELLMONGER Tanner Benjamin, 64 High-st FIRE &c. OFFICE AGENTS ATLAS, William Randall, 16 Gabriel's-hill BRITISH, George Hulburd, Week-st COUNTY, Jas. Stanger, 93 High-st EAST KENT & CANTERBURY, Harry Sherer, 17 King-st GUARDIAN, Thomas Hall Durrant, 41 Gabriel's-hill KENT, Charles Hughes, Secretary, High-st NORWICH UNION, George, Hawkins, 90 High-street PELICAN, (life) Thos. Homewood, 32 Gabriel's-hill PHOENIX, Ths. Homewood, 32 Gabriel's-hill PROTECTOR, Williams & Reeves, 112 Stone-st PROVIDENT (life) James Stanger, 93 High-st WEST OF ENGLAND, A. Austen, Week-st FISHMONGERS Francis John, High-st Piety Richard, Week-st FRUITERERS Benjamin Philip, High-st Bran John, High-st Haynes Edward, 7 King-st Sinden Mary, High-st Smith John, 120 Stone-st Steer James, 14 High-st FURNITURE BROKERS Clarke James, 4 King-st Pearson Isaac, Pudding-lane Williams & Reeves, 112 Stone-st Young Frederick William, Union-st GROCERS Arkcoll John, 121 Stone-st Ballard Phoebe, 17 Stone-st Clarke Joseph, 23 High-st Durrant Thomas Hall, 41 Gabriel's-hill Foreman George, Stone-st Fulljames Robert, 92 High-st Hodgkin John Robert, King-st Hodgskin John Rogers, 37 Earl-st Munk Edward, 11 Stone-st Pearue Charles, 10 Week-st Potter James, 68 High-st Southon David, 82 Week-st Standen Thomas, Union-st Stone John, Stone-st Tassell and Lawrence, High-st Webb Richard and Co. 36 King-st Wheeler Benjamin, Week-st Willcocks Thomas, 43 High-st GUN & PISTOL MAKERS Jackson William Richard, 39 Gabriel's-hill Lawrence David, 21 Gabriel's-hill Sharp Mary, King-st HAIRDRESSERS Dadswell Elizabeth, 3 Gabriel's-hill Driver John, Week-st Johnson Benjamin, High-st Jordan Robert, 78 Week-st Mercer William, 25 High-st Paine Joseph, High-st HATTERS Briggs Edward, (manufacturer) 3 King-st Cole James, Week-st Harris Walter, 11 High-st Hulburd George, 8 Week-st Railton Thos. Robert, 73 High-st HOP FACTORS Argles & Simmonds, Bridge-wharf Dodson James, High-st Stone William, West Borough HOTEL Newman Denny (private & family) High-st INNS Bell, Valentine Weldish, Week-st Bull, George Rachell, 42 Gabriel's-hill George, William Wickham, 37 Gabriel's-hill Haunch of Venison, John Down, High-st Star, William Scoons, High-st Swan, David Parry, 87 High-st IRONFOUNDERS Moore William & Son, Water-side IRONMONGERS Beaumont John Delap, 80 High-st Gurney John, 2 Week-st Pearson Isaac, 5 King-st Pierce & Stanger, 93 High-st Pine & Ellis, 12 Gabriel's-hill JEWELLERS Bartlett Samuel, 96 Week-st Jackson William (& hardwareman) Week-st Martin John, High-st Moore William, High-st Tate James, High-st LIME BURNERS Allen John, West Borough Heathorn John, Earl-st Ruck Benj. & Charles, Earl-st LINEN DRAPERS Beeching & Edmett, High-st Crandall William, Week-st Delf Samuel, 11 King-st Palfrey William, 81 High-st Poole James, Week-st Warwick Richard, 88 High-st Watts Jas. & Edward, 61 High-st MALTSTERS Burgess George, Week-st Charlton Charles, 45 High-st Cutbush Henry, 44 King-st Fish William, Earl-st Plane and Heathorn, Earl-st