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Extracts from Kent Wills

Source: CKS Filmer Family Manuscripts U.120 T.200/26
Sir BEVERSHAM FILMER, 5th Baronet, of East Sutton died on 29th December 1805, without issue.
To be buried next to my wife in East Sutton churchyard
To relations of my deceased wife £4500
Three children of my deceased sister, Dame Dorothy HONEYWOOD (videlicet) Filmer HONEYWOOD, John HONEYWOOD and Mary EMMETT, widow, £500 each
Seven surviving children of my brother the Rev. Edmund FILMER, namely John, William, Edmund, Robert, FRANCIS, Dame Mary MUSGRAVE, Ann, £500 each
To niece Ann FILMER, £2000
To nephews William, Edmund, Robert and Francis FILMER, and John HONEYWOOD, £1000 each
To Dame Dorothy FILMER, relict of my late brother, Sir John FILMER, £500
To Doctor DISNEY £100, and to his wife, my cousin, Ann DISNEY and her sister Ann SMYTH, £200 each.
To my nephew Rev. John FILMER, £300
Residue to my only two surviving brothers, Edmund and Francis FILMER
Brother Francis and nephew John FILMER, executors.
Source: Prerogative Court of Canterbury 444 Crickett, Probate 17 Oct 1811
THOMAS FILMER of Higham, Yeoman, Will made in Lenham and dated 8 Apr 1811
All my estate to my wife Ann and Richard EVEREST, upon trust for my children, Ann, William and Thomas TIESDALE, until they shall attain the ages of 21.
If they do not retain my farms and business, the executors are to pay ANN, my wife, £80 a year.
Wife Ann and friends Richard EVEREST and William NOAKES, to be executors.
Proved by Ann, relict, and Richard EVEREST, executors.
Source: Prerogative Court of Canterbury 1840 (Arden) folio 637 Probate 16 Sep 1840
WILLIAM FILMER, of Blue Town, Sheerness, and of Minster, Isle of Sheppey.
Dated 23 Feb 1840
ll my goods, chattels, messuages, etc., and £600, upon trust for my wife SUSANNA, during her life, then to my present and or future born children.
Residue to wife SUSANNA.
Proved by SUSANNA, relict.
Double probate granted to FREDERICK BARNARD on 17 Jan 1876. Will of his widow SUSANNAH FILMER, 1875.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.110 folio 627 Probate 21 Feb 1842
WILLIAM FILMER, of Dover Lane, parish of St. George.... Canterbury, Cowkeeper
Dated 1 Dec 1838.
All my goods and chattels to my wife CELIA FILMER, and to be executrix.
Proved by CELIA FILMER, widow.
Source: Prerogative Court of Canterbury 386 Probate 15 May 1845
MARY FILMER, formerly of Rochester, now of Newnham, spinster, dated 10 Jul 1844
My estate to brother JOHN FILMER of Newnham, and nephew WILLIAM HENRY FILMER, of Newnham, miller, on trust, for the following legacies:
To my nephews WILLIAM HENRY FILMER, THOMAS FILMER, WILLIAM FILMER, BENJAMIN FILMER, the 4 sons of my said brother JOHN, £10 each.
To nieces AMELIA HARNDEN and ANN ELIZABETH HEADINGTON, daughters of my brother THOMAS., decd. £10 each.
To niece MARY ANN GOODBUG, wife of JOHN GOODBUG of Lenham, bootmaker, £10, and to my nephew WILLIAM STREATFIELD son of my sister, FRANCES STREATFIELD, £10, to sister ANN GRAHAM, widow £5.
All my clothes to sisters SARAH CHAPMAN, wife of HENRY CHAPMAN, ANN GRAHAM, widow, ANN the wife of brother WILLIAM FILMER, and ELIZABETH wife of brother JOHN FILMER.
To brother WILLIAM FILMER of Newnham, £5.
To nephew THOMAS FILMER of Newnham, a silver table spoon.
To nephew WILLIAM STREATFIELD, tenement in New Road, Chatham on trust for my brother and sister HENRY and SARAH CHAPMAN to dwell in, then to WILLIAM STREATFIELD.
Brother JOHN FILMER, nephew WILLIAM HENRY F1LMER, both of Newnham, executors. Residue to executors
Codicil dated 18 July 1844.
To niece NENAH HOLLANDS, wife of ... HOLLANDS, of Lenham, £5.
Witnessed by THOMAS FILMER of Newnham, farmer, BENJAMIN FILMER, miller of Preston, Kent.
Proved by WILLIAM HENRY FILMER, nephew and executor. Power reserved for like grant to JOHN, brother.
Source: Prerogative Court of Canterbury 571 Probate 8 Jul 1847
ROBERT FILMER, of Boxley, Kent. Gent., will dated 21 Apr 1840
Wife ANN and sons ROBERT and THOMAS, to be executors.
To wife ANN, £32 a year for life, then £16 a year to my daughter MARY, wife of JAMES LAMB, for life, and then to her daughter, my granddaughter) MARY ANN LAMB.
Residue to my two sons, ROBERT and THOMAS.
Proved by sons ROBERT and THOMAS. Power reserved for a like grant to ANN, widow and relict.
Source: Prerogative Court of Canterbury 449 Probate 9 Jun 1854
THOMAS TIESDELL FILMER, of Boxley, Kent, Gent., will dated 15 May 1851
To wife ISABELLA, all household effects and £50.
Real estate to wife ISABELLA, friend JOHN ROPER of Hollingbourne, gent, upon trust, during her minority, for my daughter and only child ANNE, until she is 21, then to be hers absolutely. Upon her decease if she has no children, to my brother WILLIAM FILMER, late of Grove Road, Mile End, Middx, collecting clerk, but now of Dover, victualler, then on trust for niece ANN MISKIN, daughter of my late sister ANNE, the late wife of JOHN MISKIN.
Wife ISABELLA, friends JOHN ROPER and SAMUEL HODGES, executors.
Proved by JOHN ROPER and SAMUEL STEPHEN HODGES. Power for like grant reserved for ISABELLA, widow and relict.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury v.113 folio 120 Probate 5 Mar 1855
EDWARD FILMER, of Frinstead, Yeoman, Farmer and Grazier, will dated 1 Jan 1840
I appoint my wife ELIZABETH and two sons THOMAS and EDWARD, executors
To wife ELIZABETH, wines and provisions in my dwelling house.
Residue on trust for wife ELIZABETH and then to my four children, MARY, wife of HENRY USHER of Cobham, THOMAS, HENRIETTA wife of ROBERT SEARS of Stockbury, and EDWARD, equally.
Witnesses: E. ASHENDEN of Sittingbourne, merchant, RICHARD BATHURST of Faversham, solicitor
Proved by THOMAS and EDWARD, sons, and ELIZABETH, widow
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.79 folio 353 Probate 15 Apr 1700
THOMAS FILMER, of Lenham, Yeoman, will dated 16 Jun 1688
To MARY, my wife, messuage and tenement at Bedmonton Street in Wormshill for life, and after her decease to the use of PRESCILLA, my only daughter, now the wife of NICHOLAS KNIGHT, of Harrietsham, yeoman, and her heirs for ever.
To MARY my wife, goods etc., at Ashdown Farm, Lenham.
To THOMAS FILMER, my only son, 5/-.
To PRESCILLA, my daughter, 5/-.
To kinsman, JOHN STRAINE of Wormshill, yeoman, 10/-, whom I make executor.
Proved by PRESCILLA KNIGHT, daughter. He was buried at Wormshill.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury A 79/482, Act 41 171 Probate Aug 1701
ELIZABETH FILMER, of Ulcombe, spinster, will dated 7 Feb 1700
ELIZABETH, the daughter of WILLIAM FILMER (d. 1630) and MARY, died in 1701 at Ulcombe.
To kinswoman, ELIZABETH WOOD, widow of JOHN WOOD, and to FRANCES FILMER, my wearing apparel etc.
To kinswoman, JOANE FILMER, of Doddington, daughter of WILLIAM FILMER, 1/-.
I give unto the children of RICHARD PHILCOX, which he had by my kinswoman, MARTHA PHILCOX, deceased, nowe at Battel, Sussex, to each 20/-
To my kinswoman, FRANCES FILMER aforesaid, £4 and meadowland in Hollingbourne and her issue, and in default of issue to the said ELIZABETH WOOD
To the said FRANCES 40/- p.a. out of my lands, etc. in Ulcombe.
To the said ELIZABETH WOOD, all my messuages, lands etc. in Ulcombe forlife for her maintenance and that of her son and daughters until 21 and after her decease to her three children.
Residue to the said ELIZABETH WOOD. She and her son PETER WOOD to be executors. Witnesses: RICHARD HORNSLY, HENRY HOLMSLY (sic), JOHN HUNT.
The will was proved by ELIZABETH WOOD.
Source: Probate 1702
ANTHONY CLINKARD of Sutton, Kent, will dated 18 Jan 1696
to be buryed at the discretion of Capt. JOHN BIRTLEY of Attleborough ?, Norfolk . wearing apparel linen and woollen to Capt BIRTLEY to defray cost of burial
to loving friend CHARLES MIDLETON 10 pounds
to loving brother EDWARD FFILMORE all rest and residue of my personal estate. CHARLES MIDLETON and EDWARD FFILMORE executors.
Source: CKS Filmer Family Manuscripts. U.120. T.200/18 Probate 1720
SIR ROBERT FILMER, of East Sutton, will dated 16 Aug 1703
To be buried at East Sutton.
To my oldest son EDWARD, all my estate interests, etc.,
To Dame ELIZABETH, my wife, ...
To my sister in law, ARCHIBELLA FILMER, widow of my brother EDWARD, Doctor of Civil Law, lately deceased. £25 annually.
To Dame ELIZABETH my wife, and EDWARD my son, £200 upon trust for the advancement of the children of my said dear brother, deceased, as follows, £50 for my nephew EDWARD, £40 for my nephew THOMAS, £30 for my nephew CHARLES, £30 for my niece MARGARET, £30 for my niece ELIZABETH and £20 for my niece ANN.
To the poor of East Sutton, £5.
To Dame ELIZABETH and EDWARD, my son, all plate, jewels, etc., and to be joint executors
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.85 folio 34 Probate 22 Jul 1720
THOMAS FILMER, of Harrietsham, will dated 29 May 1720
I hereby make and appoint my dear wife ELIZABTH my sole and only executrix.
To said ELIZABETH, all goods and chattels to assist her in maintenance of herself and my two children, THOMAS and EDWARD (the latter under age 21 at date of the will). If my wife the said ELIZABETH should remarry, I hereby will and declare that upon the day of her marriage £10 apiece, i.e. £20, for my two sons THOMAS and EDWARD be paid into the hands of my brother in law, GEORGE WALKER - when they come to age of 21.
Witnesses: DANIEL PRATT, FRANCIS KENT, ELIZABETH WOOD. Proved by ELIZABETH FILMER, widow THOMAS, the son of THOMAS and MARY FILMER, died in 1720 and was buried at Harrietsham on June 6th. He had one son, THOMAS, by his first wife, and one, EDWARD, by his second.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.85 folio 38 Probate Mar 1721/2
ANN FILMER of Newnham, will dated 23 Feb 1721/2
On or about 23rd February, 1721/22, ANN FILMER, of Newnham, widow, being ill, did declare as follows
To her son REGINALD, all her personal estate.
Note. ANN, the widow of THOMAS FILMER (who died in October, 1721), was buried on the lst March, 1721/2 at Doddington.
Source: Prerogative Court of Canterbury Bolton 83 Probate 2 Apr 1724
EDWARD FILMER, Lieutenant of Foot, will dated 9 Oct 1721
Will of EDWARD FILMER, Lieutenant in one of His Majesty, King George's Regiments of Foot, Commanded by Brigadier General THOMAS STANWIX, and now residing in parish of St. Roman, Exon, in Devon.
To be buried at the discretion of the then Commanding Officer, or if within 40 miles of East Sutton, in the chancel of the church, at East Sutton, in the same grave where my dear father lies.
First my executrix is to perform the will of my Aunt AMY RUMNEY, lately deceased, to be found in my trunk now in possession of my cousin ANN SMYTH, the only daughter to my Uncle JOHN SMYTH, of Chart Sutton, next Sutton Valence, Kent, Clerk.
To mother, ARCHIBELLA FILMER, widow, of Langley, near Maidstone, £5 a year.
To sister MARGARET FILMER, 20/- for a ring.
To sister ELIZABETH FILMER, 20/- for a ring.
To sister ANN FILMER, 20/- for a ring.
To brother, THOMAS FILMER, 20/- for a ring.
Lands and tenements, about 75 acres, called Little Dunton and Great Dunton. Tenement and 3 pieces or parcels of land, about 3 acres, in parish of Orford, Kent, to my cousin ANN SMYTH.
Cousin JOHN SMYTH to be full and sole trustee.
Residue to cousin ANN SMYTH, only daughter of my uncle JOHN SMYTH of Chart Sutton, whom I make sole executrix.
Proved by ANN SMYTH
The will of EDWARD FILMER, eldest son of Dr. EDWARD FILMER and ARCHIBELLA
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.89 folio 385 Probate 8 Feb 1732
ANN FILMER, of Milton next Sittingbourne, Widow, will dated 28 Jan 1732
I, ANN FILMER, widow, of Milton next Sittingbourne, give unto KATHERINE LUCKHURST now living in the house with me all goods ...
I give and bequeath to ANN, wife of HENRY GRATE of Milton, fisherman and to her daughters equally ....
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.91 folio 35 Probate 9 Jun 1740
ELIZABETH FILMER, of Rodmersham. widow, will dated 16 Apr 1740
This is the last will and testament of me ELIZABETH FILMER of Rodmersham, widow. I give and bequeath to my son HENRY FILMER of Hartlip, husbandman, all my messuages and tenements at Rodmersham Green ... the said HENRY FILMER do permit and suffer my son in law JOHN REEVE and ELIZABETH his wife, my only daughter, to dwell therin. On her death to my grandson THOMAS FILMER and grandaughter PLEASANT REEVE. I do revoke all former wills. This 16th Ap. In the 14th year of our Sovereign Lord George II.
