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Thursday, 10 January 1811, Caledonian Mercury 13895 –

DEATHS – At his residence, at Walmer, in Kent, on the 28th ult, universally and most deservedly lamented, in the 74th year of his age, Sir Henry HARVEY, Knight of the Bath, and Admiral of the White Squadron of his Majesty’s fleet, in whose naval service had had faithfully served fifty years and upwards with honour and advantage to his country, and credit to himself.


Saturday, 23 February 1811, Leeds Mercury 2379 –

DEATHS – On Monday se’nnight, at Hull, of a brain fever, after a few hours illness, aged 22, Capt. HARMAN, of the West Kent Militia.


Thursday, 4 April 1811, Caledonian Mercury 13931 –

DEATHS – On Tuesday se’nnight, at Fairy Hall, in Kent, in the 12th year of her age, Isabella Alexandrina Louise, Countess of BYLAND, daughter of the Count and Countess of BYLAND, of that place.


Thursday, 11 July 1811, Derby Mercury 4130 –

DEATHS – Suddenly, in Henrietta-street, Cavendish-square, aged 55, Sir E. DEERING, Bart, of Surrenden-Deering, Kent.


Saturday, 27 July 1811, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3039 –


  1. At Tunbridge Wells, the Right Hon. Lady LOVAINE, of a son.
  2. At his seat, Brampton-place, Kent, the Lady of Capt. Wm EDMEADES, in the Hon. East-India Company’s service, of a son.

MARRIAGES – J Browne WILKES, Esq, of Dartford, Kent, eldest son of Mr WILKES, Esq, of Rook’s Nest, Surry, to Mrs CROFT, of  Montague-street, Russell-square, widow of Capt J. CROFT, R.N.


Wednesday, 7 August 1811, Aberdeen Journal 3317 –

SINGULAR GENEALOGY – All the persons named in the following genealogy were living at Faversham, in Kent, in 1760, excepting only the former wife of the eldest CASHICK.  Old HARWOOD had two daughters by his first wife, of which the oldest was married to John CASHICK, the son, the youngest to John CASHICK, the father.  CASHICK, the father, had a daughter by his first wife, whom Old HARWOOD married, and by her had a son.  Therefore, CASHICK’s second wife could say:-  “My father is my won, and I am my mother’s mother;  my sister is my daughter, and I am grand-mother to my brother.”


Saturday, 10 August 1811, Caledonian Mercury 13986 –

  • MARRIAGES – On the 6th curt, the special licence, at Knole, in the county of Kent, Lady Mary SACKVILLE, eldest daughter of her Grace the Duchess of Dorset, to the Right Hon. The Earl of PLYMOUTH.
  • DEATHS – On the 2d curt, at Deptford, in Kent, in the 79th year of his age, Gilbert FERGUSON, Esq, late Head Surveyor of Shipping to the Honourable East India Company, under whom he had served nearly 40 years.


Tuesday, 10 September 1811, Hull Packet 1287 –

DEATHS – Lately, at Boroughbridge, aged 19, W.K. ROBINSON, Esq, only son of the Right Hon. Lord Rokeby, of Mountmorris, Kent, and West Layton, Yorkshire.


Tuesday, 15 October 1811, Hull Packet 1292 –

MARRIAGES – Thursday, at Cottingham, by the Rev T. DIKES, Capt. BURGESS of the West Kent Militia, to Jane Maria, eldest daughter of the late William FOSTER, Esq, of Spring Head, near this place.


Thursday, 31 October 1811, Caledonian Mercury 14021 –

MARRIAGES – At the seat of Lord Amherst, in Kent, on the 25th curt, the Marquis of DOWNSHIRE, to Lady Mary WINDSOR, daughter of the late, and sister to the present, Earl of PLYMOUTH.


