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Extracts from Kent Wills

Source: Probate 12 Apr 1602
Jefferie Skeere of Newnham, yeoman, will dated 16th Jan 44 Eliz.
To each of my daughters JOANE, THOMASINE, AGNES, MARGARET, and DOROTHY £50 at 21 or marriage
Residue to PATIENCE my wife. She to be executrix.
My cousin STEPHEN WORLEYE overseer.
Land and tenements at Doddington, Newenham, and Pluckley to wife.
Residue to JEFFERIE SKEERE, my son.
Source: Probate 7 Nov 1611
Patience Skeere of Doddington, widow, Will dated 28 Mar 1611
To poor of Doddington and Newnham 13/4
to my sister MOTTE 6/8
to PATIENCE PREENSTREET, my goddaughter 6/8
to JEFFERIE SKEERE my son messuage and lands in Pluckly now in occupation of THOMAS TILLMAN, he to pay to DOROTHY SKEERE his sister £30 at age of 21.
To son JEFFERIE SKEERE all lands and tenements in Doddinton and Newnham provided he pay to REPENTANCE GLOVER his sister 20/- yearly and to her children £10 each.
Residue to JEFFERIE. He to be executor.
Mr. JAMES BOURNE and JOHN BAKER, Vicar of Newnham and Doddington, overseers.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.59 folio 307 Probate 1 Nov 1613
William Filmer of Sutton Valence, Dated 10 Oct 1613
Body to be buried in Sutton Valence.
To son JAMES, £10
To daughter ELIZABETH £10
To son JOHN FILMER £10
I give my lands to my eldest son, JAMES FILMER and heirs lawfully begotten and in default of such heirs to son JOHN FILMER and heirs. And in default of such heirs to be equally divided between sons HARRY, WILLIAM, ROBERT and EDWARD.
Wife ELIZABETH to be sole executor.
Wife to have profit of my land during her natural life, keeping of her son JAMES FILMER. Also that she pay my legacies to my children within two years after my decease. Also that she pay all my debts out of my moveable goods. Also that she give to the poor of Sutton Valence at my burial 5s.
Source: Consistory Court of Canterbury Vol.42 folio 407 Probate 1 Jul 1614
William Feylmer of New Romney, will dated 20 May 1614.
Wife ALICE, Executrix
To daughter, ELIZABETH FILMER, 20s to be paid to her within one year next after my decease
To AGNES FILMER, another of my daughters, 30s to be paid as aforesaid
To son, GEORGE FILMER, 40s to be paid as aforesaid
To son GEORGE one brazen mortar and pestle
To WILLIAM FILMER, my son, which I have by my now wife and executrix, £10 to be paid when he reaches the age of 21 years
To ALICE FILMER, daughter of my present wife, £5, to be paid when she reaches 18 years or upon marriage
If WILLIAM die before he is 21 his share is to go to ALICE and vice versa
Residue of goods both moveables and immoveables to wife.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol 57 F.442 Probate 14 Dec 1614
Ralph Packman of Lenham,, will dated 20 Jan 11Jas
son STEPHEN and his son RALPH
son JOHN and his son RALPH
Susan Bridger
ELIZABETH PACKMAN, my daughter at 21 or marriage
MARY his wife.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.61 folio 193 Probate 27 Nov 1615
ROBERT FILMER, of Witchling, will dated 4 Nov 1615
To poor of the parish of Witchling, 13/4d. to be paid a month after my decease
To servant PETER LAW, 3/4d
To son JOHN, £60, to be paid at the age of 15 years, viz. 6 ewes, one chest to be paid to him at the age of 10 years
To son JEFFREY, £60 to be paid at the age of 15 years, viz. 6 ewes, one chest to be paid him at the age of 10 years
To son REINOLLD and heirs all my part of my house and land in Witchling and Borfill at the age of 21. viz. 6 ewes sheep to be paid him at 10 years of age, viz. one chest
To wife JOAN, my part house and land in Witchling and Borfill until my son shall be 21; viz. I give to JOAN, my wife, towards the bringing up of my children all the rest of my moveables.
Wife JOAN to be sole executor
To brother RICHARD FILMER and brother THOMAS FILMER, who are to be overseers of the will, 5s. apiece
Proved by JOAN FILMER, widow.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.63 folio 157 Probate 3 Oct 1616
Agnes (Annis) Filmer of Witchling, will dated 7 Nov 1608
ANNYS FILMER, nee ALLEN, was the widow of REGINALD FILMER who died in 1606
To the poor at my burial 20/-
Whereas ROBERT FILMER, my son, is bound to pay to my executors £60 within certain time after my decease, for the disposition and assignation thereof I do will and assign that the same shall be paid to THOMAS FILMER and RICHARD FILMER, my younger sons, and they to pay then as follows:
To son WILLLIAM, 20/-
to daughter CATHERINE, the wife of THOMAS ELLETT, £5
to RAYNOLD FILMER, my son JAMES's son, 20/-
to AGNES, daughter of the said JAMES, 20/-
to his two other children, 10/- apiece
to sister BARBARA, 20/-
to my children's children, viz:
to RAYNOLD, son of ROBERT, my son, 20/- and to his two other children £10 (sic) apiece
to AGNES and RENOLD, my son WILLIAM's children 20/- apiece and to his two other children 10/- apiece
to ROBERT, my son THOMAS's son 20/- and to his other son 10/-
to AGNES, my daughter CATHERINE's child 20/- and to her son 10/-
this to be paid to them at their several ages of 16 years
Residue of said £60 and all other goods, chattles and debts, in regard that my elder sons have had their portions already, I will and assign to my younger sons, THOMAS FILMER and RICHARD FILMER, equally to be divided between them and I make the said THOMAS and RICHARD my sole executors.
There is an addition interlined made by AGNES FILMER 3rd August, 1616 when she confirmed it with her own mark in the presence of WILLIAM WILCOCKE and RAYNOLD FILMER, WILLIAM WELDISH and AGNES FILMER.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury v.113 folio 120 Probate 6 Jun 1618
Richard Ellyott of Boughton Malherbe, yeoman, will dated 11 Apr 1618
EDWARD ELLIOTT, youngest son
ANN, BETHUILA, ALICE my three daughters
PATIENCE my wife
My wife and EDWARD son Exors.
Mr. ARTHUR HONEYWOOD and ERASMUS ELMESTONE, both of Lenham overseers
to son THOMAS ELLIOTT all lands and tenements at Bethersden and Warren street Wychling
Source: Probate 2 Jul 1621
John Packman of Hucking
ROBERT my son, tenements and land in Hucking
JOSEPH FILMER son of ELLEN, my wife..
ELLEN my wife
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.66 folio 99 Probate 18 Nov 1624
THOMASIN THATCHER, of Sittingbourne, widow, will dated 10 Jul 1624
To be buried churchyard of Wormshill near my husbands tomb
To the preacher who shall preach at my burial 10/-
To poor of Wormshill 20/-
daughter JANE £75
daughter THOMASINE £75
daughter FRANCES £75 at 18 and £4 per year until 18
daughter AMY THATCHER £75 at 18 my executor to educate and maintain her until 18
to my said four daughters all household stuff
ELIZABETH WOLGATE my daughter 6/8
eldest son THOMAS THATCHER the residue of my goods, he to be executor
ROBERT TASSELL, my brother, and WILLIAM WOLGATE, my son-in-law to be overseers and to them 10/- each
Witness: JOHN DALE.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.65 folio 341 Probate 29 Oct 1625
James Packham of Lenham, husbandman, will dated 13 Sep 1625
To the poor of Lenham 20/-
ROBERT my son £80 at 21
daughter AMY £50 at 21
daughter ELIZABETH £50 at 21 or Marriage
daughter JOHANNE £50 at 21 or Marriage
daughter MARIE £40 at 21 or Marriage
daughter DENNES £40 at 21 or Marriage
my sister SUSAN PACKMAN 40/-
my sister ELIZABETH PACKMAN 10/-
Mr. FOX for funeral sermon 10/-
THOMAS FILMER of Wychling to be executor, and THOMAS HUTCHINGS of Charing overseer
My executor to have bringing up of my children and to keep my son at school two years and then to bind him apprentice.
Note. He was probably a son of RALPH and brother of JOHN (see 1614 & 1621). He married MERCY PHILPOTT in 1602.
Source: Consistory Court of Canterbury Vol.49 folio 28 Probate 24 May 1631
JOHN YOUNG, of Charing, Clerk, will dated 21 Apr 1631
Will mentions wife MARION, sons THOMAS and EDWARD.
Leaves 12d. each to the children of his daughters one, CATHERINE the wife of RICHARD FILMER, the other the wife of ROBERT TAUNTON.
Source: Consistory Court of Canterbury Vol.52 folio 297 Probate 30 Oct 1638
Ellen Packnam of Hucking, widow, will dated 12 Sep 1638
To REYNOLD FILMER of Wychling, my son £4 and four pairs of sheets etc.
The rest to ROBERT PACKNAM of Hucking, my son whom I make executor.
Source: Probate 15 Sep 1640
THOMASIN JEFFREY, of Stalisfield, widow, will dated 31 Aug 1640
To poor of Stalisfield 20/-
son ROBERT £50 etc
son WILLIAM £20
daughter MARGERY, wife of ALEXANDER BODLE £10
daughter THOMASIN, wife of GEORGE PHILPOT £10
daughter SARAH, wife of RICHARD THATCHER £10, and her children ..
DOROTHY, wife of THOMAS HOOKER £10 and her children
sons and daughters of WILLIAM BODLE by my daughter, JANE, his wife deceased 20/- each at 21
Residue to son THOMAS, he to be executor
Witnesses: PHINEHAS COSLEY, clerk, writer hereof, REGINALD WISE.
Source: Prerogative Court of Canterbury 252 or 282 Woolton Probate 24 Jun 1658
JAMES FILMER of Newenden, husbandman
Wife DOROTHY, executrix
JAMES, the son of WILLIAM FILMER and BETHULIA ELLETT, died on the 13th September, 1657 being buried at Wichling.
Source: Filmer Family Papers. U.120. T.200/15. Probate 1669
SIR EDWARD FILMER, of East Sutton, will dated 1667
my mother, Dame ANNE FILMER, £300
my sister, Dame ANNE GODSHALK, £100
my brother SAMUELL, £200
FRANCIS STEVENS of Virginia, gentleman, £50
my nephew, JOHN GODSHALK, £50
my niece, ANNE GODSHALK, £200
poor of East Sutton, £5
my brother ROBERT, and his heirs, all my mannors, lands, tenements, etc, in Counties of Kent and Sussex. ROBERT to be the sole executor.
Source: Canterbury Original will 961, 1647
THOMAS FILMER, of Witchling, yeoman, original will dated 19 Feb 1647
THOMAS FILMER was the son of REGINALD FILMER and ANNIS ALLEN. THOMAS died in 1670 (and his wife in 1660) and by that time there was no point in proving the will.
To JOHN FILMER, my son, £20.
To either of my sons ROBERT, RICHARD and WILLIAM, 5/-
To my wife JOANE, 40/- a year and moiety of household goods
To son JOHN, the other moiety
Wife to live at Court Lodge, which I now possess
To my grandchildren and godchildren THOMAS FILMER, son of the aforesaid ROBERT FILMER, and THOMAS FILMER, son of the aforesaid WILLIAM FILMER, and to their several and respective heirs, two acres of wood called Row Wood in Otterden abutting to the lands of the heirs of Sir JUSTINIAN LEWIN towards the east and north and to the lands of EDWARD FILMER, south and west.
Residue to my son HENRY, whom I make my executor
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.73 folio 68, probate 15 Dec 1670
WILLIAM STRAINE, the elder, of Bredgar, carpenter, will dated 26 Oct 1667
eldest son WILLIAM
son JOHN
son in law WILLIAM WELLS 12d. and to his son WILIAM 5/- and to JAMES WELLS 5/-.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.73 folio 381, probate 6 Jul 1675
JAMES FILMER, of Ulcombe, cordwainer, will dated 5 Aug 1673
JAMES FILMER, the son of WILLIAM FILMER and MARY, died at Ulcombe in 1675
JANE, wife of CHRISTOPHER LEE of Maidstone, 20/-
ELIZABETH FILMER, my kinswoman, daughter of WILLIAM FILMER of Doddington, 40/-
widow VINNEY of Lenham, my kinswoman, 10/-
MARTHA BAKER, my kinswoman, daughter of JAMES BAKER of Bread, in Sussex, £5
RICHARD WEEKS of Boughton Malherbe, £5
Residue to ELIZABETH
Signed in the presence of RICHARD SKAYRE, EDWARD LUCE
The will was proved by ELIZABETH, his sister
Source: Probate 7 Dec 1675
THOMAS FILMER, of Witchling, yeoman, will dated 23 Nov 1675
My wife, ELIZABETH, to be sufficiently maintained by my executor and THOMAS who is in my house to be brought up until he is twenty-one years of age and then to have £5
My brother JAMES of Otterden 40/- and all goods...
My brother WILLIAM of Doddington ... whom I constitute and make executor
Source: Filmer Family Papers CKS, U120 T200/16 and 17, probate 1676
Sir Robert FILMER, of East Sutton, will dated 1674
Sir ROBERT FILMER (1st Baronet) died at the age of 54 on the 22nd March 1675/76. In his will, drawn up in 1674, he mentions his surviving children: ROBERT, EDWARD, ANNE, AMY and ELIZABETH. Two other children had predeceased him: CHARLES and SAMUEL.
To be buried at East Sutton by my wife.
my second son, EDWARD, £100 annuity and £500
my three daughters, ANNE, AMY and ELIZABETH £1500 on their marriage and £500 on the birth of their first child.
my cousin THOMAS RAYMOND of Grays Inn
my sons ROBERT and EDWARD, my lands in Waldersey in the Isle of Ely, in the County of Cambridge, also with all my lands in East Bridge, Ivy Church and New Church in Romney Marsh in the said county of Kent, with my farm in Chartham and lands in Darwent (?), farms in Ulcombe, called Stone Hall, Manor of Witchling, etc. etc. on trust to pay the above annuities etc.
Residue to my son ROBERT, sole executor.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury 16/30, probate 15 Sep 1679
Richard FILMER, of Witchling, will dated 10 Mar 1678
RICHARD FILMER, the eldest son of WILLIAM FILMER & BETHULIA ELLET, who died in 1679
To the poor of Wichling 5/-.
Residue of goods and chattels to my beloved cousin, ROBERT FILMER, whom I make sole executor
Also I give him all my messuages and lands in Witchling.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury 77/197, probate 21 Sep 1688
WILLIAM STRAINE, of Wormshill, yeoman, will dated 6 May 1688
To be buried in church of Wormshill
my daughter ANNE STRAINE, my house and orchard containing about one acre in Rainham, in occupation of the widow, CHAPMAN, and half my household stuff.
