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Will of Henry Rice King

Soldier, [Ex Dover, Kent]

Source: Prerogative Court of Canterbury Prob 11/1684
Transcribed by Gerry Doyle
I Henry Rice King Brevet Captain 2nd Battalion 19th Regiment do bequeath my son Henry W King all just lawful monies of Great Britain with the undermentioned exception after my just debts are paid that is to say

my natural son John Luddington King I leave the sum of Madras Rupees 1500 fifteen hundred independent to be lodged in said place of security for his support but should the Rev Mr Hands have no objection to take charge of him the money to be paid into his hands without delay

to my son Henry W King I leave my Gold Watch chain seals & keys Diamond Broach
to the late Mrs Mary Ann Kings sister I bequeath the wearing apparel of the late sister Mrs Mary Ann King the person now alluded is Mrs Louisa Aplin

it is my current desire that my boy H. W. King be immediately sent to England subject to the control of Thos Muster legal attorney at law Major Wallace 2 Bt Cavalry Brevet Captain Cleveland 2nd Batt 19th Regt

my present effects I should wish to be disposed of in the usual manner and the proceeds to be added to my monies in this Country in agents hands Mrs Palmer & Co together with my claims on the Tontines the in whole of the property plate and furniture apparel etc brought by my present wife besides such other articles as she may reasonably wish to keep

H R King presence of witnesses signed
W H Rooks Asst Surgeon signed G Storey Lieut 2nd 19th
at Bezwarrah 19 May 1823
A true copy Tho Cleveland Capt 2nd Batt 19th Reg

On the 30th April 1824 admon with the copy of the will annexed of the goods chattels & credits of Henry Rice King late of Brywarrah in the East India a Brevet Captain of the second Battalion of the nineteenth Regiment deceased limited to the original will or a more authentic copy thereof shall be bought into and left in the registry of our prerogative Court of Canterbury but no further or otherwise was committed and granted to Mary Spinster lawful Aunt by the half blood and Curatrix or Guardian as by virtue of the office of the judge to Henry William King an infant the natural and lawful and only child of the said deceased being first sworn by common duty to adm for the use and benefit of the said infant and until he shall attain the age of twenty one years ____ King widow the lawful relict survivor but died without taking upon her the Letters of admon with the said deceased the executor or residuary Legatee.

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Will of Henry Rice King
Created by Maureen Rawson