Thursday, 2 January 1812, Caledonian Mercury 14048 –

DEATH OF THE DOWAGER COUNTESS STANHOPE – On the 28th ult, departed this life, at her country seat of Ovenden, in Kent, after a few days illness, the Countess Dowager STANHOPE, in the 93d year of her age.  (Very long obituary)


Thursday, 23 April 1812, Derby Mercury 4171 –

MARRIAGES - ? se’nnight, at St Mary-le-bonne Church, John W.H. BRYDGES, Esq, of Wotton Court, Kent, to the Right Hon. Lady Isabella Anne BERESFORD, sister of the Marquis of ? (damaged entry, illegible)


Saturday, 11 July 1812, Leeds Mercury 2455 –

DEATHS – On the 12th ultimate at the College of Wye, in Kent, in the 83d year of his age, the Rev Philip PARSONS, M.A., upwards of 50 years Minister of that parish, Rector of Suave and Eastwell, in the same county, and formerly of Sidney College, Cambridge, and the author of many ingenious publications.  He was intimately acquainted with Miss SEWARD, Mr PRATT, and other literary characters, with whom he maintained a correspondence till within a short period of his death, and he died as he lived, with the piety and resignation of a Christian.


Saturday, 6 February 1813, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3119 –


  1. At East Marden, Kent, J. HOLLOWAY, Esq, of Sockworth Place, Sussex, to Miss S. HAYWARD, of Beneden.
  2. At Aston-upon-Trent, near Derby, J. HAFFENDEN, Esq, of Tenterden, Kent, to Catherine, youngest daughter of the late J. WALKER, Esq, of Eastwood, near Rotherham, in Yorkshire.


Saturday, 20 February 1813, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3121 –


  1. At Linton Lodge, Kent, at an advanced age, C. TAYLOR, Esq.
  2. Aged 68, Mrs M. SHARPEY, of Maidstone.
  3. Suddenly, Mr H. SAXBY, of Harding-Common, Kent, aged 61 years.


Thursday, 4 March 1813, Derby Mercury 4216 –

ASSIZES – At the last Assizes for the County of Kent, one Wm HALL, a fisherman at Folkestone, was convicted before Lord Chief Justice ELLENBOROUGH, upon an indictment charging him with furnishing a boat to three French prisoners, who had broken their parole from Ashbourne, in this county, to enable them to cross the Channel;  and for this offence HALL was, in the following Michaelmas Term, sentenced by the Court of the King’s Bench to 2 years’ imprisonment, and to pay a fine of 50/-.  These prisoners had travelled in post-chaise from Ashbourne, and the post-boy, John EDWARDS, who had driven them to Folkestone from the Royal Oak at Ashford, kept by one James POTTS, was subpoenaed to give evidence of the fact.  EDWARDS, however, thought fit not to obey the subpoena, for which contempt he was prosecuted, and by the Court of the King’s Bench has been sentenced, in addition to an imprisonment of two months which he has already undergone, to be further confined for the space of six calendar months in the county gaol of Maidstone.


Monday, 5 April 1813, Hampshire Telegraph 704 –

DEATHS – On the 15th ult, at Brompton, Kent, Alexander TORBITT, Esq, Surgeon, R.N. and late Superintending his Imperial Russian Majesty’s fleet in the river Medway, aged 31 years;  a young man of great acquirements in his profession, and of course a public loss.  He was the oldest of three brothers, Surgeons in the R.N., who have all died within the last two years, and left helpless parents, and a disconsolate sister (near Randal’s-town, Antrim, Ireland) to mourn their loss.


Saturday, 17 April 1813, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3130 –


  1. At Wolmer, Kent, Lieut W.P. WADE, Royal Navy, son of C. WADE, Esq, M.D. of Lisbon, to Eliza, widow of the late T. WILSON, Esq, Surgeon on the Staff at Marlborough, Wilts.
  2. Mr S. WISE, of Maidstone, to Miss ORROK, only daughter of the late Captain ORROK, R.N.


Monday, 31 May 1813, Hampshire Telegraph 712 –


  1. On Wednesday last, Mr BOWLING, of Salisbury, to Miss DIXON, only daughter of Mrs DIXON, Lower Deal, Kent.
  2. On the 18th instant, at Deal, Henry de HUMBOLDT, only son of Baron von HUMBOLDT, of Scheidnitz in Silesia, to Charlotte, second daughter of the late J. CARTER, Esq, of Deal, and niece to the late celebrated Mrs Elizabeth CARTER.