Simmonds Henry, High-st MILLERS - CORN Blinkhorn Robert, King-st Bull John, Buckingford-mill Bunyar John, 108 Stone-st Knott James, 28 Union-st Mercer John & Thos. Mill-lane Wilson Robert, Tovill MILLINERS &c. Brock Jemima, 17 Earl-st Hobson Ann Sophia, Week-st Marshall Elizabeth, 23 Week-st Oliver Sarah, 100 Week-st Smallman Robert, 13 High-st MILLWRIGHTS Piper Chas. & Henry, Havock-lane Piper Thomas, Spring-st Sweetlove Thomas, Moat-road MUSIC - PROFESSOR OF Sanders Edward, St. Faith's-house NEWSPAPERS Maidstone Gazette and Kentish Courier, (Tuesday) R.J.Cutbush, Week-st Maidstone Journal, (Tuesday) J.V.Hall, 83 High-st NURSERY & SEEDSMEN Bunyard James, West Borough Dawes Josiah Wise, King-st Valentine Valentine, 14 Gabriel's-hill OIL & COLOURMEN Pierce & Stanger, 93 High-st Smith George, 26 Gabriel's-hill PAPER MANUFACTURERS Balston & Co. Springfield-mill Green John and Son, Hayle-mill Hollingworth Finch & Thomas, Turkey-mills Smith & Allnutt, Ivy Mills Turner & Letts, Tovill Wise Edward, Pads-sole PAPER MOULD MAKERS Amos John, Ashford-road Green John, 3 Mill-lane PATTEN MAKERS Ditch George, 18 Week-st Hyde Thomas, High-st Ladbrook John, 23 Gabriel's-hill PAWNBROKERS Beeching and Edmett, High-st Ruck Joshua, King-st Woodhurst Rebecca, St. Faith's-green PHYSICIANS Marsh Henry, Stone-st Smith Robert, King-st PLUMBERS, PAINTERS &c. Cruttenden John, Week-st Cutbush Robert, 69 King-st Cutbush Thomas, 19 High-st Eastham William, 42 Week-st Gandy George and Edmund, 92 Week-st Gegan James, High-st Jury William, Stone-st Munn John, 94 Stone-st Overy William, 5 Week-st Scultup Joseph, (house painter) 18 Gabriel's-hill Tassell Thos. sen. (house painter) 65 High-st Valentine William John, 30 High-st Wildish Henry, 14 Union-st POULTERERS Dungate Elizabeth, High-st Smith Thomas, 5 Gabriel's-hill PRESS SCREW MAKERS Piper Charles and Henry, Havock-lane PRINTERS - LETTER-PRESS Austen Ambrose, Week-st Cutbush Richard James, 27 Week-st Hall John Vine, 83 High-st Smith John, High-st Williams Edward, 17 Gabriel's-hill ROPE &c. MAKERS Blundell Richard, 78 High-st Brewer Henry, Union-st Gilbert Joseph, 31 Gabriel's-hill Pilbrow, 59 High-st SADDLERS &c. Davies Timothy, 4 Gabriel's-hill Dunmill Elizabeth, 6 Gabriel's-hill Morgan Joseph, High-st Reader Walter, Stone-st STATIONERS (WHOLESALE AND RETAIL) See also Booksellers and Stationers Hawkins George, 90 High-st Jackson William, Week-st Martin William, Water-side STONE MASONS AND STATUARIES Assiter Thomas, (Executors of) West Borough Sutton James, West Borough Yates John, Week-st STRAW HAT MAKERS Baily Harriet Louisa, 1 Gabriel's-hill Marshall Sarah, 103 Week-st Payne John, 29 Week-st Rowe William, 3 Mill-lane Tassell Thomas, sen. 64 High-st Trigg Ann, 10 King-st SURGEONS Bate John, Week-st Charles William & Son, St. Faith's-st Coleman Charles, 126 Stone-st Day & Whatman, 32 Gabriel's-hill Hodges Richard, Stone-st Lowry James, 40 Earl-st Prance James Connell, 86 High-st Sedgwick William, High-st Sexty Richard, Mill-lane