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Monday, 17 March 1800, Portsmouth Telegraph 23 –

MARRIAGES – On Saturday se’nnight, at Streatham, Sainsbury Langford SAINSBURY, Esq, of Highgate, to Miss HUTTON, of Parrock, in the County of Kent.


Tuesday, 8 April 1800, Hull Packet 674 –

DEATHS – Lately, the Rev William WILSON, rector of Keystone, in Kent, and vicar of Marton-cum-Grafton, in Yorkshire.


Saturday, 5 July 1800, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 2462 –

MARRIAGES – Lieutenant-Colonel DYKE, of the West Kent Regiment of Militia, to Mrs CLARKE, widow of the late William CLARKE, Esq.


Tuesday, 2 September 1800, Hull Packet 695 –

DEATHS – On Monday evening last, at her house in Portman-square, London, Mrs MONTAGU, relict of the late Mr Edward MONTAGU, Esq, grandson to the first Earl of Sandwich;  daughter of Matthew ROBINSON, Esq;  late of West Layton in the county of York, and of Horton in Kent, and sister to the present Lord ROKEBY.  Mrs MONTAGU patiently resigned her meritorious life, at a very advanced age.


Tuesday, 19 May 1801, Hull Packet 749 -

MARRIAGES – On Tuesday last, at St George’s church, Hanover-square, Thomas MAUDE, Esq, of Burly-House in the county of York, to Miss JEMMETT, daughter of William JEMMETT, Esq, of Ashford, in Kent.


Saturday, 19 September 1801, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 2325 –

DEATHS – Suddenly, on Monday morning last, at their house near the Green Man Turnpike, Kent Road, Mrs ROLLS, the lady of John ROLLS, Esq, one of the Magistrates for the county of Surrey.  The effect on Mr ROLLS was such, that he languished under an apparent despondency until Tuesday afternoon, about five o’clock, when he expired.  They both lie in the same house for interment;  and the son and daughter are dangerously ill from the shock they have felt on the unfortunate occasion.


Saturday, 5 December 1801, Morning Chronicle 10154 –

DEATHS – On the 30th ultimate, at Marston, near Sittingbourn, in the county of Kent, the Rev John Hargrove STANDEN, Rector of Marston.


Friday, 18 December 1801, Morning Chronicle 10165 –

MARRIAGES – On Tuesday the 15th, at Ospringe in Kent, Edward TOKER, Esq, eldest son of John TOKER, Esq, of the Oaks, to Miss Clarissa Champion CRESPIGNY, daughter of Philip Champion CRESPIGNY, of Aldborough, in Suffolk.


Wednesday, 27 January 1802, Aberdeen Journal 2820 –

MARRIAGES – Bartholomew FORBES, Esq, of Great Russel-street, to Miss H. STONE, third daughter of Richard STONE, Esq, of Chislehurst, Kent.


Wednesday, 17 February 1802, Aberdeen Journal 2823 –

DEATHS – At Bedgbury, Kent, John CARTER, Esq, Mr HASTING’s predecessor in the Government of Bengal.


Wednesday, 24 February 1802, Aberdeen Journal 2824 –

DEATHS – At Milton, Kent, Captain DELANGE, late of the ‘Ann’ sloop of war.  He was ad-Lieutenant of the ‘Repulse’ during the mutiny at Nore, and it was by his exertion that she was detached from the mutinous ships, after sustaining a heavy fire from two 74’s.  On this occasion, Captain DELANGE lost a leg.


Wednesday, 12 May 1802, Aberdeen Journal 2835 –

MARRIAGES – Captain McMURDO, of the 8th foot, to Miss Jane OTWAY, of Seven Oaks, Kent.


Monday, 31 May 1802, Caledonian Mercury 12594 –

MARRIAGES – At London, on Thursday last, Lord SYDNEY, to Lady Charlotte CLEMENT.  Immediately after the ceremony, the newly wedded pair set off for his Lordship’s seat of Frognell, in Kent.


Thursday, 16 June 1803, Derby Mercury 3714 –

DEATH S- On Thursday, at his house in Lower Grosvenor-street, London, the Rev H.R. COURTENAY, D.D. Lord Bishop and Archdeacon of Exeter, rector of St George’s, Hanover Square, and of Lee, in Kent.