Saturday, 5 June 1813, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3137 –


  1. Mr N. JOHNSTON, of Bishopsgate-street, to Susanna, third daughter of J. MALYN, Esq, of Braisted, Kent.
  2. At Canterbury, G. TASWELL, Esq, to Anne, second daughter of the late Rev G. GIPPS, rector of Ringwould, Kent.
  3. At Loose, near Maidstone, W.H. DOUCE, Esq, third son of the late T.A. DOUCE, Esq, of St Leonard’s, West Malling, to Emily, eldest daughter of E. PENFOLD, Esq, of Loose Court.


Saturday, 5 June 1813, Leeds Mercury 2502 –

MARRIAGES – On Tuesday last, at Wakefield, Francis William COBB, Esq, of Margate, in Kent, to Harriett, eldest daughter of John CARR, Esq, of Wakefield.


Saturday, 12 June 1813, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3138 –

MARRIAGES – At Recalver, Kent, G. LEITH, Esq, of Walmer Court, to Miss E. SLADDEN, of Broomfield.


Thursday, 24 June 1813, Caledonian Mercury 14278 –

DEATHS – On the 17th current, at his seat in Kent, in the 87th year of his age, after a life eminently distinguished by every active, public and private virtue, the Right Honourable Charles MIDDLETON, Baron Barham, of Barham court, and of Teston in Kent. (Long obituary)


Saturday, 26 June 1813, Leeds Mercury 2505 –

NOBLEMAN DECEASED – On the 27th instant, at his seat in Kent, aged 87, the Right Honourable Lord BARHAM;  his Lordship held the office of First Lord of the Admiralty in the year 1805.


Saturday, 31 July 1813, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3145 –


  1. At St Helen’s, Bishopsgate-street, Mr H. GORRINGE, of Tonbridge, Kent, to Anne, eldest daughter of J. COOMBER, Esq, of the same place.
  2. At Saltwood, J. LACY, Esq, of Ivy Hall, Kent, to Miss JULL, only daughter of J. JULL, Esq, of Mount Pleasant, in the same county.


Saturday, 14 August 1813, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3147 –

DEATHS – At Hackney, aged 78, Mrs FORBES, widow of T. FORBES, of Watertoun, Aberdeenshire, and mother of Mr FORBES, of Rolvenden, Kent.


Monday, 30 August 1813, Hampshire Telegraph 725 –

MARRIAGES – On the 17th instant, John GILL, Esq, Purser R.N., to Frances, daughter of Henry SMITH, Esq, of Eastling, Kent.


Saturday, 25 September 1813, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3153 –

MARRIAGES – F. PICRARD, Esq, of the East India Company’s Civil Service in Bengal, to Eliza, third daughter of H.H. DEACON, Esq, of Dover-place, Kent-road.


Saturday, 16 October 1813, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3156 –

MARRIAGES – At St John’s, William Ozias HUMPHRY, Esq, of the Privy Council Office, Whitehall, son of the Rev William HUMPHRY, rector of Seal, Kent, to Miss Jane NEWCOMBE, niece of Captain NEWCOMBE, of his Majesty’s ship ‘Wanderer’.


Saturday, 30 October 1813, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3158 –

  • MARRIAGES – At Ickham, Kent, Mr G. NEAME, of that place, to Miss A. BOXER, of St Margaret’s, Rochester.
  • DEATHS – J. MARTYR, Esq, Solicitor to the Board of Directors of Greenwich Hospital, and one of the Coroners for the County of Kent.


Monday, 1 November 1813, Caledonian Mercury 14336 –

BIRTHS – On the 23rd ult, at Langley Farm, Kent, the Honourable Mrs WEDDERBURN, of a son.


Saturday, 20 November 1813, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3161 –

DEATHS – At Birchington, Kent, G. FRIEND, Esq, aged 66.


Saturday, 27 November 1813, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3162 –

DEATHS – At the Mote, Igtham, Kent, Mrs M. WALFORD, in her 87th year.