Wedd Richard, High-st SURVEYORS Brown Thomas, 25 Gabriel's-hill Whichcord John (and architect) Week-st TAILORS &c. Abrahams & Simmons, 16 King-st Birch Thomas, King-st Brattle Thomas, 2 Gabriel's-hill Brooke John, Union-st Chittenden Friend Edwards, 18 Stone-st Collens Abraham, 79 Week-st Durrant John, High-st Hills Walter, 16 Week-st Jury George, 9 Gabriel's-hill Jury Walter, Mill-lane Martin Joseph and Son, High-st Reader John, Week-st Tanner George, Pudding-lane TALLOW CHANDLERS Ballard Phoebe, 17 Stone-st Dean George, King-st Steer James, 14 High-st Willcocks Thomas, 43 High-st TAVERNS AND PUBLIC HOUSES Admiral Rodney, George Charlton, High-st Anchor & Hope, Wm. Botting, Week-st Artichoke, Abigail Masters, Ashford-road Castle, Charles French, 4 Week-st Coal Barge, William Sage, Earl-st Dog & Bear, John Kennett, 60 King-st Duke of Wellington, Wm. Waters, High-st Fortune of War, Thomas Dann, Stone-st General Kingsley, Robert Collens, Week-st General Monck, John Chittenden, 117 Stone-st Globe, Saml. Smith, Knightrider-st Golden Lion, Kennet Hogben, Mill-lane Jolly Waterman, Charles Barnett, Earl-st King's Arms, Charles Hodgskin, Earl-st King's Head, John Matthews, West Borough Lamb, Charles Stevenson, Waterside Lord Nelson, Sarah Harcourt & Son, St. Faith's-st Marquis of Granby, Samuel Long, High-street Mitre, (tap) John Clapson, New-market Nag's Head, John Hills, Week-st New Inn, Wm. Randall, Week-st Plough, Christian Millinchamp, Stone-st Prince of Wales, Stephen Poolly, West Borough Queen Ann, John Kirkby, Union-st Queen's Head, William Bennett, 58 High-st Red Lion, John Bullard, High-st Roe Buck, John Jewell, Week-st Rose and Crown, Thos. Chantler, High-st Royal Oak, Thomas Simmonds, King-st Royal Paper Mill, Thomas Weeks, Tovill Ship, Henry Hills, 30 Gabriel's-hill Sun, Stephen Stonham, High-st Three Compasses, Thomas Reynolds, Week-st Three Tuns, Edward Lepper, 6 King-st Town's Arms, Thomas Pell, 123 Stone-st Turk's Head, Henry Oliver, Rose-yard Two Brewers, Richard Springatt, Week-st Unicorn, George Westover, Earl-st Union Flag, Russell Usmar, Union-st White Hart, John Barnett, West Borough White Lion, William Reader, 111 Stone-st TEA DEALERS Busby James, 16 High-st Carter William, 15 Gabriel's-hill Hoadley John Charles, 92 Week-st Peters George, 8 Stone-st Williams Edward, 17 Gabriel's-hill Wood James, Earl-st TIMBER MERCHANTS Chatfield, Arnott & Mercer, West Borough Hopkins Henry, Kent-yard Poolly Stephen, West Borough Pybus Thomas, Waterside Sloman John, Wheeler-st TOY DEALERS Philpot George, Stone-st Scultup Joseph, High-st Woolven Charles, 60 High-st TRUSS MAKER - PATENT Packham John, (inventor of the new and improved rupture truss) 10 King-st TURNERS Burch James (and chair maker), 72 High-st Stubberfield John, 7 Gabriel's-hill WATCH & CLOCKMAKERS Bartlett Samuel, 96 Week-st Burch William, senr. 70 High-st Burch Wm. junr. Week-st Currie Archibald John, Week-st Dann William, 31 Week-st French Richard Vinor, King-st Giles