Saturday, 6 August 1803, Morning Chronicle 10674 –

MARRIAGES – On Friday, the 5th instant, at Croydon Church, by the Rev Dr IRELAND, Prebend of Westminster, John SIMPSON, Esq, of Portland-place, and of Fair Lawn, near Seven Oaks, in the County of Kent, to Miss BAKER, daughter of Robert BARKER, Esq, of Croydon.


Tuesday, 20 December 1803, Hull Packet 884 –

DEATHS – On Friday se’nnight, at Burfield, in Berkshire, the Rev William ROBINSON, fifth son of the late Matthew ROBINSON, Esq, of West Layton, Yorkshire, and Mountmorris, Kent, and brother to the late Lord ROKEBY.


Saturday, 21 January 1804, Caledonian Mercury 12851 –

DEATHS – At Lullingstone Castle, Kent, Lady DYKE, in the 71st year of her age.


Thursday, 5 April 1804, Derby Mercury 3756 –

MARRIAGES – On Monday se’nnight, at St Lawrence, Kent, by the Rev J. HARVEY, John WHEATLEY, Esq, Captain of the Nottinghamshire Regiment, to Miss MILLER, only daughter of the late, and sister to the present, Sir John Riggs MILLER, Bart.


Wednesday, 27 June 1804, Aberdeen Journal 2946 –

DEATHS – At the seat of Lord Frederick CAMPBELL, Croombank, Kent, the Viscountess CURSON.


Thursday, 13 September 1804, Derby Mercury 3779 –


Tuesday, 18 September 1804, Hull Packet 923 –

MARRIAGES – On Sunday, the 9th instant, at St Mary Magdalen’s Church, Bermondsey, London, Mr Richard HARDING, merchant of New York, to Miss Louisa Ulrika BRANDT, of Lewisham, Kent.


Thursday, 1 November 1804, Caledonian Mercury 12972 –

DEATHS – At Orpington, Kent, Sir Richard GLODE, Knight.  Sir Richard rose from the humble situation of a Journeyman Bricklayer, by his industry and good qualities, to the rank of Sheriff for the county of Middlesex, and city of London, and has left a very ample fortune behind him.


Saturday, 17 November 1804, Caledonian Mercury 12979 –

DEATHS – At the end of last month, was lost on board his Majesty’s ship ‘Glatton’, off the Texel, Mr Henry CHAMBERS, a midshipman belonging to that ship, in the 15th year of his age, and the eldest son of Sir Samuel CHAMBERS, of Updown, Kent.  He was last seen in the evening of the 25th ultimate, and it is conjectured he fell overboard.


Thursday, 14 February 1805, Derby Mercury 3800 –

MARRIAGES – On Thursday, at Mary-le-bone Church, London, F.L. AUSTEN, Esq, of Shippington Park, Kent, to Miss P. CHOLMELEY, of Easton, Lincolnshire.


Saturday, 23 February 1805, Caledonian Mercury 13021 –

DEATHS – At Aylesford, in Kent, on Friday se’nnight, the Dowager Countess of AYLESFORD.


Wednesday, 3 July 1805, Aberdeen Journal 2999 –

DEATHS – At Ashford, Kent, Captain David BETSON, late of the 9th regiment of foot; only son of David BETSON, Esq, of Meikel Beath.


Thursday, 15 August 1805, Caledonian Mercury 13095 –

DEATHS – At her house in Grosvenor Square, London, on Friday afternoon at four o’clock, the very amiable and beautiful Viscountess SYDNEY, was delivered of a son and heir, to the great joy of that noble family; which, with much concern we state, was too soon changed into the most poignant sorrow, for, at seven in the evening, she died.  This Lady was wife to the Right Hon. John Thomas TOWNSEND, Viscount Sydney, of Chislehurst, Kent, and was married in May 1802.  She had been Lady Caroline CLEMENTS, youngest daughter of the late Earl of Leitrim, by Lady Elizabeth SKEFFINGTON, daughter of the fourth Viscount, and first Earl of Maffarene.  This very amiable woman, the present Dowager Countess of Leitrim, has, in the short space of 13 months, lost the best of husbands, her venerable and respected mother, her brother, the late Earl of Maffarene, her beautiful niece, Mrs MILNER, and now her beloved and amiable daughter.


