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Will of Christopher Lede

of Benenden, Kent

Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC17/18/f196r
Submitted by Everett Leeds
In dei nomini Amen 20 April 1529 I Christopher Lede of the parish of Benenden clothe maker being whole of mind and perfect memory make my present testament in this manner of wise following
First I bequeath my soul to Almighty God and blessed lady and to all the holy company of heaven and my body to be buried in the churchyard of the parish church of Saint George the Martyr of Benenden aforesaid.

Item I bequeath to the high alter there for my tithes and offerings and negligently forgotten and witholden 10d.
Item I bequeath to the high alter of Goudhurst 4d.
Item I bequeath a tape of a pound of wax to burn before the image of our lady in the said church of Benenden as long as he shall endure.
Item I bequeath to every of my god children 4d.

Item I bequeath to Margaret my wife all my brass and pewter and also half my bedding at her disposition.
Also I will that the said Margaret my wife shall have my cupboard and chest my great chest in her occupying all the term of her life and after her death I will and bequeath the said cupboard and chest unto Alice my daughter.

Item I bequeath to Gregory my son a light chest.
Item I bequeath to the said Margaret my wife a cow at her own choice.
Item I bequeath to the said Gregory my son a heifer to be delivered unto him by mine executors at Michaelmas next coming after this my present testament.
Item I bequeath to Christopher my son a calf to be delivered unto him at the discretion of my executors.

Item I will that my children that be not able to get their living nor to go to service be at the finding of my executors and I will that the said Margaret my wife have the keeping of them as long as it can be seen convenient by my executors that she can keep them……

Item I will that all my other movables not bequeathed nor assigned be sold by my executors by the best price that they can and the money thereof coming I will it to be to the paying of my debts and bequeaths and to the fulfilling of this my present testament and last will.
Item I will and ordain that the costs and charges of my burying months mind and years mind be done at the discretion of my executors.

Item I make and ordain to be mine executors John Lede my brother and John Bengullynden.

This is the last will of me the said Christopher Lede made the day and year above written and declared by me personally unto John Yelden John Watte Edward Lede and John Bengullynden my feoffres of all my lands and tenements with the appurtanances.

First I will that my said feoffres or their assigns anon after my decease suffer my said executors to sell all my land and tenements with appurtanances by the best price received I will it to be bestowed in manner and form following
first part of the said money received for my said land and tenement I will it to be to the payment of my debts if need be and the residue of the money thereof received above my debts and bequeaths payed I will that my said executors shall buy such other house and tenement to the value as much as the money will extend so spared above my debt and bequeathspaid and then I will that my said feoffre or their assigns that receive and take a stake of and in such land and tenements so bought to the use of my heirs and assigns in manner and for following.

First I will that my said feoffre shall grant an annuity coming out of the said lands or tenenment so bought 20s by year unto the said Margaret my wife during all the term of her life quarterly to be paid forthwith a clause of distress for fault of payment the same
and after the decease of the said Margaret my wife I will that all the said land and tenements with their appurtanances be delivered equally betwixt my sons then that they come to their age of 24 years forthwith the profit of the same if any be coming into the mean season above the annuity if 20s by year grant unto my said wife.

Item I will and bequeath to the marriage of Alice my daughter 40s and if it fortune the said Alice my daughter be not married afore that she cometh to her age of 25 years then I will that the said 40s be paid unto her by my said executors or their assigns when she cometh to her said age of 25 years.

Item I bequeath to John my son 3s 4d. to be paid to him when that he singeth his first mass and if that he die before that he sing his first mass I will that the said 3s 4d. remain among his brothers of the place of Battle.

Item I bequeath to the friars of Lesseham 6d provided always that I will that my said feoffre shall see that mine executors shall buy such land and tenement that I now dwell in also I will that my said feoffre and executors shall have for any day that they do labour or let about this my present will as reason will require with good conscience
this witnesseth Edward Leed the elder and Thomas Kett.

Probatum The above will was proved 12th july 1529 on the oath of Edward Lede and the executors approved.

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Will of Christopher Lede
Created by Maureen Rawson