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Will of Walter Leeds

of Canterbury, Kent

Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC17/22/f.121
Submitted by Everett Leeds
In the name of God Amen the 12th day of May in the year of our Lord god 1542 and in the 34th year of the reign of our sovereign Lord King Henry the eighth
I Walter Leedes of the parish of St.Dunstan’s Without the Walls of the City of Canterbury being whole in mind & in good rememberance Lord be to God ordain & make this my present Testament & will in form following.
First I bequeath my sould to Almighty God & to all the holy company of heaven & my body to be buried in the church of St.Dunstan aforesaid.

Item I bequeath to the high alter of the said church of St.Dunstan 20d.
Item I bequeath to my daughter Julien 20 marks sterling to be paid to her at the time of her marriage

the residue of all my goods moveable my debts and bequests first paid I give wholly to Elizabeth my wife which Elizabeth & Edward my son I make my executors of this my present testament & last will and I bequeath to the same Edward my son 40s and I will my said wife shall dispose for me as she shall think best to the pleasure of Almighty God.

These witnesses Sir Thomas Jakeman Vicar of St.Dunstan’s aforesaid John Tofte John Trester Thomas Hawkin and John Leedes

And as touching the disposition of all my lands & tenements which I have in the parish of Benenden & St. Dunstan’s aforesaid or else where within the county of kent.

First I will that Elizabeth my wife after my decease shall have my tenement with the appurtenances in the parish of St.Dunstan’s aforesaid in the which I dwell and my tenement with all the lands & appurtenances to the same parteyng (appertaining) in the parish of Benenden aforesaid upon the den of Denglesden to have to the same Elizabeth during all the term of her life

and after her decease I will the said tenement in St.Dunstan’s shall remain to Edward my son & to his heirs for ever if he be a secular man
And if the same Edward be a priest then I will he shall have the said tenement but for term of his life, and after his decease I will the said tenements shall remain to my daughter Julyan(a) to her heirs for ever.

And after my wife’s decease I will that the said tenements and lands in Benenden upon the den of Denglesden shall remain to my son John the younger his heirs & assigns for ever paying to my son John the elder after my wife’s decease £10 sterling if he be alive And if the said John be dead or come not again then I will the said £10 to Edward my son in like manner as John should have be paid every year 40s. till the same £10 be full paid.

Also I will that the foresaid John the younger my son shall have all my other tenaments & lands in Benenden upon the den of Holnasse in the occupying of John Wodland to have to the same John & his heirs & assigns for ever paying my wife yearly rent thereof term of her life 40s. half yearly to be paid and for lack of payment thereof distrain upon the said tenement & lands.

And also I will that my other tenement in the said parish of St. Dunstan’s shall remain to Michael Wright my son in law and to Silvester his wife my daughter & their heirs for ever paying to my wife out of the same term of her life 16s sterling And at 2 terms of the year that is to say at the Announciation of our Lady & St Michael by even portions and for the lack of payment my wife to distrain in the said tenement for the same

and also I will that the said Michael & Silvester after my wife’s decease shall pay to the forsaid Julyan(a) my daughter out of the said tenement to them willed £5 sterling to be paid within one year next after my wife’s decease. And for lack of payment of the same £5 I will the said Julyan(a) my daughter shall enter & have the one half of the said tenement to the same Julyan(a) & her heirs for ever.

Probatum; ………15th day July……..(not legible)

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Will of Walter Leeds
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