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Pigot's Directory of Kent 1824

Maidstone, Kent

ACADEMIES (BOARDING) Avery Miss, (ladies) Earl-St Bowlden Jas, (gents.) Bower-house Cutbush Miss, (ladies) High-st Heawond? Rev. Edward, (grammar school) Earl-st Horton Edmund, (gents) King-st academy Hudson Miss (ladies) Stone-st Martin Mrs. (ladies) Knightrider-st Rigden Misses (ladies) Holland-terrace Sanders Mrs (ladies) St. Faith's house ATTORNEYS Burr, Hoar and Burr, King-st, (Burr, George, jun. town clerk) Dunning Wm. Alexander, High-st Lamprey Stephen, Ash-cottage Mares Charles, jun. Earl-st Scudamore Wm, (treasurer for the county, deputy clerk of the peace & clerk to the lieutenancy) Week-st Smythe Clement Taylor, High-st Stephens John Cribb, Mill-lane Topping Chas. King-st Wildes Thos. & son, St. Faith's-st AUCTIONEERS Beaumont John Delap, High-st Carter & Morris, Week-st Edmett Thos. High-st Homewood Thos. Gabriel's-hill Williams & Reeves (& brokers) Stone-st BAKERS Alexander John, King-st Brenchley Frederick, Stone-st Brenchley Stephen, Sandling-road Buckwell Margaret, High-st Charlton Thomas, High-st Clayton Elizabeth, Week-st Cook Thomas, Havock-st Diprose Wm. High-st Divers John, King-st Eve Robert, sen. Union-st Eve Robert, jun. Sandling-road Hills Robert, Stone-st Hills Thomas, Week-st Hodges George, Union-st Holloway & Wilson, week-st Honey James, Week-st Pell George, Stone-st Pell James, Gabriel's-hill Prebble George, Providence-place Reader Thomas, Stone-st Robinson Samuel, King-st Stacey James, Sandling-road Stokes John, Week-st Sutton Edward, West Borough Tilby Robert, West Borough Willson Thomas, Week-st Wright george, High-st BANKERS Corrall & Mercer Edmeads, Atkins & Tyrrell BASKET MAKERS Harper Wm. High-st Peters Wm. High-st Taylor John, Gabriel's-hill BOOKBINDERS &c. Austen Ambrose, Week-st Hall John Vine, High-st Porter Wm. Week-st Smith John, High-st Wickham Thomas, Week-st Williams Edward, King-st BOOKSELLERS AND STATIONERS Austen Ambrose, Week-st Hall John Vine, High-st Hawkins Geo. (& stationer) High-st Porter Wm. (& circulating library) Week-st Smith John, (& library) High-st Tyrrell Sarah, (& library & reading room) Week-st Wickham Thomas, Week-st BOOT & SHOE MAKERS Bentlif George & Son, High-st Cabbell Wm. Week-st Chaplin Thomas, High-st Gegan Wm. Week-st Henty John, Week-st Honey Wm. West-borough Long Samuel, High-st Marsh John, High-st Masters Chas. Week-st Randall Wm. Gabriel's-hill Ruck James, King-st Sheen Thomas, Stone-st Stanford James, Bridge Wallis John, Stone-st BRAZIERS Beaumont John Delap, High-st Kennard Eliz. High-st Kennard Mary, High-st BREWERS Brenchley, Stacey & Wye? Baldwin Wm. West Borough Fish Wm. Earl-st Plane & Heathorn, Earl-st Shorer? Harry, West Borough BUILDERS Allen John & Thos, West Borough Collis Henry, Stone-st Cutbush Henry, King-st Cutbush John & Wm. Stone-st Ruck Hannah & Sons, St. Faith's-gr Tassell Thos. West Borough BRICKLAYERS Allen John & Thos, West Borough Brooke W. King-st Cornford Saml. Knightrider-st Ruck George, High-st Ruck Hannah & Sons, St. Faith's-gr CABINET MAKERS AND UPHOLSTERERS Carter & Morris, Week-st Edmett Thomas, High-st CARPENTERS Cutbush Henry, King-st Cutbush John & Wm. Stone-st Laker John, Union-st Marchant John, Water-lane Marchant Robert, Earl-st Ranger Henry, Tovil Rayfield John, Tovil Remmington Samuel, Stone-st Seager Richd. St. Faith's-green