Saturday, 11 December 1813, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3164 –

DEATHS – At Shawfield Lodge, Wigmore, near Bromley, Kent, J. HARRISON, Esq, at the advanced age of 85.


Tuesday, 28 December 1813, Hull Packet 1415 –

MARRIAGES – On Wednesday, at Beckenham, in Kent, Mr J.P. PRITCHETT, architect, York, to Miss P.M. TERRY, of the former place.


Saturday, 1 January 1814, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3167 –

DEATHS – At Faversham, Kent, the Rev R. HALKE, vicar of Faversham, and rector of Badlesmere with Leveland.


Saturday, 8 January 1814, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3168 –

DEATHS – At Yalden, Kent, aged 85, Mrs F. COX, a single lady.


Saturday, 29 January 1814, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3171 –

DEATHS – At an advanced age, Mr J. TINSLEY, many years landlord of the Tiger’s Head, at Footscray, Kent, and one of the proprietors of the coaches which run from London to Maidstone.


Saturday, 5 February 1814, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3172 –


  1. At Newington Church, Surrey, Mr G. WYLDE, of Chipstead, Kent, to Miss Martha RIGARDSFORD, of Riverhead, in the same county.
  2. At St James’s Church, R. BEST, Esq, of Mereworth, Kent, to Miss Harriet READ, second daughter of the late Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander READ, of the Madras Establishment.


Saturday, 19 February 1814, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3174 –

    • MARRIAGES – At East Malling, Kent, the Rev J.H. NORMAN, to Miss NORRIS, only daughter of the late J. NORRIS, Esq, of East Malling.
    • DEATHS – At Allhollows, in the Hundred of Hoo, Kent, aged 50, the Rev B. POWELL.


Saturday, 19 February 1814, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3174 –


  1. At Eltham, J. RUSSELL, Esq, of New Romney, Kent, to Miss HARRISON, of Middle Park, in the same county.
  2. At Lamberhurst, Kent, Mr E. PIERCE, of Tonbridge, to Miss E.A. BARTON, eldest daughter of T. BARTON, Esq, of Lamberhurst.
  3. Mr C. STEPHENSON, of Maidstone, to Anna Maria, eldest daughter of T. RICHARDSON, Esq, of Reed Court, Kent.
  4. At Plumstead Church, Kent, S. RHODE, Esq, to Sarah, second daughter of Colonel HAY, of Broom Hall, in that county.

DEATHS – At the advanced age of 86 years, Mrs SMITH, of West Malling, Kent.


Tuesday, 1 March 1814, Hull Packet 1424 –

MARRIAGES – Lately, at Birchington, in Kent, by the Rev A. SIMANS, vicar and domestic chaplain to the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Rev W. WILLIAMSON, A.M., only son of the late Rev. William WILLIAMSON, rector of Wishbore, and nephew of the Rev M. WILLIAMSON, vicar of Swine, to Sarah, only daughter of J. FRIEND, Esq, Brook’s End, Thanet, Kent.


Saturday, 12 March 1814, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3177 –


  1. At Boxley, Kent, the Hon. J. SCOTT, to Miss WICKER, eldest daughter of J. WICKER, Esq, both of Maidstone.
  2. J.H. TAPLEY, Esq, of Newington Mote, next Sittingbourne, Kent, to Miss M. COVENEY, second daughter of W. COVENEY, Esq, of Sunny Hill, Borden.


Saturday, 19 March 1814, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3178 –

DEATHS – Aged 56, T. CORNWALL, gent, of Pembury, Kent.


Saturday, 2 April 1814, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3180 –

DEATHS – At Brasted-place, Kent, the Rev W. PETERS, whose talents were long known and admired in the graphic world.


Saturday, 9 April 1814, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3181 –

DEATHS – At Sydenham, Kent, C.P. CRAWFORD, Esq, of Verulam-buildings, Gray’s Inn, aged 40 years.


