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Baptisms at Langley, Kent


Source: Bishops Transcripts
Additional information on source includes abode and father's occupation.
Year      Surname           Child's Forename        Father's Forename       Mother's Forename

1814 ATKINS John John Margaret 1820 AUSTEN William William Elizabeth 1822 AUSTEN Mary Adams William Elizabeth 1823 AUSTEN Mary Ann Edward Elizabeth 1824 AUSTEN Elizabeth William Elizabeth 1825 AUSTEN John William Elizabeth 1827 AUSTEN Anna Maria William Elizabeth 1829 AUSTEN Caroline William Elizabeth 1833 AUSTEN Amelia William Elizabeth 1828 AVERY William Thomas Mary 1830 AVERY Thomas Thomas Mary 1835 AVERY John Thomas Mary 1824 BANKS Mary William Mary 1830 BARDEN Harriott William Elizabeth 1833 BARDEN Eliza William Elizabeth 1838 BARDEN Sarah William Elizabeth 1840 BARDEN Emily William Elizabeth 1844 BARDEN Charles Anne 1852 BARNES Ann Thomas Mary 1853 BARR(OW)? Stephen Stephen Harriet 1858 BECK Eliza Henry Harriett 1828 BERDEN William William Elizabeth 1823 BETTS Caroline James Martha 1825 BETTS John James Martha 1827 BETTS James James Martha 1829 BETTS William James Martha 1831 BETTS Horace James Martha 1835 BETTS Alfred James Martha 1856 BETTS Ellen John Harriet 1858 BETTS Frederic John Harriett 1859 BETTS Lewis Alfred John Harriett 1856 BIGG Rose Ann Charles Frances 1815 BLACK Keziah Samuel Mary 1820 BLACK Thomas Samuel Mary 1822 BLACK Mary Samuel Mary 1836 BLACK Susan William Ann 1838 BLACK Samuel William Ann 1840 BLACK Thomas William Ann 1843 BLACK Ann William Ann 1845 BLACK Mary William Ann 1847 BLACK Jane William Ann 1850 BLACK Jane William Ann 1852 BLACK William William Ann 1855 BLACK Susan William Ann 1858 BLACK Harriett William Anne 1860 BLACK John William Ann 1859 BOLTON Isaac Thomas Charles Fanny 1856 BOORMAN Frederick Edward Mercy 1859 BOORMAN John Edward Mercy 1825 BORDEN Anne William Elizabeth 1815 BOTTLE Elizabeth John Mary 1818 BOTTLE Charlotte John Mary 1815 BOULTON Thomas Thomas Mary Ann 1813 BRENCHLEY Emily Frances Charles Mary 1814 BRENCHLEY Charles Frederick Charles Mary 1814 BRITCHER Stephen Stephen Mercy 1820 BRITCHER Elizabeth Stephen Mercy 1835 BROWN George Jesse Ann 1845 BROWN Samuel Jesse Ann 1848 BROWN Alfred Jesse Ann 1852 BROWN Elizabeth Jesse Ann 1858 BROWN William Estaugh? Samuel Amy 1858 BROWN Annie Samuel Amy 1859 BROWN Edmund Newport? Samuel Amy 1842 BROWN James Jesse Ann 1822 BURDEN Anna George Hester 1846 BURGESS Lewis Matthew Charlotte 1854 BURR George George Harriet 1855 BURR Esther George Harriet 1836 BURREN Jane Charles Amy 1815 BUTCHER John Joshua Susanna 1817 BUTCHER Hannah Joshua Susanna 1820 BUTCHER Sarah Susanna Joshua Susanna 1823 BUTCHER Elizabeth Joshua Susanna 1825 BUTCHER James Joshua Susanna 1829 BUTCHER Eliza Ann Joshua Susanna 1830 CHAMBERS Charles