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Will of William Leeds

of Canterbury, Kent

Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/185
Submitted by Everett Leeds
In the name of God Amen I William Leeds of the parish of St.Mildred in the City of Canterbury, baker, weak in body but (I thank God) sound in memory do upon this fourth day of April 1626 make my last will and testament in manner and form following First and principally I commend my soul unto the merciful hands of my creator hoping assuredly by the only merits of Jesus Christ my redeemer to be saved and by none other means and my body commit to the earth to be decently buried. And to the poor people of St. Mildred aforesaid give 20s to be distributed among them at my burial or soon after at the discretion of my executors.

Item I give to my two sons John and Stephen my house or tenement wherein I dwell with the appurtenances to them and to their heirs forever and if either of them die without issue then I give the same to the survivor of them and to his heirs forever,
and if they both die without issue from their bodies lawfully begotten I give the same to my daughter Frances and to her heirs forever.

Item I give to everyone of my said 3 children the sum of £20 apiece to be paid unto everyone of them as they shall severally attain the ages of 21 years

all the residue of my goods and stock whatsoever I give and bequeath to Alice my wife whom I make executor of this my last will and testament willing and appointing her the custody of her said children during their minorities and the use and benefit of their portion and of the same my house with appurtenances she keeping herself my sole widow and keeping my said house in good repair according to the directions of my loving neighbours Mr. William Somner and Timothy Winford whom I entreat to be executors of this my will and to take care to direct and inform my executrix in all her needful business concerning her due good and her children as I hope they will.

But if my said wife shall marry again then I will that she shall pay and deliver up unto my said executors or the survivors of them my said children several legacies of £20 a piece before her said marriage and I do appoint my said executors guardians unto them and every of them in this behalf or the surviving of the (I mean of those my said executors) whensoever this shall happen.
Also I will that after my wife’s said marriage she shall not receive the benefit nor use of my said house or tenement before bequeathed but the same shall thereupon receive and be to my said 2 sons and to their heirs forever………………
and I establish……………… between them my said sons I will that when and after they have both accomplished their ages of 21 years that if they have not to join together in the use of the same house and therein to use my trade of baking together that then the elder of them shall pay yearly unto the younger the sum of 10s half yearly to be paid if the younger shall depart and leave it to the elder or in the like case the elder shall leave it to the younger he shall pay the like in like manner.

………… that if my said wife shall remain my sole widow and not marry again then she shall have the use and occupation of the same house with appurtenances during her natural life keeping it in good reparation as aforesaid.

Item I give to Frances my daughter over and above the £20 before given unto her the sum of £10 of lawful money of England remaining in my hands by the gift of her godmother the lady ……… late deceased who bought me there for my said daughter to be paid to my said daughter according to the same gift at her age of 18 years or day of marriage which shall first happen.

And in witness that this my lawful will and testament I have hereto published my name and affixed my seal and published the same in the presence of
Peter Wynne - Tho. Miles
William Leeds

Probate granted: 29th May 1626

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Will of William Leeds
Created by Maureen Rawson