Friday, 15 April 1814, Liverpool Mercury 146 –

  • MARRIAGES – On Sunday last, at St Nicholas’s Church, Mr Thomas GARRETT, shipwright, of this town, to Miss Ann ADAMS, of Milton, in Kent.
  • DEATHS – Lately, by the upsetting of his boat, off Brindisi, in the Adriatic, in the 35th year of his age, Captain B.W. TAYLOR, of H.M.S. Apollo, son of the late Rev Edward TAYLOR, of Bissons, Kent, and youngest brother of Gerard TAYLOR, Secretary to the King, and of the Lady of Edward Wilbraham BOOTLE, Esq, of Latham in this county.


Saturday, 16 April 1814, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3182 –

DEATHS – At Lancaster, Geo BEST, jun, Esq, son of George BEST, Esq, of Chilston Park, Kent.


Monday, 18 April 1814, Caledonian Mercury 14408 –

DEATHS – At Lowton, near Chatham, in Kent, aged 29 years, Lieutenant J.F. CAMPBELL, Adjutant, Stirlingshire Militia.


Saturday, 30 April 1814, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3184 –


  1. At Sevenoaks, Kent, in her 84th year, Mrs NASH, widow of John NASH, M.P., late of that place.
  2. At Lowton, near Chatham, Kent, aged 29 years, Lieutenant J.F. CAMPBELL, of the Royal Marines.
  3. At Bath, Paul AMSINK, Esq, Master of the Ceremonies at Tunbridge wells.
  4. In his 84th year, Mr J. SNELLING, of St Mary’s Cray, Kent.


Saturday, 7 May 1814, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3185 –

DEATHS – At his house at Sydenham, Kent, aged 80, G. PRIOR, Esq.


Monday, 30 May 1814, Hampshire Telegraph 764 –

DEATHS – On Thursday, Mr PILCHER, formerly of Godmersham, Kent.  He was found on Friday morning drowned in a small rivulet in the parish of Chilham, into which it is supposed the deceased, when on his return home the preceding evening, must have fallen in a fit.  He was upwards of 82 years of age.


Friday, 3 June 1814, Liverpool Mercury 153 –

DEATHS – On Saturday morning, at his house, Eden Farm, near Bromley, Kent, Lord AUKLAND.  He was sitting at breakfast with his family, was suddenly seized with a spasm, fell from his chair, and instantly expired.


Saturday, 4 June 1814, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3189 –


  1. At Eltham, Kent, Mr J. MILLER, of Bow-hill, Yalding, to Miss Elizabeth LUCAS, eldest daughter of M. LUCAS, Esq, of Lee-place.
  2. At West Malling, Kent, J. DUDLOW, Esq, of that place, to Miss H. SIMMONS, of Yalding.


Saturday, 2 July 1814, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3193 –

DEATHS – Mrs Elizabeth DUNNING, only surviving daughter of the late John GOLDING, Esq, of Ditton-place, Ditton, Kent, and wife of Mr William Alexander DUNNING, Solicitor, Maidstone.


Saturday, 23 July 1814, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3196 –

DEATHS – Suddenly, at Horsmonden, Kent, Thos TWORT, Esq, universally lamented.


Tuesday, 26 July 1814, Hull Packet 1445 –

DEATHS – At Troyes, in Campagne, in the 45th year of his age, Sir Hugh Palliser PALLISER, late of Lee, Kent.


Saturday, 30 July 1814, Caledonian Mercury 14452 –

MARRIAGES – On the 26th current, at Lambeth Palace, Mr Finch HATTON, eldest son of Mr Finch HATTON, of Eastwell Park, Kent, to Lady Charlotte GRAHAM, eldest daughter of the Duke and Duchess of MONTROSE.  The ceremony was performed by the Archbishop of Canterbury.  An elegant breakfast was prepared in the palace for the occasion.  There were present the Duke and Duchess of Montrose, Mr and Mrs Finch HATTON, Earl of Winchelsea, &c.