Thomas Elizabeth 1832 CHAMBERS Charles Thomas Elizabeth 1832 CHAMBERS George Wright Thomas Elizabeth 1834 CHAMBERS Charles Joseph Martha 1834 CHAMBERS Margaret Eliza Thomas Elizabeth 1840 CHAMBERS John Thomas Thomas Elizabeth 1842 CHAMBERS James Joseph Martha 1842 CHAMBERS Maria Frederick Mary 1843 CHAMBERS William Thomas Elizabeth 1844 CHAMBERS James Frederick Mary 1845 CHAMBERS Hannah Elizabeth Thomas Elizabeth 1848 CHAMBERS Harriet Frederick Mary 1856 CHAMBERS Frances Thomas Elizabeth Ann 1858 CHAMBERS Lizzie Burr Charles Harriett Eliza 1859 CHAMBERS Amelia Charles Harriet Eliza 1841 CHEESEMAN Emma William Frances 1845 CHEESEMAN William Lewis Frances 1847 CHEESEMAN Thomas Frances 1852 CHEESEMAN Ellen Bigg Frances 1840 CLARK Elizabeth Jonathan Ann 1816 CLOUT James John Elizabeth 1821 CLOUT James Remington James Mary Anne 1826 CLOUT William William Ann 1827 CLOUT George William Hannah 1816 COBB Charles William Sarah 1820 COBB Richard William Sarah 1845 COBB Henry Charles Betsey 1858 COLLINS Thomas Richard Albert Richard Martha Anne 1858 COLLINS Arthur Watson Richard Martha Anne 1854 COLLINSON William Ebenezer John Mary 1819 COLLISON Elizabeth William Elizabeth 1855 COLLISON John Amos John Amos Susanna 1857 COLLISON Elizabeth Olive John Amos Susannah 1860 COLLISON William Ebenezer John Amos Susanna 1834 COOPER George Richard George Elizabeth 1841 COOPER Benjamin Johnson George Elizabeth 1845 COOPER William George Elizabeth 1821 COPPIN Susanna Rodney Mary 1859 COPPIN Albert William Martha 1848 COPPIN? Amelia William Martha 1844 COULTER John Edwin Mary 1816 DRURY Ann Susanna 1852 DUDDING Frederick David Ann 1837 DUNK William Downs? James Sarah 1839 DUNK Alice James Sarah 1841 DUNK Mary Anne James Sarah 1844 DUNK John James Sarah 1848 DUNK Sarah Frances James Sarah 1848 EAGLES Elizabeth Charles Sarah 1843 EDMEADS Isaac Thomas Catherine 1855 EDMEADS Charles Thomas Catherine 1857 EDMEDS Ellen Maria Thomas Catherine 1825 FANCHON Robert Robert Jane 1826 FANCHON Jane Elizabeth Robert Jane 1827 FANCHON Thomas Robert Jane 1827 FINCETT Dinah Harriot 1847 FINCH Sarah Jane George Jane Mercy 1849 FINCH George George Jane Mercy 1855 FINCH James Richard Mary 1829 FOREMAN George John Susanna 1831 FOREMAN Eliza John Susanna 1833 FOREMAN Maria John Susanna 1835 FOREMAN Mary John Susanna 1837 FOREMAN Susanna John Susanna 1840 FOREMAN Elizabeth John Susanna 1843 FOREMAN Emily John Susanna 1853 FOREMAN Thomas William Maria 1858 FORMAN Henry George Anne 1834 FRENCH Ellen Mira William Hannah 1814 GILBERT Eleanor Michael Mary 1816 GILBERT Michael Michael Mary 1843 GILBERT? Stephen James Mary 1813 GOODALL Samuel William Mary 1824 GRANT Susanna Thomas Susanna 1825 GRANT Thomas Thomas Susanna 1827 GRANT Ann Thomas Susanna 1834 GRIGSBY Robert Barling Jane Eleanor 1830 HAMMOND James James Sarah 1848 HARRISON