Tassell Thomas, West Borough Weekes James, Stone-st COACH BUILDERS Hoadly Wm. Week-st Wassell John Borman, King-st COAL DEALERS Bunyar John, Moat-road Crundwell James, Knightrider-st Gilbert James, Meadow Green Hannah, Meadow Hawkins George, Gabriel's-hill Holloway Wm. Week-st COAL MERCHANTS Argles & Simmonds, High-st Chaplin John, Pudding-lane Mason Edw. Water-side Mason Robert, Water-side Newman Denny, High-st Poolly George, (& stone merchant) Water-side Smyth & Poolly, (& slate merchants) Bridge-wharf, West Borough Smyth Jas. Water-side or Stone-st Tyrrell John, Meadow Wimble John & Sons, Water-side CONFECTIONERS Cole James, Gabriel's-hill Fisher Samuel, Week-st COOPERS Baker Charles, High-st Davis Oliver, sen. Week-st Martin Thomas, Water-lane Mercer John, Pudding-lane Paine John, Stone-st Pell Thomas, Stone-st Wildey Richd. Sandling-road CORN FACTORS, MERCHANTS & DEALERS Andrews Robert, King-st Archer George, High-st Argles & Simmonds, High-st Blinkhorn Robt. King-st Bunyar John, Moat-road Burgess George & Edwin, Week-st Hawkins Geo. Gabriel's-hill Holloway Wm. Week-st Jones? Francis, High-st Mercer Jno. & Ths. Mill-lane Wicks Thomas, High-st CURRIERS AND LEATHER CUTTERS Bentlif John, High-st Oliver Edward & Son, High-st Oliver Wm. Week-st Reader John, Stone-st CUTLERS Crowder John, High-st Diprose John, High-st French Geo. Weldish, Week-st Moore Wm. (& jeweller) High-st DRUGGISTS & CHEMISTS Link Eliz. Gabriel's-hill Mares & Godden, High-st Prance James Connell, High-st Shepherd Julius Sampson, Week-st Smith George, Gabriel's-hill EARTHENWARE, GLASS & CHINA DEALERS Harris Robert, King-st Hawkins George, High-st Hyde Thos. & Son, High-st Ruck George, High-st FELLMONGERS Bennett James, Gabriel's-hill Tanner Benj. High-st FIRE & LIFE OFFICE AGENTS ATLAS, Rich. Jas. Cutbush, Week-st BRITISH, Geo. Hubbard, Week-st COUNTY, James Stanger, High-st GUARDIAN, Thos. Hall Durrant, Gabriel's-hill KENT (fire) Charles Hughes, Secretary, High-st KENT (life) Richd. Allchin, Secretary, Gabriel's-hill NORWICH UNION, Geo. Hawkins, High-street PELICAN, T. Homewood, Gabriel's-hill SUN, Jas. Collings, Week-st WEST OF ENGLAND, Ambrose Austen, Week-st FRUITERERS Benjamin P. (& glass cutter) Bridge Field Stephen, High-st Page Mary, High-st Steer James, High-st GROCERS Arkcoll John, Stone-st Ballard Phoebe, Stone-st Budds John, Gabriel's-hill Collens Thos. King-st Durrant Thos. Hall, Gabriel's-hill Hoadly John Chas. Week-st Pigram James, Week-st Pope Elizabeth, Stone-st Potter James, High-st Robinson Geo. (and earthenware dealer) St. Faith's-st Southon? David, Week-st Tassell Robt. & Jas. (wholesale) High-st Tassell Thomas, Stone-st Wheeler Benjamin, High-st Willcocks Thomas, High-st GUN & PISTOL MAKERS Lawrence David, Gabriel's-hill Sharp Joseph, King-st HATTERS Briggs Edward, King-st Gausden Wm. Week-st Halbard? George, Week-st Harriss Walter & Ann, Gabriel's-hill Tusler Jno. (& haberdasher) High-st HOP FACTORS Argles & Simmonds, Bridge-wharf Dodson James, High-st Stone Wm. West Borough HOYMEN see Carriers by Water INNS Bell, (posting) V. Weldish, Week-st Bull, Geo. Rachael, Gabriel's-hill George, W. Wickham, Gabriel's-hill Haunch of Venison, John Down, High-st Mitre, Richd. Sharp, High-st New Inn, Wm. Randall, Week-st Star, (posting) Wm. Scones, High-st Swan, Ann Smith, High-st IRONMONGERS Gurney? John, week-st Pierce & Stanger, High-st Pine & Ellis?, Gabriel's-hill