My son JOHN the messuage I dwell in with the lands etc. containing about 30 acres in Wormshill. Also my house in Bicknor and Bredgar with lands etc. containing about 7 acres, late in the occupation of SIMON SELLING, on condition he pay to my daughter ANNE £80.
My son to be executor.
Note. His son, JOHN, is presumably the `kinsman' mentioned in the will of THOMAS FILMER, of Lenham, dated 1688 and proved in 1700
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury A 97 76, probate 1698
John Rumney of Sutton Valence
his mother JANE HALE of Sutton Valence, widow
his wife AMY to whom he leaves his manor of Hurst in Otterden (and farm) containing 120 acres and two woods of ten acres in Otterden which were lately purchased of Sir ROBERT FILMER of East Sutton Bart.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury A 79 19, probate 2 Mar 1696
Archibald Clinckard of Sutton Valence, will dated 20 Feb 1695
son ANTHONY CLINKARD and his heirs
grandson JOHN WELLER . at age 21
Note. His daughter. ARCHIBELLA, married EDWARD FILMER
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury A 79 301, probate May 1699
MARGARET CLINKARD of Sutton Valence, Kent, widow
Grandchild JOHN WELLER 20 Pounds
Poor of the parish of Sutton.
Note. Her daughter. ARCHIBELLA, married EDWARD FILMER
Source: French (Walloon) Church Will Register Vol.1, Entry 71, dated 5 Sep 1626, died 13 Dec 1626
Corneille LE SEDT of Canterbury
the testator directs that his body be buried according to the rites of the Church of Canterbury, and leaves legacies to the poor of the Walloon Church there, of which he is a member, and to the Minister of the same.
He bequeaths his property to his two sons, Cornille and Jaques DE SEDT, and to his wife, Jeanne LE SEDT.
Witness: Anthoine DENIS
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.43 folio 395, probate 12 Oct 1580
THOMAS BRETT OF ASHFORD, will dated 31 JULY 1580
To eldest son RICHARD BRETT House in which I dwell & lands in Ashford
Wife to have parlour with chimney in house in Kennington for life or widowhood & £3 p/a
Son RICHARD BRETT & CLEMENT JURDEN of Kennington to manage lands until GREGORY BRETT my son shall be 26 years and to pay daughter ELIZABETH 20 marks a year until 20 years and same to daughter SUSAN, then lands to youngest son THOMAS BRETT
Lands in Kennington to son GREGORY
By deed 28 JULY 1580 annuity of 40sh to son THOMAS

Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.66 folio 357, probate 5 Jun 1624
(His first wife DEBRA died in 1611. He married Mrs Joane COLLEYE or COLLEGE in 1612)
To wife JOANE two bushells wheat and two loads wheat. To have use of joyned bed, featherbed , two feather boulsters and one covlet feather pillows two blankets one payer of sheets. Many other household articles mentioned. So long as she shall keep herself a widdowe.
On her death or marriage to be divided between sons JOHN BRETT & THOMAS BRETT
Son GREGORY BRETT to have ten shillings
Sons JOHN & THOMAS to have residue including two messuages in Eshford called NEW RENTS. The longest livers to divide among them

Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.81 folio 374, probate 5 Nov 1711
(No living children from either marriage)
Wish to be buried next to late wife Mary in Mersham churchyard
RICHARD BRETT son of WILLIAM BRETT of SMEETH to have all property in Mersham (Mostly KINGSFORD ST FARM now KINGSFORD HALL) lately purchased from heirs of RICHARD TAPLEY after decease of second wife BARBARA BRETT late Mrs BARBARA CROWTHER of NACKINGTON
20s p/a from Property in Mersham to poor of Mersham
Estate in BOUGHTON ALUPH to kinsman ROBERT GORHAM after death of wife
ROBERT GORHAM to pay 20s p/a for poor of Kennington
Robert Gorham to have cut & mow of Common Meadow called BROADMEAD in Hinxhill B. Aluph Kennington & Willesborough
Estate in Kennington to ROBERT son of THOMAS GORHAM
Wife Barbara to have all rents but to pay brother Isaac from them Robert Gorham to help with management of estate

Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.99 folio 350, probate 14 Nov 1776 to Wm Ward
Son THOMAS BRETT Messuage and 14 acres in Mersham for life ( WM WARD gent of Benenden as trustee then to legal children of THOMAS
£300 to THOMAS
Wife MARY BRETT (Nee HATCHER) £20 and household goods
Daughter MARY BRETT £300
All 4 chn THOMAS, MARY, SUSANNAH, wife of HART BAKER & ANNE, wife of WM WALL to have £5 each for mourning
Residue to exors for benefit of chn
EXORS WILLIAM WARD & DAVID LADE of Willsborough yeoman £10 each
Daughter Mary married to JAMES HEAD of Chillenden to have £300
(This is an extremely long will trying to prevent HART BAKER husband of SUSANNAH from inheriting anything. Every possible eventuality is met)

Source: Probate 20 Feb 1844
All property left to wife MARY BRETT( neePELLATT)
On her death everything to be sold and divided between living chn excepting that 4 grandchn ARTHUR APSLEY BRETT and JOHN, GEORGE & ANNE NEWTON to have a share
Son STEPHEN BRETT to have £5 as well as his share
Daughter ELIZABETH BRETT £5 As well as her share

Source: Helen Plowes
Wife JANE BRETT (nee MASON) to have £9 annually from messuages in Smeeth and Brabourne
Son JOHN BRETT to have annuity of £10 or £13 if his wife dies
Sons RICHARD BRETT & THOMAS BRETT all properties in Smeeth and Brabourne to hold in common and to pay an annuity to WILLIAM BRETT (son)
Sons RICHARD and WILLIAM BRETT to have other property in Smeeth occupied by JAMES MAINARD
Wife to have great hall of house and chamber over it for life if she weishes or the property inhabited by James Mainard
RICHARD ANDTHOMAS BRETT to provide faggots for JANE from their lands
Son William BRETT to have £5 p/a From properties at Throughleigh in Kent given to me by ELIZABETH THURSTON now deceased

Bequest to sons RICHARD and WILLIAM revoked. RICHARD and THOMAS made tenants in common for natural life of son JOHN. After his death daughters KATHERINE wife of BENJAMIN PILCHER and BARBARA wife of RICHARD RANDALPH to inherit unless wife wants it

Son WILLIAM £100
Son THOMAS £100
JOHN BRETT £12 annually
JANE BRETT wife to have all my goods and chattels and occupation of house and after her death sons WILLIAM and THOMAS to share equally between them
Wife to have £5 p/a, 100 faggots
Daughter BARBARA RANDOLPH wife of RICHARD RANDOLPH of Smeeth butcher to keep property now in his occupation
Son RICHARD BRETT to have all properties in Smeeth and Brabourne now occupied by him

Source: Helen Plowes CCC Vol.36 Fol.242
EDWARD BRETT OF ALDINGTON, will dated 15 Apr 1591
Source: Helen Plowes , ACC, PRC 17/80/140, Probate 1703
BURIED 17 10 1703, INVENTORY PRC 11/64/47
Source: Helen Plowes , PROBATE 15 MARCH 1665
THOMAS BRETT OF GREAT CHART, yeoman, will dated 16 AUG 1661
Source: Dave Lott, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC17/70/621, Probate 30 October 1638
JOSHUA LOTT, Yeoman of Stockbury, Kent, will dated October 3rd 1638
Agnes, Wife
William Lott, Son.
Thomas Lott, Son and sole executor.
Catherine Lott, Dau
Jane Lott, Dau
Anne Lott, Dau
Jane Wood, Dau
Edward Wood, Son in Law.
Anne, Elizabeth, Margaret and Jane Wood, Granddaughters.
Jane Terry, Widow.
Edward Clarke and Richard Allen, made mark as witnesses to will.
Edward Aldey, Probate Clerk
Considerable land holdings and buildings at Stockbury mentioned in will.
Source: Dave Lott, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC17/72/440, Probate November 1668
JOSHUA LOTT, of Stockbury, Kent, will dated October 17th 1668
Margaret, Joshua’s second wife.
William Lott, son deceased.
William Lott, grandson and son of the above William.
Thomas Lott, son & joint executor
Joseph Lott, son & joint executor
Anne Lott, dau
Margaret Ball, dau of Gillingham Kent
Mary Stratton, dau of Woolage Kent
Elizabeth Woolott, dau
Thomas Woolott, grandson.
Richard Woolott, grandson.
Joshua Woolott, grandson
William Woolott, grandson.
Anne Woolott, granddaughter.
John Saywed, stepson.
Thomas Knight & Ambrose Barron, witness to the will
A chest having belonged to first wife.
Considerable land holdings. Houses at Bosoear and Soathbourne, both in Stockbury, and fields known as Old Court & Little Dunstall.
Source: Dave Lott, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC17/85/2, Probate October 1719
YEOMAN LOTT, of the Town and Liberty of Faversham Kent, will dated 1719
Elizabeth, wife and executrix
Robert Lott, son.
Elizabeth Lott, dau
Mary Burgess, Dau
William Burgess, Son in Law, and a Baker of Faversham.
John Little, Luria Gothias and Walter Jones are the witnesses to will
Mentions about 100 pounds in legacies, goods and chattels.
Source: Dave Lott, Prerogative Court of Canterbury PROB11/978 (Nat Archives). Probate 13h June 1772
WILLIAM LOTT of Tenterden Kent, not dated
Dousabel, (Tempest) wife and executor
William Lott, son
Elizabeth Lott, dau and executor.
Jane Lott, dau and exeucutor
Dousabel Lott, dau
Mary Blackmore Lott, dau
Anne Tempest Lott, dau
John Neve, Thomas Mercer and John Drury are the witnesses to the will.
Mentions his lands in the parishes of Woodchurch, Thurnham, Rolvenden, Biddenden, Thurnham, Bodley Detling.
Source: Dave Lott, Prerogative Court of Canterbury PROB11/1781 (Nat Archives) Probate February 18th 1831
DOUSABELL LOTT spinster of Tenterden Kent, will dated September 28th 1831
Thomas Lott, nephew
John Tempest Weston, nephew.
Jane Carpenter, neice and wife to Thomas Carpenter, executor.
Hariet Weston neice and executor
Sarah Beale, niece
Dowsabell Jarmian, neice
Jane Piddleston, neice and wife of George Piddeston
Elizabeth Russell, widow and dau to the late Thomas Blackmore.
Sarah Blackmore, spinster and dau to the late Thomas Blackmore
Elizabeth Ball, spinster
Harriott Ball, spinster
Elizabeth Maurbank, niece and wife to Thomas Maurbank.
Legacies to the six children of Thomas Weston Deceased.
Legacies to the four eldest daughters of the late Jeremiah Droplett.
Joshua Minum? solicitor Tenterden and John Vennall Caister his clerk
Will mentions mourning rings for three servants and the distribution of money, silver plate, furniture and a request to be buried close to her parents at Thurnham
Source: Dave Lott, Prerogative Court of Canterbury PROB 11/1727 (Nat Archives) Probate June 2nd 1827
JANE LOTT spinster of Tenterden Kent, will dated September 6th 1805
There were 3 Codicils, the final one dated May 31st 1827
Late of Tenterden, but now of St Mildred’s Canterbury.
Requests burial at Thurnham, close to her parents.
William Lott, brother, (later deceased.) cause for one codicil
Ann Lott, Sister.
Mary Lott, sister
Dousabell Lott, sister
Elizabeth Lott, sister and now husband to Thomas Weston.
Elizabeth Lott, niece
Harriet Weston, niece
Later additions mentioned in codicils:
Thomas Lott, nephew and son of William Lott now deceased.
Joshua Lott, nephew and as above.
George Lott, nephew, and as above.
There were no wittnesses to the will.
Thomas Carpenter and Charlotte Lefuel gave a sworn affadavit regarding the will.
Mentions Silver tea pot , plate, a gold watch furniture and investments.
Will addendums were made at St Midreds Canterbury, and the final one at Tenterden, Kent.
Source: Dave Lott, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC17/85/2g Pobate 1719
JOSHUA LOTT (Yeoman) of Thurnham Kent, will dated October 24th 1719
Dying of the Small Pox.
Mary, Wife
William Lott, Son
Jane Lott, Dau
William Lott, Brother and executor.
Joshua Lott, Nephew and son of William Lott.
William Lott, Nephew and son of William Lott.
Mary Lott, Niece and Dau to William Lott
Elizabeth Lott, Niece and dau of William Lott.
Jane Lott, Niece and dau of William Lott
James Blackmore, Mary Dawson & Stephen Baker, Witnesses.
Joshua requests his brother William to act as the guardian for his children.
Mentions Messuages, lands and tennaments in Thurnham and Stockbury Kent.
Source: Roy Day, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC17/43/362, Probate 7 Oct 1579
Jervase Day of Benenden, nuncupative will dated 11 Aug 1579
In the Name of God, Amen, these are the wordes the w[hi]ch Jervase Dey of Benenden dyd speake, beinge syck in bodye, but in good reme[m]brance, before his deathe, the 11th of August last past 1579.
Item I doe gyve my daughter Elnor Horden 2 stockes of Bees, 2 platters, 2 sawsers, one pewter dyshe and one christning sheete.
I gyve unto Alyce my wyef all the Rest of my goodes and cattalls, payenge my dettes and legacyes.
And I do make Alyce my wyef my Executrix of the same.
Wyttnesses hereunto Jervase Morley, George Waghorne and Launcelott Gybson.
Source: Roy Day, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC17/59/75, Probate 5 Jun 1606
Jervase Day of Rolvenden, nuncupative will dated May 1606
In the name of God, Amen, Jervace Daye of the p[ar]ishe of Roldinden, in the tyme of the sicknes whereof he dyed, and in the moneth of May in the yeare of our Lord God one thousand six hundred and six, beinge thoughe weake in body yet of verie p[er]fecte memorie, did make and declare his last will and testamente nu[n]cupative in manner and forme followinge, or by the like wordes in effect and substance, in the p[rese]nce and hearinge of the p[er]sons hereunder named,
That is, beinge moved to dispose of his goodes, He said that he would, and his minde was that Agnes Daye his wife should have his lease and all his goodes and Chattalles whatsoever towardes the payment of his debttes and bringinge up of his children,
For quoth he, my children are hers as well as myne, and therefore doubted not that she would be carefull of them, or wordes to that effecte.
These beinge witnesses Richard Goldinge, George Day, with others.
Source: Roy Day, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC17/68/229, Probate 7 July 1632
Richard Daye of Cranbrook, husbandman, will not dated
The last Will and Testament of Richard Daye of Cranebrook, husbandman, late deceased.
First I will and bequeath my soule to the allmighte God who made it, and I will my bodie to the earthe.