Saturday, 30 July 1814, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3197 –


  1. At St George’s, Bloomsbury, Mr William Robert SIDNEY, of Hart-street, Bloomsbury-square, fourth surviving son of the late John SIDNEY, Esq, of Hemton, Kent, to Sarah Ann, only daughter of the late Mr J. BLIGHT, of Windsor, Berks, and Rotherhithe, Surrey.
  2. At Sevenoaks in Kent, Charles Carter PETLEY, Esq, of Riverhead, to Ellen, eldest daughter of Henry WOODGATE, Esq, of Riverhill.
  3. At St George’s, Hanover-square, Charles BARLEE, Esq, of Lambeth, to his cousin, Frances Sarah, of Park-street, Grosvenor-square, only child of the late George MITCHELL, Esq, of Deptford, Kent.


Saturday, 30 July 1814, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3197 –

MARRIAGES – At Hickling, Nottinghamshire, the Rev Maurice JOHNSON, M.A., of St John’s College, Cambridge, to Frances, daughter of the late William POST, Esq, barrister at law, of Hale-place, near Maidstone, Kent.


Saturday, 30 July 1814, Leeds Mercury 2562 –


  1. On the 12th instant, at Sudbury, Suffolk, the Rev T. LANE, D.C.L. of Blackheath, Kent, prebendary of Hertford.  He was riding in a gig on the preceding morning with a friend, when the horse unfortunately fell, by which accident he was thrown out, and a walking stick, which he held in his hand, was forced through the centre of his left eye, and produced such serious injury as to occasion his death.
  2. On the 20th instant, on his return from Ireland, Charles THOYTS, Esq, son of the late Sam. THOYTS, Esq, of Farningham, Kent, and Major in the North York Regiment of Militia.


Tuesday, 16 August 1814, Hull Packet 1448 –

DEATHS – At Seven Oaks, Kent, on Saturday sennight,  Lady RUSSEL, wife of Sir Henry RUSSEL, Bart, and sister of Lord Viscount WHITWORTH, aged 50.


Monday, 22 August 1814, Hampshire Telegraph 776 –

MARRIAGES – On Tuesday, at Lee, James WEBB, Esq, Director-General of the Ordnance Medical Department, to Jane Theodosia, daughter of the late S. ARANDRAM, Esq, of Lee-grove, Kent.


Saturday, 3 September 1814, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3202 –

DEATHS – At Tenterden, Kent, aged 76, Richard CURTEIS, Esq.


Saturday, 10 September 1814, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3203 –

MARRIAGES – At Salehurst, Kent, W. BALDOCK, Esq, of Chartham Deanery, near Canterbury, to Louisa Maria, only daughter of Samuel DURRANT, Esq, of Robertsbridge.


Saturday, 15 October 1814, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3208 –

MARRIAGES – At Bexley, Kent, Mr E. HARRISON, of Leeds, Yorkshire, to Miss Mary Ann LITTLEWOOD, daughter of Mr LITTLEWOOD, of Walworth Common, near London.


Saturday, 15 October 1814, Leeds Mercury 2573 –

MARRIAGES – On Wednesday se’nnight, Mr E. HARRISON, of this town, to Mary Ann, second daughter of John LITTLEWOOD, Esq, of Bexley, Kent.


Saturday, 29 October 1814, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3210 –

MARRIAGES – At Otterden, Kent, the Rev John BAKER, son of John BAKER, Esq, M.P. for Canterbury, to Frances TATTERSALL, of Halls-place, daughter of the late Rev. John TATTERSALL, Vicar of Harewood, Yorkshire.


Monday, 14 November 1814, Hampshire Telegraph 788 –

MARRIAGES – At Cheriton, Kent, Capt. B. TRAVERS, of the 95th Rifle Corps, to Caroline, daughter of the Rev. J.D. BROCKMAN, Rector of Cheriton.


Saturday, 19 November 1814, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3213 –

MARRIAGES – At Cheriton, Kent, Capt. Boyle TRAVERS, of the 95th Rifle Corps, to Caroline, 2d daughter of the Rev J.D. BROCKMAN, Rector of Cheriton.


Saturday, 3 December 1814, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3215 –

DEATHS – At Bromley, Kent, Frances, youngest daughter of Edm. WOODS, Esq, of Shopwick, Sussex.


Saturday, 10 December 1814, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3216 –

MARRIAGES – At Tonbridge, Kent, Mr W. PINNOCH, of Newbury, Berks, to Miss Ann MAUNDER, of the former place.