LINEN DRAPERS Beeching & Edmett, (& pawn brokers & salesmen) High-st Chambers John, High-st Crandall Wm. Week-st Evans Benjamin, Week-st Oliver Wm. Week-st Poole James & Son, Week-st Warwick John & Richd. High-st Watts James & Edw. High-st MALTSTERS Burgess Geo. & Edwin, Week-st Charlton Thomas, High-st Cutbush Henry, King-st Mercer John & Thos. Mill-lane MILLERS Bunyar John, Loose & Moat-road Burgess Geo. & Edwin, Week-st Blinkhorn Robt. sandling & King-st Habgood Edward, Loose Mercer John & Thos. Mill-lane Pine & Davis, Otham-mills Wilson Robert, Tovil MILLINERS Brock Miss. Gabriel's-hill Clark Mrs. king-st Smallman Robt. High-st Watson Miss (& silk mercer) Week-st MILLWRIGHTS Piper John, Havock-lane Piper Thomas, Week-st Sweetlove Thomas, Moat-road NURSERY & SEEDSMEN Bunyard James, West Borough Valentine Valentine, Gabriel's-hill PAPER MANUFACTURERS Balston? & Co. Springfield-mill Green John, Hayle-mill Hollingworth Finch & Thos. Hollingbourne, Loose, Pole and Turkey-mills Peters & Co. Sandling Pine & Davis, Otham-mills Pine John, Lower Tovill Smith & Allnutt, Ivy Mills Wise & Brenchley, Pads-sole-mill Wise Charles, Sandling Turner & Welch, Tovill-mill PAPER MOULD MAKERS Amoute? John, Pole-mill Green John, Mill-lane PATTEN MAKERS Hyde Thomas & Son, High-st Ladbrook John, Gabriel's-hill PHYSICIANS Marsh Henry, Stone-st Smith Robert, King-st PLUMBERS, PAINTERS AND GLAZIERS Apps Wm. Week-st Cutbush & Son, King-st Cutbush Thomas, High-st Gegan James (and guilder) High-st Jury Wm. Stone-st Mumm John, Stone-st Overy Wm. Week-st Scultup Jos. (painter) Gabriel's-hill Valentine Wm. High-st Wildish Henry, Union-st Wills Wm. (painter & Japanner) Stone-st PRINTERS Austen Ambrose, Week-st Cutbush Richd. Jas. (Maidstone Gazette, Tuesday) Week-st Hall John V. (Maidstone Journal, Tuesday) High-st Smith John, High-st Williams Edward, King-st SADDLERS Davies Timothy, Gabriel's-hill Dunmill Eliz. Gabriel's-hill Morgan Joseph, High-st Reader Walter, Stone-st STONE MASONS AND STATUARIES Assiter John, West Borough Sutton James, West Borough Yates Elizabeth, Week-st STRAW HAT MANUFACTURERS Baily Wm. Gabriel's-hill Clark Ann, King-st Dewsberry Thomas, (and corset) Gabriel's-hill Marshall Sarah, Gabriel's-hill Payne John, Week-st Rowe Wm. Mill-lane Smallman Robt. High-st Wickham A. Stone-st SURGEONS Charles Wm. & Son, St. Faith's-st Coleman & Wedd, Stone-st Day & Whatman, Gabriel's-hill Eyre Daniel, King-st Hodges Richd. Stone-st Lowry James, Earl-st Prance James Connell, High-st Sedgwick Wm. Week-st Sexty Richard, Mill-lane SURVEYORS Boys John, Pleasant-row Brown Thos. & Son, Gabriel's-hill Whichord J. ( & architect) Week-st TAILORS & DRAPERS Abrams John Tucker, King-st Chittenden Friend Edw. Stone-st Collens Abraham, Week-st Durrant John, Bridge Gausden Wm. Week-st Green Catherine, (& Saleswoman) Week-st Hills Walter, Week-st Jury & Brattle, Gabriel's-hill Martin Joseph, High-st Simmonds Chas. Gabriel's-hill TALLOW CHANDLERS Ballard Phoebe, Stone-st Budds John, Gabriel's-hill Steer James, High-st Willcocks Thomas, High-st TANNERS Payne John, Week-st Peene Samuel U. Loose Tanner Benjamin, High-st TAVERNS AND PUBLIC HOUSES Admiral Rodney, G. Charlton, High-st Anchor & Hope, Wm. Williams, Week-st Artichoke, Wm. Masters Castle, Chas. French, Week-st Coal Barge, Wm. Sage, Earl-st Chequers, Joseph Silk, Loose Dog & Bear, J. Kennett, King-st Duke of Wellington, Wm. Waters, High-st