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Will of Thomas Kippes

of Canterbury, Kent

Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.75 f.105, 1680
Transcribed by P G Martin
In the name of God Amen I Thomas Kippes of the City of Canterbury gent. Being sick in body but of good and ----- memory And understanding God be praised calling to mind the Uncertainty of this transitory life doo make and Declare my last will and testament as followeth Viz: first I commend my soul into the hands of the Omnipotent and eternal God my Creator hoping To obtain absolute and full pardon and ---- Remission of all my sins and to enjoy everlasting Rest and happiness in his heavenly kingdom Through the onely merritts death and passion Of my most dear and only Saviour Jesus Christ. My mortal body I remit to the earth in hope Of a joyful Resurrection to be decently buried in The churchyard of the parish Church of Hothfield As near to my father and mother as may be According to the order of Church of England (item) as to my personal estate I dispose thereof as followeth.

First I give and bequeath unto my deare and loving friend John Bayle in whose house I now dwell all the furniture of the chamber in which I now lye and also the ----- standing in his hall excepting all my books and such pictures and such other ----- furnitures as the the said John Bayle and my executors hereafter named shall think fitt to send and sell by for the use of Frances Honyfeild sole daughter of my nephew Gabriel Honyfeild Dr in Phisicks late ----- to be Kept for her use by my executors and to be delivered To her when she shall attain her age of sixteen Years.

Item. I give unto the said John Bayle & Elizabeth his wife the sum of ten pounds & Paid to by each of them a piece of plate or some Other things in remembrance of me.

Item: I give Unto Thomas Turner of Grayes Inn Esq. My Kinsman all my law books.
Item: I give unto Mr Henry Gibbs of Canterbury my books of Taile ----- and prints---------------cost
and Residue of my goods and movables what soever After debts legacies and funeral charges Shall be paid I give and bequeath unto the Said Frances Honyfeild to be delivered to her at Her age aforesaid.

Item: I give and bequeath unto Thomas, Elizabeth, Frances and Mary Ladd children Of Richard Ladd of Westwell the sum of twenty Pounds a piece to be put out at interest for them By my executors and to be paid when they shall Respectively attaine the severall ages of One and twenty yeares and if any of them then Shall happen to dye before they shall attain The said age then the portion of him her or them Soe dying shall be devided betweene the Survivours .

Item: I give unto Francis (Oners?) a Shomaker dwelling in or near Fleet Street & Sometimes my servant the sum of (tenn?) pounds
Item: I give the sum of (tenne?) pounds a piece To (seaven?) honest poore men’s sonnes that are Inhabiting and borne within the parishes of Hothfield, Great Chart, Eastwell, Wye, Boughton Aluph and Milton next Sittingbourne of each Parish and to bind them and apprentice further Poore men’s sonnes to be nominated by the Parson and the Churchwardens of the said Respective parishes and to be made –ite of by My executors hereafter hereafter named.

Item: I Give unto James Hide Esq. Youngest sonne of The late Lord Chancellor Hide the summe of ---- of One hundred pounds.
Item: I give unto William Shaw Esq. One of the Grooms of the Queen’s privie Chambers the summe of one hundred pounds
all Whith said legacies in money soe by me bequeathed I will shall be paid by my Executors within three Years next after my decease
Item: I give unto Every one of my Godsonnes the summe of twenty Shillings a piece
Item: I give unto Richard Snode of (Westwell?) the summe of five pounds.

This Is the last will and testament of me the said Thomas Kippes concerning the disposition of all My messuages, lands and premises Situate lying and being in the county of Kent Which I dispose of as followeth.
Impremis I give And bequeath my messuage with –happustences (appurtenances?) Called (Nymplate?) now in the occupation of Mr. George Moore with all the lands there unto -----ging lying in Great Chart aforesaid ------ also one messuage Appurtances lying in (Charte Street?) in the occupation of Mr Stephen Stanton and my lands in the said parish called (Chill?) marsh in the occupation of Mr Stephen Maytham unto the said Frances Honyfeild and her assignes for and during the terme of her natural life and from and after her decease to the use of the heirs of the body of the said Frances lawfully to be begotten and their heirs and for default of such heirs I give those messuages, lands and premises unto the said Richard Ladde and Mary his wife for and during the terms of Their natural lifes and the life of the longest Liver of them and from and after their decease I give the same unto Thomas Ladde their Sonne his heirs and Assignes for ever.

Item: I give and devise unto the use of the poore of The seaven parishes aforesaid the summe of Twenty shillings a piece to each parish to be Paid yearly for ever at the feast of the Birth of our Lord Christ into the hands of the Overseer of the respective parishes and to be ---nding and going out of the said tenement in Charte Street and the lands called Hillma-e and in default of payment within seaven dayes to enter and destraine for the same or to enter and hold the possession of the said messuage and lands until the same and all arrears shall be paid for the use of the poore as aforesaid .

Item: I give and bequeath five pounds. I give to the wife of Mr Thomas Smith of Smeeth the summe of twenty pounds And to her four children five pounds a piece To be paid as above.
Item: whereas I have above Appointed the profits of my lands to -------- By my executors for three yeares I doo alter my Mind thereon and devise the same profits to Them for four yeares in regard of the additional Legacies hereby given.

Item: I make ------- The above named Dr John Bale and John Whitfield of the City of Canterbury gent. my executors of this my last will and testament and give to each of them twenty pounds ----- for their care and paines and I doo revoke all former wills and make this my last will and testament this sixteenth day of October ----- ----- 1680. In witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and seals the same day & yeare Thomas Kippes. Read signed sealed published and To be the last will and testament of the said Thomas Kipppes in the presence of
Thomas Carlile Francis Lo------- Ro--- Bargrave

Probatum fuit etc. 24 November 1680 etc.

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Will of Thomas Kippes
Created by Maureen Rawson