Source: CKS Filmer Family Manuscripts. U.120. T.200/20, probate 20 Nov 1741
ELIZABETH FILMER, of Sutton Valence, Kent, spinster, will dated 9 Apr 1740
ELIZABETH FILMER was the daughter of Sir ROBERT FILMER, 2nd Baronet
To my sisters DOROTHY and FRANCES FILMER, all my money, household furniture, pearl necklace and rings.
To my cousin ANN FILMER, two guineas and some clothes
To my two sisters DOROTHY and FRANCES the house at Sutton Valence, leasehold estate in the Isle of Oxney and our estate at Sittingbourne.
After their deaths, the land etc. to go to my two brothers Sir EDWARD and BEVERSHAM FILMER, and their heirs paying to my brother SAMUEL FILMER's two sons, SAMUEL and ROBERT FILMER, £400 equally divided.
Codicil dated 24 Apr 1741: Wishes to be buried in East Sutton Churchyard near ALICE MOLY
Codicil dated 29 Sep 1741: What is left to my brother Sir EDWARD FILMER to be equally divided amongst all his children.
On the 22 November 1741. On which day personally The Reverend CULPEPER SAVAGE of Maidstone, clerk, and ROBERT FILMER of St. Andrew, Holbourn, Middlesex, Stationer, deposed they were acquainted with Mistress ELIZABETH FILMER, deceased, late of Sutton Valence, spinster, and that the will and codicils were hers.
Source: Prerogative Court of Canterbury 323 Trenley, probate 22 Nov 1742
DOROTHY FILMER, of Sutton Valence, spinster, will dated 29 Apr 1740
Dorothy FILMER was the daughter of Sir ROBERT FILMER, 2nd Baronet. She died shortly after her sister ELIZABETH and the disbursements at her funeral and last illness are held at the Kent Archives Office (U120 F12. 1741). Her will seems to have been drawn up at the same time as her sister, ELIZABETH and they were clearly considered together
To sister ELIZABETH FILMER, silver coffee pot and candlesticks.
To sister FRANCES, pearl necklace and diamond ring
To poor of East Sutton 20/-. To poor of Sutton Valence 20/-
My house and yard in Sutton Valence, my leasehold estate in the Isle of Oxney and estate in Sittingbourne to my two sisters, ELIZABETH and FRANCES FILMER, for life, and then to my two brothers, Sir EDWARD and BEVERSHAM FILMER and their heirs forever, paying to my brother SAMUEL FILMER's two sons, SAMUEL and ROBERT, £200 each.
Brothers Sir EDWARD and BEVERSHAM to be joint executors.
Sworn by the Revd. CULPEPER SAVAGE of Maidstone and ROBERT FILMER of St. Andrews, Holbourn, Middlesex, Stationer, 22 Nov 1742 Proved by brother BEVERSHAM FILMER, executor, 22 Nov 1742.
Source: CKS Filmer Family Manuscripts, U.120. T.200/21, probate 23 Dec 1744
FRANCES FILMER, of EAST SUTTON, will dated 28 Sep 1741
To be buried at Sutton Valence with her sisters.
To my two nephews SAMUEL and ROBERT, £200 each, when they come out of their apprenticeships.
To my cousin ANNE FILMER, £15 annuity.
£2 to my maid ELIZABETH EASON.
Plate, goods and rings to my two nephews above mentioned.
Residue to my two brothers, Sir EDWARD and BEVERSHAM FILMER, and their heirs.
CODICIL dated 16 Oct 1744: £5 to my niece NANCY FILMER.
Proved 23 Dec 1744 by JOHN FILMER of Middle Temple and ROBERT FILMER of St. Andrews, Holbourn, Stationer, nephews of FRANCES FILMER, deceased.

RECEIPT 25 Jun 1746
Know all men by these presents that I ROBERT FILMER of St. Andrews, Holbourn, Co. Middx., Stationer and Administrator of the Goods, Chattels, rights and credits of my brother SAMUEL FILMER, deceased, do hereby acknowledge to have this day had and received of Sir EDWARD FILMER, of East Sutton, and BEVERSHAM Filmer of Lincolns Inn, executors of DOROTHY FILMER, ELIZABETH FILMER, and FRANCES FILMER, late of Sutton Valence, spinsters, deceased, the sum of £1100, which with £100 already received, is in full payment of legacies bequeathed to me and my brother SAMUEL by the above DOROTHY, ELIZABETH and FRANCES FILMER.
Whereas the within named Mrs FRANCES FILMER has given by her will, over and above the money legacy to me and my brother SAMUEL, since deceased, all her plate and rings, etc., I do hereby acknowledge receipt both for myself and as administrator to my brother. Signed. ROBERT FILMER.

Source: Prerogative Court of Canterbury. 125 Bettesworth, probate 2 May 1752
RICHARD FILMER, of Sutton Valence, wheelwright, will dated 13 Apr 1752
To the poor of Sutton Valence £2. 10s. 0d., to be distributed by THOMAS EDSELL, senior, and by JOHN WARTON, victualler; £2. 10s. 0d to the poor of Boughton Malherbe, by JOHN MERRIAM, Yeoman, and FRANCIS TANNER
To my brother WILLIAM FILMER, I leave my part or share in a house in Boughton Monchelsea (called Mount House).
To my loving brother JOHN, I leave £5.
To my brother ROBERT, 1 shilling.
To my two nephews THOMAS FILMER and ROBERT FILMER of the parish of Southfleet £50 each, at the age of 14 years.
To my nephew RICHARD FILMER's (two) daughters £5 each.
To BENJAMIN COULTER of Breadgar £5.
To THOMAS COULTER and JOHN COULTER of Sutton Valence £5.
To ELIZABETH COULTER, widow, of Sutton Valence £5 a year for life.
To be buried at Boughton Marchelsea, and £10 for headstone and funeral expenses. To nephew WILLIAM FILMER, blacksmith, of Southfleet, the rest, residual and remainder of my estate, and to be executor
Proved by WILLIAM FILMER, sole executor.
Source: Shoreham Deanery PRS/W/6/168, probate 19 Sep 1761
ROBERT FILMER, of East Farleigh, yeoman, will dated 23 Jul 1761
Nephew: WILLIAM FILMER of' Chalk (Children referred to)
Kinswoman: ELIZABETH ROBINSON, a minor
Kinsmen: ROBERT and THOMAS FILMER of Southfleet/brothers of WILLIAM FILMER of Southfleet, executor/JOHN ROBINSON, a minor, and JOSEPH ROBINSON then living with him, a minor.
Also mentioned: ELIZABETH and MARGARET FILMER of Hoo MARY FILMER ROBINSON then living with her grandfather at Staplehurst JOHN ROBINSON, husband of the late MARY FILMER.
Executors: WILLIAM FILMER of Southfleet and WILLIAM FILMER of Chatham. (The former was granted letters of administration; the latter did not apparently come forward)

Source: Prerogative Court of Canterbury. 333 Caesar, probate 4 Jul 1763
LOTT FILMER, of Queenborough, will dated 24 Mar 1760
To brother JOHN FILMER, living or lately living in the parish of Duddington, £50, to be paid to him by my wife.
To my wife MARY FILMER, executrix., my lands, messuages and tenements, household goods, etc. After her decease, half of my houses now inhabited by WILLIAM BEADLE, JOHN MAWLOTT and JOHN STOKES, and half of my land to said brother JOHN FILMER and his heirs. The other half to be disposed of by my wife MARY as she shall think fit.
Joint executors, with MARY my wife, to be JOSEPH BOYLE, Master Gunner of Sheerness, and WILLIAM BURGESS of Queenborough.
Proved by MARY FILMER, widow, the relict of the said deceased, JOSEPH BOYLE and WILLIAM BURGESS.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury A 97 76, probate 11 Aug 1764
JEFFERY FILMER, the elder, of Lenham, farmer, will dated 7 Jul 1744
To my dear wife MARY, £30 and to my two daughters, CATHERINE and MARY, £15 each.
To my son, ROBERT, £10, to my son, EDWARD, £20, and to my son, JEFFERY, 5/-.
All else to my son, JOHN. He and my wife to be executors.
Proved by MARY and JOHN, executors, above named.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury A 98 416, probate 3 Jul 1771
JOHN FILMORE of Duddington, Labourer, will dated 13 Jun 1763
To my beloved wife ELIZABETH, my part of a house and blacksmiths shop in parish of Queenborough, with all the land belonging thereto, now in occupation of JOHN BEAGLE, blacksmith. I give the aforementioned house and shop to my wife and her heirs forever. I give her all my other goods and money and make her my sole executrix. JOHN FILMORE, his mark.
Proved by ELIZABETH FILMER, widow.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury A 98 512, probate 3 Apr 1772
THOMAS FILLMER of NEWINGTON next Sittingbourne, husbandman, will dated 9 Dec 1771
All my goods and chattels to my friend RICHARD SEARS of Newington, butcher, on trust, to pay my housekeeper ELIZABETH HADLOW, widow, 2/- a week for life
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury A 99 522, probate 24 Jun 1777
ROBERT FILMER of Greenhill, Lenham, Farmer, will dated 26 Nov 1776
I give and bequeath unto my daughter MARY, wife of HENRY SPENCER, the sum of £30 to be paid to her at the rate of £3 for ten years, and my will is that the same shall not be paid to her in money, but shall be spent for her in clothes or other necessaries for herself and children, as she my daughter and my executrix, hereinafter named shall think fit.
All the residue, my household goods and implements and farming utensils, live and dead stock, corn, grain, hay, ready money and security for money, and personal estate of whatever kind I give and bequeath to my loving wife ELIZABETH, whom I also make my sole executrix.
Signed ROBERT FILMER in the presence of JOHN ROFFE and JEFFERY FILMER.
Proved 24 June 1777 by ELIZABETH, executrix above named.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury A 100 249, probate 2 Nov 1780
MARY FILMER, of Queenborough, Isle of Sheppey, widow, will dated 4 Nov 1777
To my niece ELIZABETH FRIEND, wife of VALENTINE FRIEND, all my wearing apparel, etc.
Residue to my nephew JOHN JACOBS of Sheerness.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury A 102 43, probate 26 Jun 1790
JOHN FILMER, of Boughton Malherbe, will dated 22 Dec 1789
To son EDWARD of Boughton Malherbe, all goods and chattels.
To wife MARY, £4 per annum, and also £10 per annum.
To daughter ELIZABETH FILMER, of Maidstone, £180
To son JEFFERY FILMER of Lenham, yeoman, £120
To son THOMAS FILMER, of Harrietsham, £120
To THOMAS FILMER, son of JOHN FILMER, of Charing, £40
To JOHN FILMER, son of ANTHONY FILMER, of Boughton Malherbe, shoemaker, £40
To sons ANTHONY FILMER, of Lenham, and ROBERT of Milsted, two houses and two acres of land in Liverton St., Lenham
Sons ANTHONY and ROBERT to be executors
Proved by ANTHONY and ROBERT, sons and executors.
Source: CKS ref: U120 T124 & U120 T200/1
JOHN FYNEMERE, of Otterden, will dated 6 Jun 1437
'This is the last will and ordinance of JOHN FYNNEMERE of Otrynden made there the sixth day of the month of June 15 Henry VI of all his lands and tenements with their appurtenances, rents etc. in the parish of Otrynden and held of Sutton Valenc etc. upon feoffment by the aforesaid JOHN FYNEMERE thereof made to WILLIAM ATTE SEATH, decd., THOMAS BABBE, decd., both of the County of Kent, JOHN GENOUR, now deceased, of Essex, and NICHOLAS MAY, now living in the county of Essex, as by a certain charter dated 18 June 9 Henry IV [1408] etc., to wit, that immediately after the death of the said JOHN FYNEMERE the said NICHOLAS MAY his heirs or assigns should enfeoff JOAN, the wife of the said JOHN FYNEMERE and daughter of the said NICHOLAS MAY, with all the aforesaid lands and tenements to hold them of the principal lord of the fee. And after the death of the said Joan by the space of twenty years then next following and fully complete; the said NICHOLAS MAY etc. will enfeoff JOHN, RICHARD, THOMAS, SYMON and BENNET (BENEDICT), sons of the said JOHN FYNEMERE, with all the said lands to hold them in perpetuity of the principal lord of the fee; provided always that during the aforesaid period of twenty years the said JOHN, RICHARD, THOMAS, SYMON and BENEDICT may take and receive all the profits of such lands and tenements paying to the principal lord what is his due. And if the said JOHN, RICHARD, THOMAS, SYMON and BENEDICT die within the said space of twenty years without heirs of their bodies then the said NICHOLAS MAY or his heirs will enfeoff the daughters of the body of the said JOHN FYNMERE, JOAN, ELENE and AGNES, with the lands to be held in perpetuity of the principal lord of the fee'
Note. The original is in Latin.
Source: Consistory Court of Canterbury PRC 2/19, probate 11 Nov 1460 (Latin)
JOHN FILMER, of Charing, will dated 31 Mar 1460 (38 Henry VI)
“Body to be buried in the church of St. Peter and Paul, Charing.
To the high altar there for tithes neglected, 4d.
To the light of Blessed Mary, 4d.
To the light of St. Peter, 2d.
To the light of Holy Cross, 2d.
Residue of goods to wife ALICE.
Said ALICE and JOHN HOLDEN to be executors.
Codicil Dated 1 Apr 1460
and entrusted to JOHN at HACCHE, JOHN HOLDEN and ROBERT CHYRRELL, feofees of the lands and tenements of the said JOHN.
The feofees are to sell land at the discretion of wife, ALICE, and to use the money thus aquired to pay my debts. To have 40d for their pains. They are then to deliver all the said lands and tenements to wife ALICE.
To the works of the church of Charing, 13s. 4d.
To the church of Otterden. 6s 8d.
Residue of goods moveable and immoveable to wife, ALICE.”
