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Will of Thomas Ledys

of Woodchurch, Kent

Source: Consistory Court of Canterbury PRC32/4/f.47-8
Submitted by Everett Leeds
In the name of God ,Amen. The 4th of August 1471 I Thomas Ledys of the parish of Wodechirche, of sane mind and memory make my testament in this way: First I leave my soul to Almighty God to the Blessed Virgin Mary and all the company of heaven, my body to be buried in the cemetery of the church of All Saints, Wodechirche aforesaid.

Item I leave to the high alter there for tithes forgotten and offerings vis. viiid
Item I leave to the annual light there vis. viiid.
Item I leave to the light of the Blessed Mary there vis. viiid.
Item I leave to the light of St.Michael there vis. viiid.

The residue of all my goods not above bequeathed for the payment of my first debts, legacies and expenses I give and bequeath to Johanna my wife
Which same Johanna and Lord Thomas Thyterden I make, ordain and appoint my executors by these presents to dispose of my goods for the health of my soul as seems best to them.

This is the last wylle of Thomas Ledys of Wodchirche made ye iiii th day of August in ye xith year of the reyne of Kyng Edward the iiii.

First ye said Thomas wills that his feffes (Feoffees) and ther assignes shall suffer Jone the wiff of ye seyd Thomas to hold and occupy alle ye lands and tenements in Wodchirch and Shadokisherst (Shadoxhurst) without stryfe and wast (waste) ye which his seyd feffes have of fefment (feoffment) of the seyd Thomas into ye tyme pat (that) Jamys Ledes his sonne cometh to ye age of xvi yers
and when ye seyd Jamys cometh to ye sayd age of xvi yers then ye sayd feffeirs or ther assignes schall deliver to the sayd Jamys and to his eyeris (heirs) and his assigns for evermore all ye sayd lands and tenements

with ye condicion that ye sayd Jamys pay or do to be payde to Alice Ledes daughter of ye sayd Thomas to her marriage v marcs of lawful money of England.

And also yff (if) ye forsayd Jone wyff of ye sayd Thomas have a daughter with the which she is now charged (pregnant) and lyve to ye age of maryage that then ye sayd Jamys schall pay or do to be payed to ye sayd daughter to he marriage v marcs of lawful money of England

nevertheless always evysith thatyff ye sayd Jone have a son with ye which sche is now charged and lyve to ye age of xv yers that then ye sayd son by everywyth ye said Jamys of and in all ye sayd lands and tenements aforesaid and yff ye said James and son, yff Godde send son, oder (or) any of them the sayde money to, the daughtis(daughters) or daughter in forme afore rehersyd to pay denys or refusith, then the sayd Thomas wills that his sayd feffees schall selle moche (much) in valew (value) of the sayd lands and tenements as schall need to the contentacion of the marriages of the sayd daughtis

and yff it hape (happen) the said Jamys and son, yff God send one, within the age of xv yeres bothe to dye, then the sayd Thomas wylls that his sayd feffees and ther assignes schall selle the forsaid lands and tenements and with the mony thereofcomyng he ordeneth x marks to find a prest (priest) singyng at Wodechirche a hole yere for the saule (soul) of ye sayd Thomas and his frends and 4 markes to the chirch werkes of Wodchirch and to pay the daughter or daughtis as is befor lymetted and the surplus yff ony be to be disposyed in way of almes at the discression of my sayd feoffees,etc.

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Will of Thomas Ledys
Created by Maureen Rawson