And I … and appoint my wife Ruth Day, my … … of all the goodes and Chattells that I have, And I … and desire her to pay my debt with my goodes.
And the … to remaine to the said Ruth my wife and …
the m[ar]ke of the said Richard Daye
Read, sealed and delivered in the presence of … … Bayley witnesses and Richard … scr[iptor].
Source: Roy Day, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC17/24/25, Probate 21 Jan 1545/6
John Day of Benenden Charth[a]m in the Cownty of Kente, will dated Oct 1545
safe of memorie and parffitte of memorie, make my will after this man[er] and forme folowing.
Fyrste I bequethe my soule to Almightie God, my body to be buried in the church yard of Charth[a]m aforesayd.
It[e]m I bequethe to the highe alter 20d, also to the churche 20d.
It[e]m I bequethe to my brother Will[ia]m 40s,
Also to 4 men that shall bere me to churche 16d.
The resydewe of my goodes, all the costes at my buryall and monthes mynd dyschargyd, I Will shall be bestowed amongste my bretherne and Sisters acording to the descresyon of John Browne and Johan hys wyf, whome I make my full executors, Willyng them have 20s for paynes taking.
In Witnes herof John Browne, Will[ia]m Hirste, Richarde Turner.
Source: Roy Day, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC17/23/211, Probate 14 Mar 1544/5
John Day of Chartham
I will my master and my dame to be myne executors, and for their paines taking I give them 20s.
Also I give to the highe aultar of Chartham 20d,
And to the behofe of the churche 20d.
It[e]m I bequethe to my brother William Day 40s.
And the reste of my goodes to be distributed betwene my bretherne and Susterne,
And also 4or Ringers 16d.
This will made the Fryday before saynte Denys day.
Witnes Sir Richard Turner, William Herste, Elizabeth Elson and other.
Source: Steve Green, Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Probate 3 Feb 1813
Ann Alchin of Staplehurst, widow, will dated 21 Nov 1805
Nephew Robert Spratt of Staplehurst, farmer, executor
Joseph Spratt of Milton £5
my loving brother Thomas Bigg of Maidstone, cordwainer
to be buried at Boughton Monchelsea near my late husband William Alchin
Elizabeth the wife of Robert Spratt of Staplehurst
wife of William Spratt my nephew
Thomas Whiting, an infant now living with my nephew Robert Spratt
Elizabeth Chittenden widow of Thomas Chittenden of Staplehurst
occupier Bowles
Witnessed by John Lefeaver - John Viney
Codicil dated 10 Jan 1809
Mary Spratt daughter of William Spratt
Hannah Spratt daughter of William Spratt
Charlotte Backhurst
Wm Broker? wife
Mrs. Epps
Codicil added after death of her brother by Thos Bigg, undated.
Mr Watson
John Bigg of Boxley
Mrs. Wood sister to Mr. J. Bigg
Widow Chittenden, Sarah Hooker and Mrs. Brooker
29 Jan 1813
Robert Spratt appeared at the Court. Ann Alchin died on the 19th.
The name John was struck out and replaced by Joseph (Spratt) his brother. John being a sick man and Joseph poor. Thomas Bigg died about 12 months ago.
Source: Steve Green, Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Probate 22 Apr 1841
Judith Allchin of Chatham, widow, will dated 1 Jun 1839
friend John Martin Bulmer of Strood, Gentleman, executor and trustee
niece Ann Marsden, widow
niece Sarah Holman, widow
niece Harriott Pearson wife of ___
niece Fanny Poacher wife of John
Martha Farmer (wife of John Farmer) now residing with me
brother John Dabson
niece Sophia Nelius wife of ___
Witnessed by William Hough Fry, surgeon, Strood - Geo. Furrell, clerk to Mess'rs Twopenny & Essell, sol'rs, Rochester.
Source: Steve Green, Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Probate 11 Sep 1758
Phillip Alchorne of Otford, tanner, will dated 10 Jul 1758
son Richard
son Samuel, executor
Witnessed by James Crossley - Newman Hayes - Nath. Pearston.
Source: Steve Green, Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Probate 16 May 1805 & 13 Jul 1805
William Alchin of Boughton Mounchelsea, yeoman, will dated 26 Mar 1804
friend John Lefeaver of Marden, victualler, executor and overseer
loving wife Ann
friend William Tompkin of Staplehurst, yeoman, executor
Elizabeth Bassett wife of William the elder of Linton, wheelwright & sister of Wm Tompkin
property in Marden and Linton occupied by William Bassett the elder, executor
Elizabeth Tompkin, widow, mother of Wm
William Bassett son of Wm the elder
occupiers Thomas Dodge, William Boorman and Edward Day at Linton
Witnessed by Philip Watson, Staplehurst, chirugion - John Boorman, same place - Geo. Mank? att'y, same place.
Codicil dated 20 Apr 1804
purchase of property from Thomas Johnson of Linton, butcher
Witnessed by Philip Watson - John Boarman - Geo. Munk.
Codicil dated 2 Mar 1805
Witnessed by Thos Alexander, Maidstone - W.A. Dunning, attorney, Maidstone - Frances Fuggle, servant to Mr. Dunning.
Source: Steve Green, Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Probate 17 Aug 1813 and 31 May 1826
John Sills Charlton of East Farleigh, Gentleman, will dated 13 May 1811
Robert Brattle of Wateringbury, Gentleman, executor and trustee
James Walter of Marden, Gentleman, executor and trustee
property - Jordins, Dean Street, East Farleigh
wife Susanna
brother Edward Charlton
nephew John Charlton son of Edward
nephew John Sills Charlton son of my late brother Cornelius
Ann Forster daughter of Lawrence Forster late of Yalding, deceased and Mary his wife
occupiers Thomas Tapsfield and John Meopham at East Farleigh
occupier Francis Batten at Yalding
nephew Lawrence Forster son of Lawrence Forster deceased
nephews Thomas and Henry Charlton sons of my late brother Nathaniel
nieces Susanna and Sarah Tomkin daughters of my late sister Susanna Tomkin
Richard Forster son of my nephew Richard Forster deceased, < 21
Jane Forster daughter of my nephew Richard Forster deceased, < 21
sister Mary Forster
Stephen Charlton son of my nephew Cornelius, the son of my late brother Cornelius, < 21
Elizabeth, Susanna and Mary Charlton daughters of my nephew Cornelius, < 21
nieces Mary Clark wife of John, and Sarah Kennard wife of David, daughters of my sister Mary Forster
Susanna Pryer and Elizabeth Wedd daughters of my sister Mary Forster
Thomas Forster and Edward Sills Forster sons of my sister Mary Forster
Witnessed by Wm Scudamore, Maidstone - Henry Kingsford - J Morley, clerks to Mr Scudamore.
Codicil dated 24 Oct 1811
Witnessed by Wm Scudamore, Maidstone - George Curteis - J Morley, clerks to Mr Scudamore.
Codicil dated 28 May 1812
niece Frances wife of Richard Green, daughter of my sister Mary Forster
Witnessed by Wm Scudamore - Henry Kingsford - J Morley.
31 May 1826 administration granted to Elizabeth Ann Pawley wife of John, daughter of Cornelius Charlton deceased, and Ann Wedd wife of James, daughter of Mary Forster widow deceased
Robert Brattle is since dead
James Walter now a lunatic, the surviving executor, the Committee appointed by the High Court of Chancery of his estate and effects having been first duly cited ...
Edward Charlton (third part residual legatee) now dead.
Source: Steve Green, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.102 f.10, Probate 21 June 1790
Edmund Alchin of Linton, yeoman, will dated 24 December 1786
All that my farm commonly called Nobbs, consisting of a messuage or tenement, barn and other buildings and about 4 acres of land more or less situated in the Parish of Chart next to Sutton Valance now or late in the occupation of Edward Tree – to my son William Alchin for life
and after his decease to Ann his wife for life;
and after the survivor of them to my sons Thomas Alchin and Richard Alchin and their heirs etc forever, equally divided.
In case either of my said two sons Thomas and Richard die in the lifetime of my said son William Alchin and Ann his wife, or either of them, then I give the moiety (half part) or equal undivided share of him so dying of and in the said premises expectant on the decease of my said son William Alchin and Ann his wife, to the widow of whichever of them (the said Thomas and Richard Alchin) shall so die, for life, and after her decease to all and every the children of my said son so dying, their heirs etc, forever equally divided.
All that messuage or tenement barn oasthouse and buildings and several parcels of land thereunto belonging containing by estimation 10 acres more or less situate near Horsefield Bridges in the Parishes of Boughton Monchelsea and Staplehurst and now or late in the occupation of William Cordenly, to my son Thomas Alchin and his heirs forever.
All that my messuage or tenement lately erected and built and now or late in two dwellings with the garden spot and appurtenances situated in Marden and now or late in the occupations of the Widow Laddams and Pierson to my said son Thomas Alchin and his heirs forever.
All those my two messuages or tenements now or late in the three dwellings with the appurtenances situate in Boughton Monchelsea and now or late in the occupation of John Tart John Carter and Thomas Simmons or tenants to my said son Thomas Alchin and his heirs forever, nevertheless subject to and chargeable with the payment of an annuity of 6 pounds per annum which annuity I give to my son John Alchin for life.
My sons Thomas Alchin of Linton and William Alchin of Staplehurst to be Executors.
To my granddaughter Elizabeth wife of Samuel Cook – 1 guinea.
Residue of goods etc to my two sons Thomas and Richard Alchin equally divided.
witnessed by Josh Paul Ash Thomas Ongley and John Spratt.
Source: Steve Green, Consistory Court of Canterbury Vol.61 f.667, Probate PCC 15 Feb 1732
William Alchin of Lingvill (Lingfield?), Surrey, will dated 1 Feb 1732
To my brother Edward Alchin 40 pounds
To my kinsman Edward Alchin 30 pounds
To Richard Hulks of Boughton (Monchelsea?) 30 pounds
To Richard Alchin of Mavil (Mayfield?)30 pounds
To Edward Jenkins of Swanscombe 30 pounds
To John Alchin of Loose 50 pounds
To John Alchin of Rotherfield 30 pounds
William Smith and Priscilla his wife to be Executors and heirs to this Will and Testament – to whom all my goods etc (to pay legacies etc).
Witnessed by John Edmed Thomas Edmed Thos Taylor.
Probate granted in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury as the Testator had goods in more than one Diocese. Dated 15th February 1732, The Testator here stated to have been late of Otham, Kent.
Note – William Smith and Priscilla Alchin mentioned as having daughter christened at Linton by the name of Priscilla Smith 26th April 1730. Also daughter Mary christened 25th July 1725.
Source: Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Probate 5 Feb 1774
Robert Adamson of Ramsgate, St Lawrence, Thanet, mariner, will dated 3 Aug 1770
daughter in law Jane Shepherdson, wife of Matthew of Ramsgate mariner, only child of my late wife Ann Adamson deceased, sole executrix
Witnessed by Ann Mackarey - William Maylam - Jno Middleton, Not. Public, Deal.
Source: Death Duty IR26/1532 (LDS #1484568), Probate ACC 4 July 1839, <£1000
Richard Skillman of Wye, linen draper, will dated 8 May 1839
son William Watts Skillman of Charing, draper, executor
son Edward Skillman of Hythe, draper, executor
son Charles Skillman of Wye, draper, executor
daughters Ann? and Frances Skillman.
Source: Death Duty IR26/1532 (LDS #1484568), Probate ACC 20 July 1839, <£100
Sarah Stone of Charlton next Dover, widow, will dated 22 Dec 1837
daughter Mary Ann wife of Michael Curtis Clark of Dover, executrix
son John Stone, executor
Ann Stone.
Source: Death Duty IR26/1532 (LDS #1484568), Probate ACC 17 Aug 1839, <£100
Daniel Soggee of Wye, will dated 7 Jun 1839
executor Henry Jones of Wye, groom
seven children.
Source: Death Duty IR26/1532 (LDS #1484568), Probate ACC 1 Aug 1839, <£100
Mary Thorp of Canterbury, widow, will dated 4 Nov 1833
executor Henry Marlen of Canterbury, school master
Mary Marlen.
Source: Death Duty IR26/1532 p.824 (LDS #1484568), Probate ACC 28 Sep 1839, <£450
John Setterfield of St Lawrence, Thanet, yeoman, will dated 23 Jul 1839
executor John Hutchings senior of Chislet, gardener
Mary Pain Hutchings.
Source: Death Duty IR26/1532 (LDS #1484568), Probate PCC 9 Oct 1839, <£200
Sarah Twinch of Collyers Buildings, Blackheath, widow, will dated 5 Jun 1836
died 15 Sep 1839
administrator Joseph Twinch of 15 Henry Street, Kingsland Road, warehouseman
daughter Sarah S...ton.
Source: Death Duty IR26/1532 (LDS #1484568), Probate CCC 3 Aug 1839, <£2000
Mary Shrewsbury of Deal, widow, will dated 15 May 1839
son Daniel Crambrook of Keighley (of Maidstone in 1864), York Dissenting Minister, executor
son William Crambrook of 379 Strand, silversmith, executor
son James Crambrook of Deal, linen draper (died 1856 in Australia), executor
Margaret Crambrook wife of James, died 1862
law suit by 1864.
Source: Death Duty IR26/1532 (LDS #1484568), Probate PCC 30 Oct 1839, <£600
Elizabeth Shepherd of Nettlestead, widow, will dated 10 Sep 1839
died 14 Oct 1839
son Lewes Shepherd of Nettlestead, farmer, executor.
Source: Death Duty IR26/1532 p.922 (LDS #1484568), Probate PCC 10 Dec 1839, <£3000
Samuel Taylor of East Lane, Greenwich, carpenter, will dated 10 Nov 1835
died 27 Aug 1839
executrix Mildred Taylor of Greenwich (wife?), (died 29 Oct 1869)
executor Robert Easto of 27 Great Dover Street, Southwark, tea dealer
daughter Lydia M Shepherd
daughters Charlotte G, Hannah S, Charles? M and Rhoda A Taylor
reference to estate of John Carne (will dated 1820):
Jane and Emma Trevena, John C Jenkin, Jennifer Trevena previously Jenkin, Elizabeth Carne Jenkin
reference to petition in Chancery 15 Jul 1851.
Source: Death Duty IR26/1532 p.962 (LDS #1484568), Probate CCC 16 Oct 1839, <£450
John Tanton of Lenham, will dated 19 Feb 1839
executor John Tanton of Milton next Sittingbourne, bricklayer
sons James and Edward Tanton.
Source: Death Duty IR26/1532 p.965 (LDS #1484568), Probate CCC 16 Oct 1839, <£600
Simon Stockley the elder of Ramsgate, Thanet, mariner, will dated 12 Apr 1831
executor Edward Miles of Ramsgate, yeoman
executor Benjamin Hoile of Ramsgate, grocer
son Simon
daughter Sarah Langley
Anne Mills
late son John's 3 children.