Source: Consistory Court of Canterbury PRC 2/300d, probate 1467 (Latin)
He left land in Monkton to WILLIAM, THOMAS and ROBERT FILMER
Source: Carol Hutchinson,, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Wills, 1733, Image 142 of 243
Richard Merrall of Cranbrook , Clothier, will probated 1733
daughter Elizabeth Saunders, wife of John Saunders
daughter Sarah Bassock, wife of John Bassock
daughter Hannah Saunders widow
Hannah Saunders daughter of Richard Saunders deceased
Thomas and Richard Merrall (not yet 21) sons of my son Robert Merrall deceased
and his daughter Rebekah Merralls
Source: Carol Hutchinson,, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Wills 1683, Image 29 of 283
Nicholas Beach of Cranbrook
grandson John Smith
grandaughter Mary Smith
granddaughter Rebecca Smith
daughter Mary Boorham, wife of James Boorham
loving wife (not named)
son in law Richard Merrall
Nicholas Beach son of my son Theophilus Beach
Rebecca my loving wife
Nicholas Beach his signature
Source: Carol Hutchinson,, Archdeaconry of Canterbury Wills 1645, Images 111-114 of 353
Thomas Ferrall of Cranbrook, dyer, will written 9 April 1645
daughter Joyce Ferrall alias Knight
sons William, Thomas, Stephen
daughters Tabitha, Bridget, Jane, Elizabeth
dear loving wife (not named)
son in law John Knight
Source: Carol Hutchinson,, Archdeaconry of Canterbury Wills 1664, Images 53-55 of 362
Edward Bills of Cranbrook will probated 1664 (PRC17/72/15) daughter Sara Bills
daughter Mary the wife of Thomas Ferrall of Cranbrook
wife Sara (is this a second wife??)
son John Bills
daughter Frances Bills
daughter Jane Bills
Source: Consistory Court of Rochester, Probate 18 Jul 1807
Thomas Manwaring of Horsmonden, yeoman, will dated Feb 1798
sons Thomas and Henry, executors
cousin William Manwaring the younger of Goudhurst, yeoman, executor
wife Mary
daughter Sarah wife of Stephen Southon of Marden, farmer
grandson Richard Southon <21
Witnessed by Elizabeth Pope, Edward Lindredge, Jno Pope.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.112 f.126, Probate 25 Feb 1850
Thomas Manwaring of Benenden, gardener, will dated 15 Sep 1849
Thomas Southon and Benjamin Southon of Benenden, butchers, executors
George Manwaring son of my sister Anna Manwaring
Henry Manwaring son of my brother William
brothers William, John and James
sister Sarah wife of Thomas Nash
brother in law Thomas Nash
sister Anna Manwaring
Witnessed by James Stocbridge of Benenden, Stephen Davis? Waller.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.72 f.390, Probate 29 Nov 1679
Katherine Manwaring of Kingsnorth, widow, will dated 15 Aug 1679
Katherine Dawson daughter of William Dawson and my grandchild Katherine Master his wife
grandchild Mary Cobb
Sarah Smith daughter of Sarah Smith my grandchild
Humphrey Master my nephew or grandchild, executor
Witnessed by Richard Marsh, Jeremiah Vinsett, Stephen Maitham and Mary Ottaway.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.73 f.387, Probate 2 Dec 1675
Thomas Lad of Folkestone, cordwinder, will dated 23 Sep 1675
wife Joan, executrix
daughters Mary, Margerie, Margaret
son Thomas
John Greenland of Saltwood
Thomas Fagg of Folkestone
kinsman John Lad of Hawking, yeoman, executor
cousin John Lad
Witnessed by Ben. Sladden - Thomas Jenkin.
Source: Consistory Court of Canterbury PRC32/51/388, Probate 30 Nov 1633
Robert Marsh of Dover, yeoman, will dated 28 Oct 1633
son William Fagg
wife Elizabeth
daughter in law Jane Fagg
daughter in law Alice Fagg
Anne Marsh daughter of John Marsh of Huffam
Thomas Partridge son of William Partridge of Huffam
William Partridge, his wife Ann, his son Henry and daughter Elizabeth
Elizabeth Thunderdowne
Witnessed by William Booth, Fardinand Booth, Peter King.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.93 f.38, Probate 11 Nov 1748
Thomas Hinds of Ramsgate, yeoman, will dated 25 Nov 1746
sons John, William and Daniel
daughter Susannah wife of John ...
daughter Mary wife of William Fagg
sons James and Robert, executors
landlord Mr William Troward of Maidstone Green, gent., overseer
Witnessed by William Moverly, John Fagg, James Fagg, Not.Pub. Ramsgate.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.70 f.482, Probate 12 Feb 1638/9
Ellen Bigg of Cranbrook, widow of Smallhope Bigg late of Cranbrook, clothier, will dated 24 Nov 1638
Rev. Mr Abbot, Vicar of Cranbrook
servants William Boyse, John Frances, Henry Maplesden, Thos Calvill, Thomas Bottinge, Stephen Garrat, Elizabeth Botting, Joane Hartnupp 10s each
Widow Calvill 10s, Mr John Elmstone sen. 20s
Mr Thomas Warren of Sandwich, clerk 40s
Mr Abiezer? Harbert of Ryash? clerk 40s
Paule Greensmith of Loose 20s
Richard Weller sen. of Cranbrook, clothier 40s
Samuel Bigge, son of my brother John Bigge of Maidstone, Jurate £5
Judith Abbott dau of Mr Abbot 20s
Peter Master son of my brother Peter Master of Cranbrook, mercer 40s
Katherine Master my sister in law 40s
only sister Mary wife of Edward Benbrigg of Rye Sussex Jurat, messuage at Rye for life, then to her son John Benbridge
Mary's daughters Ann Benbridge als Burrish, Elizabeth and Mary Benbrig
John Benbrigg, clerk son of my sister Elizabeth deceased £5
Ann Benbrigge als Putlland daughter of my said sister Elizabeth £5
Thomas, Samuel and Elizabeth Benbrigg children of my said sister Elizabeth
William Dallett son of my sister Bridgett deceased £10
Mary wife of Robert Cushman £10, her son Thomas £10 at 21
William Edwards son of my sister Mercy £20
Thomas Pilcher son of my uncle John Pilcher of Rye deceased 20s
Elizabeth Pilcher als Benison, Judeth Pilcher als Burges, Ann Pilcher daughters of said John 20s each
John Waylett of Rye £5
Mary and Ann Austen daughters of John Austen of Rye deceased, £5 each
Sarah Waylett als Sheather £5
sister Mary Benbrigg and her son John, executors
friends James Holden of Cranbrook, clothier and Peter Master of Cranbrook, mercer, my brother in law, overseers
Witnessed by Thos Bigg, William Boys
Codicil dated 24 Nov 1638.
Source: Norm Keaton, Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Probate 29 Jan 1800
Joseph Norwood the elder of Ramsgate, Isle of Thanet, taylor, will dated 7 Dec 1799
five children Stephen (trustee & executor), Richard (executor), Joseph, Elizabeth wife of Charles Box, Lucy wife of Stephen Peake
friends Robert George of Ramsgate baker and John Gouger the younger of St Nicholas Thanet, yeoman, trustees
Charles Box
Witnessed by John Underdown - Wm Hodges - Edw'd Daniel
Codicil dated 7 Dec 1799
servant Mary Hayward
(Same witnesses).
Source: Norm Keaton, Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Probate 5 March 1851 to William Brooke, surviving executor
Sarah Norwood of Broadstairs, St Peter the Apostle, Isle of Thanet, widow, will dated 2 March 1847
Sarah Malpas eldest daughter of David Malpas of Margate, mariner
William Brooke of Margate, gentleman and Samuel Huggett of Broadstairs surgeon, trustees and executors
Edward Wootton son of the late Peter Wootton of Birchington tailor and draper deceased
Catherine Bayly <21 daughter of John Bayly late of Rotherhithe ropemaker deceased
Harriet Bayly <21 daughter of Edward Bayly late of Rotherhithe hatter deceased
Mrs Mary Stevens of Ramsgate, widow of Roger Stevens
friend John Crampton of Broadstairs plumber
children of Richard Wootton son of said Peter Wootton deceased
Richard Norwood Wootton and other children of Peter Wootton son of said Peter Wootton deceased
children of John Wootton another son of Peter Wootton deceased
children of Charles Laurence Wootton another son of Peter Wootton deceased
Jane wife of Erasmus Sympson of Birchington, gentleman, and daughter of Peter Wootton deceased
Margaret wife of Edward Mac Tolbridge of Dover, tailor, and daughter of Peter Wootton deceased
children of Mary late wife of William Emptage of Birchington yeoman, and daughter of Peter Wootton deceased
children of David Malpas of Margate mariner
John Iggulden son of John Iggulden of Deal
Witnessed by Charlotte Turner - John Philpot.
Source: Norm Keaton, Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Probate 2 Jun 1798
Mary Covell (of Margate, widow), will dated 31 May 1792
son R. S. Covell
3 daughters unnamed
Poley Blackburn
31 May 1798 appeared personally:
John Covell of Park Place Camberwell Grove, Surrey, sailmaker
Henry William Covell of Grace Church Street, Saint Bennet Grace Church, London, tea dealer
Probate granted to Robert Shelton Covell the son and sole executor.
Source: Norm Keaton, Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Probate 5 October 1837
Ann Covell of Saint Peter the Apostle, Isle of Thanet, spinster, will dated 5 January 1837
Miss Sarah Gray
Mrs Brooman wife of Mr James Brooman of Margate
nephew John Kirby, executor
Great niece Sarah wife of Simon Whale of Upper Ebury Street, Middlesex, executrix
sister Elizabeth Kirby
Mr Thomas Gray of the Custom House London, executor
Witnessed by Wm Brooke - Hy Brooke
Codicil dated 5 January 1837
to be buried with my late dear sister Martha Covell
[same witnesses] Codicil dated 18 January 1837
Witnessed by W. J. Willett, Solicitor, Margate - Elizabeth Baker Nerresell.
Source: Norm Keaton, Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Probate 2 Oct 1827
Frances Covell of Margate, Thanet St John, widow, will dated 6 Mar 1813
daughter Harriet wife of James Edward Homer of the City of Bristol, Esquire
youngest son Charles Load Gee of High Row Knightsbridge, Middlesex, Esquire, executor
James Edward Homer, executor
Witnessed by Arth Dalton - Thos Chapman
Codicil dated 6 Dec 1816
daughter Harriet Homer wife of Edward Homer Esq. Brockley Court
Witnessed by Maria Homer - Ann Hill.
Source: Norm Keaton, Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Probate 18 Feb 1813 to widow
John Covell of Margate, Thanet St John, gentleman, will dated 27 January 1809
beloved wife Mrs Frances Covell, executrix
sons George Daniel Covell, John Alexander Covell
daughter Sarah Bevois? Hall wife of Mr Henry Hall
daughter Charlotte Frances Covell
daughter in law Miss Harriett Gee
brothers Mr Robert Shelton Covell of Bristol gentleman and Mr Henry William Covell of Margate gentleman, executors
Friend Charles Gee, esq.
Witnessed by Robt Kidd - Thos Chapman - Js Roffway?
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/370 S/6, Probate 19 Sep 1717
Nicholas Sampson of St Peter the apostle, Isle of Thanet, yeoman, will dated 30 March 1717
sons Thomas, Nicholas and John
daughter Judith Sampson
mother unnamed
Anne now wife of John Kennett, late widow of Thomas Sampson my brother, yeoman deceased
beloved wife Elizabeth, sole Executrix
Witnessed by John Handwell - Richard Sampson - Henry Taylor.
Source: Death Duty IR-26-297-391, Probate 11 Dec 1799, under £20
Thomas Mackney of Thanet St Lawrence, labourer
wife Joice, executrix and residuary legatee
Source: Death Duty IR-26-297-392, Probate 26 Feb 1799, under £100
Richard Neales the elder of Sandwich, cordwainer
son James, executor
children Richard, James, William & Elizabeth
wife Elizabeth
Source: Death Duty IR-26-297-393, Probate 11 Sep 1799, under £2000
Thomas Nowers the elder of Boughton Aluph, yeoman
son Thomas, executor, residue
grandson Thomas Nowers, executor and children of son Thomas
children of daughter Elizabeth Sutton.
Source: Death Duty IR-26-297-394, Probate 28 Sep 1799, under £2000
Thomas Nickalls the elder of Folkestone, yeoman
son Thomas Nickalls, brother Daniel Nickalls and William Patteson of Canterbury, executors
wife Sarah
daughter Ann
children of deceased daughter Elizabeth
residue to children Alice, Thomas, William, James & Ann & Elizabeth's children.
Source: Death Duty IR-26-297-395, Probate 19 Oct 1799, under £2000
Thomas Oare of Headcorn, farmer
wife Hannah, executrix, £20 per annum and £20 value of furniture
daughter Ann wife of Robert Mercer, executrix, residue
Mary Tuskin £20 in one month after his wife's death.
Source: Death Duty IR-26-297-396, Probate 30 Dec 1799, under £100
Edward Ovenden of Hearnhill
sister Mary Taylor, executrix and legatee.
Source: Death Duty IR-26-297-397, Probate 27 Apr 1799, under £300
Thomas Price of Thanet St Peter, husbandman
wife Abigail, executrix
son John Price, executor
watch to grandson John Price
wearing apparel to sons John, Thomas & Edward
daughters Ann and Elizabeth
residue to wife and children equally.
Source: Death Duty IR-26-297-398, Probate 24 May 1799, under £1000
James Pettit of Canterbury, coachmaster
brothers William & Thomas Pettit, executors, residue
carriage & horses (subject to life interest of Mrs Joan Elizabeth Knatchbull) to brothers Wm & Thomas
10 guineas to Hannah Woolcot
5 Guineas each to James Bearn, John Morley and Elizabeth Elvery
3 Guineas each to Ann Crowhurst and Ann Cramp
26? Guineas to Thomazine Stokes.