George Ellen 1814 HATFIELD Daniel Daniel Lucy 1825 HAYES Elizabeth Ann Robert Sophia 1826 HAYES Stephen Robert Sophia 1827 HAYES Eliza Robert Sophia 1832 HAYES George Thomas Robert Sophia 1813 HIGHWOOD Anne John Frances 1815 HIGHWOOD Thomas John Frances 1817 HIGHWOOD Frances John Frances 1819 HIGHWOOD James John Frances 1833 HIGHWOOD Thomas John Sarah 1835 HIGHWOOD Elizabeth John Sarah 1837 HIGHWOOD John John Sarah 1839 HIGHWOOD James John Sarah 1814 HOLDER Fanny William Fanny 1844 HOLLAND Alfred ......? Rebecca 1820 HOLLANDS John William Ann 1822 HOLLANDS Elizabeth William Ann 1828 HOLLANDS Jemima Isaac Elizabeth 1832 HOLLANDS Isaac Isaac Elizabeth 1839 HOLLANDS Mary Ann John Priscilla 1846 HOLLANDS George Edward Mary Ann 1847 HOLLANDS Angelina Edwin Mary 1849 HOLLANDS Jane Maria William Caroline Charlotte 1849 HOLLANDS Phoebe Elizabeth Edwin Mary 1850 HOLLANDS Edward William Caroline Charlotte 1853 HOLLANDS Harriet Eliza 1838 HONEY Mary Richard Elizabeth 1847 HONEY George Richard Elizabeth 1854 HONEY Martha Elizabeth John Harriet 1851 HORTON George William Eliza 1854 HORTON John William Eliza 1857 HORTON James William Eliza 1859 HORTON Alfred William Eliza 1821 HOWE Mary Anna Edward Russell James Anna Maria 1823 HOWE Edward Russell James Edward Russell James Anna Maria 1826 HOWE Henry Gambier Edward Russell James Anna Maria 1827 HOWE Eleanor Ann Edward Russell James Anna Maria 1848 HUTCHINSON Thomas Thomas Emma 1850 HUTCHINSON Lewis Richard Thomas Emma 1852 HUTCHINSON Sarah Thomas Emma 1856 HUTCHINSON Edward Thomas Emma 1820 JACKSON Ann Julia Frances 1826 JEFFERY Mary Edward Eleanor 1843 JUDD Thomas Thomas Sarah 1845 JUDD Edwin Thomas Sarah 1848 JUDD Ann Thomas Sarah 1851 JUDD William Frederick Thomas Sarah 1853 JUDD Sarah Jane Thomas Sarah 1853 KITE Harriet Richard Charlotte 1855 KITE Maria Richard Charlotte 1823 KNIGHT Thomas Robert Mary 1825 KNIGHT William Robert Mary 1846 KNOTT James Aaron Maria 1814 LAWRENCE Edwin David Margaret 1814 LULCOCK Sarah Lewis Elizabeth 1817 LULCOCK John Lewis Elizabeth 1820 LULCOCK Anne Lewis Elizabeth 1822 LULCOCK Mary Lewis Elizabeth 1826 LULCOCK Margaret Lewis Elizabeth 1829 LULCOCK Ann Elizabeth 1841 LURCOCK Sarah John Ann 1848 MAINWARING John Charles Hannah 1851 MAINWARING George Charles Hannah 1853 MAINWARING William Charles Hannah 1855 MAINWARING Edward Charles Hannah 1813 MILINER William James Sarah Ann 1852 MILLER Fanny Charles Elizabeth Ann 1856 MITCHELL William Henry Thomas Hannah 1823 MOSELEY James James Sarah 1824 MOSELEY Mary Ann John Harriot 1837 MOSELEY Charles James Sarah 1845 MOSELEY Sarah John Mary 1845 MOSELEY Emily John Mary 1849 MOSELEY Louisa Elizabeth 1827 MOZELEY William James Sarah 1830 MOZELEY Edward James Sarah 1832 MOZELEY Elizabeth Paine James Sarah 1842 NEWLATT? James Clarck? James Clarck? Kezia 1839 NEWMAN Frederic