Fortune of War, T. Dann, Stone-st Gen. Kingsley, Rt. Collens, Week-st Gen. Monck, J. Chittenden, Stone-st Globe, S. Smith, Knightrider-st Golden Lion, K. Hogben, Mill-lane King's Head, John Mathews, West Borough Lord Nelson, Sarah Harcourt & Son, St. Faith's-st Marquis of Granby, John Clapson, High-street Nag's Head, J. Hills, Week-st Plough, Ed. Millingchamp, Stone-st Prince of Wales, S. Poolly, West Borough Queen's Head, W. Bennett, High-st Queen, John Kirkby Red Lion, John Bullard, High-st Red Lion, Josh. Ruck, Sandling Roe Buck, John Jewell, Earl-st Rose & Crown, T. Chantler, High-st Rose, John Rayfield, Tovil Royal Oak, Ths. Simmons, King-st Royal Paper Mill, T. Weekes, Tovil Running Horse, Thos. Mannerings, Sandling Ship, Henry Hills, Gabriel's-hill Sun, Stephen Stonham, High-st Swan, John Green Three Compasses, Thos. Reynolds, Week-st Three Tuns, Rt. Dres?, King-st Town Arms, Thos. Pell, Stone-st Turk's Head, H. Oliver, Rose-yard Two Brewers, R. Springett, Week-st Unicorn, Wm. Re..ler?, Earl-st Union Flag, R. Usmar, Union-st Waterman, Chs. Barnett, Earl-st White Hart, J. Barnett, West Borough White Lion, Wm. Reader, Stone-st TEA DEALERS Busby James, High-st Swinfen John, Sandling-road TIMBER AND DEAL MERCHANTS Hopkins Henry, Waterside Pybus Thomas, Waterside Smyth Wm. (agent to Chatfield and Co. of London) West Borough TOY SHOPS Philpot Geo. (& hair dresser) Stone-st Scultup Joseph, High-st WATCH &c. MAKERS Bartlett Samuel, Week-st Burch Wm. High-st French Richd. Vigor, King-st Giles Nicholas, High-st Jackson W. Rd. Radley, Gabriel's-hill Mackellow John, High-st Sutton Thomas, Gabriel's-hill WHARFINGERS Argles & Simmonds, Bridge Wharf Bensted Wm. & Joseph, Waterside Hills Joseph, Waterside Mason Edward, Waterside Mason Robert, Waterside Poolly George, Waterside Poolly Stephen, West Borough Wimble John & Sons, Waterside WHEELWRIGHTS Bovis Thomas, West Borough Gorham Wm. & Son, Knightrider-st How Thomas, Week-st Sloman Wm. Wheeler-st WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANTS Bishop Geo. (spirit) High-st Clout Jane, Gabriel's-hill Cordell Rt. Ths. (spirit) St. Faith's-st Hall John Vine, (wine) High-st Prentis Stephen, Earl-st Spencer Richd. Read, Week-st WOOLSTAPLER, FELLMONGER, TANNER AND CARRIER Tanner Benjamin, High-st MISCELLANEOUS Aldridge Hy. sail maker, Havock-st Beaumont J. Delap, broker, High-st Blundell Richd. rope maker, flax dresser & weaver, High-st Brock, Jonathan, breeches maker and glover, Gabriel's-hill Brown Josh. engine & pump maker, Earl-st Brown James, block and pump maker, Earl-st Charles Wm. jun. blanket manufacturer, St. Faith's-st Cogger W. whitesmith, Gabriel's-hill Day R. H. & Co. seed crushers, Tovil Day Charles, broker, High-st Gilbert Joseph, rope maker, flax dresser and weaver, Gabriel's-hill Moore Wm. & Son, iron founders, Havoc-lane Pexton Jas. carver & guilder, King-st Rose Wm. dyer, Mill-lane Scott Jesse, cork manufacturer, Stone-st Springett Jno. undertaker, King-st Tate James, jeweller, High-st Woollven Chs. hardwareman, High-st CONVEYANCE BY WATER London: Argles and Simmond Wm. & Joseph Bensted Josh. Hill Robt. Mason Edward Mason George Poolly Steph. Poolly (occasionally) Rotterdam etc: Robert Mason (sloop Flora) Rotterdam, Newcastle, Lisbon etc: George Poolly (schooner)

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Maidstone Directory 1824
Created by Maureen Rawson