Source: Death Duty IR-26-297-399, Probate 30 May 1799, under £100
Daniel Plommer of Faversham, malster
wife Sarah, executrix, residue
brothers William & James
Mary Plommer
sister Sarah Drayson.
Source: Death Duty IR-26-297-400, Probate 13 Jun 1799, under £300
Daniel Philpott of Folkestone, sailmaker
David Ladd, executor
wife Susanna, personal estate for life, then to children in equal shares at age of 21.
Source: Death Duty IR-26-297-401, Probate 26 Jun 1799, under £600
James Pollard of Cheriton, shipwright
wife Ann, executrix, residue
£100 (subject to life interest of his father James Pollard) to his sisters Sarah & Mary and nephew George Pollard

Source: Death Duty IR-26-297-402, Probate 19 Sep 1799, under £300
Samuel Parks of Cranbrook, farmer, will dated
wife Mary, executrix
Rev'd Thomas Greenall, executor
daughter Sarah
children Samuel, Mary, Thomas, Elizabeth & William.
Source: Death Duty IR-26-297-403, Probate 4 Nov 1799, under £1000
Elizabeth Pain wife of Thomas Pain of Canterbury, gentleman
husband Thomas Pain, executor, residue
£50 apiece and wearing apparel equally to Elizabeth Rogers, Sarah Rogers, Elizabeth Lawford and Rebecca Butler, kinswomen.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/266 A/2, Probate 10 July 1661.
John Adams of Elmsted, Yeoman, Will dated 21 April 1661.
Friend Thomas Jarman of Brabourne, shoemaker.
Friend & kinsman Edward Skillett of Canterbury, kersey weaver.
Sister Tabitha Adams, executrix.
Property in Smarden occupied by Alexander Draynor.
Witnesses Richard Pott, Robart Whit & Edward Munn.
Source: June Catterall, Consistory Court of Canterbury PRC31/131 A/2, Probate 2 June 1662
John Adams of Deal, Bachelor & Husbandman, Nuncupative Will.
Sister Ann Adams wife of Thomas Barber of Deal.
Maidservant Sarah Poynter.
Witnesses John Moore & Mary Chiddocke.
Source: June Catterall, Consistory Court of Canterbury PRC31/133 A/2, Probate 17 February 1664.
John Adams of Herne, Taylor, Will dated 5 February 1651.
Wife Katherine executrix.
Children: son John >21; daughters Elizabeth, Anne & Mary all >21.
Re property Mr Edward Terry, Sylvester Payne, widow Philips, Robert Howson.
Witnesses John Knowler, John Cole & William Hosman.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/280 A/2, Probate 10 September 1668.
James Adams of Sandwich, Baker, Will dated 1 September 1668.
Grandchild James Saffery.
Son John Paramore (executor) & any heirs by his wife Mildred.
Witnesses Francis Chappman & Edward Ambrose.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury, PRC16/282 A/4, Probate 23 December 1669.
George Adames of Appledore, Yeoman, Will dated 20 August 1669
Son John Adams, executor.
Daughter Pemble & her children (3).
Apprentice William Mavrall.
Witness John Adams.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury, PRC16/295 A/4, Probate 19 May 1676.
John Adams, Adames of Doddington, Yeoman, Will dated 29 March 1673.
Wife Elizabeth
Children: Peter Adams (eldest) ; John Adams of Rainham (executor); Thomas Adams of Doddington (executor); George Adams of Chatham, sadler, deceased.
Grandchildren by son John: John & Susannah.
Son George’s only daughter Susannah.
Sister Mildred Baker.
Relating to property: Appledore Woodchurch, Kenardington, George Tilby (prev. owner), Henry Pantry (occupier).
Rowbsookes, purchased from Mr Samuel Pope.
Witnesses Valentine Bo-ke & John Tilden.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury, PRC16/299 A/4, Probate 14 November 1678.
John Adams of Appledore, Yeoman, Will dated 23 July 1678.
Wife Sarah.
Children Thomas (executor) & Anne Adams.
Re property at Appledore, New Romney, Marden, Headcorne & Wittersham on the Isle of Oxney; Anthony Eastland
& Nicholas Danis/Davis: John Buds; Thomas Little; John Parkham.
Overseers & friends Anthony Patison & John Kingham.
Witnesses John Dyer sen., George Wattell sen., & Mary Jeffery.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/327 A/8, Probate 12 December 1693
Richard Adams of Seasalter, Husbandman, Will dated 17 January 1691.
Wife Ann Adams, possibly pregnant. & Executrix.
Brothers John Holloway, Robert Holloway, William Holloway, Thomas Goldfinn.
Witnesses Rob Preston, Tho: Willard.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/331 A/4, Probate 30 September 1693
Peter Adams of Rolvenden, Yeoman, Will dated 25 May 1695.
Wife Mary.
Children: John Adams the eldest; Peter, Joseph, Martha, Ann, Deborah.
Son in law Moses Christopher.
Brother Joseph Crittenden, Apothecary of London & son John Adams trustees.
Witnesses Robt: Gybbon, Tho: White & Ann Adams.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/341 A/2, Probate 27 April 1693.
Thomas Adams of Chislet, Yeoman, Will dated 13 January 1693.
Wife Mary sole Executrix.
Son John Adams >24.
Wife’s son Robert Keal.
Witnesses Walter Wilkes & John Faireman.
Source: June Catterall, Consistory Court of Canterbury PRC31/173/A1, Probate 7 December 1703
Thomas Adams Mariner aboard HMS Sea Horse, Will dated 28 November 1697.
Mary Boord of Deale, widow ‘Attorney & assignee’ & executrix.
Witnesses Rich Watts, Jno: Holdsbury (Navy office).
5 March 1697/8 Mary Boord appoints Hannah Watts of Deale, kinsman to be beneficiary.
Witnesses Sampson Bourn & Tho Druitt (Chatham yard).
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/341 A/3, Probate 27 November 1703.
Henry Adams, Addams of Sandwich, Labourer, Will dated 13 July 1703.
Wife Anne, executrix.
Witnesses Susann Ienings, Mary Stubbers & Jo: Hawker Ju-.
Source: June Catterall, Consistory Court of Canterbury PRC31/184 A/4, Probate 3 April 1704.
Jane Adams of St Nicholas at Wade, Widow, Will dated 28 January 1713.
Daughters Morey Adams & Elizabeth Adams joint executors.
Sons William, Thomas, Henry & Richard Adams.
Witnesses Danl. Culverhouse & Jam : Busey.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/367 A/7, Probate 12 May 1716
Leonard Adams of Ringwould, Thatcher Will dated 3 May 1716.
Daughter Sarah wife of John Pattison.
Grandchildren Henry & Sarah Pattison.
Eldest son Edward.
Recently deceased son Richard’s children.
Executors Sarah & Henry Pattison.
Witnesses Jo:Dantinge, Richard Brett, Stephen Broadby/Broadley.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/369 A/1, Probate 11 May 1717
Nicholas Adams of Sandhurst, Carpenter, Will dated 7 March 1716.
Wife Mary executrix.
Witnesses Thank: Thorpe, James Hydo-, Tho: Petter.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/369 A/3, Probate 12 September 1717.
Robert Adams of Cranbrook, Husbandman, Will dated 8 April 1717.
Kinswomen Elizabeth Shoesmith & Mary Adams, Executors.
Witnesses Jude Apps, Jacob Hollingworth.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/371 A/3, Probate 14 February 1718
Mary Adams of Whitstable, Widow, Will dated 5 November 1715.
Children Isaac Thomson (executor), John Thomson, Edward Thomson, Mary wife of Edward Browne.
Grandchildren unnamed.
Witnesses Thomas Marable, Mary Penne, Vinc: Denn.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/384 A/3, Probate 8 July 1725.
John Adams, Addams of Chislet, Yeoman, Will dated 1 July 1725.
Wife Anne.
Cousin Robert Keele, executor.
Witnesses Robert Gammon & Tho. Young.
Source: June Catterall, Consistory Court of Canterbury PRC31/195 A/2, Probate 3 February 1725.
Thomas Adams of Monkton, Yeoman, Will dated 19 July 1725.
Catherine -ipping.
Father Thomas Adams, Executor.
Witnesses T Wardroper, Richard Smith & Francis Smith.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/397 A/1, Probate 2 June 1732
Mary Adams of Sandhurst, aged Widow, Will dated 18 July 1728.
Four daughters: Elizabeth Dunke, Mary Barbar, Sarah Peene & Martha Adams (sole executrix).
Granddaughter Mary Morton.
Witnesses Jane Rolfe, Robert Rolfe jun. & Petter.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/401 A/2, Probate 2 October 1736
Margaret Adams of Littlebourne, Widow, Will dated 29 April 1735.
Children Thomas & Ann Adams executors.
Property in Wickhambreaux occupied by Robert Dadd
Sister Elizabeth Smith & her children Stephen & Thomas Smith
Nephew James Newham son of James Newham of Barham.
Witnesses John Moor, Elizabeth Woodcock & Thos White.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/403 A/4, Probate 14 August 1738
John Adams of St Peter in Thanet, Yeoman, Will dated 26 March 1734.
Son in law Jeremiah Simmons.
Daughter in law Sarah Adams widow of Son William deceased.
Daughter Margaret Adams.
Grandchildren John Adams, Richard Adams, Henry Adams, William Adams & Sarah Adams.
Grandaughter Mary Adams child of son John Adams deceased.
Grandchildren Jeremiah Simmons, Henry Simmons, Elizabeth Simmons, Mary Simmons & Sarah Simmons, children of her deceased daughter Elizabeth.
James Fagg of Ramsgate sole executor.
Relating to property Thomas Sampson & John Wittitt.
Witnesses Kathren –n, – Joy & David Mitchell.
Source: June Catterall, Consistory Court of Canterbury PRC31/208 A/1, Probate 5 July 1738
William Adams of Ash next Sandwich, Husbandman, Will dated 15 June 1738.
Children John Adams, William Adams, Mary Adams, Mildred Adams & Elizabeth Adams.
Brother David Turner of Margate, executor.
Witnesses John Hogben, Richard Solly, John Williams.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/404 A/2, Probate 13 April 1739.
Margaret Adams of St Peter in Thanet, Spinster, Will dated 1 December 1738.
Brother William Adams deceased; his widow Sarah & children John, Sarah, Richard, Henry & William Adams.
Mary Adams daughter of brother John Adams.
Cousins Jeremiah, Henry, Elizabeth, Mercy & Sarah Simmons.
Joint executors Thomas Gray of St Peter, Thanet, bricklayer & Stephen Sandwell, same parish, fisherman.
Witnesses ? & Geo: Witherden.
Source: June Catterall, Consistory Court of Canterbury PRC31/209 A/3, Probate 3 December 1739.
John Adams of Maidstone, Basketmaker, Will dated 25 October 1739.
Children: Temperance Reynolds, Elizabeth Adams, John Adams & William Adams.
Osier grounds.
Granddaughters: Anne Reynolds; Ann Adams daughter of John.
Children Temperance, Elizabeth & John executors.
Witnesses Thomas Pope jun., Thomas Lee & Daniel Kirby.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/405 A/4, Probate 15 November 1740.
Susanna Adams of Godmersham, Widow, Will dated 1 May 1734.
Daughters: Mary Adams; Susanna wife of George Pettit (executor); Anne wife of Thomas Williams (executor); Grace wife of Benjamin Coleman(executor); Katherine Mitchelbourn.
Son in law John Page.
Grandchildren Susanna Pettit, William Mitchelbourn, Susanna Mitchelbourn, Susan Williams, Elizabeth Williams & Thomas Williams.
Witnesses Ann Hayward, Elizabeth Mantel & Pet: Hayward.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/407 A/1, Probate 3 July 1741.
Thomas Adams of Sandhurst, Yeoman, Will dated 23 April 1739.
Wife Elizabeth.
Siblings John, Peter (4 children) & Stephen Adams (4 children) & Alice Ackhus (4 children). These children unnamed.
Kinswomen: Elizabeth wife of Richard Hoad of Rye, Sussex; Jane, wife of Thomas Waters; Ann Adams daughter of brother Stephen; Jane Ackhus; Mary Cogger.
Kinsman Joseph Cogger & wife Elizabeth joint executors.
Godson Thomas Crittenden.
Re property; Hawkhurst ; Daniel Collinson; Sandhurst; Martha Adams; mortgage on the Swan on Sandhurst Green.
Witnesses Andrew Sowton, Thomas Quick, & Wm Askew.
Source: June Catterall, Consistory Court of Canterbury PRC31/212 A/1, Probate 24 September 1742.
Henry Adams of St Nicholas at Wade, Husbandman, Will dated 9 May 1736.
Wife Mary executrix.
Kinsman, Thomas Adams.
Henry Adams son of Thomas Adams his deceased brother.
Esther Brooke maiden.
Wittnesses Thomas Huffam the elder, Richard Whitehed & Thomas Huffam the younger.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/408 A/1, Probate 17 December 1742.
Elizabeth Adams of Sandhurst, Widow, Will dated 5 January 1741.
William Boys of Bodiham, Sussex, brother.
Sarah Barns of Eahurst, widow.
Ann , wife of Samuel Cramp of Eahurst.
Mary, wife of Thomas Sands of Hawkhurst, Kent.
Priscilla Boys of Bodiham, Sussex, spinster.
Sarah, wife of John Beall of Eahurst, Sussex.
William & John Wells of Staplehurst.
Robert Reene/Renes & wife Mary executors.
Witnesses John Adams & Wm Stace.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/418 A/6, Probate 10 October 1752.
Isaac Adams of Graveney, Yeoman, Will dated 25 September 1752.
Brother John Adams, executor & sole beneficiary.
Property in Boughton under Blean occupied by (blank) Lucas.
Witnesses Mary Trick, James Smith & John Kaile/Raile.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/419 A/5, Probate 18 Jan 1753
Daniel Adams of Wye, Carpenter, Will dated 27 Jan 1752
Wife Martha, children Jane & Daniel.
Witnesses Nic Brett, Edw Adams, Elizabeth Adams.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/431 A/1, Probate 5 November 1763.