John Emily 1841 NEWMAN John Francis John Emily 1844 NEWMAN Emma Jane John Emily 1813 NICHOLES Mary Ann James Ann 1813 NORRIS John Thomas Susan 1815 NORRIS Thomas Thomas Susan 1817 NORRIS George Thomas Susan 1818 NORRIS Charles William Ann 1821 NORRIS Richard Thomas Susan 1826 NORRIS Henry William Ann 1830 NORRIS Mary Ann William Ann 1832 NORRIS Eliza William Ann 1835 NORRIS Emily Maria William Ann 1836 NORRIS Frances John Frances 1838 NORRIS Emily Charles Sarah 1840 NORRIS Charles Charles Sarah 1842 NORRIS William Charles Sarah 1845 NORRIS Henry Charles Sarah 1847 NORRIS Mary Ann Charles Sarah 1849 NORRIS Henry Henry Eliza 1851 NORRIS Eliza Charles Sarah 1851 NORRIS Elizabeth Ann Henry Eliza 1853 NORRIS Sarah Charles Sarah 1854 NORRIS Eliza Henry Eliza 1857 NORRIS Samuel Ezekiel Eliza 1857 NORRIS Louisa Henry Eliza 1859 NORRIS Louisa Ezekiel Eliza 1860 NORRIS Ellen Henry Eliza 1818 PACK John James Maria 1821 PACK Richard James Maria 1818 PAIN Mary Ann Mary 1820 PAIN William Mary Ann 1834 PAINE Susanna Fleet Thomas Selinda 1835 PAINE John Thomas John Selinda 1838 PAINE George William John Selinda 1841 PAINE Charles James John Selinda 1815 PATTERSON Richard Richard Frances 1847 PERREN James William Mathilda 1847 PERREN Matilda William Matilda 1847 PERREN William William Matilda 1847 PERREN George William Matilda 1847 PERREN Sarah D...? (Diana?) William Matilda 1848 PERREN Rebecca William Matilda 1851 PERREN Mary Ann William Matilda 1855 PERREN Thomas Frederick William Matilda 1833 PERRIN Priscilla William Matilda 1837 PRICE Elizabeth Ann Richard Mary 1835 PRYOR William Richard Mary 1840 PRYOR Mary Anne Richard Mary 1845 PUSEY? Frances Mary William B....? Catherine 1846 RALF Rebecca Richard Rebecca 1815 RATE John John Frances 1860 RAYNOLDS Charles Edward George Mary 1852 REALF Charles Edward Richard Caroline 1857 REALF William Henry Richard Caroline 1820 REEVE Esther William Esther 1826 REEVE Harriot William Esther 1829 REEVE Ann William Esther 1831 REEVE William William Esther 1835 REEVE Helen Keziah Esther 1817 REEVES Samuel William Esther 1818 REEVES Mary Ann Esther 1822 REEVES Sarah William Esther 1824 REEVES John William Esther 1825 REYNOLDS Mary Ann William Phebe 1826 REYNOLDS William William Phoebe 1831 REYNOLDS Mary William Phoebe 1833 REYNOLDS John William Phebe 1835 REYNOLDS George William Phebe 1837 REYNOLDS Eleanor William Phoebe 1855 REYNOLDS William Henry George Mary 1859 REYNOLDS Agnes Elizabeth William Matilda 1827 RICH Mary Ann Stephen Mary 1831 RICH William Stephen Mary 1846 ROBINSON Luke Stephen Charlotte 1844 SAGE Mary Ann Mary 1847 SAGE Samuel Mary 1833 SELL Thomas William James Mary 1838 SELLS Richard James Mary 1842 SELLS Sarah Stephen Mary 1844 SELLS Jane James Mary 1845 SELLS Charles James Mary 1845 SELLS Sarah James Mary 1845 SELLS George James Mary 1845 