Nicholas, 87 High-st Jackson William Richard, 39 Gabriel's-hill Pearson Wm. (Dutch clock) Clare-st Sutton Jno. Windram, 4 Wheeler-st Sutton Thomas, 24 Gabriel's-hill Waghorne James, Union-st WHARFINGERS Argles & Simmonds, Bridge Wharf Barlow John, Hill's wharf Bensted Wm. & Joseph, Waterside Mason Edward, Waterside Poolly George, Waterside Poolly Stephen, West Borough Wimble John & Sons, Waterside WHEELWRIGHTS Boorman John, New-st Bovis Thomas, West Borough Gorham William & Son, Knightrider-st Sloman John, Wheeler-st WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANTS Bishop Elizth. (spirit) 76 High-st Bishop William, King-st Clout Jane, 15 King-st Cordell Robert and Thomas, St. Faith's-st Hall John Vine, 83 High-st Prentis Stephen and son, Earl-st Sharp Richard, 39 earl-st Sterer John & Co. 17 King-st Spencer Richard Read, 25 Week-st Thatcher John, 41 Earl-st WOOLLEN MANUFACTURERS Charles William and son, St. Faith's-st WOOLSTAPLER Tanner Benjamin, 64 High-st MISCELLANEOUS Aldridge Henry, sail maker, Havock-lane Barr Robert, tortoise shell manufacturer, Week-st Barton James, haberdasher, 77 High-st Benstead Wm. stone merchant, Pudding-lane Birchall Charles, pipe maker, 37 Earl-st Bonnick John, coach painter, Pudding-lane Brock, Jonathan, glover, 15 Gabriel's-hill Brown Joseph, engine & pump maker, New-st Burr & Mackenzie, seed crushers, Tovill Cogger William, whitesmith, 8 Gabriel's-hill Currie Wm. locksmith, King-st Faithorn Stephen, general dealer, Week-st French Wm. coach spring maker, Pudding-lane Gas Light Co. John Bryan, engineer, West Borough Gilbert Joseph, sacking and hair cloth manufr. 31 Gabriel's-hill Green William Henry Alexander, coach proprietor, West Borough Hawker's Licence office, N. Giles, 88 High-st Jenking Thos. & Son, brush makers, 56 King-st Merritt Thos. light drawing master, Week-st Orford Thos. staymaker, 16 High-st Parsons Benjamin, umbrella maker, Week-st Simmonds Joseph, dealer in hay & straw, Week-st Slaughter William, veterinary surgeon, 16 Union-st Smith Mary, tobacconist, Week-st Tanner Benjn. tanner, 64 High-st trendell William, rag dealer, 20 gariel's-hill Tusler John, stay and ladies' shoe dealer, High-st Walter William, cork cutter, 7 Stone-st West Thomas, Tonbridge ware maker, 1 Wheeler-st Williams Thomas, artist, Week-st Wills William, chair japanner, 19 Stone-st CONVEYANCE BY WATER To London: Stephen Poolly (occasionally) John Barlow, Hill's wharf, to Cole's wharf, Toolley st, every Saturday Edward Mason, Waterside to Brooke's wharf, Upr. Thames st, every Saturday Argles and Simmonds, Bridge wharf, to the Three Crane's wharf, every Saturday George Poolly, Waterside to Queen Hythe wharf, every Saturday William & Joseph Bensted, Waterside to Beal's wharf, every Saturday John Wimble and son's, Waterside to Haye's wharf, Toolley st, every Saturday To Lisbon, Newcastle etc: George Poolly, Waterside

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Maidstone Directory 1827
Created by Maureen Rawson