Robert Adams of Queenborough, Shipwright & boat builder, Will dated 10 March 1747.
Wife Mary (sole executrix); Sister Ann Axabey; nephew, Robert Wisenden.
Witnesses Ja: Chapman, Tho: Witherden & Wm: Dyne.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/431 A/2, Probate 24 June 1763
Mary Adams of Appledore, Widow, Will dated 22 May 1763
Son Thomas Adams, executor.
Daughter Sarah Palmer, son in law Mathew Palmer & grandson Thomas Palmer.
Witnesses John Long, Susanna Long & Will Finch.
Source: June Catterall, Consistory Court of Canterbury PRC31/236 A/1, Probate 27 September 1766
Thomas Adams senior of Boughton under Blean, Grazier, Will dated 22 September 1766.
Wife Elizabeth, children Edmund & William & wife Elizabeth is pregnant.
Children to be educated.
Brothers William Adams of Faversham, grocer & Peter Adams of Boughton under Blean, maltster.
John Hawkins & John Lade of Boughton under Blean, executors along with his two brothers.
Witnesses Michael Lade, Jn: Greenway, Margaret Baker.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/450 A/2, Probate 22 August 1778
William Adams of Canterbury, Mariner, Will dated 6 May 1776.
Wife Lucy executrix.
Witnesses Joseph Cupelo, John Scott & Will Bristow.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/458 A/2, Probate 28 June 1783
Thankfull Adams of Folkestone, Mariner, Will dated 4 June 1776.
Wife Elizabeth executrix.
Witnesses John Clemment & John Nethersole.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/462 A/2, Probate 30 November 1787
Peter Adams of Cranbrook, Will dated 16 July 1787.
Wilsley Green near Cranbrook.
Wife Bethulah executrix. Our dear children.
Brother John Adams.
Witnesses Richard Podmore, J Ryland & James Elliott.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/467 A/2, Probate 14 April 1792.
William Adams of Shoulden, Gentleman, Will dated 10 September 1790.
Wife Mary executrix.
Witnesses William Laybourn, Benjaminn Pilcher & John May.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/473 A/1, Probate 9 June 1798.
Mary Adams of Shoulden, Widow, Will dated March 1792.
Daughter Mary Sharp wife of James Sharp (joint executors).
Property in Deal.
Grandchildren Mary Sharp, Ann Sarah Sharp & Elizabeth Lydia Sharp all >21.
Witnesses John Winter, Benjamin Pilcher & John Cannon.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/474 A/5, Probate 2 June1799.
Thomas Adams the elder of Appledore, Gentleman, Will dated 18 November 1796.
Children Thomas (sole executor) & Elizabeth Adams.
Re property Mr John Morphett.
Witnesses Jeremiah Wicken, John Samson & H Waterman.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury, PRC16/474 A/2, Probate 21 May 1799.
John Adams of Bearsted, Farmer, Will dated 3 December 1798.
Brother William Adams of Hollingbourne.
Lydia Weaver, house keeper.
Sarah wife of William Dawson of Stockbury, farmer;
Elizabeth wife of John Gillett (wife’s family treasures);
Mary wife of George Betts;
Lucia Adams;
Elizabeth Adams widow;
Martha wife of James Betts;
Elizabeth wife of James Jennings.
Executors Richard Adams of Leeds yeoman & George Betts of Otham yeoman.
Witnesses James Cooke attorney Maidstone & William Betts.
Source: June Catterall, Consistory Court of Canterbury PRC31/284 A/3, Probate 5 November 1814
Nicholas Adams of Dover, Boatman in His Majesty’s Excise, Will dated 13 December 1786.
Children: John Adams; Phoebe, wife of Arthur Dalton of Deal (‘aforesaid’ so maybe Dover), mariner; Charlotte Adams, spinster.
Executors Arthur Dalton, son in law & friend William Yardley of Dover, boatman in his Majesty’s Customs.
Witnesses R Thompson & Phin: Kennett.
Surviving executor, Arthur Dalton of Ramsgate.
Testator died 25 September 1814.
Source: June Catterall, Consistory Court of Canterbury PRC31/286 A/2, Probate 8 November 1816.
Richard Adams the elder of Dover, Yeoman, Will dated 9 June 1798.
Wife Elizabeth executor & sole beneficiary.
Witnesses Mary Thompson, W Edmonds & Phin: Kennett.
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.87 f.5, Probate 1727
Mary Culmer of Minster, Isle of Thanet, spinster, will dated 3 March 1726
Kinsman George Hadlow jun’r
Kinswoman or coxen Elizabeth Toms
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Source: Prerogative Court of Canterbury Probate 15 May 1852
Maria Cole wife of Richard Cole of Chatham, Lieutenant Colonel, late of HM's 81st Reg't of Foot, will dated 17 Jun 1845
marriage settlement dated 22 Apr 1811 between 1) Maria Goddard of Chatham, widow, now Cole
2) William Hall of Chatham, brazier
3) Charles Larkin of Rochester, land surveyor
property in New Road, Chatham, late estate of my father Robert Hall, deceased.
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Source: Mary Connaughton, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC/16/347 K/1, Probate 5 Jun 1706
William Kemsley of Rainham, Butcher, will dated 2 March 1705 (1706)
To son John Kemsley, my dwelling house with the garden & orchard thereunto belonging, after my wives decease
£10 to daughter Ann Kemsley at the age of 21 or day of marriage
One shilling to brother John Kemsley
Wife Ann, Executrix
William Kemsley (mark)
Witnesses: John Evans, Robert Hards (?) & William Young
Source: Mary Connaughton, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC/16/441 K/3, Probate 4 July 1771
Stephen Kemsley of Ashford, Innholder, will dated 11 August 1768
To Wife, Eleanor Kemsley, 2 Messuages in the parish of Ashford, commonly called The George Inn, now in my occupation and in the occupation of William Hopkins, and all that land called Little Tilton;
also Messuage in the parish of Willesborough heretofore in the occupation of George Page and now or late in the occupation of Thomas Purmett (?).
After the decease of my wife, the above premises to my son Stephen Kemsley.
signed : Stephen Kemsley
Witneses : A. Ingles, John Hunt, William Hopkins
Source: Mary Connaughton, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC/16/449 K/2, Probate 24 June 1777
William Kemsley of Boxley, Husbandman, will dated 18 Sep 1766
To my Sons William Kemsley & Thomas Kemsley, my Messuage or tenement with the Barn, Stable and about 10 acres of land with the appurtenances in Boxley, now in my own possession and occupation, as tenants in common and not as Joint tenants
£5 to Daughter Elizabeth, wife of Henry Collins, & 20 shillings to each of her 4 children
£5 to Daughter Martha, wife of Edward Sparks and 20 shillings to each of her 7 children
£5 to Daughter Frances, wife of Thomas Cooke & 20 shillings to each of her 4 children
20 shillings each to Sarah, Thomas and John Swan, the 3 children of my late Daughter Sarah, deceased
20 shillings to each of my son William’s
20 shillings to each of my son Thomas’s 5 children
Sons William & Thomas, Eecutors
William Kemsley (mark)
Witnesses: Anne Catt, Thomas Willard & William H. Coast
Source: Mary Connaughton, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury, PRC 16/267 M/1, Probate 27 July 1661
George Maplisden of Faversham, Blacksmith, nuncupative will
Batchelor, declared about 2 days before his death that he gave unto his mother (Susan Maplisden, widow) all that he had
Witnesses: Susan Amys (mark) & Mary Moone (mark)
Source: Mary Connaughton, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury, PRC 16/268 M/7, Probate 27 Oct 1662
George Maplisden of Marden, clothier, will dated 22 May 1661
Wife Sarah, Executrix, to sell lands in Marden for the bringing up of my children
5 parcells of Land called Baldin land, conteyning 8 acres & appurtenances
Hoads Woodd and a peece of land adjoining, in all 11 acres and three quarters with their appurtenances
signed: George Mapelsden
Witnesses: John Jewell & Joshuah Sharpey
Source: Mary Connaughton, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury, PRC 16/298 M/6, Probate 5 June 1677
Francis Maplesden of Canterbury, will dated 16 May 1672
To Son Francis Maplesden, my house together with the appurtenances thereunto belonging, wherein I now dwell, commonly called by the name or signe of the Vine, scituate and being in the parish of St Margret in the Citty of Canterbury
He to pay £10 unto my daughter Mary Maplesden
Son Edmond Maplesden
£10 each to my Grandchildren Walter Maplesden and Susan Maplisden (both under 21), son & daughter of my Son Walter Maplesden, deceased
Susan Maplesden, widow of Walter Maplesden
13s.4d yearly to Daughter Elizabeth Chillman, wife of John Chillman
To Son Edmond Maplesden, £5 and also my part of a house & land called pigs stile in the parish of Waltham
To my Son Francis Maplesden, my Seale Ring of gold with my Coats of Armes engraven in it & also £5
Son Francis, Executor
Signed: Francis Maplesden
Witnesses: William Gilbert & William Browne
Source: Mary Connaughton, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury, PRC 16/330 M/5, Probate 3 July 1694
John Maplesden of Little Chart, husbandman, will dated 6 Jun 1694
£10 to daughter Elizabeth
One Shilling to daughter Susan
Remainder of goods & chattels to be sold and the money equally divided betwixt my four other children, vizt.
Son John
Daughters Ann, Mary and Jane
Christopher Barner, carpenter of Lenham, sole executor
signed: John Maplesden
Witnesses: Basil Drayton, Richard Jenings? & Elizabeth Luckhurst (mark)
Source: Mary Connaughton, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury, PRC 16/334 M/2, Probate 23 April 1698
Samuel Maplisden of Petham, yeoman, will dated 5 June 1685
£20 to daughter Elizabeth (under 21)
£5 to son Samuell (under 21) and all the rest of my goods, chatles and personal estate not before by me bequeathed
Francis Stiffe of Petham & John Birch of Petham, yeoman, Executors
To my loving wife Thomazine, my Messuage, lands and tenements scituate, lying & being in the parishe of Egerton, for and during her naturall life, and after her decease to my said sonne Samuel Maplisden
Signed: Samuel Maplisden
Witnesses: Kathren Burch, John Marsh (mark) & Richard Cook (mark)
Source: Mary Connaughton, Archdeaconry of Rochester, DRa/PW/5/69, Probate 4 Aug 1736
Samuel Maplesden of Tudeley, Yeoman, will dated 13 July 1735
Last will before these three persons herein mentioned, that is Nicholas Ellis, Thomas Wood and Edmund Wood
I will that my Cosen William Maplesden is to have my watch and my Great Bible
and John Maplesden, my Gun
My loving Sister Hannah Maplesden, late Wife of my Brother Richard Maplesden should have the proper use and command of all my personal estate, that is to say, £31 that I paid for her at severall times and £20 paid to William Maplesden in part of a Bond and £9 for a Load of Wheat which makes in all £60, and a stack of Hay at Yalding
All the rest of my Goods & Chattles I doe will and give to my Sister aforesaid
Witnesses: Edmund Wood, Thomas Wood (mark) & Nicholas Ellis
Source: Mary Connaughton, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury, PRC 16/428 W/6 & W/8, Probate 7 May 1761
Edward Wraithe of Mersham, Linen Weaver, will dated 26 Feb 1753
To Dearly beloved Wife Ann, that small Messuage or tenement wherein I now live, during the time of her Life and at her decease to well beloved sons Edward, Hart and Richard whom I make my Sole Executors, to be equally divided between them
5 shillings each to my son John’s three children, Henry, John and Elizabeth Wraith
To my wife Ann Wraith, all my household goods and moveables, except the impleyments belonging to my Trade which I give and bequeath to my son Hart too Loomes and all the tackling or implyment thereunto belonging
At my wifes decease, all the household goods and moveables that she leaves I give and becuest to my well beloved too daftears Elizabeth Arnal and Ann Wraith to be equally divided between them
Witnesses: William Cole, Stephen Godden & Thomas Thirelton
Source: Mary Connaughton, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury, PRC 16/437 B/6, Probate 5 May 1768
Samuel Barnes of Borden, Yeoman, will dated 11 Feb 1768
Wife Elizabeth Barnes, Executrix
Daughter Elizabeth, now wife of Thomas Wyles of Bredgar, Miller
Signed: Samuel Barnes
Witnesses: William Morgan & Alexander Vine
Source: Mary Connaughton, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury, PRC 16/484 T/2, Probate 1st Feb 1806
John Town of Staplehurst, Husbandman, will dated 29 June 1805
Personal Estate to Beloved wife Elizabeth Town
After her decease, my goods to be sold and the Money arising to be equally divided between Sons John Town & William Town
My Grandson Robert, son of my late Son Robert Town
My Daughter Elizabeth, Wife of Joseph Crump of Staplehurst
Ann Wife of ---- Worton of Portsmouth in Hampshire, Carpenter
I appoint my Master and Friend John Willsher of Staplehurst, Yeoman and my Wife Elizabeth Town Executor & Executrix of this my last Will & Testament
Signed : John Town
Witnesses : William Beadle & Thomas Waller
Source: Mary Connaughton, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury, PRC 16/437 B/6, Probate 21 June 1826
Edward Brenchley of Sittingbourne, Yeoman, will dated 14 March 1825
Son John Brenchley of Maidstone, Brewer and my Friends John Brenchley the Elder of Gravesend, Banker & John Brenchley the Younger of Denton Court in Milton next Gravesend, Distiller to be Joint Executors of this my Will and I bequeath to each of them my said friends the sum of 10 Guineas for a Ring as a small token of my respect for them
£50 to my dear Wife Esther Brenchley
£100 to son Charles Brenchley … to show that I have not forgotten him in the settlement of my worldly affairs, he having already received more money than his Proportion and share of the Property I might otherwise have left at my decease
Daughter Susanna Davies, wife of Joseph Proud Davies
Daughter Mary Ann Bishop, wife of Argles Bishop
Signed : Edward Brenchley
Witnesses : Charles Hoar, John G. Shorter & Bransby William Powys
Source: Mary Connaughton, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury, PRC 16/145 R/11, Probate 29 April 1612
Gregory Reason of Milstead, yeoman, will dated 31 Aug 1601
To Son Davy Reson, one grete Caldrorne after his mothers decease
To Son Thomas, my grete brasse potte to be delivered unto him after my wives decesse
The rest of all my goods, chattels & mouvables whatsoever I give & bequeath unto Eliner my wife, Executrix, to be disposed & used at her owne will
Thomas Finche, overseer
John Reson, youngest son
Daughter Joyce Reson
The mark of Gregory Reson
Witnesses: Richard Finche & Michael Finche
Source: Mary Connaughton, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury, PRC 16/292 R/3, Probate 5 May 1674
Thomas Reason of Bredgar, yeoman, will dated 18 Oct 1666
To Son John Reason, one two leaved carved table & six Joyned stooles now standing in my Hall.