SELLS Ann James Mary 1849 SELLS Mary James Mary 1840 SHARP Stephen John Eliza 1834 SHARPE Eliza John Eliza 1819 SHAW Mary John Susan 1819 SHAW Sarah John Susan 1828 SHAW Jesse Thomas Philadelphia 1821 SHEPHERD Charlotte William Mercy 1823 SHEPPERD William William Mercy 1836 SHIRLEY John Alfred John Mary Ann 1836 SHIRLEY Marian John Mary Ann 1851 SISLEY William Edward William Charlotte 1814 SMITH Mary Ann William Jane 1846 SMITH Martha Charles Jane 1857 SMITH John James Ellis Sarah 1857 SMITH Cyrus Seipio Jesse Sarah Ann 1859 SMITH Emma Joseph Esther 1860 SMITH Sabrina Jesse Sarah Ann 1860 SMITH Selina Jessie Jesse Sarah Ann 1848 SONE? Ellen Jane 1830 TANNER James Richard Elizabeth 1833 TANNER Eliza Richard Elizabeth 1843 THOMAS William James Rachel 1818 THOMPSON Martha William Sarah 1820 THOMPSON Stephen William Sarah 1829 THOMSETT Elizabeth Thomas Martha 1850 THOMSETT Elizabeth Eleanor John Mary 1852 THOMSETT Charles Percival John Mary 1854 THOMSETT Mary Ann John Mary 1856 THOMSETT Louisa John Mary 1857 THOMSETT John Henry Boughton John Mary 1859 THOMSETT Edward John Mary 1827 TISDELL Rose Anna Nicholas Susan 1820 TOLHURST Sarah Thomas Hester 1820 TOLHURST Hannah Thomas Hester 1830 TOLHURST George George Mary Ann 1851 TOLHURST Mercy George Mary 1851 TOLHURST Amelia George Mary 1852 TOLHURST Sarah Ann George Sarah Ann 1816 TOWN James William Sarah 1837 TOWN Eliza William Elizabeth 1844 TOWN Benjamin Thomas William Mary Ann 1848 TOWN Thomas Charles Stephen James Catherine 1850 TOWN William Stephen James Catherine 1852 TOWN Harriet Stephen James Catherine 1854 TOWN Sarah Stephen James Catherine 1855 TOWN John William Mary Ann 1857 TOWN Richard Stephen James Catherine 1858 TOWN Jane William Mary Anne 1859 TOWN Jane Stephen James Catherine 1850 TROWELL Susannah George Susannah 1852 TROWELL William Job George Susannah 1855 TROWELL Jesse George Susannah 1857 TROWELL Mahaleoth? George Susannah 1858 TROWELL Thirza Mercy George Susannah 1829 WALTER Henry James Frances 1860 WALTER Frank Samuel Emma 1814 WATERMAN William William Sarah 1851 WEBB Ellen Charles Mary 1856 WEBB Charles Charles Mary 1828 WELCH John John Mary 1853 WELLS Henry Ann Field 1858 WHITE Thomas Edward Elizabeth 1856 WISENDEN Mary Jane Charles Mary Ann 1860 WISENDEN Frederick Charles Mary Ann 1858 WISSENDEN John William Charles Mary Anne 1859 WONHAM Edmund James Sarah 1817 WOOLLEY Isabel John Elizabeth 1821 WOOLLEY Caroline John Elizabeth 1842 WOOLLEY Thomas Philip Jane 1844 WOOLLEY Elizabeth Philip Jane 1846 WOOLLEY Ann Maria Philip Jane 1848 WOOLLEY Emily Philip Jane 1850 WOOLLEY Charlotte Philip Jane 1853 WOOLLEY Henry Philip Jane 1858 WRIGHT Sally John Henrietta 1858 WRIGHT William Richard Maria

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Langley Baptisms
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