Saturday, 14 January 1815, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3221 –

MARRIAGES – At Boughton Monchelsea, Kent, Captain COOKE, late of the 94th Regiment of Foot, to Mary H. BARNES, only daughter of the late J. BARNES, Esq, of Kent Road, Surrey.


Sunday, 15 January 1815, The Examiner 368 –

MARRIAGES – On the 7th instant, at Bromley, Kent, by the Rev D. SMITH, Mr William MARTIN, of the Kent Road, to Rachel, only daughter of the late Capt. DINGWALD, of the East India Company’s Service at Madras.


Monday, 13 February 1815, The Examiner 368 –


  1. At Evington, Kent, the Lady of Sir J.C. HONEYWOOD, Bart, of a son.
  2. On Thursday last, the wife of Wm. SEAMER, of Tonbridge Wells, of three children, two boys and a girl;  the mother and children are all doing well.


Saturday, 25 February 1815, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3227 –

DEATHS – Mary, the wife of C. GODMOND, Esq, of Lee, Kent.


Saturday, 18 March 1815, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3230 –

MARRIAGES – At Barming, Kent, Richard H. CRESSWELL. LL.D of the College of Advocates, Doctors’ Commons, to Henrietta, fourth daughter of the Rev. Mark NOBLE, F.A.S., Rector of that parish.


Thursday, 23 March 1815, Derby Mercury 4324 –

MARRIAGES – On Tuesday se’nnight, at St Clement’s, Danes, London, James GREEN, Esq, of Lenton Abbey, near Nottingham, to Mrs Elizabeth HORST, of Blackheath, Kent.


Monday, 10 April 1815, Hampshire Telegraph 809 –

MARRIAGES – On the 30th ultimate, at West Wickham, Major CATOR, of the Royal Horse Artillery, to Miss FARNSBY, of Wickham Court, Kent.


Saturday, 29 April 1815, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3236 –

DEATHS – At Tenterden, Kent, Mr Edward FUGGLES, in his 84th year, leaving a wife in her 81st year, to whom he had been married 60 years, and had issue 18 children, 86 grandchildren, and 30 great grand-children.


Saturday, 6 May 1815, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3237 –

MARRIAGES – At Lewisham, T.B. BATARD, Esq, of Montague-place, Russell-square, to Amelia, youngest daughter of the late Geo. PRYOR, Esq, of Sydenham, Kent.


Sunday, 4 June 1815, The Examiner 388 –

DEATHS – On the 13th ultimate, at Lewisham, Kent, of a rapid decline, in the 33d year of his age, Albert Walter DAVIDS, Esq, Captain, Royal Invalid Artillery.


Saturday, 10 June 1815, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3242 –

MARRIAGES – At Higham, Richard HICKMAN, Esq, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of P. BOGHURST, Esq, of Gads Hill House, Kent.


Saturday, 17 June 1815, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3243 –

DEATHS – In Park-street, London, John MILUS, Esq, brother to R. MILUS, Esq, of N. Elham, Norfolk, and Nackington, Kent.


Saturday, 1 July 1815, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3245 –

MARRIAGES – G. WILMOT, Esq, of Shoreham, to Miss Elizabeth TAY, of Linton Lodge, both in Kent.


Saturday, 8 July 1815, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3246 –

MARRIAGES – At Boughton Matherbe, Kent, Mr G. MATHEWS, of Charing, to Mrs SHARP, widow, of Egerton.  The bridge actually crossed the road to the bridegroom en chemise, previous to tying the nuptial knot;  the act of thus receiving her being supposed to exonerate the husband from becoming liable to any debts the lady may have incurred before marriage.


Saturday, 15 July 1815, Caledonian Mercury 14602 –

MARRIAGES – On the 6th current, at the Earl of Selkirk’s near Sydenham, Kent, John HALKETT, Esq, of the Albany, to Lady Katherine DOUGLAS, youngest daughter of the late Earl of SELKIRK.


Saturday, 15 July 1815, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3247 –

DEATHS – At Charlton, Kent, aged 73, Lieutenant-General STEPHENS, of the Royal Artillery.