Tuesday, 27 August 1805, Hull Packet 972 –

DEATHS – Thursday morning, at Tunbridge Wells, George Buffy VILLIERS, Earl of Jersey, Viscount Villiers of Dartford, and Baron of Hoo, in Kent, and Viscount Grandisom of Ireland.  His Lordship was in his 71st year.


Monday, 9 September 1805, Hampshire Telegraph 309 –

NEWS – On Friday se’nnight, as Mr ROBINSON, of Sydenham, in Kent, was returning home from town in a one-horse chaise, on his arriving at New Cross Turnpike on the Deptford Road, his horse took fright, and ran with great fury for a considerable distance.  Mr ROBINSON at length leaped out of the chaise, and broke his leg in three places.  He was immediately, by his own desire, conveyed to his house in Sydenham.


Thursday, 24 October 1805, Derby Mercury 3834 –

MARRIAGES – On Tuesday, the 15th instant, by special licence, at her father’s house at Beckenham, in Kent, Lieutenant-Colonel J. Willoughby GORDON, of the 92d Regiment, Secretary to His Royal Highness, the Commander in Chief, to Miss BENNET.


Saturday, 8 February 1806, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 2754 –

DEATHS – At Goodnestone near Wingham, Kent, the Lady of Sir Brook William BRIDGES, Bart.


Saturday, 22 February 1806, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 2756 –

MARRIAGE - At St James’s Church, Captain WHEATLEY, Esq, of Lifney, in Kent, to Miss HAWKINS, daughter and co-heiress of the late George Edward HAWKINS, Esq.


Saturday, 8 March 1806, Morning Chronicle 11489 –

MARRIAGES – Thursday, at St Mary-le-bone, by the Rev John Lloyd CROWLEY, Thomas HALLIDAY, Esq, of Wimpole-street, to Maria Margaret, second daughter of the Rev James MORRICE, of Flower, in Northamptonshire, and Betshanger, in Kent.


Saturday, 15 March 1806, Morning Chronicle 11495 –

BANKRUPTS – Jas DALTON, Brasted, Kent, mealman.


Monday, 30 June 1806, Caledonian Mercury 13181 –

DEATHS – June 21, at Lees Court, in Kent, the Right Hon. Lewis Thomas, Lord SONDES; he was in the 53d year of his age; he has left issue four sons and two daughters; he is succeeded in his title and estate by his eldest son, Lewis Richard.


Wednesday, 3 September 1806, Aberdeen Journal 3060 –


  1. At Beckenham, Kent, the Dowager, Lady DACRE.
  2. At Tunbridge Wells, in her 40th year, the Countess of EDGECOMBE.


Thursday, 4 September 1806, Derby Mercury 3877 –

MARRIAGES – Monday, at Meopham Church, Kent, Edward KNATCHBULL, Esq, to Miss HONYWOOD, daughter to the late, and sister to the present, Sir John HONYWOOD.


Monday, 13 October 1806, Hampshire Telegraph 366 –

MARRIAGES – At Westport House in Ireland, J. CATOR, Esq, of Beckenham Place, Kent, to Miss MAHON, eldest daughter of R. MAHON, Esq, of Castlegay, and niece to the Marquis of Sligo.


Thursday, 13 November 1806, Caledonian Mercury 13240 –

MARRIAGES – At Geanies House, Ross-shire, on the 6th current, Charles Carter PETLEY, of River-head, Kent, Esq, to Miss Annabella MACLEOD, fifth daughter of Donald MACLEOD, Esq.


Tuesday, 4 August 1807, Hull Packet 1073 –

MARRIAGES – On Tuesday, the Rev W.J. MARTIN, of Keston, in the county of Kent, to Miss Ann PICARD, youngest daughter of the late Leonard PICARD, of York.


Saturday, 14 November 1807, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 2846 –

NEWS – Last Saturday, a division of the 95th regiment, or rifle corps, who lately landed at Portsmouth, from Buenos Ayres, marched into Lewes, on its route to Hythe, in Kent.  The men bear evident marks of the service they have been engaged in, and are but sorrily clothed, many being without stockings, and with caps made up of old garments, that do not above half cover their heads.


Saturday, 23 April 1808, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 2869 –

DEATHS – At Howletts, in Kent, Lady YATES, relict of the late Mr Justice YATES, and of Dr THOMAS, late Bishop of Rochester.