Source: Dave Lott, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC/17/85/16e, Probate 1720
JANE LOTT, (nee GODDEN) widow of Stockbury Kent, will dated 22 Dec 1719
Jane Bowell, granddaughter.
Ann Bowell, granddaughter.
Deborah Bowell, granddaughter.
Mary Bowell, granddaughter.
Joshua Bowell, grandson.
Elizabeth Stiles, daughter.
John, Joshua, Jane Filmer, Mary, and Elizabeth Stiles the children of the above daughter Elizabeth Stiles.
Ann Tomlin, daughter, and wife of John Tomlin.
John and Jane the children of the above daughter Ann Tomlin.
William and Jane, children of her late son Joshua Lott.
William Lott , son and sole executor
Thomas Walter, witness who made mark.
Source: Dave Lott, Consistory Court of Canterbury PRC/32/61/844, Probate 24th October 1735
WILLIAM LOTT, of Thurnham Kent, will dated 18th November 1735
Jane Lott, daughter.
Mary , daughter, and wife of Thomas Stanley.
Elizabeth , daughter and wife of John Marshall.
Joshua Lott, son
William Lott, son
Elizabeth Lott, wife.
Elizabeth Filmer, granddaughter
William Filmer, grandson.
Executors, Wife Elizabeth Lott, Son Joshua Lott, and John Duckesbury, brother in law.
Witnesses, John Rayner, Ann Rayner and James Coombe.
Several legacies, land, an orchard and two messuages and a Smithy all mentioned as being in, or near to Linsted, Barkside, Dollar Hill, Hartlip, The Sheef Linsted.
Probate actioned by Elizabeth the relict, Joshua Lott son of the deceased and John Duckesbury.
Probate granted by William Garling clerk to Richard Chicheley Commisary General of the City and District of Canterbury.
Source: Robin Beard, Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Probate 25 Sep 1830
Henry Smith of Slade Green, Crayford, farmer, will dated 12 Mar 1829
wife Elizabeth
daughter Elizabeth wife of William Hate of North End, Crayford, labourer
grandsons John, Henry, James and Edmund Hate
granddaughters Elizabeth and Jane (<21) Hate
friend Mr Anthony Smith of North End, Crayford, baker, executor
Mr Stoneham
grandson Henry Smith <21
Sarah, Ann and Charlotte Smith, daughters of my deceased son Henry, <21
Witnessed by Sam'l Watson, Bouverie Str, Fleet Street [sol'r] - James Miles, Crayford - Thomas Hoare, Crayford.
William Hate and Elizabeth Smith married 3 Aug 1794 at Stone near Dartford (IGI)
Source: Ann Clarke, Consistory Court of Rochester, Probate 14 Sep 1753
Sarah Tranah of Strood, widow, will dated 3 Oct 1748
my loving daughter Hannah Tranah of Strood, spinster, executrix, sole beneficiery
Witnessed by Rich Webb - John Hick
Probate granted to Hannah Elliott formerly Tranah, now wife of Thomas Elliott.
Source: Ann Clarke, Consistory Court of Rochester, Probate Jan 1763
Hestor Tranah of Strood, widow, will dated 4 Aug 1761
brother John Boucher of Strood, victualler, executor, trustee and guardian
brother William Boucher of Strood, victualler, executor, trustee and guardian
brother in law Henry Robbins of Chatham, caulker, executor, trustee and guardian
children Arthur and William Tranah <21
sister Hannah Robbins wife of Henry
brother George Boucher
Witnesses Robert Taylor - Martha Mitton - .... Mitton.
Source: Ann Clarke, Archdeaconry Court of Rochester, Probate 2 May 1750
William Tranah/Tranaw of Strood, shipwright carpenter's mate of HMS Pembroke, will dated 20 Feb 1746
beloved mother Sarah Tranah of Strood, widow, executrix
Witnesses Henry Loft - James Cattell - Charles Claphamson.
Source: Gerry Doyle, Prerogative Court of Canterbury Prob 11/1982, Probate 10 June 1843
Catherine Witherden of Dover, widow, will dated 18th December 1839
Richard Menpes, nephew, £1500, executor
Joseph Menpes, nephew, £1500, executor
Elizabeth Mary King, daughter of my niece Mary King of Dover widow, £200
Joseph Luddington King, one of the sons of Mary King, £100
Stephanie King, wife of Joseph Luddington King, £100
Charles King, another son of Mary King, 19 guineas
Charles Benjamin Gordy, Of Dover Farmer, £50
James __ Gordy, Late of Dover farmer, £50
George Philpott, the older of Margate Gentleman, £500
George Philpott, the younger of Margate Gentleman son of the said George Philpott the older, £500
Elizabeth Mary Luddington, spinster great niece, £100
Thomas Lewis, surgeon of Dover, £100
Ann O’Dwyer & Martha Striker, two of the daughters of Robert Striker late of Dover innkeeper deceased, £100 each
Mary Brown, spinster for mourning ring or brooch, 19 guineas
Charlotte Lane, spinster for mourning ring or brooch, £5
Sarah Lane, spinster for mourning ring or brooch, £5
Elizabeth Mathers, widow for mourning ring or brooch, £5
Susanna Gordy, wife of Charles Benjamin Gordy, £5
John Ruffin of Stroud Street Lane, painter, £10
Catherine Finemore, widow, £5
Susanna Goldsmith, spinster, £5
Susanna Granard, widow, £5
Margaret Norris, spinster, £5
Elizabeth Lane, spinster, £5
Betsy Pilcher of Buckland Spinster, £5
Sarah Pearce, widow, £5
Elizabeth Ansell, £5
William Hill, carpenter, £5
Sarah Curling, my servant, 19 guineas
Harriet Moss, niece, wife of George Moss late of Canterbury Builder, £200
Charlotte Luddington, niece, £200
Mary King, £500
(Joseph and Catherine), two children of my nephew Joseph Luddington late of Sandgate Schoolmaster deceased, £100
Mary King, £1500 Trust £52 pa
Catherine Witherden Horton, daughter of my deceased niece late wife of Simon Horton late of Erwell Land Surveyor deceased, £1500
Stephen Witherden Horton, son of my deceased niece, £1500 Trust
Stephen Menpes, nephew (wife Mary Menpes), £1500 Trust
Elizabeth Mary King, after decease of Mary King, £100
Catherine Menpes, Widow, £1500 Trust
Thomas Lewis and John Clark the elder Schoolmaster if Richard Menpes pre-deceased Catherine Witherden.
Proved 10 June 1843 by oaths of Richard Menpes and Joseph Menpes
Value of bequests £13,635.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.60 f.348, Probate 24 Feb 1615/6
Michael Danne of St. Dunstan, Canterbury, nuncupative will dated 25 Jan 1615/6
His wife [Elizabeth] to have all his goods toward the bringing up of his children
saving one load of wood which he gave unto his mother
Witnessed by John Willes and John Crosser.
St Dunstan, Canterbury:
1606 Aug 31 Richard son of Michael bapt
1611 May 26 Susana dau of Michael bapt
1615/6 Jan 28 Michael Dann, sometimes Mr. of Bridwell or house of correction, buried
1616 Jul 8 John Does and Elizabeth Dann, widow married.

Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.60 f.436, Probate 7 May 1619
Samuel Hooke of Sandwich, cordwainer, nuncupative will dated 12 Mar 1618/9
wife Anne, executrix
4 children
Witnessed by Alice Exell - Margaret Allabye.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.60 f.428, Probate 18 Apr 1618
Nicholas Ladd of Elham, yeoman, will dated 12 Mar 1617
son Thomas
wife Joane, executrix
daughter Mary
Witnessed by Tho. Allen - Thomas Rigden - William Hilde.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.60 f.426, Probate 8 Jun? 1618
Michael Norrington of Snargate, will dated 12 Sep 1615
wife Ellen, executrix
Witnessed by John Fagg - Thomas Greenefeild - Thomas Johnson.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.60 f.420, Probate 7 Mar 1617/8
William Russell of Wye, nuncupative will dated Jan 1617/8
2 children of his cousin Joseph Crystyn?
his children to be brought up by his said cousin.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.60 f.419, Probate 19 Mar 1617/8
Henry Webb of Sellinge, yeoman aged 23, will dated 16 Feb 1617/8
to be buried at Sellinge
wife Mary
Uncle Stephen Webb's children
Mary Cheeseman daughter of my sister Anne Opee?
brother Stephen Claringbow?
brother Stephen Woodland <21
John Collyer
Richard Lardye
sister Suzan Woodland
brother Henry Baylie, executor
Witnessed by Richard Barnes of Sellinge - Richard Large - Stephen Claringe.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.60 f.418, Probate 14 Jan 1617/8
Nicholas Wrayght of Lydden, husbandman, nuncupative will dated Mar 1616
John Stoakes of St Redeyunde? Abbey
Nicholas Stoakes of Huffam
James Foord of Newington, yeoman
brother Thomas, executor
brother William
Witnessed by John Parker - ___?
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.60 f.409, Probate 7 Nov 1617
Anne Fleeton of All Saints, Canterbury, nuncupative will dated 24 Oct 1617
James Robinson the elder of Canterbury, woollen draper, executor
Witnessed by Symon Robinson - Thomas Robinson.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.60 f.375, Probate 24 Feb 1616/7
Sara Norrington of St Dunstan's, Canterbury, aged 20, nuncupative will dated 4 years ago
living with her grandmother Agnes Mummer
brother Michael Borne
Sara Brooke
Witnessed by William Payne - Alice Payne.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.60 f.347, Probate 24 May 1616
Stephen Clement of Tilmanstone, nuncupative will dated about May 1616
brothers Peter and Ambrose Clement
nephew Edward Collyns, son of Jesper Collyns of Tilmanstone
Witnessed by Martyn Calling - the wife of William Hayres? - Joanne H___ widow - Thomazine Dixon.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.60 f.334, Probate 28 Feb 1615/6
Henry Bellinger of Newington next Hythe, miller, nuncupative will Feb 1615/6
speaking to Margaret his wife
Witnessed by Mary Martyn, widow and Stephen White.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.60 f.246, Probate 12 Jan 1613/4
William Page of Newington, yeoman, will dated 14 Dec [11 James]
William, John, Frances, Anne and Suzan Page, my children
James Hart? of Nonnington, my son in law
son Stephen
wife Joane, executrix
Friends Edward Crock and Stephen Page of Willesborrow, overseers
Witnessed by Richard Nicholl - William Couchman - Richard Parckes.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.60 f.184, Probate Jan 1611/2
Stephen Wraighte of Milton next Chartham, yeoman, will dated 6 Jan 1611/2
late of Lympne
Widow Richardson of Lympne
wife Jane
daughter Ann wife of Thomas Redsole
Thomas, Edmund and William Redsole, sons of Ann
Dennis and Elizabeth Cullinge, daughters of Richard Cullinge
son in law Richard Cullinge, executor
brother Ambrose Hilles and George Mimes?, overseers
Witnessed by Thomas Yonger? - Nicholas Packenham.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.60 f.103, Probate 8 Nov 1619
Harbert Bate of Sandhurst, nuncupative will dated 30 Sep 1619?
sons Thomas, John and Salomon
daughters Elizabeth, Dorothy and Suzan
wife Catherine, executrix [not mentioned in probate?]
Witnessed by Richard Theobald - Peter Gray.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.60 f.85, Probate 14 Jun? 1615
John Bate of Sandhurst, husbandman, will dated 16 May 1615
Anne wife of Edward Bate
her 3 children, Robert, Edward and Elizabeth Bate
John son of Richard Garner
Alice wife of Francis Homan lately deceased
her 3 children James, Martyn and Mary Homan
poor of parish 12d
wife Alice, executrix
Peter Gray of Sandhurst, yeoman, overseer
Witnessed by Thomas Martin - Peter Grey - William ___
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.60 f.89, Probate 20 Apr 1620
Henry Banke of Cranbrook, butcher, will dated 14 Feb 1619
daughters Anna, Rebecca, Sarah and Suzan Banke
wife Rebecca, executrix
Friends William Hartridge and John Banke, overseers
Witnessed by William Hartridge - John Banke - Henry Bigge.
Source: Tom Reed, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.102 f.359, Probate 1 Mar 1794
James White of Chilham, yeoman, will dated 18 Sept 1784
Wife Mary, executrix
Son James
Son John Gurney
Tenant Mary Ashby
Daughter Mary, executrix
Witnesses John Cumming, Eliz Cumming, Samuel Flint
Proved by Mary Stokes (widow, formerly Mary White spinster) the daughter.
Photocopy in possession of Tom Reed, (original in possession of Mrs Theresa Dennis), “Hatfield House Deeds Bundle”
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.53 f.2, Probate 14 Nov 1603
Joan Hadman of Lydden, widow, will not dated
son Thomas
daughter Joanne wife of John Godfray
daughter Margaret wife of John Dylnatt
daughter Suzanne wife of Thomas Sutton
daughter Damsine? Hadman, executrix
Witnessed by Francis Pilcher and Robert Haddman.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.53 f.12, Probate 13 Oct 1603
Amye Lappam of St Mildred's, Canterbury, widow, nuncupative will dated 5 Oct 1603
Ann Bateman, her maid
Goodwyfe Parker
her late husband's son John Lappam, executor
Witnessed by Richard Alleyne, parson of St Mildreds - Edwarde Weaver - Anne Daes - Alice Parker.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.53 f.30, Probate 15 Feb 1603/4
Thomas Ladd of Barham, yeoman, will dated 20 Oct 1597
son Vincent, executor
wife Elizabeth
daughters Wenefreth, Hogben, Mount, Barrett, Rolfe and Terrye
cozin John Nethersole, overseer
Witnessed by John Nethersole the writer - Francis Rickard - Thomas Churche?
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.53 f.58, Probate 6 Mar 1601/2
Alice Atkins of Faversham, widow, will dated 28 Jan 1601/2
brother Randall Buckherste of Chartham
daughter Elizabeth Atkins, executrix
Witnessed by John [Els?]reeth - Randall Buckherst - Stephen Wood.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.53 f.80, Probate 6 Feb 1601/2
Margerie Hones, widow of Thomas Hones, will dated 6 Jan 1601/2
son in law William Chittenden, executor
son in law Andrew Ducke/Duncke?, executor
Agnes, Stephen, Peter and Mary Maylam, children of my daughter Agne, deceased
George Maylam son of daughter Agne
Witnessed by Willm Hilles and John Radcliffe.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.53 f.83, Probate 29 Apr 1602
Joan Hall of Thanet St Peter, widow, will dated 24 Jan 1600/1
John Hall, my son's son, executor
Richard and John Wille, my daughter's sons
Christopher Hall, my grandson, brother of John
Elizabeth Thatcher, daughter of my neighbour John Thatcher
grandson Silvester Hall
John Thatcher and Silvester Terrell, overseers
Witnessed by John Thatcher - Silvester Terrell - Thomas Yonge the writer.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.53 f.94, Probate 10 Mar 1601
Elizabeth Mayhowe of Marden, widow, nuncupative will dated 21 Feb 1601
son Thomas Gunninge?
his daughter Mabel Gunninge?
son Walter Hege
daughter Agnes Weeks
Margaret Dabson wife of Salomd?
