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Will of William Luckett

of Rodmersham, Kent

Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury, PRC16/515 L/3
Submitted by Mary Connaughton
This is the last Will and Testament of me William Luckett of Rodmersham in the County of Kent Yeoman made this Nineteenth Day of February one thousand eight hundred and twenty three
First I direct my Body to be buried in a plain and decent Manner at the Discretion of my Executers hereinafter named and that all my just Debts funeral Expences and the Costs and Charges of proving this my Will shall be paid by them as soon as conveniently may be after my Decease

Whereas I am seized in Fee Simple of and in the undivided Moiety a half Part of and in certain Cottages Buildings Lands and Premises situate lying and being in the Parish of Rodmersham aforesaid jointly with my Brother Thomas Luckett of Rodmersham aforesaid Yeoman, and although the same has been for several years past divided and held by us in Severalty yet no Deed of Partition or other legal Instrument for effecting such Division has ever been executed and being desirous that the same should be done as soon as may be after my Decease,
I hereby give and devise unto my Nephew John Brooker of Rodmersham aforesaid Labourer and John Champion of Kingsdown in the said County Yeoman All that my said undivided Moiety in half Part and all other my Estate and Interest whatsoever of and in the said Cottages Lands Buildings and Premises To hold to the said John Brooker and John Champion and the Survivor of them their and his Heirs Executers Administraters and Assigns for ever To the Intent and purpose that they the said John Brooker and John Champion may stand seized of the said Premises, and thereby be enabled to effectuate such Partition, and execute all deeds requisite for that Purpose and to and upon no other Use Trust? Intent or Purpose And I declare and direct that from and after the making of such Partition the Part or Share so allotted to them in severalty shall remain and be upon the Use? and Trusts by the hereinafter declared of and concerning my said undivided Moiety in half Parts

And I hereby give and devise all that My said undivided Moiety or half or other my Estate and Interest of an in the said Cottages Buildings Lands and Remises (subject to the Directions for Partition hereinafter contained) unto the said John Brooker and his Assigns for and during the Term of his natural Life, he keeping the same in good and tenantable Repair, and from and after his Decease I give and devise the same unto and amongst his three Children William Brooker, Hannah Brooker and Jesse Brooker and to their Heirs and Assigns for ever equally to be divided between them share and share alike as Tenants in Common and not as joint Tenants

And I hereby give and bequeath unto my said Brother Thomas Luckett and to his seven children, namely Thomas Luckett, Sophia the wife of (John) Piper, Robert Luckett, Daniel Luckett, James Luckett, Ann Luckett and Sarah the wife of Charles Bacon the Sum of Forty Pounds each to be paid to them within twelve Calendar Months next after my Decease

And I hereby declare that the said several Legacies of Forty Pounds each so given to my said Brother and his said seven Children be given upon this express Condition that he my said Brother or his Heirs do and shall within twelve Calendar Months next after my Decease execute such legal Instruments or Cenveyances as shall be requisite and sufficient for carrying the said Partition into Effect, and in case he or they shall neglect or refuse so to do then I hereby revoke and make void the said several Legacies so given and bequeathed to him and his said Children and I hereby give and bequeath the same to the said William Brooker Hannah Brooker and Jesse Brooker equally between them

And all the Rest Residue and Remainder of my said personal Estate and Effects I give and bequeath unto the said John Brooker his Executors and Administrators

And I hereby direct that my said Executors shall not be answerable the one of them for the other of them or for involuntary losses and that they and each of them my retain all their reasonable Costs and Expences to be incurred in the due Execution of this my Will

And I hereby revoke all former Wills And I hereby nominate and appoint the said John Brooker and John Champion joint Executors of this my Will

In witness whereof I the said William Luckett the Testator have to this my last Will and Testament written on three sides of a Sheet of Paper set my Hand and Seal the Day and Year before written
The mark X and seal of William Luckett

Signed Sealed published and declared by the said William Luckett the Testator as and for his last Will and Testament in the Presence of us who in his Presence at his request and in the Presence of each other have subscribed our names as witnesses hereto
Hannah Brooker - Benjamin Champion - Richard Bathurst

Probate 24 March 1823
John Brooker of Rodmersham Labourer the Nephew one of the Executors named in this Will was duly sworn as usual and that the Goods Chattels and Credits do not amount in value to the Sum of Four hundred and fifty Pounds
Power reserved of making the like grant to John Champion the other Executor when he shall apply for the same
Before me, John Francis, Surrogate

Testator died 20 Feb 1823

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Will of William Luckett
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