Tuesday, 17 May 1808, Morning Chronicle 12170 –

MARRIAGES – At Calcutta, in December last, Charles DAVIDSON, Esq, of the Bengal Civil Establishment, son of John DAVIDSON, Esq, of Chipplehurst, Kent, to Mary, youngest daughter of Thomas TIERNEY, Esq, of Bermondsey, Surrey.


Sunday, 5 June 1808, Hull Packet 1122 –

DEATHS – Last week, at Lee Grove, Kent, in the 18th year of his age, the only son of Wm ETHERINGTON, Esq, of Gainsborough.


Saturday, 27 August 1808, Caledonian Mercury 13523 –

DEATHS – At his house at Wilmington, near Dartford, Kent, on the 20th instant, James CUMMING, Esq, Admiral of the White, aged 70 years.


Tuesday, 30 August 1808, Hull Packet 1129 –

DEATHS – Monday morning, at Lee, in Kent, the Right Hon Lady DACRE.  The mind of her Ladyship was so strongly tinctured with an amiable though romantic enthusiasm, that for several years past she had made it an invariable rule to pay a nocturnal pilgrimage to the tomb of her husband.


Wednesday, 11 January 1809, Aberdeen Journal 3183 –

DEATHS – At Knowlton, Kent, Joseph TURIN, Esq, late of Devonshire Place.


Saturday, 9 September 1809, Leeds Mercury 2303 –

DEATHS – On the 11th ultimate, at Waldershare, in Kent, Lord Henry STUART, fourth son of the Marquis of Rute; and, on the 30th, on her road to town, Lady Henry STUART, his widow, daughter of the late Earl of Grandison.


Tuesday, 12 September 1809, Hull Packet 1183 –

DEATHS – At Maidstone, Kent, on the 26th ult, after a severe illness, since his return from Spain, Major-General Coote MANNINGHAM, Equerry to the King, and Colonel of the 95th, or rifle regiment.


Wednesday, 1 November 1809, Aberdeen Journal 3225 –

DEATHS – At Bromley, in Kent, Mrs Charlotte MILLS, aged 91.  Her shawl catching fire, and communicating to her dress, occasioned her death.


Saturday, 4 November 1809, Jackson’s Oxford Journal 2949 –

DEATHS – At Chilstone Park, in Kent, after a long illness, Caroline, the wife of George BEST, Esq.


Tuesday, 5 December 1809, Hull Packet 1195 –

DEATHS – Lately, at Shorncliffe camp, Kent, Mr STEPHENSON, paymaster of the North York militia, greatly lamented.


Monday, 5 February 1810, Hampshire Telegraph 539 –

MARRIAGES – On Friday, by the Bishop of London, the Rev Bryant BURGESS, of Salisbury-place, to Margaret, eldest daughter of the Rev Matthias RUTTON, of Selling, Kent.


Saturday, 17 February 1810, Leeds Mercury 2326 –

MARRIAGES – On Saturday last, at St Martin’s Church, London, Mr Hugh HALL, of Holgatehead, near Skipton, in this county, to Miss SOUTHAN, only daughter of the Rev John SOUTHAN, of Leigh, in Kent.


Saturday, 24 March 1810, Leeds Mercury 2331 –

DEATHS – Saturday se’nnight, in her 50th year, Mrs Elizabeth PAYLER, wife of Thomas Wilkinson PAYLER, Esq, of Hedon, in Kent, and sister to Sir Edmund M. WINN, of Ackton, in this county.


Saturday, 12 May 1810, Leeds Mercury 2338 –

MARRIAGES – Last week, George GIPPS, Esq, M.P. for the Borough of Ripon, to Jane, youngest daughter of John BOWDLER, Esq, of Hayes, in Kent.


Tuesday, 29 May 1810, Hull Packet 1220 –

MARRIAGES – On the 14th instant, at Lewisham, in Kent, the Rev Richard SLATE, of Stand, near Manchester, to Miss WATKINS, of Lewisham.


Tuesday, 17 July 1810, Hull Packet 1227 –

MARRIAGES, Tuesday se’nnight, at Ham, Kent, the Rev Thomas Anthony METHUEN, rector of All-Cannings, Wilts, to Eliza Maria, eldest daughter of the Rev Henry PLUMPTRE, rector of Claypole, near Newark-upon-Trent.