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Will of Henry Jenkin

of Coldred, Kent

Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC17/42/171
Submitted by Kevin Yeats
Testator: Henrye JENKYN of Colred (sic) Kent, yeoman
Will Made: 31 Jan 1574/75
(Buried: 8 Feb 1574/75 Coldred, Kent)
Proved: Jul 1575

Executors: Eldest Son Thomas JENKYN & Testator's Wife Margerye (unless she remarried, then Thomas sole executor)
Overseer (should testator's widow remarry): Son-in-law William BRYCE

Poor of Colred (sic): 6/8d & bread baked from 1 bushel of wheat on day of his burial

Wife Margerye:
*	2 best beds & bedding
*	6 pairs of sheets 'of the best'
*	4 tablecloths
*	equal share of residual household goods & chattels (with eldest son Thomas)
*	equal share of residual personal estate (with Thomas)
*	Life Annuity of 20/- from son Thomas
*	Profits from lands in Lyminge until Richard turned 20, then to receive a life annuity of 20/- from Richard
*	Profits from lands in Postling until Edward turned 20

Eldest son Thomas:
*	Lands & tenements in Coldred subject to paying his mother a lifetime annuity of 
	20/- (land to go to Edward should Thomas die without heirs)
*	equal share of residual household goods & chattels (with his mother)
*	equal share of residual personal estate (with his mother)

Son Richard :
*	20 ewes or else 4; 10 wethers or 50/-; 1 cow or 30/- (all when he turned 18. To be divided between his sisters if he died before 18)
*	Lands & tenements in Lyminge when he turned 20, subject to paying his mother a life annuity of 20/-

Youngest son Edward:
*	80 (40 at 18, 20 at 21, 20 at 24)
*	Lands & tenements in Postling at age 20

Daughters Marian, Rose, Elizabeth & Jane (all unmarried):  20 each when 18

Daughter Margaret:
*	Red mare & 1 cow delivered within a quarter
*	all hens except 4
*	2 seames of wheat, 3 seames of barley & 2 seames of oats all within 2 years

Daughters Rose, Marian, Elizabeth, Jane & Margaret:  10 ewes each delivered at mid-summer
Sister Jeen PARRETT:  Lifetime annuity of 6/8d
Henry PARRETT:  1 ewe & 1 lamb delivered at St George
Robert DYRICK:  1 ewe & 1 lamb delivered at St George
Children of his sister Elizabeth HARRYSON:  12 munting ewe lambs each when they turn 14, sister to have until then

Instructions to Executor:
Should wife Margerye remarry at any time, then Thomas to pay her 40 plus his share of 
household 'stuffe' (20 within 6 months of the marriage & 20 at year's end next after 
her marriage) & Margerye was to raise children at her cost and of the profits of land in 
Lymage & Postling until son Richard turned 20.
If either Richard or Edward died without heirs, the other to inherit their lands.
If Richard and/or Edward died before they came to their lands, then Margerye was to 
have the whole profits of their lands for 11 years to enable her to raise her daughters 
until the youngest turned 16

Writer of Will: Robert BANNYSTER 'clerke vicar of Colred and writer hereof'
Witnesses: Greyhem SPYSER (?) - John H (?) - Robert BERKE - Thomas GRAYE - 'and other moe'

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Will of Henry Jenkin
Created by Maureen Rawson