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Will of Sylvester Hambroke

of Hougham, Kent

Source: Archdeacon Court of Canterbury PRC17/Vo33/Fo69, 1557
Transcribed by Mike Cozens
In the name of God Amen the 8th day of October in the first and second year of the reign of our sovereign lord and lady Philip and Mary by the grace of god of England prince or king and queen I Sylvester Hambroke of Hougham within the county of Kent Yeoman being whole of mind and in perfect remembrance thanks be given to almighty god do make this my present Testament and last will in form following First I bequeath my soul to almighty god and my body to be buried within the church yard of Hougham aforesaid

Item I bequeath to any one of my godchildren that will come to demand the same within ten weeks next after my decease one new lamb of this years weaning?
Item I bequeath to William Wynter my servant One seame of wheat of good and lawfull? and? wheat to be delivered unto him at the house that he now dwell in
Item I bequeath unto Margery Hambroke my brothers daughter 3 ewes
Item I bequeath unto Katherine Hambroke her sister 3 ewes

Item I bequeath to Alice Fagg my daughter 6 ewes
also I will that when I have a cow in my keeping of Giles Fagg that my executors shall winter and keep the same cow until the feast of Saint George next coming and then to deliver the same and she fortune to miscarry or to Starve by any casualty before the same day then I will that my executors shall deliver or cause to be delivered one other cow as shall be thought as good by honest men

Item I will to Johan Hambroke my Wife the half of all my household stuff that is to say such utensils & household stuff as is commonly used and occupied now my house dress? I will unto her two of my best kine

I will George Hambroke my son my lease and tenure of years that I have in Romney Marsh of the demesne and lease of master John Honywood

Then I will unto Christopher Gaye of Denton 20 wethers and the lease and tenure of years that I have of master Humphrey Colle of the Manor of Hougham with appurtenances

The residue of all my goods my debts legacies and bequests performed fulfilled & kept I will shall be equally divided into four parts by indifferent men and so divided I will the one part thereof unto George Hambroke my son and the other three parts to be equally divided between William Hambroke and Richard Hambroke my sons and executors of this my present testament and last Will I ordain and make William Hambroke and George Hambroke my sons and Christopher Gaye of Denton aforesaid my overseers

This is the last will and testament of me the aforesaid Sylvester Hambroke made and declared the day and year above said of all my lands and tenements set lying and being within the parishes of Hougham and Paddlesworth within the County of Kent aforesaid first I will that George Hambroke my son shall have all my lands and tenements with appurtenances in Hougham aforesaid to him and to his heirs forever provided always and I will that he pay or cause to be paid to Johane Hambroke my Wife during her natural life an annuity or yearly rent of 20s by the year to be paid unto her at four usual feasts of the year that is to say at the birth of our Lord god the Annunciation of our Lady Saint John Baptist and Saint Michael the archangel by due? portions the first payment to be given at the first of the four feast that shall next and immediately follow my decease and if it fortune the said rent of 20s or some part or parcel thereof to be behind or unpaid at any of the feasts aforesaid in which ought to be paid that then I will it shall be lawfull for my said wife and her assigns unto the aforesaid lands and tenements with appurtenances and (unto ..... part and parcel thereof to enter and distrain and the distress there so taken to load drive bear and carry away & the same to detain withhold and keep until such time as she be fully satisfied and paid of the said rent then out her drive and the ......... use the same with her costs and charges in the same by all sustained)? Then I will that to have my above said wife shall have my lands and tenement at Paddlesworth above said with appurtenances during her natural life she paying the rent to be due to the courts & count of the fee finding and keeping the same rents and convenient repayments during and by all the said term and after the decease of my said wife I will my said lands and tenements with appurtenances to Richard Hambroke my son and to heirs of his body lawfully begotten and if it fortune my said son Richard to die without heirs of his body lawfully begotten Then I will the said lands and tenements unto William Hambrook my son and to his heirs for ever provided always and further I will then if my aforesaid wife do make challenge or claim any manner of dower of widow right in any my lands or tenement aforesaid then I will that all legacies and bequests unto her before willed or bequeathed cease be paid? and to be of none effect any thing before mentioned willed bequeathed or declared to the contrary in any draft not withstanding In witness whereof I have set to my mark and seal in the presence of
Robert ....? Christopher Gaye and Richard Bolam

Probate: 4th December 1557 - Executor Christopher Gaye

Seame = 8 bushels of wheat etc - a horse load
Wethers = Young Ewes

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Will of Sylvester Hambroke
Created by Maureen Rawson