Elizabeth Varleye
Widow Jennings
son William Mayhowe, executor
Witnessed by John Parker and Thomas Mayhowe.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.53 f.97, Probate 25 Jul? 1604
Emm Stedman late the wife of Isaacke, will dated 24 Mar
daughter Alice Chapline
her daughter's son and daughter
son Thomas Stedman, executor
Witnessed by Stephen Usmer - Thomas Stedman - John Ramsden.
Isaac Stedman & Eme Richards married 1 Feb 1574 at Biddenden.
IGI: Their daughter Alice was baptised 20 Feb 1575/6
Alice married Lawrence Chapline 7 May 1599 at Biddenden.
Isaac and Emm were not buried at Biddenden.

Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.53 f.99, Probate 23 Sep 1603
James Chittenden of Cranbrook, carpenter, will dated 19 Aug 1603
wife Elizabeth, executrix
daughters Elizabeth, Catherine and Susane
Witnessed by William Holcombe and Richard Remyngton.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.53 f.104, Probate 3 __? 1603
Lawrence Hewson of Whitstable, yeoman, will dated 10 Oct 1603
wife Margery, executrix, house at Balserstrall? which was her fathers
lands bought from Mr George Crispe, Esq., John Sainte, William Roper, Esq.
sons John and Lawrence
4 daughters including Mary and Ells
house at Hernehill
John Colborne
John Meademan and William Saynte, overseers
Witnessed by Thomas Saile and William Brewman?
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.53 f.112, Probate 15 Sep 1603
Rose Crofts of Stalisfield, widow, will dated 2 Apr 1603
son Edward, executor
late mother Richardine Barnes
late sister Thomazine Barnes als Sanders
brother Robert Barnes of Charing
Witnessed by Henry West, clerke and John Allard.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.53 f.113, Probate 23 Sep 1603
Mary Meade of Bethersden, maiden, will dated 1 Jan 1602/3
father Robert Meade
late? brother Richard
John Daning?'s wife
Mary Wells
my aunt Holnest
Anne Meade daughter of my brother Stephen
Widow Terry
wife of Josias Chittenden
Mary daughter of Josias Chittenden
godson Thomas May
goddaughter Mary Hopper
Martha daughter of John Doninge
Mary Meade daughter of my brother Samuel
sister Joan Meade, executrix
overseers Josias Chittenden and Robert Woollett
witnessed by John Donninge and Robert Woollett.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.53 f.144, Probate 1 Aug 1603
Phebe Dive of Leanham, widow, will dated 8 Jul 1603
to be buried at Boughton Malherbe
eldest daughter Marie
daughters Margaret and Mildred
son Christopher, executor
Witnessed by Anthony Iddenden - Adrian Barling - Thomas Iddenden.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.53 f.165, Probate 14? Aug 1603
Richard Ballard of Cranbrook, carpenter, will dated 8 Jun 1603
wife Katherine, executrix
sons Thomas (executor), John, Richard, Robert <21, Walter <21 and Henry <21
property in Goudhurst
3 daughters <20
leases from Mr John Baker and Mr Roberts
brother Robert
my sister, wife of William Thomas and her 2 daughters
godson Richard Thomas
Thomas Roberts of Glassenbury Esq. and William Sheafe, overseers
Witnessed by John Birchet - John Leighe - Nicholas Carpnell.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.53 f.331, Probate 27 Jun? 1604
Thomas Page of Halden, yeoman, will dated 30 May 1604
daughter Julian Moore, widow
daughter Margaret wife of Thomas Lapham and her son Thomas
daughter Alice wife of William Price and her son Thomas
kinswoman Margaret J___? kinswoman Julyan Goodgroome
wife Margaret, executrix
overseer Thomas Brown?, my neighbour
Robert Moore son of daughter Julyan <20
Codicil nuncupative undated
child of Edward Smith
Witnessed by Nicholas Phillipp and John Baker, ser.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.53 f.335, Probate 15 Nov 1604
John Penny of Ulcombe, yeoman, will dated 27 Sep 1604
daughter Susan
servant Jane Baker
wife Elizabeth
5 children - Christopher (executor), Mathie (executor), Thomasine, Sara and Susan
Witnessed by Erasmus Elmestone and Abraham Burcher.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.53 f.220, Probate 3 Sep 1603
John Webb of Godmersham, gent., will dated 10 Jan 1597/8 (sick)
poor of Warehorne £4
poor of Ruckinge, Snave, Snargate, Appledore, Kennardington, Shadoxhurst £3 each
wife Elizabeth
daughter Olimpha wife of Thomas Rogers
daughter Elizabeth wife of Thomas Scott
Margaret and John, children of Abacocke Thomas deceased
son in law George Broome
sons of Richard Willes the elder late of Ham in Warehorne deceased
sons in law Thomas Scott and Thomas Rogers, executors
land in Snave, Snargate, Kennardington, Warehorne, Shadoxhurst and Orstone
Witnessed by Will Scott and Jacob Sylver.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.53 f.216, Probate 23 Jun 1603
Margery Reynolds of Ashford, widow, will dated 6 Apr 1603
Thomas, Robert and Mary Lowes children of Martha Lowes my sister
mother Butler?
mother Collens
Jane wife of Richard Kennet
Richard Goble of Ashford, butcher, executor
John Steele of Ashford, overseer
Witnessed by John Roberts - William Wadly - Jo. Steele.
Source: Shelagh Mason, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC 17/50 f359, Probate 11th September 1597
Joane Steed of Harrietsham, widow, will dated 19th December 1596
Joane Steed of the parish of Harrietsham wydowe Sick Soul to god body to be buried in the earth in "laudable custome of christian buryall"
To poor of the parish of Harrietsham 20s in quarter of a year
To daughters Elizabeth, Agnes, Katherine, Susane and Ellyn one joyned cheste with all such lynnen and other goodes as is in the same as it now standeth within the parlor where I now lye in Harietsham in 1 month
Residue goods, debts and funerall expences discharges to John Steede my sonne and he to be sole executor
Witnesses: Henry Smothinge, William X up Thomas
Source: Shelagh Mason, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC 17/16 f122, Probate 10th October 1524
John Stede of Hinxhill[Henxholl], the elder, will dated 26th September 1524
Soul to god the blessed virgin Mary and saynts of Hevyn body to be buried in the churchyard of Henxhill
To high aulter of Henxhll for tithes forgotten 20d
To the high aulter of Wy[e] 8d
To the crosse light of Henxhill 12d
Towards the payntyng of the crucifixe Mary and John 20s
To the torche light 4d
To every of my goodchildren that is to say Thomas Savery, Ribert Rolff, John at Wodde, Willyam Broker, John Goldhill and John Stede the son of Robert Stede 4d
To John Webbe if he will be ruled by Robert my sone a haffer
To John son of Robert Stede a haffer
To Elizabeth Webbe a cowe if she wil be ruled by her grandame
To Elwyse my wife 2 kyne half my corne and all my household stuffe
To John Stede my sone if he live the other half of all my corne 2 cuple of werkeres a scere 5 buddes If said John dye before me his part of corne and cattle to his brother Robert Stede
Residue of goodes not bequeathed, debtes legacies and expences paid to Elwise my wife and son John, and they to be executors
If son John dies then son Robert executor with wife
WILL: All my landes and tenements with appurtenances in Henxhill and Wy[e] to son John Stede and his heirs, reserving thereof to Elwyse my wife for the life the best chamber that she will chose and of fyre and flete and also easement of half the hempehave yn the said tenement
Remainder to son Robert Stede for life and after his decease to John son of Robert Stede.
Also sons or heirs to keep a cowe and a hogg uppon the said landes for my wife and Elwyse my wife have an annual pension of 26s 8d
Witnesses: Richard Sprotte Hamon Rolff John Mabelyn Herry [Henry] Lymyngton
Probate 10th October 1524 on oaths of Hamon Rolfe and John Mapill (sic) and Hemry Lymyngton witnesses to executors
Source: Shelagh Mason, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC 17/63 f347v, Probate 6th August 1623
Thomas Steed of the parish of St. Mildred in the city of Canterbury maltster, will dated 2nd July 1623
Soul to god and body to christian burial
To my mother Joan Chesson widdow one Edward twelve pence
To my brother Anthony Chesson xijd (12 pence)
To my sister Mary Chesson one edward 12d
To my eldest sonne Richard Steed £20 Also one corslett with all belonging thereunto
To daughter Mary £20
To son George £20
To daughter Elizabeth £20
To son William £20
If daughter Elizabeth do not attain age 10 years then her £20 - £10 to her mother and my wife and the other £10 to eldest son Richard
Residue of all my goodes cattells chattells etc. to wife Joane and she to be sole executrix
Witnesses: Stephen Stronge Susanna (X) Hills
Source: Shelagh Mason, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC 17/45 f344, Probate 9th October 1583
Wylyam Steede of the town and parish of Ashetisford (Ashford) Kent, cordwainer, will dated 11th July 1583
Soul to god and body to earth
To George Steed my brother my grindstone immediately after my decease
To Thomas Steed the yonger my brother my wering cloke, immediately after my decease
To Hugh Trytton of Asheford aforesaid cordwainer one chest which he bothe knowethe and hathe seene, immediately after my decease
To Anna Steed my daughter £10 at 21 years
Residue of goods, debts paid, legacies performed and funeral expenses discharged to Charitie Steed my wife and she to be sole executrix
Thomas Steed above, my welbeloved in Christe Jeremy Fusse of Asheford and Hugh Trytton my overseers and 5s each for pains
James Steed my eldest sonne at his age 23 years my field in the parish of Ashford and liethe towardes the landes of William Woodward gent west the landes of William Whitehed east and landes of [blank] Perredge northe the landes of John Spice and the Quenes highwaye sowthe and containing 3 acres which I purchased of Thomas Drury gent
To Moses Steed my youngest son my two messuages or tenements with appurtenances in towne of Ashford at his age 23 years
Proviso Charitie Steed my wife to have profits of lands and property during nonages of sons James and Moses for the bringing up of my children
Witnesses: William Padnall baliff of Asheford Heremy Fuse Hugh Trytton John Walken Chr[ist]ofer Engeam
Probate 9th October 1583 on oaths of Thomas Steed and Christopher Engeham to executrix.
Source: Shelagh Mason, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC 17/63 f341v, PRC 17/61 folio 446, Probate 15th February 1621/2
Richard Steed of Wye, Kent, will dated 28th January 1621
The last will and Testament of Richard Steed husbandman late of the parish of Wye in the county of Kent deceased by him uttered and declared uppon the 28th day of January Anno Domini iuxta etc. 1621 he being sicke and weake in body but of perfect and good memory with an intent and purpose to make his will and to dispose of his estate in these wordes following or the like in effect viz
He the said Richard Steed being damaunded by some then and there present what he should doe with his goodes or how he would dispose of his estate answaring sayd that his wife should have all that ever he had for quoth he there is a great reason for it
In the presence of Robart Backe Thomas Kingley
Probate granted to unviersal legatee named in the nuncupative will, no executor named.
Source: Shelagh Mason, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/279 S/1, Probate 20th July 1667
Margaret Steed of St. Margaret in the parish and Citty and Archdeaconry of Canterbury spinster deceased, nuncupative will undated
declared on the very ... day before her death she being then sicke of body but of good sense memory and understanding and having intent to make her will and dispose of that several? estate that she had said of make? my Uncle and Aunt Chambers (who ...... throughout? my ............. and to them I give all that I have except my A .. ll...ds? below wch I give to my brother or used words to the same or like affect in the presence and hearing of these witnesses whose names are subscribed and se... all others.
Tho: Shindler - Elizabeth Duke - The marke of Mary MP Page.
Source: Shelagh Mason, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/275 S/12, Probate 16th September 1665
Mary Steede of Chartham, Kent, spinster, nuncupative will dated 5th September 1665
The Last Will and Testament Nuncpative of Mary Steede spinster late whilest she lived of the parish of Chartham in the County of Kent deceased By her uttered and declared in the time of her sickness on the very day she dyed and in the afternoon of the same day having a purpose to make her Will or dispose of what she had did utter and declare her selfe as followeth to witt:
shee being demannded by Sara Birchiett widdow who attended her in her sickness whether shee continued (?) then in the same mind shee was in in the forenoone with that shee did give her portion and all that shee had to her Mother to see her well buryed shee thereunto made answer for you mother ?? in the presence of the said Sara Birchett and Mary Gammon witnesses ........ unto subscribed the sayde Mary Steede at the .......sses (not witnesses) being of perfect minde and memory for ought they did perceive.
Witnessed by Sara Birchett and Maria Gammon.
16 September 1665 before Master William Lovelace clerk surrogate etc. in the presence of me Paul Lukin notary public.
The nuncupative testament of Mary Steede late whilst she lived of the parish of Chartham in the archdeaconry of Canterbury spinster deceased probate was granted upon the oaths of Sarah Reading alias Steede, wife of Master John Reading senior, mother etc. of the said deceased universal legatee named in the said testament. ...
And because the said deceased in her testament aforesaid neither nominated or constituted the executor ... administration of the goods of the said deceased together with her testament annexed to the aforesaid Sarah Reading otherwise Steede who was first sworn to administer etc... Bound John Reading of Chartham gentleman and John Whitfield of the city of Canterbury gentleman in £200 For an inventory [to be made]
Source: Colin Penney, Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Probate 18 Apr 1811
John Penney of St Paul's, Deptford, shipwright, will dated 28 Oct 1807
son James, shipwright of St Paul's
4 leasehold houses in Dowling St., Deptford
3 other sons and 3 daughters
sons John of King St, Deptford, Thomas of Sheerness, William of Back Lane, Deptford, executors
Witnessed by Benjamin Porter?, Richard Porter?
Probate to John and Thomas
Death duty: John Penney of Princes St, Rotherhithe and Thomas Penney of Sheerness Garrison, executors.
Source: Colin Penney, Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Probate 8 Jun 1841
William Penney of White Horse Inn, Queen St., Rotherhithe, Surrey, will dated 6 Jan 1841
son Henry Taylor Penney
son William
3 daughters (Elizabeth, Mary Ann and Sophia)
youngest brother Joseph Penney of Chatham, Kent
William Clayton of Rotherhithe
Witnessed by E. ...., surgeon, 61 Paradise St, Rotherhithe - Griffith Thomas, solicitor, Mincing Lane.
