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Will of Gefferey Ledys

of Ickham, Kent

Source: Consistory Court of Canterbury PRC32/4/47
Submitted by Everett Leeds
In the name of God Amen, in the yere of our Lord God 1494, the 5th day of March in the yere of the Reyngne of King Henri the vii the 10th. I Gefferey Ledys of Ikham being of stedfast mynde at the making hereof and ordenyng this my will and testament in manner and forme folowyng. First I bequeath my soul to Almyghty God, our Lady Sient Mare, Seint John the Evangelerst and to all the holy company of heaven, my body to be buried in the church of Seint John the Evangelest of Ikham forsaid before the Crucifix ther, And I gave and bequeath to the reparacion of the body of the same church 40s.

Item I give and bequeath to the high alter of the same church for my tythes forgotten 3s 4d.
Item I bequeath to every light in the said church 12d.
Item I bequeath to every godchild man or women of myn to whom I am godfather 2 bushels of Barley.
Item I will that at my moneth day that myn executors shall make dole to every man woman and child that will receive lit 1d.
And furthermore I will that a noon after my monethy day that myn executors do wage and honest prest and that he syng for my soule, the soules of my father and mother, my childrens soules and for all Christian soules in the church of Seint John the Evangelest forsaid by the space of a yere myn executors paying him for his solere 10 marks.

Item I will and bequeath that whan soever after my decesse the parishons (parishioners) of Ikham will make a rodeloft in the seyd church that then at such seson as that the seid parishons will make the said Rodeloft newe that myn executors shall pay to the seid parishons 10 marks. And if it happe (happen) the seid parishons not to make the seid Rodeloft in the church aforesaid by the space of (7 ?) yere after my decesse that then I will that myn executors shall dispose hit in other nedefull werkes uppon the seid church after their discretion.

Item I will that Margery my doughter have to her marriage 20 conditionally that is to sey that if Margery be rewled and married with assent and by the counsel of her frendes at such tyme as marriage shall be offered her, she to have the said 20 or ells for lack of hur wisdom that she will not be rewled to have than but 10, which money forseid to he so begethen I will hit to be payd to hur being rewled as aforesaid 10 at the day of hur marriage and 10 at that day 12 months aftur maryage.

Also I will that Johanne my daughter have to her comforte her with of my goodes to hur payd of my bequest 40s aftur my decesse.

Item I will that Alice Ledis and Marget Ledis the daughters of John Ledis the elder my sonne eche of theym to have to ther mariage aftur my decesse 20s and eche of them to to beother heyr yf every of theym dye con afor the other.

Item I bequeath to Thomas Not my childe when he cometh to the age of 20 yere 13s 4d
and I give and beqeth to John Sneth and John Saunder everyche of theym to have a quarter of Barle.

And I furthermore that all other servauntes that be in service with me at the tyme of my departing out of this world eche of theym to have 4 bushells of Barle bothe man servant and woman servant.

The residew of all my goodes not bequethen my testament and will performed, and also my dettis payd, I give and bequesth to Alice my wife and John Ledys my sonne now being alive whom I make ordeyn and sett myn executors to execute and perform this my last will and testament.

And I will that Edward Bolney and Christopher Gay of Canterbury be overseers of this my last will and testament in seying (seeing) hit performed. And I will that everech of theym shall have for theyr labor 20s.

This is the last will of the seyd Gefferey Ledys made the day and yere above seid of all such rentis lands and tenamentis as I have within the shir (shire) of Kent.

First I will that immediately aftur my decesse that whan so ever my seid sonne John Ledes shall require estatae or possession of all my feoffes to his behove and use that than the seid feoffes make unto hym astate of all such lands as thei stand feoffeod and sesed in of myn to have to hym to give and sell for evermore

and furthermore I will that the seid John Ledes my sonne shall suffur Alice his moder occupy and to dwell by all the days of hur lyve my tenement called Bases with barn Dovehouse and garden ther standing upon the same
and furthermore I will that all such reparacons as shall be long to the same tenement garden and dovehouse be repared closed and kepte all way at the cost and charge of the samae John Ledes.
And furthermor I will the same John Ledyes my son shall pay yerly unto the seyd Alice his moder durying all hur lyve 3.6s.8d of the gud (good) money at 3 termys of the yer to the seyd Alice payd by even porcions(portions).

And if hit happe (happen) the seyd John defaute (default) in payment in parte or in all of the seyd 3 6s 8d aftur and of the seyd days of pay to my seyd wife befor lymitted or by 10 days after then I will by this my present will that the seyd Alice my wife shall distrane upon all the lands that the seyd John Ledes hath of this bequeath And yfte (gift) afor rehersed and she the seyd distresse so taken hit shalbe lawfull for my seid wife to lede, dryve and ta (take) away and to hur selfe kepe and with hold unto suche tyme as that the seyd John Ledes or his assigns shall make to her or hur assihns payment of the same debte so being be hynde unpaid forthwith all such costes and expensis a bowte the same donne. And that as afte to distrane as that hit shall need the seyd Alice my wife for lacke of payment to hur not made by the seyd John Ledes at anytime this graunt made not withstanding

in witness whereof to this my present will and testament have putte my sele the yer of our Lord God the day of the moneth and year of the kyng above wreten (written). In the presence of
William Stokes, Harvey Tregunwith, Robert (L)edes and Robert Hewet with othermoo.

Proved before us Henry Cooper etc 11th July 1495 etc and commission was made by the administrators and executors. Sworn date etc.

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Will of Gefferey Ledys
Created by Maureen Rawson