All my messuage & tenements, with the House Barne and stable and outhouses withal the lands and woodlands thereunto belonging, called or known by the name of Little Higham lyinge and beinge in the Parish of Milsted, now in the tenure or occupation of William Lawe or his assignes; Hee yealding and payinge unto my aforesaid loving Wife £7 a yeare during her natural life.
To my deare and lovinge Wife Frances Reason, Executrix, all my goods & Chattells, Household stufe, implements of Household stufe with all my Corne and Cattell whatsoever, except before excepted
To my Sonne Thomas Reason, all my lands in Bredgar & Bicknor, being 5 peeces or parcells of Arable or Sowinge Land and three peeces or parcells of woodland vizt. Lomepett Dane and Lomepett Dane Wood, Ravens Dane two Bicknors Dane and Bicknors Dane Wood, Terries and Terries Wood, being all 34 acres. Hee yealdinge and payinge unto my aforesaid Lovinge Wife £5 a yeare during her naturall life.
Also I bequeath unto my Sonne Thomas Reason, my House and Lande lyinge and beinge in Sittingbourne known or called by the name of the flower de Luce to him and his heires for ever
If both my sonnes John and Thomas shall die without Heires, or before the age of 21 yeares, I give and bequeath all my estate and lands unto my Brother William Reader after the decease of my Lovinge Wife.
signed: Thomas Reason
Witnesses: Elizabeth Allen (mark) & John Chalcroft
Source: Mary Connaughton, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury, PRC 16/372 R/4, Probate 6 May 1718
Thomas Reason of Doddington, Linen Weaver, will dated 1 Sep 1712
Loving wife Mary & Son Gurner Reason, Executors
To Son Gurner Reason, all my Messuage or tenement (wherein I now live) with the Barn, Stable, Outhouses, closes, yards, orchards, Lands & premises thereunto belonging in Doddington & Kingsdowne next Sittingbourne
Also to receave 3 years rent, issues & profits of my Messuage, Barne, Stable, Outhouses, Orchard, Land & premises with their appurtenances in Rodmersham in the occupation of Daniel Hart
To my Son John Reason all my foresaid Messuage… in Rodmersham
Daughters Elizabeth Hope, widow & Ann, wife of Thomas Lulham to receive an annuity from their brother John Reason
The mark of Thomas Reason
Witnesses: George Marshall (mark), Robbart Clements, William Back
Source: Mary Connaughton, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury, PRC 16/400 R/4, Probate 31 May 1735
Gurner Reason of Doddington, Weaver, will dated 10 Oct 1718
Messuage or tenement wherein I now live together with the Barn, Stable, Outhouses, Closes, yards, Orchards, Lands & premises with their appurtenances scituate, lying & being in Doddington & Kingsdowne next Sittingbourne to my sister Elizabeth Hope, Executrix
signed: Gurner Reason
witnesses: Martha Back, William Back & Kenneth Back
Source: Mary Connaughton, Archdeaconry of Rochester, DRa/PW/3/187, Probate 10 Oct 1723
Edward Brooker of Brenchley, Cordwainer, will dated 15 June 1723
£30 to my Neice Annabella, daughter of Thomas Brooker my brother
To the two daughters of Alice Bassage, Widow, Sister to my late Wife, vizt. Alice, the wife of Thomas Wilcocks & Susan the wife of Samuel Waghorn, all that my third part purparty Estate & Interest of in One Messuage or Tenements & several lands thereunto belonging with the appurtenances in Brenchley, in the occupation of Thomas Foreman
The aforesaid Alice Wilcocks and Susan Waghorn paying out £40 unto Alice the now wife of Thomas Smither of Tonbridge, Butcher and also £10 to Ann Newman of Brenchley, Widow, my late Wife’s kinswomen respectively
To my brother Thomas Brooker, all that my Messuage or Tenement wherein the said Ann Newman now dwelleth, together with the Barn, Edifices & Buildings, Close, Yard, Garden, Orchard & Lands thereunto belonging containing by estimation 14 acres late by me purchased of Stephen Woodgate & now in my own occupation in Brenchley aforesaid
To Edward the son of Thomas Brooker my Brother, all that my Messuage or Tenement wherein I now dwell together with all the Goods in the same and the Backside Garden and Appurtenances thereunto belonging
and all my other Lands & Tenements whatsoever and wheresoever with their appurtenances I give and bequeath to them the said Thomas Brooker and Edward his Son
Brother Thomas & nephew Edward Brooker to be Executor & to have £30 between them
Signed: Edward Brooker
Witnesses: J.Strother, John Newnham, Richard Forman (mark)
Source: Mary Connaughton, Archdeaconry of Rochester, DRa/PW/6/90, Probate 12 July 1744
George Broad of Offham, Husbandman, will dated 25 July 1742
5 shillings to eldest son John Broad
5 shillings a peice unto my Sons in Law (who married two of my daughters) Joseph Mungham and Abraham Blundel
£5 a piece to my other two Daughters Elizabeth & Margaret Broad
Dear and Loving Wife, Mary
Two other sons Henry & William Broad, Executors
The mark of George Broad
Witnesses : Thomas Smith & William Weldish
Source: Mary Connaughton, Archdeaconry of Rochester, DRa/PW/9/106, Probate 15 Oct 1781
John Broad of Offham, Husbandman, will dated 21 Nov 1779
One Guinea a piece to sons John Broad, William Broad & Thomas Broad and to Daughters Elizabeth Woodger, Mary Philips & Ann Capon
£5 a piece to Grandsons John Broad & Thomas Broad (both under 21), sons of my Son Thomas Broad
Rest, residue of Goods, Chattels & personal estate to Son Henry Broad, Executor
Signed: John Broad
Witnesses : William Broad of Offham, Farmer & Brother to John Broad the Testator & H.Dyne of West Malling, Attorney at Law
Source: Mary Connaughton, Archdeaconry of Rochester, DRa/PW/9/230, Probate 29 Jan 1789
Thomas Littler of Brenchley, Yeoman, will dated 6 Aug 1788
To Brother Robert Littler, wearing apparel
One shilling each to my Brother James Littler, my Sisters Mary Littler & Sarah Littler
To my Dear & Loving Wife, Frances Littler, all the rest of my personal Estate whatsoever, that is to say, all my part of the Effects, Goods and Chattels upon the Farm lately in the Occupation of my Mother Mary Littler deceased & all other my personal Estate whatsoever
Wife Frances, sole Executrix
Signed: Thomas Littler
Witnesses: William Collison, Ambrose Whibley
Source: Mary Connaughton, Archdeaconry of Rochester, DRa/PW/9/282, Probate 17 Oct 1792
William Warrington of Deptford, Gentleman, will dated 6 Jan 1792
One Guinea for a Ring to my Daughter Mary Ferguson
To Son William Warrington, lands adjoining my now House and Premises now or late in the tenure of Aron Dyer
To my Daughter Hannah Rout, Widow, my two freehold houses, messuages, tenements & premises with their appurtenances on the Green Deptford
To my daughter Elizabeth Wiley, £20 for Mourning
To my Son John Warrington, my freehold houses, messuages, tenements & premises on the Green Deptford in the tenure of the Widow Stow
To my Grand Daughter Catherine Jones, freehold house, messuage, tenement & premises on the Green Deptford in the tenure of --- Mills, Shipwright, adjoining the house she now occupieth
To my Grand Daughter Elizabeth Wirde, my freehold house, messuage, tenement & premises in the Stowage Deptford now or late in the occupation of William Bunnell
To my Grandsons John Rout, John Jones and John Ride, all my wearing apparel of all sorts, Linen and Wooling equally to be divided between them
£10 each for Mourning to my daughter Hannah Rout & my Sons William Warrington & John Warrington
Rest & residue to my Son John Warrington
Sons William Warrington & John Warrington, Joint Executors
Signed: William Warrington
Witnesses: Joseph Isbister, Robert Jones & William Banks
Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.85 f.4, Probate 20 Feb 1719/20
John Pilcher of Wye, yeoman, will dated 11 Nov 1716
aged and infirm
wife Johanna
daughter Johanna wife of Daniel Godden of Folkestone
daughter Margaret wife of Richard Stace of Smeeth, miller
eldest daughter Mary wife of Thomas Gray of Swingfield, yeoman
grandchildren John Wraight, Robert Wraight and Elizabeth Wraight
Witnesses Tho. Curteis?, Knight Carter, George Carter.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/58 W/10, Probate 2? October 1571.
Robert Wyre of Faversham, Will dated 28 October 1570.
Original Will badly damaged and two bequests to unknown recipient/s.
Children Elizabeth (‘but young’), Simon & Edward & at least one more daughter.
Witnesses William Taylor, John Pette & Thomas Hamlyn/Gamlyn.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC17/42/238b, probate 22 June 1576.
John Wise of Stalisfield, Will dated 5 March 1574.
Wife Agnes,
Eldest sons George & Reynolde (executors); youngest sons John & Edward >21.
Son in law Stephen Brouke’s three children.
Daughter Young.
Wife Agnes & son in law Stephen Brouke overseers.
Re property: Throwley;
Witnesses Gyles Clark & Edward Wyes (sic).
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC17/46/52b & PRC16/85 W/14, Probate 26 January 1585.
John Wise of Acrise, Yeoman, Will dated 14 September 1585
Sons Clement (6 children) & Edward Wise (executor)
Margaret Sander my daughter in law (at her day of marriage), John Sander my godsonne.
Anthony Gynder.
Mary Mershe >18, Joan Keddelle, John Rogers and Mathew Wood my servants
Weights widow, Terrolds widow and Walks widow of Acris
Re land: in Acris, Elham and Burmarshe; Numare/Numace in Elham; Tanners Hills & West Croft in Elham.
Witnesses Thomas Ginder & Thomas Collarde.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/89 R/5, Probate 23 October 1587.
Reynold Wise of Stalisfield, Yeoman, Will dated 20 May 1587.
Wife Agnes possibly pregnant, executrix. Her brothers & sisters.
Daughter Alice Wise >20.
Brother Edward & his children.
Brother John Yongs children.
Godchild Reynold Wise.
Father in law Richard Topley & brother in law Thomas Brockwell overseers
Re Property: House in Dane street.
Witnesses D—y- Pordage & --rye Smethinge.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/154 W/12, Probate 10 August 1615
Robert Wise, Wyse of Stalisfield, Yeoman, Will date 13 February 1612.
Wife Agnes & son Henry, executors.
Eldest son Henry Wise; Second son James Wise >21; Youngest son Francis;
Three daughters Mary, Elizabeth & Jane >21. Some children under 17.
Re Property: Stalisfield & Faversham.
Witnesses Henry ----- clerk, Edward S--ine, James Bunce & Henry Wise.
Value of goods etc at Probate £106:19s:4d.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/199 W/11, Probate 19 January 1631.
John Wyse of Teynham, Will dated 20 November 1631.
Children: Francis Wise >23; Edward Wise; Elizabeth & Mary Wise; James >21; Thomas Wyse >21.
Wife Julian possibly pregnant. ‘”Also yf my Wyfe Julian be wth child & be delivered of sonn or daughter lawefully begotten of her body by me before my decease”
Wife Julian & son Henry Wise, executors.
Witnesses Nathaniel Netton, curate of Teynham & Richard Wise.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC17/56/256 & PRC16/136 W/10, Probate 22 June 1609
Edward Wise of Acrise, Will dated the 17 May 1609.
Wife Catherine (jt. executor).
Sons John (joint executor), Clement >21, Thomas >21, Edward >21 & William >21.
Daughters Sislye Wise >18 & Catherine the wife of Thomas Pepper.
Thomas Walke and his wife of Acris.
Widowe of Henrye Stockes of Swindfield.
Peter Bosden, my man servant.
Land in Acris, Elham & Burmashe
Witnesses Clement Wise, and Thomas Ginder.
Source: June Catterall, Consistory Court of Canterbury PRC31/68 W/8, Probate 3 February 1615.
John Wise of (Herne Hill), Will dated 20 December 1615.
Wife Marjorie, executor.
Children John Wise, Robert Wise & Ann Wise.
Witnesses John Poole, George Renoldes & Richard Colbrand
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/157 W/7, Probate 29 July 1616.
Edward Wise of Ospringe, Husbandman, Will dated 5 December 1615.
Wife Sarah, sole executrix.
Son Thomas >21.
Brothers Thomas & Reginold (Renowld).
Witnesses Laurence Parkinson, vicar of Ospringe & James Thornehill.
In Latin: looks like 27 --- 1629, Reginald Wise tutor & curator of Thomas Wise son of the deceased Edward Wise
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/166 W/23, Probate 8 April 1619.
George Wise of Stalisfield, Will dated 16 April 1617
Eldest son John Wise - six children.
Thomas Wise son of his son Edward Wise deceased.
Hary Wise son of his son Thomas Wise.
Edward & Thomas Wise, sons of his son Reginald Wise.
Son Richard Wise.
Daughters Susan Wise & Mary Wise.
Son Reginald Wise executor.
Witnesses Margaret Wise & Henry West, Vicar of Stalisfield.
Source: June Catterall, Consistory Court of Canterbury PRC31/85 W/9, Probate 7 December 1624. Postea 10 March 1624.