Source: Kevin Yeats, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.90 f.3, Probate 22 Mar 1736/7
Nathaniel Collington of Pluckley, Kent, Gentleman, will dated 22 Oct 1736
Joint Executrixes:
Daughters Mary Collington & Ann Collington. [Only Mary was sworn to administer at time of probate as Ann was under age.]
Daughters Mary & Ann Collington:
- Equal shares of property in Little Chart
- Equal shares of one cutting of the underwood on the Tenterden property left to son Nathaniel.
- Equal shares of the Tenterden property left to Nathaniel should he die with no ‘heirs of his Body lawfully to be begotten’.
- Equal shares of a ‘small piece of Ground called Milstead Plat’ of 3 yards, in Pluckley, ‘not devised by the will of my late Father deceased’
- Equal shares of residual personal estate
Son Nathaniel Collington:
- Tenterden property of 33 acres (after Mary & Ann remove underwood).
Other Persons Named:
Francis Rose in tenure or occupation of small property in Pluckley (Milstead Plat).
Witnessed by Mary Collins (by mark) - Sam: Belcher - Jon: Nethersole.
Source: Kevin Yeats, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.89 f.50, Probate 23 Dec 1735
Nathaniel Collington of Pluckley, Kent, Clerk, will dated 18 Jan 1734/35
Joint Executors (both duly sworn): Son-in-law Samuel Belcher, youngest Son John Collington
Poor of Pluckley: - 40 shillings distributed at the discretion of the 3 Churchwardens
Son John Collington:
- Life interest in property in Leveland, Shelwick and Throwley
- Half share of residual personal estate (with Samuel Belcher)
Son-in-law Samuel Belcher of Charing, Kent, Gentleman:
- Life interest in property in Challock and Westwell, conditional on paying Ann Collington (testator’s daughter) an annual rent of £20
- Half share of residual personal estate (with John C.).
Daughter Ann Collington:
- £20 pa from Samuel Belcher
- Life interest in property in Challock and Westwell after the death of Samuel Belcher (if she survived him)
- Half the proceeds from cutting the underwood in the Challock property
- Property in Pluckley including contents.
Grandson John Collington, son of John C:
- Life interest in property in Leveland, Shelwick & Throwley on the death of his father, then to pass to his male heirs on his own death
Granddaughters Mary and Ann Collington (daughters of son Nathaniel):
- Property in Leveland, Shelwick & Throwley on the death of their cousin John C. should he have no male heirs
- Property in Challock and Westwell on the deaths of their uncle Samuel Belcher and aunt Ann Collington
Other Persons Named:
Richard Chambers, William Wraith and John Waterman in tenure or occupation of properties in Leveland, Shelwick and Throwly.
Witnessed by Tho: Pearson - Joh. Nethersole(?) - William Smart
Source: Kevin Yeats, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.76 f.24a, Probate Jan 1682/3
Nathaniel Collington of Tenterden, Kent, Clerk, will dated 5 Dec 1682
Son Nathaniel Collington, executor
Wife Katherine: - £10
- Feather Bed, 2prs sheets, blankets, bolsters, 1 pillow, bedstool, 3 small stools, 3 (small) chairs, 1 little table, 10 pewter platters
Poor of the Parish of Tenterden: - 40 shillings
Poor of the Parish of Layston, ‘Suffolke’(?): - £5
Son Nathaniel Collington: - All of his property in Thurnham, Kent and residual personal estate.
Witnessed by Robert Wills - Samuell Tillden - John Aldcroft
Source: Kevin Yeats, Prerogative Court of Canterbury PROB 11/920, Probate 29 Jul 1766
Elizabeth Jenkin of Sheerness, late of Ashford, Kent, Spinster, will dated 17 Jun 1766
To be buried in Minster in Sheppy
Mr John JENKIN of Sheerness (the executor): All residual estate, both personal & real
Friend Mary COLLINS, Senior of Sheerness: ‘Garnett Gown’
Miss Sally SWEETLOVE of Ashford: ‘Shew Buckles’
Witnessed by D. PRICE - Richd. COTTON - John HARRIS
Note: Mr John Jenkin was her cousin & 'Clerk in his Majestys Yard at Sheerness' from his will probated 11 Nov 1773.
Source: Kevin Yeats, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC 16/399 – original will, Probate 7 Jan 1734/35
Adam FOWLE of Tenterden, Kent, Gentleman, will dated 10 Apr 1730
Memorandum The Tenth Day of April Anno Domini One thousand seven hundred and thirty
This is the last Will and Testament of Me Adam Fowle of Tenterden in the County of Kent Gent Videlt.
I nominate and appoint my Wife my sole Executrix
And all my Goods Chattels and personal Estate I give and bequeath unto my said Wife and my three Children in four parts equally to be divided
In Witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and seal the day and Year abovesaid Adam Fowle (signed)
Signed sealed published and declared by the said Adam Fowle as and for his last Will and Testament in the presence of Us who subscribed our Names as Witnesses At the request and in the presence of the said Testator
Jno. Scoone - Richard Richards

Janry. 7th 1734, before Mr. Thomas Buttonshaw, Clerk, Surrogate etc Dem~tration (with the above Will annexed) of the Goods etc of the said Adam Fowle deced. Was granted to Samuel Norris principal Creditor of the said Deced. He being then sworn with and truly to perform the said Will etc, for that Mary Fowle the Relict & Executrix etc did by her Proctor then & there duly renounce the Execution of the said Will.
In Presence of me Mark Upton Not. Pub. (Notary Publick)

Source: Kevin yeats, Prerogative Court of Canterbury PROB 11/681, Probate 9 Feb 1736/7
John HOLMAN of Tenterden, Kent, Gentleman, will dated 12 Apr 1734
Son, Reverend John HOLMAN, Sole Executor (duly sworn)
Body to be buried at Northiam on left side of tombstone of his Father & Mother
Poor of Northiam - 40 shillings to be ‘distributed between Four poor Men and Four Poor Women that do not receive any relief from the said Parish of Northiam’.
'Dear Wife' - Furniture from chamber of her choice, except the best chamber, - All household & Furniture ‘that were her Fathers’ - Great Silver Salver - Chaise & Mare that draws it
Daughter Anne - £800
Daughter Frances - £800
Daughter Rebecca - £200 (she having a settlement already made on her)
(all the above legacies to be paid within 10 days of testator’s decease – if not paid by this date, then interest at rate of 4.5% to be paid)
Son John HOLMAN – ¾ share in Farm at Iden, SSX, on trust that he paid testator’s daughter Elizabeth the farm income during her lifetime, - net residual personal estate
Daughter Elizabeth – income from farm at Iden, SSX, as above, - £5 pa. during her lifetime - unspecified supplement if previous amounts insufficient for her maintenance
Daughter ‘COLLINGTON’ – 5 Guineas pa. for her own separate use during joint lifetimes of her & her husband to cease when either die.
Granddaughters Mary & Anne COLLINGTON - £50 apiece paid on death of either of their parents (if only one granddaughter surviving, then £100 to the survivor)
Witnesses: Thomas SAFERY - Robt REED - Wm De St. ANGLE
Note: According to column notes to the court transcript, it appears that the Executor Rev John HOLMAN left the will unadministered – it was finalised 28 June 1826!
Source: Kevin Yeats, Prerogative Court of Canterbury PROB 11/1052, Probate 15 Apr 1779
Rebecca HOLMAN of Tenterden Kent, spinster, will dated 15 Apr 1775
Executrixes: Ann PERROTT, niece, & Anne PAINE, grandniece, daughter of niece Mary TAYLOR
1. Nathaniel PAINE (grandnephew, son of Mary TAYLOR) & Curteis HALE (grandnephew, son of niece Ann PERROTT)
2. Nathaniel PAINE & John MORPHETT (husband of grandniece Mary (nee PAINE))
3. John MORPHETT & his brother George MORPHETT (husband of grandniece Frances (nee JENKIN))
Niece Ann PERROTT, wife of Reverend Mr Andrew PERROTT: £200, equal half-share of residual personal estate
Grandniece Sarah HALE, dau of niece Ann PERROTT by her former husb Rev Mr William HALE, decd: £1,000
Son & Daughter of niece Mary TAYLOR, decd by her 1st husb Mr Adrian PAINE: Nathaniel PAINE - £500, Mary MORPHETT, wife of John MORPHETT - £500
Son & Daughters of niece Mary TAYLOR by her 2nd husb Mr Charles JENKIN: William JENKIN - £400, Frances MORPHETT wife of Mr George MORPHETT - £400, Juliana SAMSON wife of Mr John SAMSON - £400, Ann JENKIN, spinster - £400
(All the above legacies to be paid within 1 yr next after her decease)
Grandnephew Curteis HALE, Gentleman, son of niece Ann PERROTT by her former husb Rev Mr HALE: Farm in Smarden
Ann PAINE 'the other daughter of Adrian PAINE': £500 in trust administered by Nathaniel PAINE & Curteis HALE with income paid to support Ann until her intended marriage to James MUNN, Gentleman, and after the marriage for income to be paid for her 'Sole and Separate use and benefit', 'exclusive of the said James Munn who is not to intermeddle therewith ....'. If Ann outlived James MUNN, then she was to receive the legacy. If Ann predeceased James MUNN, then James to receive legacy in trust for the benefit of the children of the marriage in manner as specified by Ann. If no surviving children, then Ann granted the right to specify disposal of the legacy 'as if she was Sole and unmarried', and equal half-share of residual personal estate
Witnesses: Thos. GILBERT - John LEVETT (or SEVETT) - Jas. CURTIS
Revoked bequest of £400 to William JENKIN & instead left £500 in trust with the income to be used for the support & maintenance of William JENKIN, to be administered by Nathaniel PAINE of East Hoadly, SSX, Surgeon, and John MORPHETT of Tenterden, Gentleman.
New Bequests:
£100 to Mary MORPHETT dau of John MORPHETT
£200 to Ann MUNN dau of niece Ann MUNN held in trust by John MORPHETT & his brother George MORPHETT with the income used for support & maintenance of Ann until she married or attained age of 21, when she was to receive the legacy. If she died under age & unmarrried, same legacy to apply to her brother James MUNN.
Witnesses to Codicil: Sarah PACKHAM - Ben. ELDERFIELD - Jas. CURTEIS.
ADMON: Granted to named Executrixes Ann PERROTT & Ann MUNN, wife of James MUNN.
Source: Kevin Yeats, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC17/76/275, Probate Jan 1685/86
Henry JENKIN of Biddenden, Kent, Gentleman, will dated 27 Sep 1685
Wife Elizabeth, sole executrix, and Guardian of his 3 sons
'... my said wife Elizabeth hath formerly by fine and deed setled on me and my heires forever A messuage or Tenement and ten Acres of land more or lesse at Burz Isle in the parish of Tenterden in the said County of Kent which was given to her by her Father'
[Comment: “Burz Isle” probably meant as Boresile Borough within Tenterden]
'deare and loveing wife Elizabeth': All gold & rings (except one 'two and twenty Shilling peice of Gold and one small gold ring'), 1 small wrought cup, 2 small silver salt and 5 silver spoons, - 1/4 share of residual personal estate (incl net proceeds of sale of moiety of 13 acres of Marshland in Ash next Sandwich), - Proceeds of childrens' bequests until they turned 21, - Life interest in 10 acres at Burz Isle in Tenterden (given by her father) - in lieu of dower rights, - Proceeds of all remaining property until youngest son turned 21, subject to paying specified annuities to sons as below.
Eldest Son John JENKIN: - 1 silver footed cup, 1 silver watch & 4 silver spoons when 21, - Annuity of £14 when 21 & until youngest brother Thomas turned 21, - 1/4 share of residual personal estate when 21
Second Son Henry JENKIN: - 1 large silver salt, 1 piece of old gold, 4 silver spoons when 21, - Annuity of £12 when 21 & until youngest brother Thomas turned 21, - 1/4 share of residual personal estate when 21
Youngest Son Thomas: - 1 silver candle cup, 1 coralli, 1 gold ring which testator used to wear, 6 silver spoons, - 1/4 share of residual personal estate when 21
Elizabeth DRAYNER: Life annuity of £10 (from Biddenden property)
Instructions to Executrix:
Sell moiety (half share) of 13 acres of Marshland in Ash next Sandwich, Kent which testator 'lately purchased to me and my heires of(f) Thomas TERRY and Mary his wife', proceeds to be used to pay debts and funeral expenses. Have 'outdoore stocke Husbandry Tackling and Household goods and other my personall Estate whatsoever which is not herein before bequeathed to be valued and apprized and to sell soe much thereof as shall be sufficient (with the money to be raised by the sale of the said Lands) to pay and discharge all my debts whatsoever'
Witnesses: Thomas ALLAY - Elizabeth ALLAY - James TURNER
Notes: Buried 7 Dec 1685, Biddenden
Source: Kevin Yeats, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC17/56/343, Probate 14 Mar 1609/10?
Margerye JENKIN of Coldred, Kent, widow, will dated 6 Apr 1607
Executor: Son-in-law Thomas LUSHINGTON (husband of daughter Jane)
Poor of the parish of Caple (prob. Capel-le-Ferne 5.4 miles from Coldred): 3s/4d (iij s iiij d)
Daughter Marrian ROLFE: 'beste gowne, beste petticoate & Beste hatt' - £10 within 6 years, - Life annuity of 10/- paid out of lands in 'Hithe, West hithe, and Saltwood'
Granddaughter Abigale LUSHINGTON (dau of dau Jane): beds, bedding, sheets, linnen, woollens, £15 within 8 years
Eldest Son Thomas JENKIN: one piece of gold of 10 shillings 'ymediatlye'
Second son Richard JENKIN: 40 shillings within 1 year
Youngest son Edward JENKIN: one piece of gold of 10 shillings immediately
Daughter Elizabeth SANNDEP: £5 within 4 years
Daughter Margaret PERCYE: 20 shillings within 4 years
Grandson Thomas LUSHINGTON: £10 within 10 years
Grandson Edward LUSHINGTON: £10 within 12 years
All Grandchildren: a Tanibe (?) apiece within 1 year
Son-in-law Thomas LUSHINGTON: Net personal estate
Daughter Jane LUSHINGTON: Real estate in Hithe, West hithe & saltwood for 12 years from testator's death (then to John LUSHINGTON as below)
Grandson John LUSHINGTON eldest son of Jane & Thomas LUSHINGTON: Real estate as above after mother uses for 12 years. If John died before he inherited the lands, then lands equally divided between surviving brothers, and if no surviving brothers, then to his sisters, and if no children surviving, then to Jane LUSHINGTON, daughter of testator.
Witnesses: Richard MOMMERES? (his mark?) - Daniell WOODCOARD? - Edward NASHE
Margarye JENKIN made her mark.