Saturday, 26 August 1815, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3253 –

MARRIAGES – At Ditton Church, Thomas ANDREWS, Esq, of East Malling, Kent, to Miss SHEPHERD, of Ditton.


Saturday, 2 September 1815, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3254 –


  1. At Clifton, the wife and youngest daughter of James MANN, Esq, of Linton-place, Kent.  Mrs MANN was the daughter of the late Sir Horace MANN, Bart.
  2. At Margate, aged 44, David B. BAKER, Esq, of Chatham-place, Blackfriars.
  3. At Hextable House, Kent, Mrs SCOTLAND, wife of Thomas SCOTLAND, Esq, of Antigua.

Saturday, 9 September 1815, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3255 –

MARRIAGES – At St Andrew’s Church, Holborn, Jas BUNCE, Esq, of the Temple, London, to Miss H.E. HUDSOLL, of Sevenoaks, Kent.


Saturday, 23 September 1815, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3257 –

MARRIAGES – Henry EGERTON, Esq, of the Middle Temple, barrister at law, to Mary, eldest daughter of the late Rev. George SAYER, of Pett, Kent, and Rector of Eglescliffe, Durham.


Saturday, 21 October 1815, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3261 –

  • MARRIAGES – At Thorham, Kent, ____ KINGSLEY, Esq, to Miss THOMAS, of the borough of Westree, Maidstone.  (Note: the gentleman’s Christian name was omitted, presumably illegible in the notice sent to the paper, and replaced with a line as above)
  • DEATHS – At Aylesford, Kent, Miss SPONG, daughter of the late John SPONG, Esq.


Tuesday, 24 October 1815, Hull Packet 1513 –

MARRIAGES – On Sunday the 15th instant, at Folkstone in the county of Kent, (by the Rev. Francis DAWSON), Thomas PAIN, Esq, of Dover, Registrar of the Cinque Ports, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of James WILSON, Esq, of Judd-street, Brunswick-square, late of Wellington in Lincolnshire.


Saturday, 28 October 1815, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3262 –

MARRIAGES – At St George’s, Hanover-square, Mr W.L. PILGRIM, of Strood, Kent, to Miss CORNFIELD, only daughter of Robert CORNFIELD, Esq, of Hatfield, Herts.


Saturday, 28 October 1815, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3262 –

MARRIAGES – Mr John BURFORD, of Blackheath, Kent, to Frances, only surviving daughter of the late R. BARROW, Esq, of St Sidwell’s, Exeter.


Monday, 6 November 1815, Caledonian Mercury 14655 –

MARRIAGES – At Edinburgh, on the 31st ult, Mr James MacDONALD, Rotherhithe, Kent, to Catharine, second daughter of Mr David MURRAY, watchmaker in Edinburgh.


Saturday, 11 November 1815, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3264 –


  1. Of an apoplectic fit, Mrs JONES, of Surrey-place, Kent-road, sister to the late Colonel JAMES of Ightham-court Lodge, Kent.
  2. At Maze Pond, Southwark, aged 53, Henry LEDGER, Esq, of Blackheath, Kent.


Saturday, 18 November 1815, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3265 –

DEATHS – At the Rectory, Chislehurst, Kent, in his 84th year, the Rev Francis WOLLASTON, F.R.S. Precentor of St David’s, Rector of East Dereham, Norfolk, and of St Michael’s-le-Quern, London.


Saturday, 2 December 1815, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 3267 –

DEATHS – At Mr FIRMIN’s, in the Strand, Mrs Mary BROWN, widow of the late T. BROWN, Esq, of Queensborough, Kent.


Saturday, 9 December 1815, Caledonian Mercury 14669 –

MARRIAGES – At Lewisham in Kent, on the 28th ultimate, the Honourable Warwick LAKE, to Elizabeth, only daughter of James Beveridge DUNCAN, Esq, of Damside.


Sunday, 17 December 1815, Examiner 416 –

DEATHS – On Wednesday the 6th instant, at Bexley in Kent, Thomas LATHAM, M.D.