Richard Wise of Hollingbourne, Yeoman, Will dated 11 November 1624.
Wife Alice Wise.
Children: William Wise, Edward Wise, Robert Wise, Elizabeth Wise >24, Richard Wise, Anne Wise & Alice Wise.
Re property: Winkfield in Isling & Stalisfield; Ringleston in Stalisfield, lease.
Sons William & Edward Wise executors.
Witnesses Bartholomew Newman parson of Wormhill, Francis Simmonds & Thomas Simmons.
Source: June Catterall, Consistory Court of Canterbury PRC31/85 W/12, Probate 10 January 1624.
Thomas Wise of Hythe, Tanner, Will dated 9 July 1624.
Wife Susan, pregnant.
Children Clement Wise, Jane Wise & Elizabeth Wise.
Uncle Mr Stephen Herenden.
Brother Edmund Wise executor.
Witnesses Edward Lambe, John Ormape, John Philpot & Thomas Pelham.
Source: June Catterall, Consistory Court of Canterbury PRC31/92 F/4, Probate 19 December 1628 & 7 February 1628.
Henry Foche of Wootton, Will dated 15 April 1626.
Servants William & Rebecca.
Thomas Foche, eldest son, lease of Chrichards land.
Grandson John, son of Thomas.
Son John Foche executor.
Joan Foche & Elizabeth Foche daughters.
Wife Katherine.
Overseers & kinsmen, Henry Foche & John Foche of Dover.
Property purchased from William Monyne of Waldershare, Baronet.
Witnesses friends Nicholas Grant & William Chevington.
Source: June Catterall, Consistory Court of Canterbury PRC32/51/131b, Probate 27 May 1630.
William Wise of Hollingbourne, deceased, nuncupative Will, made May or June 1628.
Brother Richard Wise.
Sister Elizabeth Wise.
Brothers & sisters.
Witnesses Edward Davies, Walter Medhurst, Edward Wise & Alice Wise.
Postea 8 January 1630.
Richard Wise.
John Hunt of Maidstone, husbandman & William Drippen of Hollingbourne, husbandman.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/197 F/1, Probate 3 August 1631.
Katherine Foche of Wootton, widow, Will date 2 April 1630.
Sons John Wise, Thomas Wise, Edward Wise & William Wise (a book called Mr Smithes sermons).
Daughter Cicely Pepper.
Grandchild Silvester Wise, daughter of son John Wise, executrix.
Katherine Wise daughter of son Edward Wise.
Thomas Branker of Canterbury, linen draper, grandfather of Katherine Wise >18. Jane Branker his wife.
Witnesses Samuel Carington, Edward Baker & Thomas Squier.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC17/68/108 & PRC16/199 W/12, Probate dated 13 April 1631
Clement Wise of Elham, Yeoman, Will dated 1st September 1629.
Sons Edmund, Thomas (dec.), William (dec.) & John Wise (dec.)
Vicar of Elham, Mr Allen.
Alice Pashly & Elizabeth Field his servants.
Clement, Jane & Elizabeth Wise: all >21, children of his deceased son, Thomas.
Margery Wise, daughter of his son William, deceased.
Siracke Wise >22, one of the sons of William, deceased.
Re Property: Acris, Elham & Town & port of Heth; Robert Rolfe & David Robins Acris neighbours; Thomas Rolfe;
The Rose in Elham; Thomas Gynder & Robert Gardner.
Witnesses: Thos. Allen, Richard Woollett, John Hogben
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/214 W/7, Probate 31 October 1636.
Richard Wise of Throwley, Will dated 3 October 1636.
Wife Mary Wise executrix.
Children >21: Sons William Wise & Thomas Wise; Daughter Obedience Wise.
Witnesses W Pulley, minister & Robert Turston.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/217 W/14, Probate 29 May 1637.
Henry Wise of Boxley, Yeoman, Will dated 20 March 1635.
Daughter Amy Hudfford.
Grandchildren: Richard Hartrope, Elizabeth Hartrope & Alice Hartrope all >21; Elizabeth Wise>21, daughter of Son Thomas Wise, deceased; Children of Amy Hudfford; James Wise, John Wise, Elizabeth Wise, Ann Wise, Ursula Wise & Catherine Wise, children of son James Wise deceased >21.
Daughter in law Johane Wise & her son Henry Wise, Executors.
Overseers William Tilden of Boxley, yeoman & Mathew Hudfford of Boxley, yeoman.
Re Property: Stalisfield.
Witnessses Edward Vincke, Gabriell Peers, James Wise & Henry Colter.
Source: June Catterall, Consistory Court of Canterbury PRC31/110 W/18, Probate 11 July 1638.
James Wise of Charing, Yeoman, Will date 16 June 1638.
Wife Abigail, executrix.
Children James Wise, Ann Wise & Elizabeth Wise all >21.
Property: Winckfield in Stalisfield.
Witnesses Gabriell Peers, Simeon Bates & Ramborn Durham.
Source: June Catterall, Consistory Court of Canterbury PRC31/113 W/10, Probate 18 December 1639.
Alice Wise of Hollingbourne, Widow, Nuncupative Will dated about the 6 November 1639.
Daughter Alice now wife of William Criping.
Daughter Elizabeth now wife of Thomas Pattenden.
Witnesses Simon Wheatland & John Packenham.
Probate names: Edward Poon of Leeds, yeoman & John Packenham of Wormshill.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC17/71/209b & PRC16/267 W/2, Probate 5 February 1661
Edmund Wyse of Acrise, Yeoman, Will dated 1 January 1661
Wife Richarden
Children John (executor), Mary>21 & Martha Rolfe.
Grandchildren Robert, John, Edmund & William Rolfe.
Re Property: David Austen land adjoining; Little Hoade property in Acris to John, son & executor.
David Austen, John Hoames, Elizabeth Austen, Joane Baily ye elder.
Source: June Catterall, Consistory Court of Canterbury PRC31/133 W/6, Probate 20 April 1664.
Richard Wise of Detling, Husbandman, Will dated 20 March 1663.
Wife Alese executrix.
Children: Richard Wise eldest son; Edman Wise overseer of Will; Emma Wise; Elizabeth Wise
Grandchildren: Joane Kitame, Elizabeth Plege, John Plege, Gabriell Jeter/Jeten, Elizabeth Vahan & Joane Vahan.
Witnesses Thomas Elis & Robert Lowdwell.
Source: June Catterall, Consistory Court of Canterbury PRC31/134 W/3, Probate 10 January 1665.
Alice Wise of Detling, Widow, Will dated 1 August 1665.
Children: Richard Wise eldest son; Joan Wise wife of Samuel Stapell, eldest daughter; Elizabeth wife of Anthony Smith: youngest son Edman Wise executor.
Grandchildren: Gabriell Jetter, Joan Kitam
Witnesses John Rich & Robert Lowdell.
Source: June Catterall, Consistory Court of Canterbury PRC31/138 W/4, Probate 7 April 1669.
Siriak Wise of Boughton under Blean, Husbandman, Will dated 24 October 1666.
Wife Katherine, executrix.
Re Property: Maplesden Field & Grove Field in Boughton; widow Baker;
Children William & Mary underage.
The upper churchwarden of Boughton at the time to oversee if wife dies.
Witnesses William Palmer, John Chillenden & Walter Stevenson.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/283 W/3, Probate 25 March 1669.
Thomas Wise of Doddington, Nuncupative.
Brother William Wise.
Elizabeth Garner.
Ann Pettenden maidservant.
John Garner of Milkstead, executor.
Will signed by John Allen & Robert Everist his mark.
Witnesses Robert Everist, John Aden & others
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/302 W/7, Probate 25 April 1679.
Edward Wise of Stalisfield, Yeoman, Will dated 20 February 1670.
Wife Katherine executor.
Children: Godfrey Wise; Anne, Alice & Katherine Wise; Richard Wise; Henry Wise to be executor after death of wife & executrix Katherine; Thomas Wise; Ellen & Elizabeth Wise
Witnesses John Taylor & George Pooles.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC17/75/184 & PRC16/304 W/7, Probate 15 October 1680
Henry Wise of Ashford, Grocer, Will dated 16 September 1680.
Wife: Elizabeth.
Children: James (Executor), Francis, Silvester & Elizabeth.
Property Ashford & Kennington
Witnesses: Isaac Brisenden, Thomas Burbadge, Margaret Brissenden.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/345 D/2, Probate 1- October 1705
William Drewry/Drury of Great Chart, Carpenter, Will dated 12 November 1702.
Wife Elizabeth executrix.
Children: Richard Drury, William Drury, Elizabeth Drury, Mary Drury, Margaret Drury, Sarah Drury & Ann Drury
Re Property: Great Chart: ----- Barrett & Christopher Bennett; Charing; Robert Gillam; Lenham; Richard Harty.
Witnesses Thomas Hunt, William Rencher & James Wise.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/356 W/9, Probate 6 June 1710.
Elizabeth Wise of Ashford, Spinster, Will dated 20 January 1707.
Elizabeth (married), John, Richard, William & Catherine Smallwood children of deceased sister Catherine Smallwood.
Friend Christopher Cooper of Ashford, grocer & executor.
Witnesses Fres: Stace, Susanna Stace & John Stace.
Source: June Catterall, Consistory Court of Canterbury PRC31/183 W/2, Probate 2 April 1713.
William Wise of new Romney, Linen Weaver, Will dated 6 March 1712.
Wife Elizabeth executrix – ‘having an entire confidence in her tender regard and motherly love towards my daughter Judith’.
Daughter Judith Wise.
Witnesses James Dowlle & William Barham.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/368 W/7, Probate 26 September 1716.
Elizabeth Wise of Faversham, Widow, Will dated 10 September 1716.
Daughters Elizabeth Wise & Jane Wise both >21
George Smith of Faversham, woollen draper, executor.
Witnesses Mary Rucke, Roger Kennett & Mary Smith.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/374 W/8, Probate 12 December 1719.
John Wise of Sandwich, Maltser, Will dated 17 January 1717.
Wife Hannah Wise, pregnant.
Children: John & Benjamin Wise >18.
Re property: In St Clements, Sandwich near Newgate; George Hamond & Joseph Earle.
Friend William Robinson of Sandwich, Victualler & wife Hannah Wise, executors.
Witnesses Peter –arse, Rachel Whiting & John Hayward.
Source: June Catterall, Consistory Court of Canterbury PRC31/192 W/5, 25 August 1722.
Henry Wise of Herne Hill, Yeoman, Will dated 21 June 1722.
Wife Susanna Wise, executor.
Sister Mary, wife of George Shrubsole of Boughton under Blean, Labourer.
Late half sister Elizabeth Knight’s children.
First wife’s grandchildren John Minge & Susanna Minge (now wife of Richard Willard of Faversham, fisherman).
Witnesses John Clinch & Walter Jenes/Jones
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/392 W/8, Probate 13 February 1729.
Henry Wise of Stalisfield, Husbandman, Will dated 6 June 1728.
Children: Henry Wise, executor & eldest son; Thomas & Daniel Wise; Mary Smith; Stephen Godden; John Ely.
Grandaughter Sarah Godden >21 to live with executor Henry Wise until 21.
Overseers & friends Charles Payne Esq. & John Symonds, clerk, both of Otterden.
Wittnesses John Symonds clerk & Mary Hadlow.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/393 F/4, Probate 25 March 1730.
John Fisher of Wye, Carpenter, Will dated 19 February 1728.
Wife Sylvester Wise executrix.
Children: Elizabeth, wife of William Cathary of Putney, Gardener; Hannah Hills of Folkstone, Widow; Jane Rogers, wife of John Rogers of Wye, Husbandman; John Fisher of Canterbury, Carpenter.
Re property: Wye; Mr James Sheldwich & John Maxted.
Witnessses Susanna ---lding, Richard Burton & George Carder.
Source: June Catterall, Consistory Court of Canterbury PRC31/201 W/5, Probate 6 August 1731.
Valentine Wise of Sandwich, Thread twister, Will dated 22 June 1731.
Wife Sarah Wise sole executor.
Children: Henry Wise, Elizabeth Wise>21 & Sarah Wise>21; Judith wife of John Nelson; Mary wife of Valentine Sayer.
Grandchildren Judith & Mary Nelson, George, Valentine & Henry Sayer
Re Property: Parish of St Peter, Sandwich; William Friend & Sarah his wife;
Witnesses John Troward, Anna Husey & John Hayward junior.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/398 W/5, Probate 3 December 1733.
Thomas Wise of Oare, Yeoman, Will dated 4 February 1731.
Wife Anne executrix.
Daughter Sarah Maynard, wife of William Maynard.
Son in law Stephen Cock; nephew William Plane; Brother in law Thomas Smith of Doddington, Butcher; John Lade of Faversham, Gent.
Thomas Amis, William Elvey & William Mahewes.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC17/90/67g & PRC16/404 W/4, Probate 16 July 1739.
Ann Wise of Kennington, Widow, Will dated 7 July 1731.
Brother Thomas Allen of Kennington & his children John Allen (executor), Robert Allen, Dixon Allen, Grace Allen & Elizabeth Allen.
Witnesses Margaret Sinnott, Mary Ditton & Beane Sinnott.
Source: June Catterall, Consistory Court of Canterbury PRC31/212 W/4, Probate 27 September 1742.
Thomas Wise the elder of Westwell, Yeoman, Will dated 17 December 1740.
Wife Anne.
Sons Harry Wise of Biddenden, yeoman, William Wise of Sutton Valence, yeoman & Thomas Wise of Bearsted, maltser (executor).
Grandson William Wise, son of William.
Witnesses Lydia Nevell & William Smart.
Source: June Catterall, Consistory Court of Canterbury PRC31/216 W/8, Probate 23 January 1746
Ann Wise of Westwell, Widow, Will dated 27 November (George II’s 19th year).
Kinswomen Elizabeth Turner, wife of John Turner of Pluckley: Ann Stick wife of Thomas Stick of Hothfield.
Elizabeth Court, wife of Robert Court of Great Chart (money & a black & white gown).