Source: Kevin Yeats, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/289, Probate Dec 1672
Susan JENKIN of Eythorne, Kent, Widow, will dated 21 Jan 1668/69 (Buried: 4 Nov 1672)
Executrixes: Daughters Margaret PHILPOTT, Widow & Sarah HOBDAY
Poor of Eythorne: 25 shillings
Sister Ann AUSTEN, widow: 40 shillings
Grandson John HOBDAY: 10 shillings for writing her will
Daughters Margaret PHILPOTT & Sarah HOBDAY: Residual personal estate equally divided
Susan JENKIN signed with her mark
Witnesses: Thomas SMEEDE? (his mark) - John HOBDAY
Source: Kevin Yeats, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC17/73/259, Probate Jan 1673/74
Thomas JENKIN of Eythorne, Kent, yeoman, will dated 12 Nov 1673
Executors: Brothers John & Henry JENKIN
Overseers: Friends Samuel EAVENS & Thomas RUCK- £5 apiece
Son Thomas JENKIN: £14 pa for maintenance & education until age 12, then £20 pa until age 21 - all real estate at age 21, subject to payment of legacy to his sister Susan - net personal estate at age 21
Daughter Susan JENKIN: £12 pa for maintenance & education until age 12, then £16 pa until age 18 - £550 at age 18 or when marry, unless Thomas not then 21, in which case £33 pa until Thomas turns 21
Sister Mary TERRY: - £20
Poor of Parish of Eythorne: - 20 shillings
Poor Members of the Baptized Congregation meeting in or about Eythorne: - 40 shillings
Witnesses to Will: Henry MARSH - James HENERY
Codicil Dated: 13 Nov 1673
Restated bequest of house & lands to son Thomas when he attained 21, but if Thomas died before this age without issue, then this real estate was bequeathed to testator's 'loveing' brother John JENKIN.
'..unto my two brothers who are my Executors John and Henry the sume of Fifteene pounds a peece if they take upon them the burthen of Executors otherwise not'
Witnesses to Codicil: Henry MARSH - James HENERY.
Source: Kevin Yeats, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.74 f.397, Probate Jan 1679/80
Anthony NOWERS of Pluckley, Kent, Gent., will dated 17 Oct 1679
Sole Executrix: Wife Elizabeth
Eldest Daughter, Mary NOWERS: Property in Orlestone, KEN of 10 acres in occupation of George SEELY, mortgaged to testator for 99 years by John FITCH, Thomas FITCH and Daniell FITCH, - £260 paid within 9 months of testator's decease, with interest at 6% if paid later. Sum was in lieu of previous promised gift upon her marriage
Daughters Elizabeth, Anne & Jane NOWERS - Share of remaining real estate or of 'overplus' should real estate need to be sold by Executrix, in proportions determined by Executrix, or equally if no such direction given by Executrix.
Instructions to Executrix:
If personal estate insufficient to cover expenses and legacy to eldest daughter Mary, then sell either or both following properties: Smarden property of 36 acres in occupation of Nicholas SOUTHERN & Nicholas TAYLOR, purchased from William TURNER & Jacob EURNEX, - Pluckley property of 12 1/2 acres called Henmans and Squatts Hall in testator's own occupation
Witnesses: Mary LAMBIN - Margarett LEONARD (her mark) - Jo: WADE
Memorandum (Codicil): Date: 23 Oct 1679
If Eldest Daughter Mary were to make further claims based on previous promises, then she to be excluded from any benefit under this will.
Witnesses: John NOWERS - Elizabeth BIGG - Margarett LEONARD (her mark)
ACC Judge: Nathaniel COLLINGTON
Source: Kevin Yeats, Prerogative Court of Canterbury (PROB 11/212), Probate 23 May 1650
Alexander OSBORNE the Elder of Cranbrook, Kent, Clothier, will dated 22 Jan 1649/50 (Buried: 13 Mar 1649/50)
Sole Executor: Eldest son Alexander OSBORNE, with proviso that if he did not make probate within 3 months after testator's death, then testator's sons John & Edward appointed in his place, they to receive Alexander's inheritances, and Alexander to receive 5/- only.
Poor of Cranbrook - 'Fowertie shillings'
Loving wife Elizabeth: Household stuff & Linnen she owned at time of marriage, All 'gould' and silver in her possession at time of testator's death, 'the joyned beddsteddle and Trundle beddsteddle in the Parlour Chamber with the Curtains and Vallence Matt and Corde', 2 chairs, 2 stools, 3 pair of 'hempen' sheets during her lifetime then to son Edward
Son John OSBORNE: 1 pair of best sheets, 2 pairs of 'second sorte of sheets', 1 long flaxen table cloth, £240, property of 20 acres in Horsmonden in the occupation of John OSBORNE himself
Son Edward OSBORNE: 1 pair of best sheets, 2 pairs of 'second sorte of sheets', 1 long flaxen table cloth, 1 dozen napkins, £20, Forgiveness of debts to testator, House, 'Workhouse with the Copper hurdle & Tayter and all other the ymplements of Clothinge...', one Barne of 20 acres in Plushingherst quarter in Cranbrook purchased of Robert Sharpie in the occupation of Edward Osborne (himself)
Grandsons John, Alexander & Thomas, sons of son John: £10 apiece (paid when 21, with earnings)
Granddaughter Elizabeth OSBORNE, daughter of son Alexander: £10 (paid when 21 or on marriage)
Eldest Son Alexander OSBORNE: Net residual estate, House & land where testator dwelt (in Cranbrook), Another property in Cranbrook in the occupation of Nathaniell MILLER, Property of 25 acres in Benenden in the occupation of Thomas HODGKIN towards the payment of debts & legacies conditional on Alexander taking on role of Executor, otherwise the Benenden property bequeathed to sons John & Edward
Witnesses: Edmund STEDE - Edward RIPPINGE - William MERCER
Source: Kevin Yeats, Consistory Court of Canterbury PRC 31/121/ S/1 – original will, Probate 1642
John SOLLY of Pedding in Ash next Sandwich Kent, yeoman, will dated 20? May 1642
Executor: Eldest son John SOLLY. Wife Sarah: Testator stated that she had promised to surrender her rights under their jointure (marriage agreement), and bequeathed her £20 “althoughe against her owne desire”
Son Stephen (under 21) - 2 little houses & land in Ash in the occupation of widow KEGGATT & Richard SHERRY, Property of 2 acres in Ash adjoining the property in the occupation of widow KEGGATT, One “huifer” (heifer) given to Stephen by his Aunt TERRY?, £100 at age 21.
Son Richard (under 21) - £100 at age 21.
Daughter Margaret SOLLY (under 20) - £100 at age 20 or day of marriage.
Daughter Mary SOLLY (under 20) - £100 at age 20 or day of marriage.
Eldest Daughter Hester (the wife of Solomon JIFFORD) - 10/- to buy a ring
Eldest Son John - Required to maintain his siblings Stephen, Richard, Margarett & Mary each to the age of 16, then to pay them the benefit from their respective legacies until they were due them, “and that hee shall also therewth very well educate and bring them upp to ordinary learning fitting for them”, - All real estate, except that bequeathed to Stephen, in Ash (or elsewhere), Net personal estate
If John died without issue, then Stephen to inherit this real estate, and if Stephen died without issue, then Richard.
Witnesses: ? SOLLY - Richard SOLLY - James THURLARNE?
Note: Canterbury Marriage Licence entry:
JEFFORD, Solomon of Ash husb. ba abt 23 whose parents are dead, and Hester SOLLEY s.p. v., 20 and upwards, d. of John SOLLEY, s.p., yeom., who consents. At Elmstone Jan 18, 1639/40. (IGI shows marriage took place on 21 Jan 1639/40).
Source: Bryn Town, Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Probate 25 May 1773
George Phillips of Keston Court, Keston, Kent, yeoman, will dated 26 Sep 1771, two codicils
To be interred in the Church Yard of Down ... and do direct my executors to place over my remains a grave stone of black marble ...
property at Brasted Green, Orpington
Robert Gun son of Elizabeth Gun late of Hayes
property in Back Lane, Bromley purchased from John Giles of Bromley, butcher
George Edwards son of my niece Elizabeth Wright
Sarah Phillips, spinster, daughter of my late nephew John Phillips of Down
Faithful servant and housekeeper Mrs Susan King and her sisters Eleanor and Jane King
Jonathan Delver of London, whalebone cutter and his four children, one being named Mary
Mary Edwards daughter of my niece Elizabeth Wright
Cousins Ellis Edwards, Richard Walker, Thomazin Serjeant and Henry Serjeant
Francis, Ann and Phebe Moulton children of my late cousin Ann Moulton heretofore Ann Tandy spinster
Elizabeth wife of John Hoskins, butcher
Friend and neighbour Mr Jeremiah Fuller
Edward Hasleden heretofore of Eltham, collarmaker and my kinswoman his wife Margaret
Niece Sarah wife of Samuel Collins, tanner
charity for a school for the poor at Down
donations to the poor of Down, Keston and Hayes
Cousin Thomas Phillips, son of my late nephew John Phillips, deceased - residue of estate, executor
Friend William Hillier of Hayes, malster, executor
Friends Mr Thomas Skeggs of Norsted, Mr John Martin of Bromley, Mr Thomas Martin of West Wickham and Mr John Whiffen of Blackness
Witnessed by Nicholas Alexander, Enoch Holding, W. Browne
Codicil dated 26 Aug 1772
property at Pratsland House, Chelsfield purchased from John Busbey
Witnessed by John Busbey, Enoch Holding, Wm Brown
Codicil dated 17 May 1773
property at Down lately purchased from John Wells Esq.
Witnessed by Wm Child, Jno Whiffen, Enoch Holding
Probate granted to Thomas Phillips, power reserved for William Hillier.
Source: Veronica Nops, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.87 f.22, Probate 22 Jun 1728
Margaret Rose of Littlebourne, Kent, widow, will dated 9 Feb 1722/3
I MARGARET ROSE in the Parish of Littlebourne in the County of Kent, widow give to my daughter ANN wife of JOHN COOPER all my wearing apparrell, linnen and woollen.
To my grandaughter MARGARET COOPER one trunk.
To my son AMBROSE ROSE all my household linnen, a large chest of linnen and the chest also with all manner of linnen. I also give him three gold rings and spoons (six).
I give unto my three children WILLIAM ROSE, JOHN ROSE and ANN wife of JOHN COOPER to each of them two large silver spoons.
Residue of my goods whatsoever to be equally divided between my said four children and I do make my two loving sons JOHN ROSE and AMBROSE ROSE my Executors.
[From the book "Fragmenta Genealogica'' by Frederick A. Crisp.]
Source: Veronica Nops, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.83 f.17, Probate 9 Jan 1716/7
William Rose of Littlebourne, Kent, yeoman, will dated 1 Jun 1716
I WILLIAM ROSE of the Parish of Littlebourne in the County of Kent, yeoman give unto my loving wife MARGARET ROSE all those my three houses which I now enjoy with the lands thereto belonging for her life and after her decease I give the said house lying in Littlebourne with the malthouse thereto belonging to my son WILLIAM ROSE and his heirs forever.
I give that my other house in Littlebourne which I am now rebuilding to my son RICHARD ROSE after the decease of my loving wife, freely for him to enjoy those two dwellings adjoining and his heirs forever. I give that my other house and land situate in Chislet County Kent to my son JOHN ROSE after my wife's decease forever.
And if my wife do marry again my will is that she shall not enjoy any of those houses and lands longer than her single life except the house at Chislet.
I also give to my loving wife and to my sons WILLIAM, RICHARD AND JOHN ROSE one hundred pounds a piece to each of them.
To my son-in-law JOHN COOPER fifteen pounds.
To my grand daughter MARY COOPER fifty pounds at the age of twenty one years or upon her marriage.
The remainder to the mother of this my grand daughter being my only daughter.
All these legacies to be paid out of a certain mortgage right and due to me upon a certain farm called Waltham Hall in the Parish of Westbere County Kent.
I give fifty pounds to my son AMBROSE ROSE and I do ordain him my sole executor.
My daughter ANNE wife of JOHN COOPER.
I give my said son AMBROSE ROSE the farm in which I now dwell with all the stock etc.
The residue of my goods, money etc to be divided between my said wife and five children.
I do make my choice of these my very good friends Mr. JERVASE ROSE of the Parish of Moncton isle of Thanet and Mr. JOHN DENNE of the Parish of Littlebourne to help and instruct my executor.
[From the book "Fragmenta Genealogica'' by Frederick A. Crisp.]
