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Will of William Knight

of Erith, Kent

Source: Prerogative Court of Canterbury 1808
Transcribed by Richard Jarvis
In the Name of God Amen I WILLIAM KNIGHT Victualler of the Parish of Erith in the County of Kent being of a sound mind and disposing memory, do dispose of all my worldly affairs in form and manner following

Item I give will & bequeath unto my loving wife MARY KNIGHT the sum of forty pounds to be paid to her my said wife by my executors hereinafter named within the space of twelve months after my decease
Likewise that my said wife MARY KNIGHT Shall and may have use of and occupy the room or chamber that I and she now use and sleep in with the use of all and every the furniture Bed and Bedstead and every thing being therein in the state it now is for and to her sole use for the space of twelve months after my decease if she chose there to continue and I will that my wife shall be victualler by my son JOHN KNIGHT for the space of twelve months after my decease she living and eating with my said son and his family in all respects as they provide for his said family free from any charge or expence whatsoever for her said Board or provisions

Item I give will and bequeath unto my daughter ANN SHEARS the sum of five pounds to be paid her by my Executor herein after named within the space of twelve months after my decease.
Item I give will and bequeath unto my daughter ELIAZBETH ALLEN the sum of five pounds to be paid her within the space of twelve months after my decease by my Executors hereinafter named.

Item I give will and bequeath unto my son WILLIAM KNIGHT one half part of the beds bedsteads and furniture in the Garret? likewise the low chest of drawers and swing? glass standing on them now in my sleeping room after my wife has quitted the possession of them.
Likewise six of the best chairs in the long room.
Likewise the little copper pottage pot the wainscot corner cupboard in the parlour and table under the pier glass in the parlour the little salting tub and one half part of the pewter plates and dishes but no part of the pewter beer or spirit Measures
Likewise give unto my said son one horse and one light cart and they to be delivered to him within three months of my decease.
Likewise the sum of fifteen pounds to be paid to him by my executors within the space of twelve months after my decease.

Item all and every my goods and chattels effects and utensils household furniture wearing apparel lease or leases crops of corn either on my lands or in my barns or granaries all and every my live stock of every sort and kind whatsoever (excepting one horse given to my son WILLIAM KNIGHT and a light cart) with all and every sum & sums of money that are or may hereafter become due to me Likewise the possession of now dwelling house and stock in trade as a Victualler therein the whole and every of my effects to be the sole property of my son JOHN KNIGHT after paying my just debts funeral expences and legacies and bequests hereinbefore bequeathed And willed

and I do further will constitute and Appoint my said son JOHN KNIGHT to be my Whole and sole Executor to this my last will and testament and revoking all and every before written will or bequest do publish and declare this to be my last will and Testament and in witness thereof have hereunto set my hand and seal this fifteenth day of September in the year of our lord 1808
The mark of X WILLIAM KNIGHT signed sealed and published as his the testators last will and Testament in the presence of us who have Hereunto set our hand at his request and in his presence and in the presence of each other who have seen him put his mark to each sheet of this his will and hand and seal to this the last sheet thereof

This will was proved at London this fifteenth day of October in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred and eight before the Worshipful Samuel Pearce Parson Doctor of Laws Surrogate of the Right Honourable Sir WILLIAM Wynne knight Doctor of Laws Master Keeper or Commissary of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury lawfully constituted by the oath of JOHN KNIGHT the son of the deceased and sole executor named in the said will to whom administration of all and singular the goods chattels and credits of the said deceased was granted he having been first sworn duly to administer.

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Will of William Knight
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