Grandson William Wise of Westwell.
Lidia Millen, wife of James Millen of Westwell & James Millen the younger of Westwell.
James Millen the younger, executor
Witnesses Thomas Johnson senior & Thomas Johnson junior.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/424 W/2, Probate 15 April 1758.
Thomas Wise of Bearsted, Maltser, Will dated 9 January 1758.
Wife Elizabeth.
Children Thomas & Ann Wise.
Wife Elizabeth & son Thomas executors.
Witnesses Dan Medhurst, Thomas Stanly & W Rotte junior.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/428 W/3, Probate 29 May 1761.
Thomas Wise of Sittingbourne, Victualler, Will dated 28 April 1759.
Only son John Wise, executor, died before the testator.
Overseers Mr John Lane & Mr Gibbon Hawker of Sittingbourne.
Witnesses John Thearwin, Sarah Lord & James Roy.
Probate granted to Elizabeth Hart/Halt, wife of Francis Hart of Sunderland, Durham, only living child of the testator.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/442 W/2, Probate 5 October 1772.
Daniel Wise of Borden, Yeoman, Will dated 9 December 1769.
Wife Mary
Children: William (executor), Daniel>21, Henry>21, Thomas>21 & Mary>21.
Re Property: New built messuage in Borden near the Vicarage; Thomas Vinkerman, Thomas Hovenden, Thomas Stone & [Blank] Featherstone; Milton & Sittingbourne; Bredgar.
Witnesses William Paramor, Charles Hamilton & Jo: Solly.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/449 W/1 Probate 18 June 1777.
Thomas Wise of Boughton Aluph, Yeoman, Will dated 30 October 1776.
Daughters Elizabeth wife of John Roots & Mary wife of William Sills.
Grandson, Thomas Roots.
Son in law William Clark.
Sons in law Thomas Roots & William Sills, executors.
Witnesses Edward Norwood & Edward Moon.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/451 W/1, Probate 7 March 1778.
William Wise of Borden, Yeoman, Will dated 21 June 1777.
Re Property: Borden, Bredgar & Milton next Sittingbourne; Andrew Snoulton; Richard Grove – leases Osiers & Vigo; Milton Field in Milton; Backneys in Borden;
Son Daniel Wise >21.
Sister Mary Wise spinster.
Brothers Daniel Wise, Henry Wise & Thomas Wise.
Mother Mary Wise.
Richard Harman of Borden, carpenter.
Brothers Daniel Wise, Henry Wise & friend Richard Harman executors & guardians of son Daniel Wise.
Witnesses J Hinde, William Lyng & T Sandys.
Codicil dated 7 December, 1777.
Witnesses Wm Lyng, John Hinde junior & Robert Piper.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/456 W/4, Probate 26 June 1781.
Thomas Wise of Tonge next Sittingbourne, Yeoman, Will dated 10 June 1781.
Children of his brother Daniel Wise of Tonge, deceased; Thomas Wise, Daniel Wise, Elizabeth Wise, William Wise & Stanley Wise all >21.
Re Property: Homesta-- Farm, Borden; Tapleys, Borden; Chequers in Borden & Bredgar.
Brother Henry Wise of Borden, Richard Harman, carpenter of Borden & Thomas Wakely of Rainham joint executors & trustees.
Daniel Wise son of William Wise deceased.
Sister Mary Wise.
Witnesses John Bigg senior, John Bigg junior & John Spratts.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/477 W/4, Probate 9 May 1801.
Mary Wise of Borden, Widow, Will dated 2 February 1796.
Grandaughter Elizabeth Wise >21, daughter of son Daniel Wise of Tonge, deceased.
Grandsons Thomas Wise, Daniel Wise, William Wise & Stanley Wise, sons of Daniel Wise of Tonge, deceased all >21.
Thomas Wakely of Rainham, Henry Wise of Borden & Richard Harman of Borden, Carpenter, executors.
Witnesses Anna Elizabeth Harman & Richard William Tidy.
Probate: Henry Wise the son and one of the Executors …’
Goods, Chattels & Credits do not amount in value to 300 pounds.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/542 W/2, Probate 22 March 1837
Frances Wise of Borden, Widow, Will dated 1 December 1827.
Relict of Henry Wise late of Borden, Farmer, deceased
Children: Frances Duvard, George Wise, Chapman Wise, Edwin Wise, William Wise, Frederick Wise & David Wise.
Charles Robert Brady of Enfield, Middlesex, Farmer & son Edwin Wise executors.
Witnesses John Walter, Gentleman of Borden & Robert Hocking/Hosking, Solicitor of Sittingborne.
Edwin Wise of Saint Heliers, Jersey, Lieutenant in the Royal Navy, son of deceased.
Goods, Chattels & Credits do not amount in value to 200 pounds.
Testator died 20th January 1837.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/548 W/6, Probate 21 April 1840.
Biddingfield Wise of Thurnham, Gentleman, Will dated 26 August 1839.
Wife Ann Wise, son Lewis Wise & brother in law William Gascoigne joint executors & guardians of his children.
Children: Ellen wife of Charles Murton; Biddingfield Wise & Alfred Wise; Lucy Wise, Kate Wise, Anne Wise, Owen Charles Wise, Edward Wise & Fanny Wise under 21.
Witnesses ---: Hoar, Solicitor of Maidstone & Thomas May, Carpenter of Thurnham.
Testator died 11 March 1840. Goods, Chattels & Credits do not amount in value to 4,000 pounds.
Lewis Wise of No. 8 Arbor street, Arbor Square, Commercial road, Middlesex, Gentleman.
Admon: 20 November 1852. Lewis Wise & wife Ann Wise since deceased & William Gascoyne having renounced his position. New administrator Lucy Wise, Spinster, one of the children. Under 20 pound.
Source: June Catterall, Consistory Court of Canterbury PRC31/311 W/1, Probate 8 October 1841.
Henry Wise of Egerton, Yeoman, Will dated 18 January 1841.
Wife Mary.
Sons in law John Hooker & John Turk executors with William Corns, Miller of Egerton
Youngest child of daughter Jane & son in law John Hooker.
Re property: Bedlam lane, Egerton; George Ifield; Clack Hill Farm; road from Egerton to Smarden & Headcorn.
Witnesses Joseph Padgham, James Weekes & Stephen Weekes.
Testator died 20 April 1841.
Goods, Chattels & Credits do not amount in value to 450 pounds.
John Hooker of Egerton, Farmer, John Turk of Egerton, Farmer & William Cornes of Charing, Miller.
Source: June Catterall, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/552 W/6, Probate 27 September 1842.
Edward Wise of Preston next Faversham, Thatcher, Will dated 19 May 1842.
George Colgate of Faversham, Baker & John Baker Hogben of Faversham, Victualler joint executors & Trustees.
Wife Ann Wise.
Children: Edward Chapman Wise; Catherine, wife of John Bentley; Ann, widow of William Read; John Wise, William Wise & Thomas Wise; James Wise, deceased & his underage children.
Witness John Rickwood & Ja: Banson.
Testator died 30 July 1842.
Goods, Chattels & Credits do not amount in value to 100 pounds.
Source: Mary Connaughton, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC 16/255 S/13, Probate 4 March 1647/8
Nuncupative Will of John Shurley of Chislet, Yeoman
Wife Susan Shurley
Daughter Mary Shurley
Witnesses: Paul Barrett, Mary Huett, wife of Henry Huett
Source: Mary Connaughton, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC 16/315 S/6, Probate, 1686
William Shurley of Stockbury, Yeoman, will dated 23 Oct 1686
£10 to Daughter Ann, wife of Alexander Hornesbey
£10 to Daughter Ursula, wife of Thomas Symons
£10 to Grandson Edward Sherlye (under 21), the son of my Son William Sherlye
40 shillings to Son William Sherlye towards the putting of his Son Edward Sherlye apprentice to Goodman Terry of Hartlipp
Rest & residue to my Five Children & one Grandchild : Edward Sherlye, William Sherlye, Robert Sherlye, Ann Sherlye (wife of Alexander Hornesbey), Ursula Sherlye (wife of Thomas Symons) & Symon Corbye
Son Edward Sherlye & Son in Law Alexander Hornesbey, Executors
William Sherlye (marke)
Witnesses : Edward Kirby, Elizabeth Guilber (marke), Michael Finch
Source: Mary Connaughton, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC 16/416 S/5, Probate, 1750
John Shurley of Sutton Valence, Yeoman, will dated 16 April 1748
Body to be buried in a Christian Like and decent manner at the discretion of my Executor
Two shillings and six pence to Pattenden Shirlye, my Beloved Son
All the rest & residue to beloved wife Mary, sole Executor
Two shillings and six pence to Ann Shirlye
(Extract of one side of the page only, the other side not having been microfilmed…)
Source: John Buckley, Prerogative Court of Canterbury 1713, Probate 27 January 1713 by Sir William Twisden, brother
Sir Thomas Twysden of Roydon Hall, East Peckham, will dated 8th September 1712
I give my loving brother William Twisden and my faithfull friend Thomas Lambard of Sevenoaks all my property in St Martin Le Grand London, and St Saviours Southwark, Surrey, and their heirs to be sold after my decease.
I appoint Thomas Dalyson & Charles Selby Amhurst as Trustees to look after my estate at Roydon Hall.
My daughter Frances Twisden £2000 to be paid at age of 21 or her marriage, and £20 per annum for her maintenance & education until she is 14 and £100 a year until she is 21.
If my wife Catherina, now with child, should have a daughter, then also she will have £2000 at 21.
If she has a son then he will have £1000 and £20 a year in maintenance rising to £50 at age 17.
To my Trustees John Brewer & John Boteler the release of my farm in East Peckham to pay my wife £500 a year.
My children I leave to the care of my wife Catherina and my brother William Twisden, to whom I give £500.
Source: Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Probate 21 Jan 1848
John Bate of Sittingbourne, gentleman, will dated 28 Jul 1846
wife Maria
daughter Esther wife of David Wesley Vipond
son John, executor
friend John Osbourne of Chatham, linen draper, executor
Witnessed by Rebecca Mullinger and Wm Bate.
Source: Prerogative Court of Canterbury PROB 11/47/188, Probate 8 May 1564
William Bate, bailiff of the town of Lydde in Kent, will dated 13 November 1563
To be buried in the churchyard of Lydde.
To the poor men’s box of that parish thirteen shillings fourpence.
To Gregory Essex, my son in law, twenty shillings and I give and forgive unto the same Gregory the farm of such wheat land as he hath sown with me this last sowing time.
I forgive John Borue, my son in law, the farm of his two acres of wheat lands and forgive him his debt due unto me.
I give to Thomas Lytherlande, my godson, two ewes and two lambs.
The residue of my goods &c.I give and bequeath unto Elizabeth my wife and I ordain and make her my full executrix, and the Bayliffs and Jurates of the Town of Lydde mine overseers.
1 will that Elizabeth my executrix shall pay unto Peter Godfrey of Lydde, Jurate, co-executor with me of the goods of Thomas Cutterd late of Lydde deceased, those forty eight pounds six shillings and three pence which I do owe unto the heirs of the same Thomas Cutterde, within a year, out of the profits of my stock.
To William Essex, my daughter’s son my tenement in which Gregory Essex my son in law now dwelleth, with the North East half of my barn adjoining to the same and nine acres of land &c. (reserving right of way to carry and re-carry to and fro) the other half part of the barn to Elizabeth my daughter, wife of the said Gregory Essex.
To John Bate my son my principal tenement in which I now dwell and the residue of my lands and tenements afore not bequeathed, my wife to have the use and occupation of my said lands &c.. for the space of fourteen years, keeping the same without strip or waste.
And my said wife, from the time that my son shall come to the age of eight years until the time that he shall come to his age of fourteen years shall keep and send my said son to school of her own costs and charges.
Witnessed by John Bate.
Source: Mary Connaughton, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury, PRC16/172 C/4, Probate 4 June 1622
Simon Court of Elmstead, will dated 28 Sep (year not mentioned – 1621?)
My body to be buried in the Parish Church or Churchyard of Elmsted
To Son William Court, heir & whole executor, one parcel of woodland called Midling Woode
£10 to Son John Court
5 shillings to Son Mathew & one shipe (sheep?) a pece to each of his three children
To my wife and Son William, all my household to be equally divided among them, except one chest
To my daughter, one browne cow
Witnesses: Steven Impett & Thomas Bayne
NB. Steven Impett was married to Mary Court
Source: Mary Connaughton, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury, PRC16/175 C/6, Probate 27 March 1623
Paul Court of Cheriton, yeoman, will dated 16 March 1622 (1623)
10 shillings to three eldest children : Symon Court, Agnis Court, Elizabeth Court
10 shillings to five youngest children : Sarah Court, Thomas Court, Alice Court, Paul Court & Robert Court
Well beloved wife Sarah Court, sole executrix
Paul Court (Mark)
Witnesses: Robert Godnay (?) & Thomas Jenken
Source: Mary Connaughton, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury, PRC16/187 C/3, Probate 20 June & 4 Dec 1627
Robert Court of Elmstead, Yeoman, will dated 20 May 1627
Sarah, well beloved wife, sole executrix
Lands & tenements in Elmsted & Lymynge to Son Sampson Court & his heires when he comes of age (21). In the meantime, wife Sarah to occupy lands, see to repairs and assure the bringing up of Sampson.
Should Sampson die without heirs, then wife Sarah to have the lands during the term of her life. Then, after wife Sarah’s decease, Friends Richard Woollet of Elham, yeoman, Robert Claringbole of Elmsted, yeoman, Edward Cloke of Elmsted, yeoman, Mathew Court of Elmsted, yeoman and John Watson of Elham, yeoman, to bargain and sell all my lands and Tenements.
The money from the sale of land to be distributed among my brothers and sisters children who shall be living at the time of the sale.
Robert Court (Mark)
Witnesses: Margaret Cloke (mark), George Muns (mark), John Hogben (signed)
NB. “Friend” John Watson was married to Robert’s sister Agnes (1591 Samson’s daughter)
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