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.86 f.10d, Probate 12 Oct 1722
Richard Barnard of Otham, yeoman, will dated 15 Dec 1715
wife Elizabeth
daughter Rachel wife of Stephen Hunt
daughter Mary wife of Thomas Powell
Stephen Hunt and Thomas Powell
grandson Richard Hunt
granddaughters Catherine and Anne Powell
son Richard, executor
Witnessed by Elizabeth Feppet? and Hen. Dixon.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.86 f.22f, Probate 1 Sep 1726
Thomas Bayly of Sittingbourne, fishmonger, will dated 9 Aug 1718
brother Henry, whitesmith
wife Elizabeth, executrix
witnessed by Robert Graham, James Bates and Tho: Simpson.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.86 f.4b, Probate 5 May 1721
William Blaxland of Elham, cordwainer, will dated 5 Apr 7th Geo (1721)
wife Jane
brother in law Mr. Thomas May, executor
witnessed by Mary Rofe and James Spillett.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.86 f.11e, Probate 10 Aug 1722
Mercy Chapman of Sittingbourne, widow, will dated 25 Nov 1717
brother John Hinds of Town Sutton, husbandman
niece Elizabeth Lushington daughter of John Lushington of Rainham
John Tonge son of James and Mary Tonge of Sittingbourne
Stephen Hinds son of John Hinds of Millsted, husbandman
Sarah wife of John Lushington of Rainham
Mary wife of James Tonge of Sittingbourne
Katherine wife of Thomas Viney of Doddington, fellmonger, executor
witnessed by Eliz. Simpson, Anne Simmonds (x) and Thomas Simpson.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.86 f.13c, Probate 27 Apr 1722
Elizabeth Fryer of Stockbury, widow of Thomas, will dated 25 Sep 1721
sons Robert Gasken, John Gasken
son Richard Gasken of Hartlip, yeoman, executor
granddaughter Rebeckah Tilden
grandchildren Elizabeth Mary Frances and William Tilden
daughter Mary Tilden
witnessed by John Vigi..? - Ed'd Kerby - Hammond Hadlow.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.86 f.13f, Probate 27 Apr 1722
Thomas Fryer of Stockbury, yeoman, will dated 15 Aug 1721
Mary wife of Thomas Cooper of Boxley
Anne wife of John Reeve of Rainham
wife Elizabeth, executrix
witnessed by John Viguis? - Richard Gasken - Ed Kerby.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.86 f.7c, Probate 22 May 1721
Elizabeth May of Sittingbourne, spinster, will dated 12 Apr 1721
mother Mrs Mary May, widow, executrix
property Billiam House, Kingsnorth & Mersham occupied by Cornelius Spratt
sister Mary wife of Cornelius Spratt
brother John
property in Sevington occupied by ___ Miller
Witnessed by Susanna Taylor - Wm. Allen - Step. Baker.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.86 f.42b, Probate 25 Apr 1727
John May of Sutton Valence, yeoman, will dated 27 Jun 1726
wife Mary, land in East Mallon for life, executrix
Sarah Elizabeth and Mary daughters of late brother Thomas May
Mary daughter of Jordan Gilbert
Mary daughter of John Gilbert
witnessed by Tho. Stringer - Eliz. Stringer.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.86 f.18b, Probate 27 Apr 1722
William May of Stockbury, husbandman, will dated 13 Jan 1721
Thomas Turner, Susan Allen of Chatham
Mary and Henry Thompson
William Hills
sister Frances Brook
Richard Allen of Stockbury, husbandman, executor
witnessed by Ja: Chapman - Tho: Tongon.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.86 f.28c, Probate 21 May 1726
Elizabeth Merrit of Sittingbourne, widow, will dated 27 Dec 1720
daughters Mary and Elizabeth Merrit, executrices
Peter Artler, executor
son William
kin Mary Stiles, Elizabeth Stiles and Leese Stiles
witnessed by Elizabeth King - Stephen Baker.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.86 f.8a, Probate 20 Jul 1721
John Newland of Sittingbourne, gent., will dated 7 Nov 1719
to be buried at Bapchild near ny grandfather and father
son William, executor
son in law Mr. Thomas Joachim
witnessed by Finch Hooper - Sarah Hodsoll - William Allen.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.86 f.20c, Probate 1 Nov 1722
Mary Reynolds of Cranbrook, widow, will dated 15 Jun 1715
property 2 acres at Wendfield, Sussex
son in law Robert Merchant, executor
cousin John Friend of Wendfield, carpenter, executor
witnessed by Tho: Potter - Sarah Bennett - Jo's Willard.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.86 f.49c, Probate 25 Apr 1727
Thomas Sytch of Sittingbourne, labourer, will dated 12 Sep 1726
sisters Elizabeth and Joan Sytch
brother Richard
brother James of Ospringe, labourer, executor
Mary Hall of Rodmersham
witnessed by Ra: Hawker - Gib: Hawker.
Source: Veronica Nops, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.68 f.10b, Probate 1631
The Last Will and Testament nuncaptive of HERBERT BOYS late of the Parish of Great Hardress deceased, by him made and declared in the time of his sickness whereof he died he being then of good and perfect memory with an intent and purpose to make his will and to dispose of his estate in these words following or the like.
In effect and substance which he gave all his goods and chattels whatsoever to Meary his wife to the end shee might bring up his children till they should be able to get their livings and he made his said wife Executrix of his said will in the presence of
William Stacey Parson there and Elnor Peirson.
Source: Everett Leeds, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC3/8/f16
John Leedis junior of Wickhambreaux, died intestate
mentions his widow Benedicta who is to have 20 marks houseroom and hearthroom.
Also Richard Martin of Ikham claims 16s from the estate.
William Webbe of Ikham takes oath in the name of John Leeds senior of Ickham, together with Henry Dale to administer the goods and debts.
William Webbe & Henry Dale bound in the sum of £20.
Outgoings of the estate £23 18s 0d.
Source: Everett Leeds, Court of Rochester DR6/PW30, Probate 8 November 1639
John Leedes of Rochester, will dated 21 Oct 1639
Memorandum the 21 of October in the year of our Lord God 1639 John Leedes of the parish of Saint Margarets next the City of Rochester in the county of Kent, carpenter, being demanded when he did lie sick of the sickness where he died, being then of perfect mind and memory how he would dispose of that he had made answered that
he would give unto Sairye his daughter xiid
and to Alice his daughter 40s
and appointed the rest of his goods should be equally divided between his wife and his youngest daughter Martha for that he was assured his wife would be loving unto her and careful of her and therefore made her his executrix
and further said he thought there was some 32d owing for his work which he willed his wife should take
the which words were to the effect delivered by him the said testament the day above written in the presence of us.
The mark of Ann Woode
Source: Everett Leeds, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/207 & PRC17/69/289a, Probate 1634
The last will & testament nuncupative of Robert Leedes late of the parish of Warehorn in the county of Kent, husbandman, deceased, by him uttered & declared with an intent & purpose to make his will & dispose of his estate being perfect in mind & memory & sick in body on Sunday the 20th day of July Anno dom 1634 in the presence of those whose names hereunto published said as followeth or words to the same effect viz.
I give all that ever I have unto Mary Tull ( for she shall be my wife if I live) to pay all my debts to see me well buried & to satisfy herself the trouble she hath been at with me in my sickness.
In the presence of The mark of Alexander Waller The mark of John Hall
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.90 f.29f, Probate 14 Jul 1737
Ann Owre of Ashford, widow, will dated 19 May 1733
son Boys Owre
daughter Elizabeth Seall/Sole, executrix
daughter Ann Lawrence, executrix and her children
sister Margaret Turner 20s
granddaughters Elizabeth Slaughter, Hester and Sarah Wraight
granddaughter's son Abraham Slaughter
daughter Ann? Owre widow of John Owre and her daughter
grandson Richard Owre son of John Owre
Elizabeth Lawrence daughter of John Lawrence
Witnesses: John Woodland, John Patteson
Codicil dated 7 Dec 1734
granddaughter Sarah Robersons widow son Richard.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.90 f.52b, Probate 1738
Thomas Walter of Marden, clothier, will dated 16 Aug 1738
wife Sarah, executrix
witnesses: Eliz. Walter, Edward Walter, L Walter.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.90 f.40f, Probate 5 Oct 1738
Susanna Cooper of Sutton Valence, spinster, will dated 3 Aug 1738
John Peckham of Chart next Sutton Valence, house carpenter, executor
nephew Joshua Cooper
brother Richard Cooper's children
kinswoman Mary James
cousins Jamima Cooper, Anna Cooper & Anna Cooper of Boxley
niece Susanna Cooper of Ulcombe
Susannah Stanly
Witnesses: George Daw/Dan? - Thomas Martain - Robert Dixon.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.90 f.21i, Probate 12 Jul 1737
William Chandler of Sittingbourne, victualler, will dated 6 Jul 1737
sons William and Mathew
daughter Sarah wife of Thomas Upton of Penshurst, hollow ware turner
Thomas Upton, executor
Witnesses: John Tonge, Thomas Friday, Gib. Hawker.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.90 f.21h, Probate 30 Dec 1737 to Richard Holman
Anne Chapman/Clapham? of Sittingbourne, widow, nuncupative will dated 20 dec 1737
Richard Holman
Witnesses: William Loftie, John West.
Source: Mike Cozens, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC17/82/375, Probate 6th December 1715
Sarah Henly (nee Munn & Harrison) of Appledore, Widow, will dated 5th March 1714
Late husband: Thomas Henly, father of:
Sons: William, John, Abraham and Andrew Henly
Dau: Elizabeth Henly, Mary wife of Robert Taylor of Orlestone
Executor: Son Thomas Henly
Witnesses: George Munk, John Munk and Colep Cruttall
Note, Sarah Hendley married William Munn 21/1/1706, he was buried 1/11/1711
Source: Mike Cozens, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC17/82/429, Probate 1st March 1715
Nicholas Dillnott of Ripple, Late of Canterbury, Cordwainer, will dated 19th March 1711
Daughter: Katherine, wife of William Stringer of Ripple Yeoman, sole beneficiary and executor
– Property and land in the occupation of Joseph Wells, all lands at Ash and Sandwich
Upon her decease property to pass to grandson Dilnott Stringer, if no heirs to grandson Stephen Stringer, if no heirs to other children of Katherine Stringer
Witnesses: Humphrey Emley, Robert Dun and John Taylor
Source: Mike Cozens, Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC17/71/89, Probate 8th September 1661
William Elgar of Newington next Hythe, will dated 18th January 1660
Wife: Ann – Land in Elham
Sons: John, William, Henry and Thomas Elgar
Dau: Mary, Ellen and Anne Elgar
Executor: Brother George Elgar
Witnesses: John Dun and John Hogben
Source: Mike Cozens, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC17/68/99, Probate 6th September 1631
Richard Fougle of Tenterden, will dated 1631
Son: Richard executor
Dau: Alice, Ann, (and deceased Hester and Margaret) left money by John Robins to be divided between the five children
Neighbours: John Scutt and Richard Golfy
Witnesses: Daniel Pickard?, Joseph Standley? and William Ninder?
Source: Mike Cozens, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC17/67/425, Probate 1st February 1630
Edward Gates of Bilsington, Yeoman, will dated 20th January 1630
Wife: Joan sole executor
Sons: Edward, John and Peter Gates
Dau: Jane, Mary and Elizabeth wife of Richard Hall
Granddaughter: Jane dau of Elizabeth Gates
Overseers: William Gates, William Cocks and Christopher Hall
Witnesses: William and Richard Cocks
Source: Mike Cozens, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC17/72/164, Probate 5th July 1665
Thomas Munke of Smarden, will dated 12th January 1658
Sons: Thomas executor and William, All lands goods and chattels to be divided between them
Witnesses: Thomas Pell, Robert Adman and Martha Adman
Source: Mike Cozens, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC17/83/16, Probate 3rd November 1716
John Green of Monks Horton, Yeoman, will dated 8th February 1702
Wife; Margery/ Margaret
Son: George Green sole executor
Dau: Mary wife of Richard Lissenden
Dau: Catherine wife of John Joad
Dau: Elizabeth wife of David Smith
Dau: Anne wife of Stephen Broadley
Dau: Sarah wife of Stephen Philpott
Witnesses: Richard Ruck and John Simmonds
Source: Mike Cozens, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC17/73/397, Probate 21st September 1675
John Green of Brabourne, Yeoman, will dated 20th March 1673
Wife; Mary
Son: William Green – land at Forstall field Brabourne 2 acres
Sons: Thomas and Edward Green
Richard and Laurence Green joint executors
Dau: Sarah Green
Overseers: Henry Impett and William Poole
Witnesses: William Poole, Robert Butcher and John Wade
Source: Mike Cozens, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC17/73/403, Probate 14th April 1675
Samuel Newman of Hawkhurst, Husbandman, will dated 20th March 1674
Granddaughter: Mary Avard – household goods at 21
Daughter Sarah Avard – use of household goods and share with Daughter Dorothy Sloman the rent of lands in Hawkhurst and Horsmonden
Grandchildren Samuel, Robert and Thomas Avard, John and Thomas Sloman
Executor: Thankfull Tharpe
Witnesses: Thomas Vall, Bryan Ley and John Foord
Source: Mike Cozens, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC17/88/6, Probate 13th January 1730
George Clarke of Sellindge, Yeoman, will dated 17th October 1729
Son George - £100 bond he owes me to be divided between his children at 21 years
Elizabeth, Thomas, Mary, Jane & Rose
Daughter Mary Clarke spinster - 12.5 acres of land in Aldington during her life, passing to Grandson George on her Death
Witnesses:- Thomas Hills Lukreeciar? Hills and William Everitt
Executors Son Thomas and Daughter Elizabeth
Source: Mike Cozens, Consistory Court of Canterbury PRC32/41/172, Probate 30 October 1618
Abraham Upton of St Margaret's at Cliffe, will dated 27 July 1610
Wife Barbara Household goods cattle, annuity and accommodation
Child of Brother John 6s
Son John Executor, residue of estate and house and lands in St Margaret's at Cliffe
Son Valentine - House and lands at Westcliffe
Daughter Christian - Small tenement and lands in Buckland
Children of Daughter Ann? Wife of Stephen Richards 10s each
Daughters Alice? Mary, Christian 100 marks at 23
Thomas Tanner vicar of St Margaret's at Cliffe
Overseers John Jull & John Clement
Sisters Mary wife of John Clement, Susan wife of John Jull
Witnesses Abraham? James Jenkin Stephen Richards
Abraham buried 11 Sept 1610
Dau Christion buried 5 Jan 1615/16
Barbara Wid of Abraham buried 30 Oct 1618
Source: Mike Cozens, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/138 H/8, Probate 1611
George Hambroke of Hougham, Yeoman, will dated 25th October 1606
Wife Elizabeth? - Use of part of the house and an Annuity of 4 Nobles/year during her widowhood, any problems and she gets the whole of the house during her widowhood.
Sons William & George
Son in Law - Richard Burden? Executor
Witnesses:- Thomas Turner, Roger Gillet, Richard Kinge
Source: Mike Cozens, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/241 T/2, Probate 1643
Hue Tilby of Lenham, Weaver, will dated 10th October 1642
Wife Elizabeth Executrix
Sons Thomas, George, Libius, Robert, John
Daughter Judith
Witnesses:- John Tucker, George Katcom
Source: Mike Cozens, Consistory Court of Canterbury PRC32/48/91, Probate May 1630
Henry Knock of Egerton Yeoman, will dated 12 Jun 1628
Mildred wife
Henry son of my son George (left property)
Elizabeth wife of Thomas Cheeseman
Jane wife of Henry Chapman
Susan wife of John Cheeseman
Mary Knock
Son William deceased & wife Sarah children John & Elizabeth
Executor Thomas Cheeseman
Witnesses Richard Coker, Edward Lamb sen Edward Lamb Jun
Source: Mike Cozens, Consistory Court of Canterbury PRC32/51/194b, Probate 14 Mar 1634
William Munke of Sandhurst Yeoman, will dated 12 Nov 1629
Wife Joan
Children Martha Grant, Alice Thomas John
Thomas Executor
Witnesses Thomas Mare William Silard
Source: Mike Cozens, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC17/92/017f, Probate 3 Jul 1746
Thomas Avard of Smarden Thatcher, will dated 17 Aug 1744
Wife Margaret Executrix
Son John
Witnesses Thomas Hogben Mary Moreland
Source: Mike Cozens, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC17/93/10c, Probate 4 Mar 1746/7
John Rye of Canterbury Corn Chandler, will dated 15 Nov 1746
Wife Catherine (part rents of Property in occupation of William Watcher)
Sons Abraham & Thomas
Dau Ann wife of John Horne
John Pontfret & Thomas Brown
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/227 H/1, Probate 1640
John Honye of Boughton Monchelsea, will dated 1 Aug 1638
Lands and tenements in Marden, Boughton Monchelsey and Langley
wife Judith, executrix
William Hills
brother Thomas, overseer
sons John and William, minors
daughters Judith and Mildred
Witnessed by Simon Chambers, Robard Pearfed, Thomas Hony.

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